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What Is The 67 Steps By Tai Lopez About? Is It A Scam?

What Is The 67 Steps By Tai Lopez About? Is It A Scam?

Tai Lopez is a guy who went from broke to wealthy, all through trial and error. He’s helped thousands with his motivational speeches, including the TedX talk he gave. He came out with a program called 67 Steps, ones that he had to take to get to where he was.

In this article we’ll take a look at whether this product is a scam, or if it really gives you what you want/need in life. What is the 67 Steps By Tai Lopez about? Continue reading to find out!

Product: 67 Steps

Creators: Tai Lopez

Description: A condensed course of the many steps Tai Lopez had to take and learn to get to where he is now.

Price: $67

Recommended? Yes

Rating: 7 out of 10

With it being condensed from 300 steps to 67, Lopez has artfully packed a lot of information and knowledge in this powerful course. According to the website, a certain University found that it takes 66 days to make a habit.

Instead of keeping with 66 steps, Lopez added on one more step, as a measure of good luck, and thus, the 67 steps were created.

Who Is Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is one whose unique past helps him to relate to many people today. Born to a single mother, whose father was in jail, Lopez learned that life wasn’t always easy nor fun.

Lopez struggled with what many others grew up with – being in debt and never having enough money. It seemed to get worse and worse. Finally, he found himself at the lowest point yet. Being on someone else’s couch, and only have less than 50 dollars to his name.

It was at this point that Lopez decided to change. It’s often at the hardest parts of life that people are ready to do what it takes to get out of the pit they’ve made, and climb out into the sunshine.

And that’s what Lopez did.

Like most people, it wasn’t easy, nor was it something that happened quickly. But through various trials and errors, Lopez learned the secrets of getting out of the rut that he was in, and making his life meaningful.

With many books out there, Lopez started reading many of the great classics that previous wealthy people wrote – Dale Carnegie, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates. He also looked into those books written by the great scholars of our day – Richard Dawkins, Gandhi, etc.

Through these books, along with being personally mentored by several wealthy and well-known business men, Lopez was able to achieve the success in life that he was looking for.

Lopez found that money isn’t the most important thing in life. Don’t get me wrong, he believes it is one of the more important things in life, but it’s not the most important thing.

Health, Love, and Happiness are all also equally important, and that’s what Lopez tries to show you in the 67 Steps. If you have money, but not health or love, then what’s the point? If you’re not happy with your job, or don’t enjoy the way you’re making money, your life can feel like it’s futile.

And so through this course, Lopez teaches you the important concepts of making sure you’re living a healthy, happy and love-filled life, as well as a wealthy life.

What Is The 67 Steps?

Lopez, after becoming a rather famous and well-known person himself, decided to see if he could take everything that he had learned and help others. So he took a few days, and wrote down every step, and every point that helped him get to where he was.

After doing that, he found that there were some 300 steps that he took to get where he was. Realizing that he couldn’t teach that many principles to people, he boiled them down to the 67 steps.

According to the website, he said that he got it down to 66, but his friend reminded him that sounded like 666 – the mark of the devil. So Lopez changed it to 67 to make it less sketchy-looking.

What Do You Get With The 67 Steps?

Not only will you get the course for 67 steps, but you’ll also get several bonuses as well.

Video Archive Vault. Lopez does twice-a-month private coaching, and as he does those, he releases videos to help explain many various principles he’s trying to teach. So when you buy 67 steps, all these other videos, over 100 hours worth, will be added to your purchase as well.

Super Bonus Content. You’ll get access to Lopez’s memory system, his private Facebook group, as well as a host of other rich and riveting books and courses. These include, The Third Pillar of The Good Life, Speed Reading Wizardry and My Acceleration Call.

Book-Of-The-Day Premium. You’ll get the video and audio of Lopez’s summaries to the many books he recommends and reads. These books have helped shape and mold his future, thinking, and passions, and have helped him come about with the 67 steps.

VIP Membership to Tai’s Exclusive Twice-A-Month Live Coaching Calls. You’ll get access to the group calls that Lopez holds for those who have decided to take the step of going through the 67 steps. You’ll be able to have direct access to Lopez, being able to get your questions answered from him.

How Much Does The 67 Steps Cost?

The 67 steps only cost 67 dollars. That’s 1 dollar for every step you take. While this is a great deal, and shouldn’t be underestimated, it does come with a slight upsell.

You actually get a 30-day free VIP membership. After that ends, you’ll be billed $67 per month to keep this VIP membership. But it’s very easy to cancel any-time, if you so choose.

The Downsides To The 67 Steps

There are a few down sides to this course, that few people talk about. And that is that the videos are pretty long. Lopez has a knack for talking on and on about certain things, or being sidetracked slightly.

So there will be times when you’re not entirely sure why he’s talking about what he is talking about. There will also be times when you’ll hear a story for a second or third time. But that can also be good, since people learn through repetition.

The videos are also uncut, and not modified, which is one reason why their long.

The Course Still Rocks!

But even because of these things, the course is still a great way to learn how to live a happy, prosperous, and successful life that you’ve been wanting to live all these years.

Take the chance of the lifetime right now, and enroll in the 67 steps by Tai Lopez right now!


How To Make 100.00 Dollars A Day – It Can Be Easier Or Harder Than You Think

How To Make 100.00 Dollars A Day – It Can Be Easier Or Harder Than You Think


Making $100 a day isn’t something that is achieved over night. Sometimes making that money can be easier said than done. But learning how to make 100.00 dollars a day is very easy. Given enough determination, and having a no-quit attitude, you’ll be able to make that and more daily!

Make Money – The Right Way!

Making money consistently every day isn’t going to be an easy feat, not unless you find a job that is going to pay you that and more. But to make money for yourself, you’re going to have to make sure you’re ready to do all it takes to get to where you’ll be happy.

To make money, and a lot of it, requires to do it the right way. And that way is to slowly build an online business that gives you passive income.

Why an online business?

In today’s day and age, people all over the world are making more than 100 dollars a day, all from businesses that they created online.

With an online business, you are your own boss. You don’t need to worry about when to work, where to work, or how much

you’ll work. If you want to work late, you’ll work late. You want to work early, you’ll work early. You want to pick up ‘over-time’, then you’ll work harder, and longer.

Online businesses also provide the opportunity for you to work nearly anywhere, provided you have a good internet connection. With many having to watch kids, or loved ones, this is a great opportunity, as you can work entirely from your own house.

More people are online than within the country that you currently reside in. And many of them can become customers for your business! With an online business, you’ll no longer have to worry about not having enough people in a current location, as the entire world could come to where you market your business.

Why Passive Income?

If you want to make money daily, including those days that you don’t work, you need to find something that will bring in money, even when you don’t work. And that’s why an online business is best.

If you have an online store, you don’t need to be there all the time to help people check out. They can do that all by themselves. If you are making money through ads, you don’t need to have to be there when people click through your ads.

Having a source of passive income is the best way to make $100 a day. With income like that, you’ll also be able to not only make $100, but also $1000, and maybe $10,000!

Start To Make Money – With The Right Mindset


This here is the thing that no one want to hear. Everyone wants to make money, make it online, and even make it the right way. But when it comes to the actual truth behind making money online, many don’t like the answer.

So steel yourself for how to have the right mindset.

Be prepared to work for a year or two before you have your passive income system set up.

Why, you ask, is this so hard for people to realize? The answer is rather simple. Most are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme to ease their financial woes.

I wrote about get-rich-quick schemes here. In that article I point out how it’s better to find get-rich-slowly schemes, and help explain the difference between the two schemes.

Suffice it to say, making sure you have the right knowledge, and time, is the best way to have a good mindset to make your online business ventures successful.

Understanding The Importance Of Time

Many people want something, and they want it now. They want money, a lot of it, and they want it quickly, if not immediately. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work like that in the online world.

Let’s try to compare situations to get a better idea of what I’m trying to say.

If you asked someone how to become a doctor, or something to do with the medical field, they would probably tell you that you should pursue a college or University degree, get some experience, and get a certificate/diploma.

That obviously makes sense. To become something, or to get something, it takes time to do that. You have to study and work hard to show that you really want to be a doctor.

Making money online is no different.

You need to study how you’ll make money, work hard, put in a lot of time and effort, and in the end, you’ll get what you want.

The only difference is that with an online business, YOU decide how much you want to make, and how soon.

You won’t get success immediately, but if you work harder and longer in the beginning stages of your online business, you’ll be that much closer to your success later on down the road.

Additionally, for a medical degree it can take some 6-10 years to get their degree. With your online business, if you do everything right, it should take you less than 2 years to do so. I’ve read of people making $100 daily in less than a year.

But each one worked hard and didn’t give up when their business seemed failing (as things sometimes seem). They chose to stick it out, and keep on putting in as much effort as they could.

Do You Have The Effort That It Takes?

I’m going to be honest with you. Making this type of money isn’t easy to come by. It requires hard work. It requires you images/effort

giving up your time for certain entertainments, so that you can work on your business.

Do you have the effort it may take to make your online business a success? Can you beat the odds and not give up when you’ve been working on your business for 7 months, and haven’t seen much success?

If you can, then you’ll have no trouble making that income that you want to make daily. You’ll be able to make that, and a lot more. It you aren’t faint of heart, and have a determination that is like none other, then you’ll be able to make your goal of $100 within a very short time.

Learn To Make Money – The Right Program

You want to make money, and you have the energy, determination, time, and effort. Now, all that is needed is the right program for you to use to be able to learn how to make money effectively.

I could explain to you how to make money, and how to generate an income from an online business, but that would require a lot of words, and articles to make that happen. On top of that, I know of a great resource that has all that, and more within it.

