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Is The Amazon Affiliate Program A Scam? Or Can You Make Money With It?

Is The Amazon Affiliate Program A Scam? Or Can You Make Money With It?


I’ve been affiliate marketing for over a year now, and have seen some pretty good results. But a question that is often asked is are there better affiliate programs than others, and if so, which ones are they?

Of course, the #1 affiliate program that continues to come into people’s questions is the Amazon Affiliate Program. Is it legit? Or is the Amazon Affiliate program a scam? Hopefully we can shed some light onto the subject, as well as show you a few people who are using the Amazon Affiliate Program successfully.

What Is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

The Amazon Affiliate program is a place where you can make money by promoting Amazon products. You simply register to become an affiliate, and if you are approved, you’ll be given access to creating affiliate links to nearly anything that Amazon sells.

If people purchase something through your link, meaning if they click on one of your affiliate links and buys something, then you’ll make a small percentage of what they paid.

This is how many affiliate marketers, myself included, make money.
Amazon is one of the leading companies that sells products online, and its little wonder that they have an affiliate program with it.
So their program is no scam. But that doesn’t mean that the Amazon Affiliate program is actually any good, right? Just because a program, product, or site is legit, doesn’t mean that it can be worth you time.

Is The Amazon Affiliate Program Worth it?

If you are an affiliate marketer, or looking to get into it, is Amazon’s program worth getting into?

It depends on what you’re trying to promote, and what you’re looking to make. You see, Amazon gives you a percentage of what people buy according to the product type.

Amazon's Commission Rates

As you can see from the screenshot above, certain things that you promote will make you more money than other things. So for example, if you are promoting Televisions, you’ll only make 2% of what a person buys.
So if a person buys a $500 dollar television, you’ll only make $10 bucks. Now on the flip side, if you are into pet products, and someone comes to your site, and buys $500 dollars worth of dog chow (a rather large amount), then you would make $40 dollars (since pet products get an 8% commission).

So it boils down to whether you’re promoting things that will give you a higher commission. There are plenty of other affiliate programs that will give you a better commission for selling TV’s.

Another thing you want to look into is what you’re actually selling. If we go back to dog chow and pet products, we can find a good example.
If I promoted Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Dry Dog Food, I would make around $4 dollars for every bag I sold. While this may seem great, the reality is that if I wanted to make $100 dollars a day, I would need to have around 25 people to buy dog food through my link per day!

But, if I promoted a PawHut 77″ x 38″ x 69″ Large Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosure Catio Cage with Ramp and Covered House (basically a rather expensive cat house), I would only need to make about 3 sales per day for me to reach my $100 dollar a day threshold.

So, all the above to say, Amazon is worth it if you are promoting products that have high commissions and that are relatively high priced.

Can You Make Money With The Affiliate Program?

Now comes the question of if you can actually make money. And the answer is yes, you can make money with it. And a lot of it.

Below are a few people who have made money with Amazon, and their success stories.


I know, I don’t have as cool a story as people below, but I have made some money with Amazon. This was before I knew what I wrote about above. And so I promote products that didn’t get a lot of commissions, hence the reason why I made very little.

My Yearly Amazon Earnings

I know, you’re thinking, only $48 dollars? I’m showing this more as proof that if you follow my advice above (and the success of the people below), then you’ll make much more than this.

This also shows that you can make money with Amazon, even if you don’t promote as actively as you should (I didn’t promote amazon a lot last year, but still may a few bucks).

So where are the real success stories?

Josh From Oz

Josh From Oz

Josh has been affiliate marketing for a lot longer than I have. He started an Amazon Niche site, a site that promotes Amazon products, and tried to see how much he could make within a year’s time.

He decided that he would publish 3 articles every 2 weeks, which would give him around 75 articles on his site at the end of the year.

After working on his site for that year, his site made nearly $500 in month 12 of the site’s existence.
I contacted him about his site two years after he started his site, and he said that his site was making around $1000 per month, and he only worked on it part-time (if you even call it part-time work).

Click here to read the full story, where Josh breaks everything down month by month!


Craig has been slowly been building his success outward with affiliate marketing, and specifically with the Amazon Affiliate Program.

While he hasn’t made a super large amount of money, he did make over $1700 last month, in December 2018.
As you can read from his article, he is hoping to try to break 5 figures this year at some point, and hopefully build his business larger than it is right now.

He’s definitely on the right track, and will continue to succeed, provided there isn’t any major hiccup with his site, or with Amazon.

Dylan Reiger

Dylan Rieger

Dylan Reiger is truly a master at making money online. He’s built some successful businesses around Amazon, and has had amazing results.

He started a site, and in month 7 he was able to pull a $4000+ dollar amount from his site – and this was just on one month of commissions!

He has actually since sold that site for $40K, and started another site, hoping to make as much, and even more than his previous site’s.

You can take a look at his month 7 report, where he explains more about what he was doing at that point, and how he was so successful.

Is The Amazon Affiliate Program A Scam?

I don’t believe that Amazon’s Affiliate program is a scam, and neither do I think it’s not worth it. I would highly recommend it if you are just starting out, or if you are interested in affiliate marketing. Amazon is usually easy to join, and pretty simple to use.

Dom W, the owner of Human Proof Designs, a 7 figure business, wrote why he thought Amazon was the best affiliate program for beginners. I would highly recommend that you check it out.

Help with Affiliate Marketing

All those people above are all members of Wealthy Affiliate (WA), and owe some of their success to WA. WA is a site that is dedicated to helping people with affiliate marketing, and giving you the right tools and training to make you succeed in making money online.

They offer a free starter membership that you can take a part of, where you’ll be given a free trial to their keyword research tool, two free websites, the first course of their training, as well as a 7-day trial to certain premium features.
Check out my review of them here today!

Is The Job Paid A Scam? Or Are They Trying To Rob You Out Of Your Time?

Is The Job Paid A Scam? Or Are They Trying To Rob You Out Of Your Time?

The Job Paid is a site that claims you can make a lot of money with very little work involved. Just give your referral link to all those you come in contact with, and you’ll be making money.

But is that really so? Is the Job Paid a scam, or is it a legit company and site? Are there any signs on the website that show the authenticity of the site? All this, and more, is what we’ll hopefully uncover in this article.


Product: The Job Paid (JP)

Creator(s): Unknown

Description: A site that claims that you can make money, in a relatively short amount of time, all by just having people click through your referral link.

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Rating: 1 out of 10

JP (The Job Paid) comes packaged up like most other sites, a lot of talk, and no real proof to their boastful answers. But that shouldn’t discredit them immediately. Let’s take a look at the site, and see if there is anything we can glean from it.

JP’s Website

THe Front Page Of The Job Paid

The site has a rather visual appeal, as you can see with the screenshot above. Who doesn’t want to make money, and so much that it’s raining down on you?

Of course, as we know, looks can be deceiving. The very first thing I want to draw your attention to, is not the visually appealing, but the words that come after the visuals.

You’ll notice that they say they’ve been “around since years and has over thousands members worldwide”. Besides it being grammatically incorrect, and can be a pain to decipher, it does lead us to the first clue that this site is a scam.

And that is the Discrepancy on the site. They say one thing, and show another.

They say that they’ve been around for several years, and have thousands of members. But why does their copyright notice say that they’ve only been around for 1 year or so?

Copyright Notice

2018 to 2019 is when they’ve been in business. That’s only been one year, right? Or am I missing something? I mean, I know that I wasn’t ever good in math at school, but I think that copyright notice is showing they’ve only been around for a year…

But that’s not all.

The Registering Process

Registering Process

Personally, the registering process is a little shady. They ask you for your home address, real name, and even email. It’s not that sites don’t need this info, but its that JP doesn’t quite tell you why they need this info. Oh, they claim that they need to send you a cheque for you to get paid.

But they have no privacy policy to help you see what they’re going to do with the info after that. They could be selling it, using for their own personal gain, or something else.

Another thing I would like to point out is that the registering process is a little faulty. In other words, if you just put a username in, and password, and just a single character for your email address, they’ll actually accept that.

Very Little Info

I left both the address form, and the name form blank, and gave my email address as ‘a’, and they accepted it, strangely enough.

Registering Was Successful!

So they allow you to register without certain info? That doesn’t bode well for this site. If I wasn’t able to give them my name, how will they paid me now with a cheque?

Can you even get paid?

This leads us to the even bigger question: Assuming you make money with this site, can you get paid working for them?