Choosing the right program isn’t easy to do. There are hundreds of them out there, if not thousands, all equally good within their own right. But there is only one that I have so far found to be the best one that worked for me.

And that program is Wealthy Affiliate.

Learning From The Best – Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the best program that I have found that shows you how to make an online business, and succeed at it. They offer support, tutorials, courses, and motivating articles of people succeeding in making an online business.

While they do have a premium membership that does cost money, Wealthy Affiliate offers you a free membership, where you’ll be able to take advantage of much of what they have to offer. They’ll be able to tell you how to properly set up a website, how to actually make money online, and how to properly use tools and services that are free for you to use.

I did a review of them, which can be found here, where I go to explain more about myself, and how I ended up with them, and how they’ve helped me a lot. I even show how much I made while on the free membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

Learning From The Right People – Myself!

If you are interested in making money, and making it daily, then I would recommend you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate, and sign up to their free membership.

If you do, you’ll be greatly surprised to find that I’ll be there waiting for you! The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that if you sign up using the link above, you’ll be added to my list of referrals. That way I know that I was the one that sent you over to Wealthy Affiliate, and can help you out!

If you sign up above, you’ll get 1 on 1 coaching from me, being able to ask me any questions you have, as well as running ideas by me to see if they are a great idea. You’ll also be able to pick my brain on anything what-so-ever, and I’ll (try to) answer to the best of my abilities (or find the answer for you).

With you as my referral, you’ll be able to learn from my mistakes, making your business go that much faster, as well as being able to use my weight of knowledge and experience to get your business up and running in no time.

Sign up today, and start learning how to make money online. I can’t wait to meet you on the other side!

Is 1 And 1 A Scam? There Is More To Them Than Meet’s The Eye!

Is 1 And 1 A Scam? There Is More To Them Than Meet’s The Eye!


1&1 IONOS is a company that has been around for over 30 years, helping many people find great hosting and web services. They do their best to bring you relevant products, as well as all the things you need to properly run a business.

Of course, as is usually the case, the question comes to our attention about whether this service is a scam. But as we’ll see from the review, IONOS is the furthest thing from being called a scam!

Company: 1&1 IONOS (ION)

Creators: Unknown

Description: A web hosting and service for small and medium-sized businesses.

Price: Ranges from $1 to $100, depending on what package you buy.


Rating: 10 out of 10

ION (1&1 IONOS) has been around for some time. In that time, they have been able to become successful and well-known for many web hosting services. You need a domain, or hosting for you website? ION can give it to you.

If you need dedicated servers, or cloud storage, ION is able to also provide those to you as well. You need email, and don’t know where to start? Let ION walk you through the steps of all that.

Who is 1&1 IONOS

ION started out like other companies do. Slowly building their business out until they have now become the largest web hosting business in Europe. According to their website, they have over 8 million contracts, as well as host 12 million domains.

ION started out in 1988, around 30 years ago. Back then, they called themselves 1&1. The idea that started off 1&1 was trying to make technology open and accessible to everyone. And not only that, but make it easy to understand, and be simple for everyone to use.

Building themselves out, and networking from several countries, 1&1 was able to help bring online services to millions of people world-wide. With the wide reach they had, 1&1 continued expanding the various offers and services that they provided.

One of the offers they added (and still have) is cloud-based tools and services. Cloud-based basically means that you store something online, other than your computer, or personal storage space. Since it’s elsewhere (i.e. on the cloud), you can use these things no matter where you are, provided you have internet access.

While there are pros and cons of cloud-based applications (which can be discussed elsewhere), 1&1 added this for the benefit of you being able to use these services without having to worry about storage, space, processing speed, etc.

In 2018, 1&1 combined their solutions with another company, called ProfitBricks. Out of this emerged a company called 1&1 IONOS, which is what we have currently today.

ION has a large number of products that they sell, including:

  • Domain, Email & Security
  • Website, Blog & eCommerce
  • Hosting
  • Server
  • Office & Online Storage
  • Cloud Solutions & Services
  • Marketing & Advertising

Solutions Provided By IONOS

ION also provides a large array of services and solutions, making it easier for you to start and keep your online business, no matter the size.

Domains. Want to buy your own URL, and own your own website? If so, then ION can help you. Domains can be hard at images/Domain-Castle

times to find, and many times it’s not an easy process buying them. But if you let ION take care of it, you’ll have your own domain in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Or if you need to transfer your domain from one thing to another, ION is also happy to help out as well. You can move it to ION or away from them (if you so choose to). In either case, Ion will help with the moving process.

Websites. Do you have your domain picked out, but not sure how to make it, or even host it? Once again, ION is willing to help you out. They have services to help get the most out of your hosting, as well as providing you website templates, where you simply choose which theme you like, and apply it to your site.

If you want to go even further, you can ask ION to help give you a custom-made site, where they’ll do much of the leg-work to get it the exact way you want it to look.

Business. Maybe you have a business all set out, domain chosen, and hosting all secure, but you are unsure how to get your name out there. ION has solutions for those problems as well.

Whether it’s helping market your business or creating a virtual online store, you can find answers to those problems through ION. And even if you have a physical business, with no online presence, ION can help bring about a digital form of your business, extending your reach even further.

Cloud Services. If you need virtual space, or need a place to store things that you can get at where ever you are, then check out ION’s Cloud Services. You can also look into their computation solutions as well, using the cloud to efficiently complete difficult tasks.

With cloud services also comes services, both IaaS and PaaS solutions. You can even use their services to do all the graphical designing you’ve wanted to do, but never had a chance to because of slow computers.

Servers to Develop and Test With. And ION isn’t for people who don’t know what their doing. It’s also for those savvy-computer guys who know a little too much about computers.

ION offers development and testing solutions for you to use to, well, develop and test things. Whether it’s a program, script, or even some software, ION is willing to help.

They can provide Apache, Tomcat, Passenger, and Nginx, as well as various SQL services for those doing things with databases. You can even get inexpensive root servers if you so choose to.

Any Special Reason to Choose IONOS?

Choosing one product over another is pretty daunting. You seem to be able to always find cheaper prices, and better services somewhere else. But below are just a few reasons why I would recommend ION over others.

Getting A Reliable Partner. ION has been in this business for over 30 years. That’s older than a lot of the people who

currently use the web. They have shown, through the test of time, that they can bring you a product that is worth your while.

On top of that, they are concerned with your safety and security, and take preventive measures to make sure that isn’t leaked or given away. With today’s hackers and scammers out there, having a company trying to protect you (instead of take advantage of you) is the best option.

With ION comes a dependability that allows you to get just what you need. ION is there to help you with any custom-made options you need, giving you affordable options to tailor you specific needs.

Getting A Great Support System. Support can be lacking in some businesses, especially in ones that I have reviewed. But ION is willing to go above and beyond their own means. Not only do they provide you 24 hour support no matter where you live, but they also provide dedicated consultants for you personal needs.

They also have an arsenal of tutorials, articles, and other informative collections of how-to’s. Whether it’s learning how to use a certain product, or answer to various frequently asked questions, ION is willing to help you find the answer that you need to keep your business online.

Getting Transparency and Fairness. With ION comes no fine print, or upsells that you’ll have to worry about later on down the road. What you read is what you get. No secret ponzi schemes or scams happening behind your back.

If you’re not happy about the service you’re provided, you can also get a 30-day money back guarantee that ION offers to you. They’re also wiling to help upgrade/downgrade software and other tools that might be on your website, giving you more time to work on the more important things in your business.

And Last, But Not Least…

One thing that stood out to me on ION’s website is that they have both positive and negative reviews, all on their front page!

You don’t typically see a company that is that transparent that they’re willing to give you both the good, and the bad, all on their home page.

Of course it doesn’t mean a lot, since they obviously choose those negative reviews that don’t hurt them too much. But it does show something for at least showing that they do have negative reviews. Most companies try to hide them from you, since they can discourage you from buying their products.

But ION chooses not to. Instead, they help show their transparency by being open to the negativity they’ve received. It definitely makes me trust them a little more, and believe that they are legit.

Is 1 And 1 A Scam?

As you’ve seen within the article, 1 and 1 IONOS is no scam. It’s a great site to get great deals for great hosting. Out of the images/hosting

dozen or so sites I know that cover website hosting and services, IONOS definitely stands out above the rest.

I’m currently not hosting anything with IONOS, since I’m a part of Wealthy Affiliate, and they cover a lot of my hosting services. But if I wasn’t with them, then I would definitely choose 1&1 IONOS for their web services. To learn more about IONOS and their services, you can check them out here!

Is 5 Figure Day Unleashed A Scam?

Is 5 Figure Day Unleashed A Scam?

Today we’re going to look at a product that can be found on the web – and that is 5 Figure Day Unleashed. Is 5 Figure Day Unleashed a scam? You can be the judge, as we look at the various things this product as to offer, as well as the person who is behind the company.

Company: 5 Figure Day Unleashed (FDU)

Creators: Brian Winters

Description: A product that claims to help you make money – and all through the affiliate program of ClickBank

Free Membership: $0.00

Unleashed Membership: $27.00

Recommended? No

Rating: 3 out of 10

FDU (5 Figure Day Unleashed) as taken quite a number by a storm. This product is one that has taken a lot of money from many people, and for obvious reasons.

With a name like 5 figure day, it’s relatively easy to get a lot of people interested. It’s something that most people will want, as they think that they’ll get rich quickly, which they probably won’t with this program.

What is 5 Figure Day Unleashed

FDU is a program that is currently being sold on Clickbank. Clickbank is a place where people can put programs or books for people to buy. Additionally, if someone (like me) sends you to Clickbank, and you purchase something, that person will receive a small amount of money from what you bought.

After purchasing the program, FDU will then help you make money promoting various programs from Clickbank, so that you, like them, can make a lot of money.

Does It Actually Work?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes, but not in the way you’re thinking. Promoting products from Clickbank can make you money, and it does work. But there are cheaper alternatives to learning how to do this, as well as easier ways.

There are hundreds of articles out on the web, all for free, on how to make money online with affiliate marketing, and even Clickbank.

Who Is Brian Winters?

Brian Winters is the guy who is behind FDU. And from what I found on various sites, he doesn’t seem to be a popular guy.

Winters has been making courses like FDU for a while now. Each one is a little different, but they all claim to bring you success in the online realm.

Additionally, Winters started a marketing agency, called Goldliger Marketing, and it, like it’s owner, isn’t on good terms with the rest of the world.

Time To Get Scammed!

I could stop at the above, and just leave it to you right there to let you be the judge of whether this product is a scam, but before you do make your decision, let me give you more information about the product, as I try to get scammed.

FDU is like any other product. With a beautiful and stunning sales page layout, they do a good job at drawing in those who gather at their site.

Of course, there is a lot of promotional hype that will get you to do something rashly, if you’re not careful. But you’ve got to give them credit for trying.

On their front page, they have a simple page showing that they have a free membership, all you have to do is sign up. Who am I to resist?

Getting all the free stuff

After signing up, I was met with Brian Winter’s story, where he explains why, and how he made his money. He also goes into detail on how he comes with a background that others have faced – divorce, having to give money away, selling stuff, just

trying to stay afloat.

Unfortunately, like other sites I’ve reviewed, these type of videos are usually long, and while they definitely should be awarded some sort of, well, award, they seem to put me to sleep when I watch them. So I wasn’t quite able to get through the entire video.

But this does bring up a very interesting point. Many marketers, if not all, try to show things within their lives that might be similar to your own situation.

For example, if you’re trying to make money online, and find a website, the guy who owns the website will probably say something about how they’ve gotten burned and scammed online. They’re trying to make a connection with you, so that you’ll trust them more.

This is neither a good thing, nor a bad thing. It just is. Unfortunately, many scammers use this as a way to help you get to trust them, so that you’ll buy into whatever their trying to sell you!

Free Membership Area – Anything Interesting?

Unfortunately, the membership area for the free members didn’t show anything that interesting. Oh, there was a lot of valuable information if you were specifically promoting FDU, but there wasn’t much that was helpful for other ClickBank programs.

They give you plenty of banners to use, as well as sales pitches that you can use to help promote FDU. They also have a dozen or so videos to help you as you promote FDU.

As I was looking around the site, I did notice that much of what you got on this ‘free’ membership is already on their website, just hidden on various pages. So there really is no need to give them your email for the free membership, assuming you can find everything else.

What About Their Support System?

I wasn’t too impressed with their support system. To get support, you have to go to another site, one that is run by a chat service provider. It’s there where you learn of the many other programs that Winter’s has been creating and promoting.

You see, when you go to use the support, they ask you to choose which program you are a part of. As you take a look at the list, you find that Winters is behind another 10 programs, all as cunningly thought out as FDU.

It gets even better.

The support page you’re sent to, says that if you need to email someone, you can do so at *********** (!?).

A yahoo email address? I realize that some people don’t understand how to set up email addresses for their websites, nor do some people have the money for that. But a guy who runs a program that has the name 5 Figure Day? He can’t figure out how to have an email address that somehow directly relates to his website?

I find that extremely hard to believe. And it’s not like he doesn’t have the money. If you trust his story about going through the divorce and how much he lost (hundred’s of thousands of dollars worth), you’ll also trust that he got basically everything back. So this guy has plenty of ‘money’ to invest in some quality email system.

Their support system is a little wonky too. I had read of people who didn’t have a satisfactory time with their support, so I decided to give it a try.

I used their support system to ask if I could get a new password, or at least get shown where to get a new one. I even requested it be urgent.


I received an email notifying me that the support ticket had went through, and they would get back to me (a typical automated response). But as I looked closer at my support ticket, I noticed that they had incorrectly put the wrong program on the ticket!

In any case, I have yet to receive any help from them, so I can see why some people would be annoyed at their support.

Is The Paid Membership Any Better?

Due to budget cuts, and other issues, I decided not to try out the paid membership. The free membership just wasn’t worth it in my mind. And if you can’t give a good ‘free’ program, then the rest of it probably won’t be any good either.

Is 5 Figure Day Unleashed A Scam?

FDU seems to be great on the outside, but when explored from within, you’re left with pretty much nothing. Whether it’s a scam or not, you can judge for yourselves. I personally wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone, even if the claims to making money were true.

While this program might not be as up-to-par as it should be, there is another program that I would recommend for those who want to make money with affiliate marketing. And that program is Wealthy Affiliate. You can check out my review on them here.

They have a free membership, one that I took advantage of, and through it learned how to make money, not only through Clickbank, but also through Amazon, ShareASale, and many other affiliate programs.

On top of all that, they have a great support system, where you’ll be able to interact with the thousands of other people there. If you’re lucky enough, you might even be contacted by the creators themselves and have a chance to ask them questions!

How Can You Tell If An Email Is A Scam?

How Can You Tell If An Email Is A Scam?

Scams and Emails

Even though people have been taught to not trust every email they get, email scams still abound. How can you tell if an email is a scam? Are there clues within the email to suggest whether or not the scam you are getting really is legit?

There actually are quite a lot of clues to tell you the truth of emails. We’ll look at a one of my emails that I’ve gotten for one of my many emails addresses and look at just how to tell whether or not an email is a scam!

Checking The Sender And Receiver

The first thing you want to do is take a look at who the email is from, and who it is sent to. If you don’t recognize the email address, that could be the first indicator that the email may be a scam.

For example, as you’ll notice below, I got an email address from someone at test@*******.com. You’ll also notice that it’s from someone (supposedly) called CummingsO. Just for the record, I don’t know anyone with that name.

From Sender

Just because I don’t know this person doesn’t mean that it is a scam. Looking at several different issues will help detect if it’s a scam or not, but if it comes from someone that you don’t know, then it can be the first indication that this email isn’t legit.

The next thing you want to take a look at is to whom is sent. Is it sent just to you? Is it sent to others? Does it even show who it is sent to?

As you can see above, the person who sent this email out sent it to an undisclosed number of recipients. Most likely, they got a large number of emails, and decided to BCC all of us.

Typically, when sending an email, there are three options on how to send an email to someone:

  1. To: You are sending the email specifically to this person, and they are supposed to be the one who will answer it (assuming it needs answering).
  2. CC (Carbon Copy): You’ll see someone on an email if you want them to get a copy of the email (for example, if you want them to be aware of what’s going/what’s being written).
  3. BCC (Blind Carbon Copy): The only difference between BCC and CC is that no one will know that they are added and receiving the email (hence it being called a Blind Carbon Copy).

How would you use these? Well, let’s pretend that I’m going to my parent’s place for an evening. I may email my mom explaining that I want to come over. I may CC my dad on it as well, so that he’s aware of what we’re planning to do.

I could even say in the email that I wanted to bring a friend over as well, and BCC my friend on the email. My friend would get the email, and see who it was sent to (my mom and dad), but both my parents wouldn’t know that I had also BCC‘ed my friend on the email.

So back to the email that I received. The person who sent the email didn’t directly send it to any one person. Most likely, as noted above, they BCC’ed several people the same email.

If you don’t know who it’s sent from, and it doesn’t have an email it is sent ‘To’, then this is another good indicator that this email is a scam. But there are also other things you can check as well.

What Is The Subject Line?

The subject line helps people know quickly what the email is about. For example, if the subject line read “Email Changed“, you might realize that the reason you don’t recognize the email address it was sent from was because your friend changed their email address.

This specific email that we’ve been looking at came with an email subject line that read “Waiting For Your Quick Reply My Prince.”

Hmm, I’m a prince? I must be a pretty poor prince…

As you can see, all the indications of this email show that it probably isn’t something that is worth my time. You can also see from the screenshot above that they sent an attachment as well with the email!

But let’s take a look at the actual email, and see if we can gather anything else from it.

Reading The Actual Email

There is a misconception around that many people incorrectly believe. They think that opening an email may make them get a virus on their computer. That is entirely false.

Opening an email should never be able to place malware on the device you’re using. If you open an attachment, that’s a little different (which we’ll discuss later). But just opening an email to read what it says isn’t going to compromise your computer.

Taking a look at what is said in the email is the next best step to check and see whether the email is a scam. Below is the text of what I got within the email that we’ve been looking at.

Hi. Respected stranger.
I wish to know how much you interest in search and acquaintance with new and wonderful girl?
I’m Anita. I am very merry, kind and positive girl. But I’m still single and very tired of kind of life.
So I go to a dating agency and found you email.
In fact, I’m search for real man for a serious relationship and even marriage in future.
I’ll be happy if we will find our common interests and our acquaintance is most wonderful moment in our later life.
I do not know how you are interested in continue our communication therefore greater detail I’ll write about myself later!
I will wait your letter! See you soon. Anita.

Several things immediately jump out at me that flag this email as a scam to me:

She doesn’t address my first name. There is no mention of my name, nor even anything about who I am. All she says is “Respected Stranger”. If this email is truly to me, she should be able to take an educated guess and come up with my name (since it’s right within my email address).

She ‘found my email’ on a place that I didn’t share it on. This is a ploy that scammers will use to make it sound like they actually found your email somewhere.

They think that most people have a dating account somewhere, and thus add in that they found it on a dating site, so that you make a connection (even though there is no connection) on where it might have come from.

I don’t have a dating account, nor have I used the email address this was sent to for any dating sites, so I can almost immediately rule this out as an email that just isn’t legit.