That is a legitimate question that needs a legitimate answer. And thankfully, I have a pretty sound answer for you, which will hopefully help you see the truth of JP.

To answer this question, I need to jump back to a week or so ago, when I had to do another website review for something else. That site was called Do Part Time Job. As I was reviewing it, I cam across other reviews saying that this site wasn’t the only one out there.

What they meant was that there are a lot of sites, like Do Part Time Job, that have the same exact program, same exact website, visuals, images, etc, but have a different URL. And The Job Paid is one of them.

I’ve been able to find nearly 40 websites that look exactly like JP. They have the same claims, same registering errors, and same word-for-word program.

Why am I bring this up?

Because, with some of those sites, I’ve tried to get paid. You can take a look at a few of the screenshots below.

Do Part TIme Job Earnings

655 Dollars Not Getting Paid

As you can see from the above screenshots, I’ve tried getting paid from these sites. I sent plenty of unique visitors to the site, and even after doing all that, I wasn’t able to get paid.

They claim that you have to download a PDF form to fill out, so that you can then get paid. Well, to download the PDF form, you have to do a little survey. After I filled out that survey, I was greeted with the following answer:File Not Found

File not found? They gave me the run around, made me fill out a survey, and do other things, and then I can’t even get to the PDF form to get paid?

I guess it just shows you the authenticity of the site, or lack of it, anyways…

Is The Job Paid A Scam?

The Job Paid’s website design, and features can be found on dozens of other sites. They have a faulty registering process, and when you tried to get paid from them, you find out that it’s impossible to get your money.

I would call this site a scam. It’s definitely not something I would recommend being a part of, as it seems to be a pretty big fraudulent scheme.

Making money with referral links isn’t hard to do, assuming you have the right training. It’s actually how I make most of my money. But The Job Paid isn’t the place to learn how to use referral links.

If you are interested in making money online, and doing it from a legit source, then check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing, which is basically how you can make money with referral links.

Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter membership, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you pay something. In this free starter membership, they’ll give you the tools to help you succeed, as well as two websites to use, and some quality training to help you get started.

So what are you waiting for? Taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate immediately!

Is My Work For Life A Scam? (Yes, And Here’s Why!)

Is My Work For Life A Scam? (Yes, And Here’s Why!)

My Work For LIfe is a program that claims you can make a lot of money, in a little amount of time. A typical get-rich-quick scheme. If you’re interested in get-rich-quick schemes, feel free to take a look at this article on that very subject.

Is My Work For Life a scam, because of it being a get rich scheme? Or is a legit site that you can actually make money with? All this, and more, is what we’ll take a look at in this article.


Product: My Work For Life (MWFL)

Creator(s): Unknown

Description: A site that claims that you can make money, in a relatively short amount of time, all by just having people click through your referral link.

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Rating: 1 out of 10

Alternative Program:

Here at We Get Scammed For You, we do our best to get scammed for you, so that you don’t have to go through the arduous process of getting scammed. And this site is one we’re glad to get scammed for you.

This site is actually one that can be found at several places. We’ve found this same exact website, and scam, on nearly 40 other websites.

The people behind this scam must be desperate! But, before you write this one off as a scam, allow us to walk you through the process of how we came to the conclusion, so that you can actually see that it really is a scam!

To The Website We Go!

Front Page of MWFL

MWFL (My Work For Life) comes across with rather bold, and somewhat outrageous claims about how much you can make.

They claim that if you have an internet connection and at least 1 hour per day, then you can make money, as they are

the only easiest service Conducting Live earning Program for our users and members benefits..’ .

So what exactly is this easiest service that they’re talking about, that you can make so much money with?

To their FAQ!

It’s in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) list that you find how you’ll (supposedly make money). They say that they’ll give you a referral link (or multiple ones – it’s not really specified here in detail). You then promote this referral link where ever you want – Facebook, forums, etc.

For every person who clicks through your referral link, you’ll make 5-10 dollars. Once you make a minimum of 300 dollars (or around 60 people clicking through your link), then you can get paid (or so they say).

This is the first thing that jumped out to us – the high commission rate. Honestly, no one is going to pay you 5-10 bucks just for you to get someone to their site. Trust us, you don’t find those type of commissions out there.