She seems to use two different names. When we first looked at who it was sent from, we found that it was sent from someone who was called “CummingsO”. But yet she ends her email by saying her name is “Anita”. If there are two different names, then that also can suggest that the email is a scam.

What About Email Attachments?

The email that we’ve been looking at is a scam, no question about it. But it does help show another powerful clue that something may not be right. And that is what was attached.

If you’re receiving attachments from people that you don’t know, do not open those attachments. They most likely have a virus within them that will infect your computer after you open the attachment.

Even if you know the person, be very careful when you open attachments. Many people will get malware on their computers because they received an attachment that had malware in it, opened it, and thus allowed the virus to spread.

And it doesn’t matter what the attachment is. It could be a PDF, a jpg, or even a text file. Each one of them can be embedded with malicious code that will try to take control of your computer if it has the chance.

If you have anti-virus on your computer, it’s always best to have the anti-virus software check your attachments before you open them. It could save you a lot of time, and money, in the long run.

Links Might Not Send You To The Right Location

Many scam emails will have links within them too, trying you to get you to click through the link, and in the end, be able to download viruses onto your computer.

So whenever you see a link, it’s always good to check where it will go.

For example, notice that when you hover your mouse pointer over the words “RIGHT HERE“, you’ll see in the lower left-hand corner of your browser that it links directly to this website.

Now, something can be done that you might not realize. Just because someone writes out a URL address, like, doesn’t mean that it will go to that address. You’ll notice that When you hover over the above address, it’s actually going to this site as well.

So it’s extremely important that you always make sure to look at the link before you actually click through it. If the link is to a URL that you’ve never seen before, then the safest thing to do is not click on it. It’s better to go to your favorite search engine, and type the URL in, and see if it’s a good URL or not.

If the links in the email are ones that you weren’t expecting or don’t recognize, it could be an indication that the email is a scam.

For example, while writing this, I got an email from someone who wanted me to essentially become their boyfriend. They had a link to click to if I wanted more info. Hovering over the link, I found that it went to some URL that I had never seen before.

Therefore, I choose to ignore the email, and let the person find someone else to have a ‘romantic relationship’ with.

How To Tell If An Email Is A Scam!

To summarize, an email can be detected to be a scam by looking at the email itself, and seeing how it was created. It’s not that hard to tell, provided you make sure to be very careful with what you open, and what you click on. Below is provided a quick run down of the steps that you can take to check if an email is a scam:

  1. Check to see if you know the email address, and who sent the email


  2. Check to see if it the email was sent only to you, to others, or if it is unknown to whom it was sent to


  3. Open the email and see what the email actually says. See if the person says your name, or if they say stuff that isn’t true


  4. Even if it’s from someone that you know, check and double check the attachment (assuming there is one) against anti-virus software, or against virus detection websites


  5. When someone sends you a link, check the link before actually clicking through the link.


And that’s all there is too it!

Now you can go back through and check all those emails that you were unsure about, and see if they were scams or not. No longer will you have to worry about getting scammed, provided you follow the steps, and make sure to be very careful with emails that you weren’t expecting on getting!

Is Rent A Friend A Scam? Make Friends Wherever You Are!

Is Rent A Friend A Scam? Make Friends Wherever You Are!


Do you need a friend, or want someone to come along with you, when no one else will? If so, then Rent A Friend is just for you! In this article we’ll take a look and answer the question, is Rent A Friend a scam? As long as you keep yourself safe, and make sure to have a good time, Rent A Friend is a great opportunity for you!

Company: Rent A Friend (RAF)

Creators: Scott Rosenbaum

Description: Rent a person who will do stuff with you/for you, i.e. go to the movies, be your wingman, workout buddy.

Price: $24.95 per month, $69.95 per year

Recommended? Yes

Rating: 7 out of 10

RAF (Rent A Friend) has been around for sometime now. It’s almost coming up on its 10th year birthday. Back in 2009 a guy by the name of Scott Rosenbaum started a website for people to allow you to rent a friend.

How does this all work?

Let’s say that you have an extra ticket to a ball game, but don’t want to go alone. RAF is there to help you. You can search your local cities, and see if there are any ball game lovers out there would be interested in going with you.

And it’s not just for sports fans. If you want tour guides, help learning a new skill, or even someone to accompany you on something you don’t want to do alone, RAF has all of these and more covered.

What Is Rent A Friend?

First off, it needs to be clear that RAF is nothing about dating, or quick hook ups. The website makes it very clear that Rent A Friend

there should be no physical contact between the two people. RAF is for simple platonic friendships, to find people who will enjoy the same sort of things you do.

RAF offers you the ability to search for people who are willing to be your friend for a certain fee. These people come in all shapes and sizes, and abilities. You interested in having a golf buddy? RAF can help you.

Are you interested in learning about a different religion, but don’t know where to go? RAF can find someone who will be willing to help you with that.

Do you want to go to a party or a club, but don’t want to go alone? RAF will find someone to go with you.

What Is The Cost?

To rent a friend through RAF, there is a monthly membership option, or a yearly option.

The monthly membership is only $24.95 per month. When you pay, you’ll have access to the thousands of people in the world who use this site, as well as the ability of finding someone who enjoys the same things as you do.

The yearly membership is only $69.95 for the year. Like the monthly membership, you’ll get access to all the new friends you can make. It should be noted though, that when on the yearly plan, there is no renew option, and so you’ll have to make sure you renew manually every time your subscription runs out.

Who Is the Site For?

RAF is for anyone and everyone. They offer worldwide services, not only in the USA, but also in many other countries as well.

Selfie Friendship

As said before, it’s for those who are looking for friends. Ones who need someone to do fun things with them. People who are wanting others who are interested in the same things as they are.

For example, an elderly lady was able to find someone who would visit with her for a while around each week. The elderly lady was able to find someone who would be with her, giving her support and companionship, while the other person was able to make some money.

Another person was able to find someone in the NYC to act as a tour guide while their family visited the large city. Not only did they learn a lot of information about the city itself, but they also learned how to use a subway, hail a cab, and haggle with street vendors. It was a win-win situation.

What Is The Cost To Rent A Friend?

Typically, it costs about $10 an hour to rent someone as a friend. But many of the people on RAF are willing to negotiate their prices. Some may even doing it for ‘free’, if they think it will be fun enough.

For example, one person rented a friend to go work out in the gym with them twice to three times a week. Instead of paying the renter, the person worked out a deal to pay for the other person’s gym membership. In the end, it was a situation that worked out for both, even though there wasn’t any money involved.

Another person was able to find someone who would make meals for them. All he had to do was give the person groceries, and the person making the food would make some for himself and the other. This worked out, as the person making the meals wanted to get better at cooking, and was able to do it basically for free (including the meals).

You may be able to negotiate a deal with someone and you may not. The worse that happens is they decline your offer.

Some people offer their friendship at a higher price, especially if it a more challenging thing to do, like pretend to be someone close to you, or teach you a new language or subject.

All in all, you’ll be able to find people who will being friends for very little, and some people who will be friends for a lot. It’s just a matter of what you want them to do, as well as how long they’ll be doing it.

Renting Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Mothers, Fathers

While I wouldn’t advise it, you can use RAF to rent fake boy/girl friends, as well as step-in mothers or fathers.

Why would you need this?

Sometimes, your family has expectations for you, and when you don’t meet up to them, they become disapproving of your life.

Some families want you to have a certain boyfriend, or certain kinds of friends, which is what RAF is willing to provide. Just look for someone who is willing to be a step-in significant other, and you’ll be able to deceive your friends and family.

I would like to note that I don’t overly approve of deceiving family members. I would rather work out why they have certain expectations and talk it out with them, but sometimes that is not possible, which is why, for some, RAF is a great alternative.

Can You Make Money With Rent A Friend?

You don’t only need to rent friends with RAF. You can also be a friend for hire! This is a great opportunity for those who need some extra cash, and are willing to become friends for a fee.

If you have a hobby that you enjoy sharing with others, or love to help people show around, then RAF would be a great choice for you.

Do you have a pleasant personality, or do you enjoy meeting new people? RAF is also able to work with you.

What about new skills or different languages? If you have those, you can also use RAF to make some side income.

Becoming a friend for hire is not only easy, but it’s also free. You just sign up with one of your nicest images, and you’re ready to rock it as a friend.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to keep all the money that you earn! 100% of what you make is what you’ll keep. RAF is able to do this because they make enough from rental membership fees, thus not having to charge you anything for being a friend for hire.

Safety Tips To Remember

Safety For Friendships

RAF is great at making sure that you stay safe while being with new friends. They have several guidelines to follow, so that you can be as safe as possible, while have the most fun as possible:
  1. Always meet in a public place. This is very important, never meet someone you don’t know at their house or at a private location. Meeting in public will help both of you feel comfortable

  2. Always have a phone with you, or some spare change if you need to make a phone call.

  3. Always tell your friends where you are going and who you are going with. Leave a contact phone number and name. Tell your friend or family member where you are going and what time you are planning on coming home. It’s always good to have one of your friends or family member call at a planned time just so they can check in. Also it’s important that the person you are meeting with is aware that your friends/family know where you are.

  4. Trust your gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, get out of the situation. Never put yourself in a situation where you are uncomfortable.

  5. Before you meet someone ask for their photo just so you know what the person looks like before you meet them.

  6. Never have a problem saying “No”. If you are not happy with something, make it clear.

  7. Remember these are NOT dates you are going on. You are spending time together. There is NO physical contact allowed!

  8. If you are planning on drinking, don’t get drunk. This is just common sense, especially if you are meeting someone for the first time.

  9. Don’t leave any of your belongings unattended. Purse, wallets, jackets, etc. Anything of value should be watched at all times.

Is Rent A Friend A Scam?

Childhood Friendship

Rent a friend is no scam. It’s a great place to find someone who is willing to enjoy the hobbies that you like doing with others. It is also a fantastic program to make some side income for yourself.

It is by no means a way to make a lot of money, nor is it a place to find people who are interested in dating. But provided you behave properly, and work out the details for the friendship you’ll be having, you are sure to have a great time, and maybe make a new friend in the process as well!


Is Affiliate Titan 2 A Scam?

Is Affiliate Titan 2 A Scam?

Is Affiliate Titan a scam? Or is it a product that will help you in your affiliate marketing endevors? Chris and Ken, the creators of Affiliate Titan have been around the internet for a while now selling one product or another. While this is in no way a scam, what you buy probably won’t have much to offer you.

Company: Affiliate Titan (AT)

Creators: Chris & Ken

Description: A set of tools to help you find programs and affiliates that are making money, as well as video courses, PDF manuals, and video editing software.

Price: $7 ($9.95?)

Recommended? No

Rating: 3 out of 10

Affiliate Titan brings you tools that help you find affiliate programs that are making money. That way, you can quickly find products to promote that people like. Unfortunately, while this may seem like a great idea, in reality, you can find all this stuff for free.

Affiliate Titan will help you cut down on all of your searching, and the time you’ll use to look through the various affiliate programs to find one that work. But there really is nothing special in the software they are trying to sell you. On top of that, Chris and Ken have been making these things for a while now, just under different names.

Day Job Killer

Day Job Killer is a program that Chris started at least over 10 years ago, if not longer. And from all that can be seen of it, if

you take a logical approach, you don’t find anything that has much appeal in it.

When you finally find their site, you’ll notice that you come to a subscription page to get early bird access to their way to ‘kill your job in the next 24 hours’. But how ‘early bird’ access is this?

Early Bird Access… Still 10 years later?

Early bird access means that you’re getting access to something early. But it’s been 10 years since they made this business. And their still offering early bird access?

No matter what their selling/giving away, if they’re still giving away as early bird access, then something isn’t quite right with the program.

Many who reviewed this product gave it a pretty low rating. Whether this older product is legit or not, I don’t know. But what I do know is that with negative reviews about previous business attempts doesn’t bode well for future programs that the creators start.

Affiliate Titan

Affiliate Titan 2.0 has several courses and programs that they offer. According to their sales page, it only costs $27, though they might increase the price soon (which just a typical sales ploy to make you buys something sooner).

Things that you’ll get include:

  • King of the Zon Pro
  • King of the Zoo Pro
  • T-Shirt Titan 2
  • 1-Click Affiliate Pro

And more.

Unfortunately, when buying this program, you might want to read the payment plan very carefully.

Taking Multiple Payments From You

When going to purchase the course, you’ll find that $27 only covers one month of service. Not only that, but they’ll take another 22 payments (totaling 23 payments) from you until they finally stop!

I mean, that’s only $621 that they’ll be taking from you. It’s not that much money, right?

Whenever you are interested in buy products online, always make sure to check the payment plans. Otherwise, you can be duped into paying large amounts of sums, sometimes without you even realizing it!

For over 600 dollars, this program isn’t worth your time or money. You can can easily find the stuff that they’re going to give you for a cheaper price.


They offer programs to help automatize finding the best affiliate programs out there. But all of this that they’re selling you, you can do manually! It means you’ll need to do a little work to figure out things, but in the long run, you’ll be able to save a lot of money by doing all this yourself.

What About Affiliate Titan 3.0?

In the past few years, Affiliate Titan came out with a newer version of what they were selling – version 3.0. But, even still, it’s not entirely worth your while.

Affiliate Titan 3.0 offers you a lot more programs and courses for you to take with you, and all at a cheaper price, a payment of only $7!

King of the Zon. King of the Zon software brings you the 200 most profitable affiliate programs on Amazon. They claim that they update it daily, so that you’ll have instant access to all the best programs at all times.

1 Click Affiliate. In this course, you’ll be provided with landing pages and other affiliate scripts, that will help maximize your potential for making money. According to the site, these landing pages have generated the creators over $2.6 million.

CB 250 database. Clickbank is an affiliate program that brings great products to promote for your business. With CB 250 database, you’ll be given 250 affiliate programs that are making other money. This list is updated daily, or so they say on their website.

Launch Pulse. Launch Pulse software finds the 100 best 6-figure launches, and gives them all to your for you to look into, and see how well their doing.

King of the Zoo. King of the Zoo brings you the top products from JVZoo, an affiliate program site. These products, like much of the rest, will help you find products that are currently hot on the market.

Rapid Video Ranker. According to the website, you can make videos in 60 seconds or less, and they’ll be all ready to get ranked quickly in YouTube and Google.

Other Courses, Manuals, and Bonuses. On top of all this other software, the creators also want to give you other bonuses that will help you along your way to make money online.

Is it really worth it?

For an easy payment of 7 bucks, it does seem like it would be worth the risk of trying it out, and seeing if it would actually work. Unfortunately, there are several things that I just don’t like when it comes to reviewing this product, and how it adds up.

It launched 2 years ago. This version of Affiliate Titan, as of writing this, as launched nearly 2 years ago. And their sales page still renders all this!

As you read about all these great things they’re selling you, you’ll find words like “succeeding with affiliate marketing in 2017”. But as to date, it’s nearly 2019!

Affiliate Marketing can move in many different ways in 2 years, and a lot can change. While I won’t disagree that things that

worked in 2017 should work for 2019, why doesn’t the sales page reflect this? The creators boast of making 2.6 million, and yet they can’t update their sales page?

They claim to make many scripts, software, and programs that will help you make money, and yet they have yet to create scripts that can update their sales pages with the right year?

They claim to make so much money, and yet they can’t hire someone to manually update their sales page every year/few months? If that is so, then the product isn’t worth it, no matter how cheap it is.

There are two different prices! Once again, the sales page needs some updating. On the top of the page, you’ll read that it only cost a simple $9.95 for you to own all this software. But when you go to the bottom of the page, they say that it’s only $7.00 .

Which one is right?

When you go to check out you’ll learn that it is indeed only 7 dollars for this program. But the sales pages is still alarming.

It’s not good business to have two different prices on your sales page. It just isn’t! If you can’t keep things right, then how will you be able to know that other things they say aren’t true?

On top of that, they claim that is discounted price of $7 is going to end soon, and yet, like mentioned before, it’s been discounted since 2017! So it’s been going to end ‘soon’ for over two years now!

Finding A Free Alternative

Because of the reasons above, I just can’t recommend Affiliate Titan. While I in no way want to disrespect what they’re trying to do, I don’t think Affiliate Titan has much to offer you with the sales page the way that it is.

I would have wished that the creators could have given a free product, or a 7-day free trial, to actually see the product that you’re getting. That way, you could experiment, and really see if like what you’re buying.

Affiliate Titan might be a great resource for some, but there are other free alternatives to learning about affiliate marketing. And that’s why I would recommend one of them, Wealthy Affiliate, to you.

Unlike Affiliate Titan, Wealthy Affiliate brings you a free membership that you’ll be able to try your hand at affiliate marketing, all without paying a single dime. Additionally, they offer you free tools to help you get started as well. It’s where I first started to learn about affiliate marketing, and where I started making monthly income online!

You can take a look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate. They are the best site (so far) that I’ve found to be true upon what they claim their program can do!

What Is A Get Rich Quick Scheme? What You Need To Know!

What Is A Get Rich Quick Scheme? What You Need To Know!

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes have been around for nigh a millennium. Since the dawn of creation, people have been looking for ways to make money quickly and easily.

But is this idea of getting rich quick a possibility, or is there no such thing? Can you become wealthy in a short amount of time?

All this, and more, is what we’ll cover in this article. Schemes that tell you you’ll get rich quickly are all over the place. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll learn how to be able to quickly spot them, and not lose your time, or money, to these scams.

What Is A Get Rich Quick Scheme?

In order to correctly break down what a get-rich-quick scheme is, we’ll have to break it down, to get a better understanding of what these words actually mean. First let’s break down what a scheme means.

What is a scheme? has a scheme listed as the following:

  1. a plan, design, or program of action to be followed; project.

  2. an underhand plot; intrigue.

  3. a visionary or impractical project.

A scheme is something that someone presents to you that is usually more of an idea than an actual thing. To scheme means to plan or to plot an idea for something.

Scheme does usually have bad connotations with it. The word is used to associate something that is usually unpleasant, e.g The man schemed on how to get his revenge.

But schemes can mean something good – The scheme to make a life of farming actually worked.

As we’re going to see, these schemes that we’ll be looking at specifically revolve around making money, and a lot of it, quickly.

Getting Rich Quickly

I don’t think this needs to be explain in too much detail. Getting rich quickly means just that – in a short span of time, you

make a lot of money.

There have been many get-rich-quick schemes that people have taken part of over the centuries, though typically they’re called something different.

The California Gold Rush. Back in the 1800s, some 300,000 people went to California to see if they could find gold. Many went to try to ‘strike it rich’, by finding that valuable precious metal, and becoming wealthy.

In the end, while some did become rich through this venture, the majority of these gold diggers didn’t make much, if anything. In the end, the merchants, those who sold goods and tools, were the ones that made the money.

The gold rush is a great example of just what getting rich quickly means. Many thought that if they put in a little time, say a few weeks to a month, maybe even a year, in the end, they would make enough money to retire with no need to worry about finances anymore.

Ecommerce – Selling products online. There are many people out there who are making a lot of money by making certain products, and selling them through Ebay, Etsy and Amazon.

But what is less known, is that those who are making a lot of money are few and far between. According to a recent article, it is said that 95% of ecommerce sites are making less than $80 per month.

With there being over 12 million stores online, only a handful are actually making money to live off of.