On top of that, as you read through the site you’ll notice many grammatical and punctuation mistakes. If this was a legit site, you shouldn’t see those type of English errors.

But let’s make an account, and see what else we can gleam from this scam.

Time to visit their registering page.
Registering Page

As you can see from the screenshot above, when you go to register, you’ll find that they ask quite a bit of info from you. They require your email address, home address, and real name (so that they can send a cheque to you if needed).

It’s understandable that you need an email address, but your home address, and real name? Personally, we find that a bit risky, especially with the site not having a Privacy Policy page.

Most sites (including ours), have Privacy Policy pages, where we explain what we collect from you, why we’re collecting, and what we do with it.

If people aren’t telling you those things, then you shouldn’t really be doing business with them, even if it sounds legit. You have no clue what MWFL is doing with your info – they could be selling it, giving it away, or using it for who-knows-what.

But what happens if you make an account?

Creating an account.

My created account

Creating an account is easy enough to do. They even give you $10 dollars to start out with. So all you need is another 290, and you’ll be able to request a pay out.

What happens when you reach that level?

Well, they require that you go to a certain site, and download a payout form. You’re supposed to fill it out, and then they’ll pay you.

We’ve tried (on several occasions) to download that form, and get paid. But, no matter how hard we tried, there was no way to download the form. They tell you that you have to do certain things (like fill out a survey, join a sweepstakes, etc), and then they’ll give you the form.

Sadly, even if you do that they won’t give it to you. It’s very disappointing (especially, when you take all the time to get people to click on your link).

Does this mean that this program is a scam? Well, there is one more thing that we did, just to make sure that it wasn’t a scam. And that was talk with their supported system (or at least try to).

Contact support.

So we emailed their support email, and told them we wanted to get scammed!

Support Email

As you can see, we asked in our email that they would talk all our money, and scam us. We were hoping we would get a reply. As usual, we got an email back from our email service provider, telling us that that email didn’t exist:

No Valid Email Address

Sadly, it looks like MWFL isn’t going to be answering their email anytime soon, nor are they going to be paying their customers either.

Is My Work For Life A Scam?

That’s what we think it is. A scam, at least. We’ve tried to get in touch with them, and to see if they would tell us anything, but they don’t seem to be replying to our emails.

Also, they don’t seem to be paying anyone anything either. So yeah, it’s best not to do anything with this site. You’ll lose a lot of time if you do (we have, that’s for sure).

But there are sites that we do recommend that you take a look at, if you’re interested in making money. We reviewed Wealthy Affiliate, and have named it our #1 scam-free program that helps you make money online. Feel free to check it out when you have the time.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make money online, and give you the right tools to get you started. You’ll learn how to build websites, customized them for SEO, and how to get people to your sites, and make money from it. All in all, Wealthy Affiliate is a great program to check out!

Is DoWeeklyWork A Scam?

Is DoWeeklyWork A Scam?

DoWeeklyWork Front Page

Do Weekly Work is one of those sites that seems to make a lot of claims about you making money, but doesn’t give you a lot of answers if you’re curious.

Is Do Weekly Work a scam? That’s what we’ll be taking a look at in this article today. This same scam has been popping up quite frequently, and it ones that many unfortunately keep falling for.


Product: Do Weekly Work (DWW)

Creator(s): Unknown

Description: A site that claims that you can
make money, in a relatively short amount of time, all by just having
people click through your referral link.

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Rating: 1 out of 10

The Video Edition Of This Article

DWW (Do Weekly Work) has been around for 6-12 months now, and gives no sign of giving up it’s bold and enticing claims.

And just what are those claims?

That you can make a lot of money, in a little a mount of time possible.

DWW’s Claims

You see, DWW starts off by giving you a false sense of hope in making money:

Easy Money Claims

It’s as easy as setting up an account, working as little as possible, and getting paid. But is it really that easy? And how exactly do you get paid to make money?

Introducing Your referral Link

DWW claims to give you a referral link, and for every unique visitor you get to click through that referral link, you’ll make 5-10 dollars.

Is this true?

The Referral LInk They Give You

As you can see from the above screenshot, the answer is that yes, they do actually give you a referral link. If you create an account with them, they’ll give you a referral link back to the DWW site, and you can start earning – or can you?

5-10 dollars per unique visitor isn’t the norm for most affiliate programs. You’ll be hard-pressed to find even one referral system that pays that much just for a unique visitor.

But do you actually make any money with this system?

Show me the money!

55 dollars

As you can see from the above screenshot, I’ve ‘made’ about $55. Notice though, I put the ‘made’ in quotes. Because, as we will see, you don’t actually get paid for any of it.

You Are Being Scammed!

While the site claims that I’ve made 55 dollars, I won’t see one single cent of this money. Even if I made it to 300 dollars (which is the minimum amount you need to make before you get paid), DWW still won’t pay me.


Because I’ve tried it on other sites, and it didn’t work. Did you know that DWW’s exact website, and exact scam, can be found on another 30+ websites?

It’s true! I’ve cataloged some 39 URL’s that have the same exact website as DWW. Same website, but a different URL. You can check out all of those sites here.

I’ve made over 600 dollars on another site, and even still, I wasn’t able to get paid. But to show that this specific site doesn’t pay you, I decided to hit the minimum threshold, and see if this site also would pay me out.

They say that I have to click through a link to get paid. I’m very skeptical of links, but since I’m in the profession of getting scammed for you, I clicked on it, and took a look at the link.

It basically tells you to click another link, which sends you to a place to fill out a pay form. But in order to get the pay form, and you need to do a survey (or something else that the site suggests).

I did everything that they wanted me to do, and even still, it seemed like nothing was working. Either, I wasn’t getting far enough in a survey, or I couldn’t log into something.

Finally, I finished something, and was redirected to a place that I could supposedly download my pay form. Unfortunately, the site didn’t give me what I wanted.

File not found!

What? My pay form file can’t be found?

So these scammers get me to do a bunch of surveys for them (which makes them money), and then I don’t even a pay form for it…

Help me, help me!

I know that I’m getting scammed, for those who want me to go to the end, I’ll humor them. In cases like this, you’ll want to go to support, and ask them to help you out. Once again, even though DWW claims to have a support page, the email they provide help you.

Email not real

As you can see from the screen shot above, my email service provider sent me an email saying that they weren’t able to send an email to DWW, because the email DWW gives isn’t a valid email address.

So even if this scam was a legit place to make money, there is no easy way to get a hold of them, in the case something does happen (like you can’t get paid).

DoWeeklyWork Is A Scam!

Is DoWeeklyWork a scam? Absolutely! There is no doubt about it. You can’t get paid by them, as well as get in touch with them if you need help.

I wouldn’t recommend you use this site, since it will only lead you to end up losing a lot of time, and not making anything because of it.

There are programs out there that do make you money though. Not every program out there will try to scam you out of your money.

Real, valid online jobs

If you’re looking for something, a way to make money online, then I would recommend that you check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate, where I show the ups and downs of the best scam-free program I’ve written about as of today.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing. Basically that means they’ll show you how to set up a website, find real referral links, and promote them to make money.

And it’s all for free. If you sign up, you’ll be given two free websites, the use of a keyword tool, as well as training on how to rank well on Google search results, and get traffic to your site.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Wealthy Affiliate today!

Is The Smart Cash System A Scam? Can you really generate $4000 a week?

Is The Smart Cash System A Scam? Can you really generate $4000 a week?

Is The SmartCashSystem A Scam?

The Smart Cash System is a system that is pretty vague in how you actually make money. But it does do it’s best to get you to buy into their program, whatever the actual program may be.

Is The Smart Cash System a scam? That’s what we’ll hopefully uncover in this article. We’ll look at who is connected with the program, some of the source code, and we’ll even confront some of the claims they make in their sales page. So let’s go!


Product: The Smart Cash System (SCS)

Creator(s): Lewis Adler LTD (?)

Description: I’m not entirely sure what it is. It’s a system that claims you can make a lot of money without having to buy or sell anything.

Price: 12 (?)

Recommended? No

Rating: 1 out of 10

SCS (Smart Cash System) has been around for nearly 10 years now, according to their copyright notice. But it doesn’t like the program is very active.

SCS And Their Sales Pitch

SCS has what I would call a one-page promotional page that tries to bring you in with its claims, so that you’ll buy into the program that their offering.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have any long-winded videos (I have trouble sitting through those…). But it’s sales page was long, and can be a bit of thing to decipher.