Once again, ecommerce has been known to be something that you can generate millions of dollars from, in a very short span. And while this may be true for a few people, the reality is that very few ‘get rich quickly’.

Can You Get Rich Quickly?

It should be noted that you can get rich quickly. It does happen to people.

There is currently a kid making over 20 million just reviewing toys on YouTube.

There are people who have sold domains for millions of dollars.

There are people who, within 6 months time, are generating 6 figure incomes, just from being a freelancing proofreader, and copywriter.

There are people who make a living off of dropshipping (a type of ecommerce site) and generating hundreds of dollars from it.

So, the answer, in simple terms, is a profound, yes. But, just because you can make a lot of money quickly doesn’t mean that you will.

Will you get rich quickly?

You’re not the only one is has tried, or will try, to get rich quickly. Many people over the years have tried unsuccessfully. You can read of hundreds of testimonials of people who tried to get rich quickly, and failed.

There really is no guarantee in any scheme that claims you’ll get rich quickly. Getting rich quickly is just a scheme that in the end will make the person who made the scheme wealthy.

There are many schemes that ‘sell’ you products, claiming that if you put in thousands of dollars, you’ll make twice that and more very quickly. Buying into that idea of getting more out of something less has cost people large sums of money.

There are only a handful of people who get rich quickly. And those that do, usually get rich randomly and without whim or reason. I would even argue that you would have a higher chance of winning the lottery than making money from a get-rich-quick scheme.

How To Watch Out For Get-Rich Quick Schemes

In the end, get-rich-quick schemes will only make you lose money, and not make you wealthy. They are schemes that should be avoided at all costs. But avoiding these plots can be hard to do.

These types of schemes are all over the place. If you’re not careful, you’ll fall into them. Each of these types of schemes are usually packaged differently, each selling you some different product.

But by looking closely at reviews, testimonials, and even the price of the product, you’ll soon learn to see which programs you should trust, and which ones you shouldn’t.

Is The Price Not Right?

Pricing can work both ways. Sometimes these schemes will be ‘high-end tickets’ (expensive), or a lower-end commodity (cheap). But both prices work to get you to buy the product.

Expensive Programs. Some get-rich-quick schemes will try to sell you something really expensive. If you give us 1000 dollars, they say, We’ll give you a system that will make you passive income automatically.

Your initial thought for these programs will be that it does take money to make money, which is true. But, as with most often the case, the money you’ll be getting in return won’t be as much as you thought it would be.

Cheap Prices. You also need to watch out for those products that claim to generate millions of dollars all for a small amount of money.

Let’s just think about this. If a product that you can buy for less than $100 is going to make someone really rich, wouldn’t a lot of people know about this product? If you bought it, and saw the potential and value, wouldn’t you tell your friends and families?

In the end, you will usually get what you pay for. So if you buy an inexpensive program, you’ll most likely get an inexpensive return.

Be Careful Of Those Upsells. Some people will initially sell you a product that is cheap, only to make you pay more money later on down the road. If you find a program like this, my suggestion would be to run the other way.

Usually what happens is that you’ll pay for a program, but then if you want more features, or if you want *private* coaching, you’ll have to pay more. Each and every step requires more money with a bigger price tag.

Not every product will be as easy to distinguish if they have these type of upsells, so it’s always a good idea to read reviews of people, both positive and negative, to get a good idea of just what exactly the company wants from you.

So to sum it all up, if a product looks too cheap for what it says it is, or if a product claims to offer you a lot of money, for, well, the price of a lot of money, then it’s probably not worth it in the long run.

Claiming To Be Secret

One of the biggest claims that get-rich-quick schemes do are to try to sell you a product that seems new or secret, which is why it works, or so they claim.

For example, Copy My Commissions (a program I wouldn’t recommend) tries to get you to buy a product that they claim is new cutting edge technology that will help make you money passively. Basically, they’ve got a secret program, and want to share it with you.

If you find a product like this, you have to ask yourself several questions:

  1. If it’s a secret, how do I know if it works? If the person selling you the product is the only one who knows that it works, then how do you know you can trust him? How do you know they’re not just making up claims to get you to buy a certain product?
  2. If it’s a secret, why am I being told? Why you, of all people, are you being told about this secret that will make you money? Why have you been chosen to know this secret? If a secret is a secret for a reason, shouldn’t it remain a secret (without you knowing about it)?
  3. If it’s a secret, why do I find it in a non-secret place? If you found this product while online, or surfing the internet, why is it a secret? Unless you had to use some sort of level of security clearance to get access to this secret, chances are that it really is no secret.

People will use words like ‘cutting edge technology’, or ‘secret’, to make you want to buy a product that you think will help you. Most of these products really aren’t secrets. They’re just a program you can find online wrapped in a nice box, for you to think you’re getting something valuable.

Now it should be noted that just because they use the word ‘secret’, or something to that effect, doesn’t mean that it won’t work, or that the program is no good. There are actually some people using these words to sell legit programs.

But the majority of these people probably aren’t giving you anything worth you money. Some programs will work for a while, but in the end, they won’t work for a long time. Other programs will just scam you of your money, taking away your wealth, and adding to theirs.

What About Negative Reviews?

In today’s day and age, a lot of stuff is being faked all around us. In movies, televisions, and even sales pitches.

Did you know that you can pay people only 5 bucks to give you a video review of your program, having them claim that it was a great product?

Reviews can be fickle at times. Sometimes there are products that have a lot of reviews, but the majority of them are faked, so that those who own the product will get you to buy the product.

Sometimes products get a lot of good reviews because the product is just that good! But what I like to watch out for are those negative reviews. Those reviews from people who leave 1-star ratings, and express why they hate a product for whatever reason.

Making sure there are negative reviews for a product that you are looking for is one of the best things you can do. If someone is making fake reviews, they usually won’t make a negative review.

On the flip side, common knowledge will tell you that if there are only negative reviews of a program, then it is definitely not to be trusted. No matter how good it seems, if there aren’t any positive reviews, then you most likely won’t break that tradition of negativity.

Also, look at those who are giving the review. If you can’t find them on the internet, then that’s probably not a good sign. But if these reviewers have their own websites, social media accounts, and seem to be active on them, then you’re probably reading real, and legit, reviews.

If You Want To Get Rich, Change Your Mentality

Getting rich quickly buys into this idea that you’ll make a lot of money in a short period of time. That way, you’ll never have to worry about money ever again, nor will you have to worry about working either. You’ll be able to afford every luxury you want, and live that life you’ve dreamed of living.

I guess I have to be the bearer of bad news. It just doesn’t work like that. Finding a product that will make you a lot of money in a few short weeks isn’t out there.

But I also have good news. If you change your mentality, if you change the way you’re thinking, you can live that life you

want to live.

There are programs out there that will help you make money. They will help you build 6-7 figure businesses. But they aren’t going to claim to get you rich quickly. In fact, they may tell you that it may take up to two years to get your business going.

If you choose to change your mindset from, all the money you want right now, to, a lot of money in a few years that keeps on coming, then you may just have a chance of getting rich slowly.

Get Rich Slowly Schemes

Getting rich slowly schemes work pretty much the same way that get rich quickly schemes work. The only difference is that instead of becoming wealthy in a short amount of time, you make money, and a lot of it, at a slower pace.

And the pace is slow for good reason.

  • It’s Cheaper. Because you have time to build your money-making business, you don’t need a lot of money to start up your money-making scheme.
  • It’s Less Scam-filled. You have a less likelihood of being scammed if you take the slow and steady approach. The scams are far and few when it comes to telling you that you’ll make money if you work for a year or two to get what you want.
  • You Have Time To Plan Your Ideas Right. When you make money quickly, you don’t have a lot of time to understand how you made that money (so that you can do it again, if you need to), nor do you have a lot of time to think about how to save that money, so that you don’t spend it just as quickly as you made it.

Get Rich Slowly Does Require Some Effort

It does need to be said that getting rich slowly does require you to put some effort in. I may require you to put in a lot of time away from your friends and family. It may require determination to stick with it, even when it seems to you that you’re not making anything.

Many people like get-rich-quick schemes because it’s just that – very little effort for a lot of money. Unfortunately, circumstances just don’t work that way.

But, if you choose to be disciplined, and put in time, effort, and resources, you can be able to reap something that is just as good, and even greater than any get-rich-quick scheme.

The Best Get Rich Slowly Scheme I’ve Found So Far

I’ve found one site that has a pretty decent get rich slowly program, and it’s what I’m currently using to make money for myself. And that site is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped me a ton in understanding how to make money online, and do it for a pretty cheap price. I actually made my first $10 from them. You know how much it cost me?


They have a free starter membership that gives you a course beyond compare. They teach you how to build websites, and make money by blogging on them. I’ve since upgraded to their premium membership, and I can tell you that they have even more to offer with it.

If you dedicate yourself to making money and a lot of it, and aren’t afraid of putting hard work into it, then I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Give yourself a year or two, and you’ll have a full-time income, provided you follow the instructions to the letter. I’ve read of people making over 7K per month after their second year. I read of one guy who within less than a year was making around 4K per month.

Putting Getting Rich Slowly Into Perspective

Some may object as to how much time you’ll need to wait to make money with a get rich slowly scheme. In reality though, two years isn’t that long at all.

Did you know that people go to College or University for 4 years, after which when they graduate, they are usually without a source of income, and in thousands of dollars of debt?

What if, instead of going away to study/learn something for four years, you put all your focus into a business? In less time that it takes you to graduate with a four-year degree, you can have a business that makes more than you would make if you had the degree, assuming you’re dedicated with your business plans.

Two years is nothing in comparison to the time that some of you reading this have wasted looking for get-rich-quick schemes. Some have searched for those types of schemes for over 4-8 years now.