What you don't need to do

No selling products? No advertising? No mailing lists? How exactly do you make money? And how exactly do you get paid? Unfortunately the answer isn’t as easy to find as it may seem.

As you read the sales page, you find out that you don’t need to do any selling or buying, no websites, or handling of products. But SCS never quite tells you how you’re going to be making money.

SCS goes on to talk about how their system can never be saturated with too many people, since they claim saturation can only happen if you’re selling a specif product (and thus you have competition).

This system is not based around selling or advertising – therefore competition means nothing. It doesn’t matter if one or one million people do this – everyone can still earn as much as they want, whenever they want.

Market saturation is no issue. Some income systems are simply brilliant when they come out, but once everyone starts catching on, the competition increases and your earnings decrease.

This will never happen with Smart Cash – guaranteed. Everyone in your street or suburb could run this at the same time and you could all make just as much money – competition means nothing!

Smart Cash is an incredibly simple system – so simple, I bet that even a 12 year old could run this and make money. There is absolutely nothing complicated about it – 4 steps, that’s all.

This is not a 500 page ebook and this is not some complicated money making course. This is a short, straight-to-the-point money making system that works without fail each and every time.

I hate to break it to SCS, but if someone is gaining money, that means that someone is losing money. If someone claims that they’ve found the secret to making money, and that it will never dry up, they are flat out lying.

If I make money, someone (or something) needs to lose money. That’s how it works. Everyone can’t make money, without people losing money. I mean, if SCS is teaching you how to become a counterfeiter, and make your own money, then it might work.

You can’t buy the system, anyways…

I went to see if I could purchase the system (to gain any more details that I could), and interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem like you can even buy the program! As you can see from the screenshot above, they have a nice big blue “CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW” button. But when you click it, you are directed to PayDotCom, a site that allows vendors to sell programs, and affiliates to promote them.

But there doesn’t seem to be any way to buy a program, nor does SCS seem to be there either. And that doesn’t actually surprise me, since their copyright notice seems to be slightly out-of-date.

2009 is their copyright notice. That’s 10 years as of this date. Their notice (and their site) is a little out-of-date. My guess is that this system has been gone for a while now.

But who is the owner of this?

Being the curious person that I was, I continued to poke around. If you take a look at the last screenshot, the one above, you’ll notice two things that will help point out who the owners are. The first thing is the affiliate program, and the other thing is SCS’s phrase ‘Don’t copy us, it’s (really) Bad Karma” (a phrase we’ll see somewhere else).

What does SCS’s affiliate program reveal?

When you click through the ‘Affiliate Program’ page, you’ll get redirected to a site called TrueCommission. On this site you’ll learn how you can make money promoting SCS. But you also learn who owns TrueCommision.

Lewis Adler LTD. Very interesting. But that’s not enough proof to go on, that SCS is owned by Lewis Adler LTD. I thought so too. Which is why I looked through SCS’s source code, and found something else that was very interesting.

If you take a look at the screen shot above, you’ll notice that the highlighted text has Lewis Adler in it. I found this on the main page of SCS.

So I went to that URL, and as I was examining Lewis Adler LTD’s copyright notice, I found something very similar to SCS’s copyright notice.

Lewis Adler LTD has the same exact phrase on the end of their copyright notice, about Bad Karma, as SCS’s copyright notice! This seems like conclusive enough proof to say that Lewis Adler LTD owns SCS.

Who Is Lewis Adler?

I’m not sure who exactly Lewis Adler is, but the Lewis Adler LDT doesn’t seem to have any good reviews for itself. The company is on the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website, though they haven’t received a rating yet. And neither is there much info on the company.

Not knowing much about the owners can be a downside for some to buying the system. I have yet to see a positive review for Lewis Adler LTD, but then again, I haven’t seen a negative one.

My guess is that Lewis Adler LTD is no longer functioning as a business, though I could be entirely wrong. In any case, it put my mind at ease (a little) to know who (or what company) was behind the SCS.

But Wait, There’s More!

When you go to leave SCS, you are met with a new page, where they try to get you to buy something else – Binary Options!

So, basically, a binary option is where you put in a little amount of money, and either win a lot of money, or no money. It’s essentially like the lottery.