Instead of searching, hoping to find something you’ll never find, why not put your efforts into something that will take more time, but return you wealth that can rival even the great get-rich-quick scheme?

That’s why I would recommend you check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Who knows? You may just find what your looking for, and find a way to make money slowly, something that will allow you to finally live that life you’ve always wanted to!

Is There Really A Phenomenal Memory Scam? Or Is It All That It Claims To Be?

Is There Really A Phenomenal Memory Scam? Or Is It All That It Claims To Be?

Some people think that Phenomenal Memory really is a scam. Others don’t quite trust it because they don’t believe the truth that Phenomenal Memory boasts it has. As a graduated student of the School of Phenomenal Memory, I can attest to the power that is within the course.

While Phenomenal Memory does look pretty scammy, and what they claim you can do seems unbelievable, there is an untapped power within your brain that has yet to be explored. So join me, as I explore the School of Phenomenal Memory, and how the company works.

Company: The School Of Phenomenal Memory (Pmemory)

Creators: Ruslan Mescerjakov

Description: A memorization course that uses visualization to be able to remember nearly anything you need to.

Price: $397

Recommended? Yes

Rating: 7 out of 10

Phenomenal Memory, known as Pmemory to the who have gone through it, is a 60 lesson course that teaches you the fundamentals to memorize anything, even, as their website claims, entire books.

In Russia, there is a guy known as Vladimir Kozarenko. He is well-known for making a system of memorization, and writing several books on memory. According to Pmemory, he’s a highly sought after lecturer and speaker over in that country.

Kozarenko created a memorization system called the Giordano Memorization System (GMS). A man by the name Ruslan Mescerjakov went through it (in Russian), and was so impressed with it, he created the course in English, for English-speaking people to take a part of.

The Giordano Memorization System uses images and visualization to help you memorize anything you need to.

How GMS Works

Pretend you want to memorize a list of something, like a shopping list, or a list of exotic animals. To memorize the list, you could memorize it with rote memorization – that is the process of saying it over and over again, to make sure it sticks with you.

GMS works a little differently. Instead of using rote memorization, they use the process of association, as well as visualization, to memorize something.

For example, pretend you need to memorize the following:

Apples, Cocoa Powder, Plastic Plates, Coffee, Noodles, Yogurt, Meat, Eggs.

Because it’s a short list, you could easily memorize it with rote memorization. But what if you memorize it by associating each thing with a certain image, and memorized it by visualizing that image in your mind?

It’s with these basic principles that The School of Phenomenal Memory is founded on. To get a better idea, and several exercises worth trying, take a look at their introductory lesson, which explains in more detail how to memorize through visualization.

The Pmemory Course

The course is broken up into 5 sub courses, where you’ll learn how to memorize various random facts, from phone numbers to important dates in history.

You’ll learn how to store information using the chain method, the Cicero method, and even the FAT (Free Association Technique) method. You’ll even learn how to make a strategy to memorize a book, from memorizing just the table of contents, to memorizing the entirety of the book in question.

When you start the course, the creators tell you to plan to do a lesson in about 2 hours. Some people take a little more, and some less.

The reason it’s so long (2 hours per lesson), is because you’re training your mind to start thinking differently, and because as you train for extended periods, you’ll start to be able to use that in day-to-day things, like memorize a 2-hour lecture that you’re a part of.

With 60 lessons to get through, this course isn’t for the squimishy of heart. Some have completed the course in 60 days, while most take around 3-4 months to finish the course.

Course 1 – Basic Training

The first course is 12 lessons long. In this course, you begin to lay the foundation of what GMS was founded on. You’ll learn to memorize large amounts of data, up to 100 elements in just one exercise. You’ll learn how to properly use various techniques, and practice a lot with your visualization, in order to clearly see all that you’re memorizing.

Many can get caught up with the first course, because they don’t see any correlation with what their memorizing and how to apply it to everyday life. But, in reality, the first course is teaching you how to memorize, so that, when you progress further, you won’t be confused when you’re taught what to memorize.

It’s like learning an instrument. You’ll start out learning a lot about the technique of playing the piano, like, for example, where to place your hands, how to keep your fingers curled, etc. If you follow the technique, you’ll do so much better when you actually go to play a certain song on the piano.

Course 2 – First Database

In the second course is when you finally put your techniques to use. Over the span of some 12 lessons, you’ll learn to take information, and store it in a database that you can easily search through within your mind. The process is fairly simple.

As you progress through these lessons, you’ll learn the steps of reviewing the material that you’ve memorized, as well as memorize some 125 pieces of information (all of which, you’ll keep in the first database that you’ve made).

At the end of the second course there is a simple little test, where they’ll ask you to recite certain parts of your database, in order to make sure you’ve actually been doing the work, as well as showing you just how easy it is to search through your database.

Course 3 – Foreign Languages

In course 3, they dedicate 11 lessons just for you to learn how to properly memorize foreign languages. The lessons themselves have examples from Russian words and phrases.

The great thing about the course is that if you’re interested in learning a different language, it is easy enough to learn how to memorize a foreign language, and apply it to your specific language. In these 11 lessons, they teach:

  • – Learning the pronunciation of words

  • – How to memorize groups of words

  • – Memorization of study texts

  • – How to memorize structural models

  • – Memorize grammar rules, the gender of nouns, adjectives.

  • – How to memorize verb tenses

  • – Memorizing dialogs

  • – How to study with audio books

Course 4 – Books and Complicated Texts

Course 4 is where many people are interested in getting to. In this course of 16 lessons, you’ll learn the art of memorize entire books, and well as seeing how easy it is to memorize lectures, and even recite lectures and speeches, all from memory.

You’ll learn how to take apart books, so that you can memorize them more efficiently, as well as how to use various methods of memorization together, so that you can quickly and easily memorize those books.

It should be said that it’s not a complete memorization. While you can memorize the books word-for-word, that takes a lot of effort, and a lot of planning.

The memorization you’ll mostly be doing, is taking the phrases in the books, putting them in your own words, and memorizing them that way. While it will result in slightly different wording/phrasing on your end, you’ll achieve the same idea as what the book was trying to convey.

Course 5 – Codes and Passwords

Have you ever wanted to be able to memorize your credit card info, or all the phone numbers of you family members? Have you wanted to be able to remember the serial numbers of a particular product that you’re trying to fix?

If so, then this course is just for you. In it you’ll learn how to memorize and remember long passwords, so that you can keep your accounts safe. You’ll also learn how to remember bank info, pins, and any other number-type-thing you want to memorize.

In this course, they’ll also teach you how to make strong passwords, how to remember zip codes and where people live, as well as fax numbers, and email addresses.

Thoughts From A Graduated Student

I graduated the School of Phenomenal Memory about a two or so years ago. I had learned of Pmemory a long while back, and was interested in it, but never had the courage to actually purchase the course.

There were several reasons I didn’t purchase the course before I did:

  1. How The Site Looked Like A Scam. When someone starts boasting of things that seem too good to be true, then it’s probably is too good to be true. And so when you read of being able to memorize faster, with less effort, and memorize entire books, you start to really wonder whether it’s true.
  2. It Requires A lot Of Time. With having to spend at least 2 hours on each lesson, and with there being 60 lessons in it, that’s over 120 hours that you have to dedicate to this course. I had to make sure I had enough time to devote to this type of study so that I would truly get phenomenal memory.
  3. It’s not Cheap. The course costs nearly $400 (without any discounts), so I had to make sure I had the extra money to pay for this course before I actually bought it.

Pmemory Kept Calling

Every so often I would remember Pmemory, go to its website, and read everything they had for free. I would watch the video’s and hear the testimonials from all the previous graduates. And I was hooked.

I felt as though I just had to know whether Pmemory was really all that it claimed to be. With all the various studying that I had done, and would have to do in the future, I finally decided to take the plunge and enroll in the course.

Find Ways To Save Your Pennies

They have a 10% discount for students, as well as a coupon code 90days, that can help you get the course for a cheaper amount. Using the coupon code allows you to get half of your money back only if you complete the course within 90 days, and send in a testimonial as well.

Using those two codes helped bring the costs down significantly. It also made me have to get through the course within 90 days, so that I would get my money back. And that’s what I did.

Starting The Course

As I started the course, I noticed how much effort I had to put into it to achieve the success that they wanted you to achieve. Sometimes I had to work on one lesson for 3-4 hours, making sure I memorized everything right and got the exercises perfect.

As you start, you begin to learn the basics of how to memorize in images and visualization. And it’s not easy.

If you’re not a visual person, you learn to tap into that part of you that is under-developed. Everyone can visualize, it’s just a matter of practicing.

Something they start teaching you immediately is how to memorize numbers, and other characters that you may need to memorize. You memorize all these by using something called FC’s (Figurative Codes). A FC is just an image that you choose to remember for a certain number.

For example, the image of a nose is the FC for the number 1. That way, whenever you have to memorize the number 1,

you can easily visualize a nose, and you’ll be able to remember the number 1.

You may be asking, why not just memorize the 1 and remember it?

You could, if 1 was the only number that you have to memorize. But when you have to memorize a string of numbers, say, 135465723481879, remembering something that long isn’t easy. That’s why they teach you FCs, so that you can quickly memorize a long string of digits.

Progressing Quickly

With only 90 days to be able to get the course done, I went through the course almost as quickly as possible. The course requires that you do a maximum of one lesson a day, or a minimum of three lessons a week. I probably did close to 6 a week for many of the weeks.

As I progressed through the second course, I noticed how I could memorize things a little quicker now, and be able to remember if I remembered them, and know where to go to find what I memorized.

There are many times where you’ll memorize something, usually with rote memorization, and either forget how it starts, or forget that you’ve memorized it.

With Pmemory, and GMS, it teaches you how to memorize things to certain images, so that you’ll know that if you go to that certain image, you’ll find what you’ve memorized. While it sounds complicated, it’s pretty easy to understand once you’ve learned it.

It’s sort of like Pmemory teaches you to make a mental bookshelf within your mind, so that when you memorize your long strings of information, or those books, you’ll be able to stick them on that bookshelf, so that you know where to find them when you need them.

Of course, not everything in the course was as well put out as it could be.

The Downsides To A Text-based Course

Because of the course being nearly entirely text-based, when you get to the third course, the foreign language course, you can have a hard time.

I struggle with pronouncing foreign words, and so I had to find someone else to pronounce the words that I was memorizing, usually online somewhere, so that I made sure I memorized those words correctly.

I would spend nearly 3-4 hours trying to get through the lessons, finding pronunciations, clips, and other things to help me along. In the end, I had to skip around with the third course, because of how much time I had to spend for each lesson.

It would have been helpful if the course had in some way audio components, so that all these foreign words weren’t as hard to master.

On the flip side, this third course did help me get a better understanding of how to memorize phrases and words that were new to me. It also gave me some crazy ideas to try in the future, if I ever have time to try.

Learn To Memorize Entire Books

With the fourth course upon me, I tore into it rapidly, and found out that it’s not as easy as it seems. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s not challenging, but it can be hard. Especially if you don’t make sure to apply GMS to your every day-to-day life.

They teach you how to memorize books that you understand, books that you don’t understand, and books that you have no clue what their talking about (like a medical book, or phycology manual).

You learn how to incorporate several different memorization methods, and overlay them to get a book memorized.

Like noted before, when you memorize with GMS, taking what you’ve learned, putting it into your own words, and then memorizing it. So while you are memorizing books, you’re not memorizing them word-for-word.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t memorize books word-for-word with GMS. It will just take a little longer, and you’ll have to use a lot more images to get the job done.

Finishing The Course

Going through the fifth course was pretty much a breeze as they had you memorize random digits, email accounts, and bank info. If you applied yourself thus far within the course, then these lessons really aren’t that hard.

But they do teach you good concepts on how to memorize you information, like phone numbers and addresses.

Finishing the Pmemory course is an achievement within itself. Many people don’t make it through the entire course. Some don’t even make it to the 24th lesson!

So it truly is an honor to be able to have completed this course. It has changed how I view memorization, and how I’m able to memorize complex things, as well as day-to-day information.

Do I have Phenomenal Memory?

I the question that does need to be asked is, do I have phenomenal memory? And the answer would have to be, sadly, no. But there are good reasons for why I don’t.

Pmemory teaches you how to memorize differently, remember differently, and even, think differently. GMS is a way of life, not a way to memorize. You have to apply it daily, and use it as often as you can, so that it will become automatic. When

you do, then you will truly have phenomenal memory.

It’s like going to the gym. If you don’t regularly go to the gym, lift weights, and exercise, you won’t get into shape. On top of that, it takes time to get into the shape that you want to be in.

The same is for Pmemory.

Making sure you use it on a regular basis, and keep training with it is what you need to do to succeed. Unfortunately, I didn’t do that.

While I had many ideas, I never took those ideas and made the realities. I made plans to memorize certain foreign languages, and build databases to hold family members information. But time got away from me, and I never found it again to do what I wanted.

Phenomenal memory is achievable. It just requires training, time, and commitment to see it all the way through, no matter the cost.

Is Pmemory A Scam?

No, Pmemory is no scam. I’ve been through it, and see it’s potential. I’ve met and know of guys who have gone farther than me with Pmemory, and have done some crazy things with it. It’s a memory training program that I definitely recommend if you are interested in teaching yourself to learn a different way.

There is a well-known Swedish man named Mathias Ribbing. He actually used Pmemory to earn the title of a Grand Master of Memory. He’s written several books in Swedish, as well as started his own memory school, teaching the same core concepts.

Ribbing is just one example of the many people who have used Pmemory to help them in their day-to-day life. I’ve met another guy who was able to use Pmemory to leverage a job, even though he had no experience in that certain field.

There seems to be no height as to what Pmemory can do.

For more information on Pmemory, and what’s possible, feel free to head over to their website, which can be found here.

Is AmeriPlan USA a scam? Or Is It A Legit Progam?

Is AmeriPlan USA a scam? Or Is It A Legit Progam?

Is AmeriPlan USA a scam? Are the discounts as real as they seem? Can you actually make money with their program? Follow us as we take an unbiased looked at AmeriPlan USA.

Company: AmeriPlan (AP)

Creators: Dennis and Daniel Bloom

Description: Discount Medical Plan Organization that offers discounted medical plans for a monthly fee.

Price: $24.95-$39.95 per month

Recommended? Yes

Rating: 8 out of 10

AP (AmeriPlan USA) started all the way back in the early 1990s. Two identical twins, by the names of Dennis and Daniel Bloom, started to see a need for discounted medical plans among the nation.

When they initially started out, the provided discounted dental plans. Basically, if you paid so much every month, they could give you discounted plans for your entire household.

This not only helped you, the customer, but it helped the dentists as well. With you coming to their dentistry, they would have more patients to take care of, and thus more money. It was a win-win situation all round.

And so, with this vision in mind, AmeriPlan was started.

The company, and discounted plans, became so popular that the Bloom brothers were able to expand the discounts that they were offering. Back then, at no additional charge, they added vision, prescription medication and chiropractic care packages on top of the dental plans.

According to their website, AP boasts of being the USA’s largest fee-for-service discount provider. In more recent years, they have also added other medical plans to their packages, including ancillary medical services, telemedicine, physician medical care and hospital advocacy.

The mission that AP strives for is to:

  • Provide high quality and affordable medical care, dental care, prescription drugs, vision and chiropractic care to the average American family.

  • Hold the well-being of our members, Independent Associates, service providers, staff and our company in equal balance.

  • Foster an environment which promotes a spirit of cooperation, self-improvement, leadership and genuine concern for each other.

  • Adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, service and leadership that will earn us the respect and praise of our industry while providing financial stability and independence to those who would earn it.

Discounted Plans

AP offers two medical discount plans.

AmeriPlan Dental Plus. This plan gives you immediate access to discounted Dental, Hearing, Vision, Chiropractic and Prescription services. A monthly household plan is only $24.95

AmeriPlan Delux Plus. For only $39.95 per month, your household will get the AmeriPlan Dental Plus plan, as 24-hour access to a doctor by phone or email. On top of all this, this plan also offers you exemplary Hospital Advocacy and Ancillary Care.

AmeriPlan Isn’t Insurance

Many places over the website, AP is quick to point out that they aren’t a medical insurance provider. They only deal with discounts for medical services.

What this means is that while these discount services are good, you still need to make sure that you have medical insurance for you and your family. AP also recommends talking with your insurance provider before buying their discounted plans.

AmeriPlan Isn’t For Everyone

Assuming you haven’t guessed it by now, AP only deals with those who are in the USA. Additionally, they don’t provide their services in the following states:

  • Alaska,

  • Guam,

  • Montana,

  • North Dakota,

  • Puerto Rico,

  • Rhode Island,

  • South Dakota,

  • Vermont,

  • Washington,

  • Wyoming,

  • US Virgin Islands,

  • Utah

Do We Recommend AmeriPlan?

Everything we have looked at with AP stands out, and as far as legit goes, they check out on all levels. That being said, just because something is legit, doesn’t mean that you need it.

We would recommend AP to those who have large households, as well as those whose medical insurance policies cover very little.

Many policies now-a-days cover discounts within their own programs, so it’s recommended to check with your own medical insurance before you purchase one of AP’s plans.

Also, if you know a lot of people who would benefit from AP’s discounted plans, and are interested in making some money on the side, these plans are also for you (see below).

Can You Make Money With AmeriPlan?

AP offers you the luxury of being a BC (Benefit Consultant) to help bring people to their discounted plans. If you get someone to buy one of AP’s packages, you can earn anywhere from around $10-16 per person, depending on which package they choose.

What’s also nice about this is that if that person continues to pay for a monthly plan, you’ll be rewarded residual income each month that person continues to pay.

While there is a yearly payment of $30 to take part in becoming a BC, for every person you get to buy a plan, you’ll earn 40% of what they pay to AP.

Earn More With A Downline

You can earn even more, assuming the people you refer become BCs as well. This is called a downline.

A downline is just a fancy word for making money from people who your referrals refer to the program. I know it sounds a little confusing, but let’s try to break it down a little.

Pretend you refer your friend Jim to AP. He not only buys a Delux Plus plan, but also decides to become a BC as well. Let’s also pretend that Jim has a good friend name Anna, who needs a medical discount plan.

If Jim refers Anna to the program, you’ll make some money off of what Anna purchases, because you initially referred Jim.

The great thing about this is, you’re making money from people you didn’t even refer! For more information on BC program, and how these downlines work, you can check out their opportunities page here.

Is Becoming a Benefit Consultant Recommended?

we would recommend being a BC only if you know a lot of people who are interested in medical discount plans, or those who are in need of them. If you don’t know many, or any, people who would be interested in something like this, then we wouldn’t recommend this program.

This program will work well for you if you know many who will buy these programs. But there are many other recommended programs we’ve reviewed that can help you make money from.

AmeriPlan Is No Scam!

AP has been helping families in the USA find medical discounts for over 25 years. They offer affordable services for entire households, helping you save money, especially if you have a large family.

AP’s Benefit Consultant program is also a great way to make money. Not is there potential to earn a lot, but there is also the aspect of helping families find medical coverage for less money.

You can find out more about AmeriPlan’s fees and services, as well as their Benefit Consultant program, here.