Suffice it to say, Binary Options and what SCS is promoting isn’t something that is really worth your while. You have very little chances of winning in a Binary Option, just like the lottery.

Is Smart Cash System A Scam?

Well, I’m not exactly sure if I would call SCS a scam. I couldn’t even buy the system, so there is no easy way for me to claim it as a scam.

But, if what SCS claims that everyone can make money with this system, and no one will lose money, then I would have to say that that is a scam. Like I said before, unless you’re printing money (or doing something else that is illegal), I don’t see how a system like that would work.

Finally, I would actually like to point out some inaccuracies that SCS thinks are hard, when in reality, they’re pretty easy.

If you have tried then I can guarantee that you would have been required to do at least one of the following in order for you to make a profit:

1) Run a “pay per click” advertising campaign
2) Join affiliate programs
3) Recruit new members
4) Build websites

Sure, all of the above may be effective ways of making money, but are they for everyone?

Of course not!

Here’s why:

1) “Pay per click” advertising costs have shot through the roof. Getting a decent ranking means paying more per click – most people end up losing money instead of making it.
2) Affiliate links and programs can be very confusing and overwhelming if you’ve never used them before.
3) Recruiting new members can be a waste of both time and money.
4) Building websites is time consuming, costly and too complicated for most people.

Interestingly enough, I make money because of and through three of these methods that SCS claims aren’t easy to understand. And I learned about all four methods, and understood them rather quickly.

How did I do that?

I became a free member of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to become affiliate marketers, and how to make money with pay per click ads, and by having a website.

And their training is pretty easy to grasp and understand. So much so, that you’ll be able to build a website in less time than it took you to read this entire article, if you so choose. They claim that you can set up a website within 30 seconds. And those claims are true.

Wealthy Affiliate goes into depth on how to build good content that will bring people to your site, and how to best get people to buy those things you are promoting. And best of all, Wealthy Affiliate helps teach you how to build your business even with saturated products that have high competition rates.

Check out my review of them here right now!

Is Pay Hourly Jobs A Scam? Or Is It Just Another Scam Website?

Is Pay Hourly Jobs A Scam? Or Is It Just Another Scam Website?

Pay Hourly Jobs is a site that many might be familiar with, but not in the reason you’re thinking. There has been a recent influx of websites that have different URLS, but the same exact type of content on their site. And Pay Hourly Jobs is one of them.

Is Pay Hour Jobs a scam? You can be the judge of that. But our two recent reviews of The Job Payment, and Do Part Time Job would probably make anyone lean that way.


Product: Pay Hourly Jobs (PHJ)

Creator(s): Unknown

Description: A site that claims that you can make money, in a relatively short amount of time, all by just having people click through your referral link.

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Rating: 1 out of 10

Would you believe me if I said that there are actually over 35 websites that have that same exact website as on PHJ (Pay Hourly Jobs)?

It’s true.

If you don’t believe me, check out the list here. Last I counted, there were about 40 URLS that carry this same scam. And unfortunately people are still falling for it.

PHJ’s Website

Like each of the websites, PHJ brings you the same bold claims, and out right lies, so that you’ll believe them.

Bold Claims

With their claims of making money quickly, and with a little amount of time, it’s easy to get pulled into a website like that. I mean, who doesn’t want to make a lot of money, and do it in the shortest amount of time possible, right?

How exactly do you make money?

There seems to be some misconception on how to make money with the website. If you go to their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), they say that you make money by:

We are paying you in order to generate traffic to our advertiser’s websites. We will get paid from our advertisers for the traffic we bring to them and paid commission to you people.

What PHJ is saying is that they’ll give you referral links to certain advertisers, and if you can get traffic to them, then PHJ will pay you a certain commission of what they make.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, unfortunately, it is that easy, which is why many fall for this. But, the real answer isn’t actually like what PHJ tells you. PHJ claims that you’ll be sending traffic to their advertisers. But, if you register, you’ll find that there is only one referral link, and that is to PHJ itself.Only one referral link

As you can see from the screenshot above, I quickly made an account, and found that there is only one link to use. Where are the other advertiser’s links?

But Can You Make Money With PHJ?

Even though there are these type of discrepancies on the site, many will still go along and try to make money with the site. But can you really make money with the site?

The short answer is a resounding ‘no’. They try to make you jump through a bunch of loops for you to get paid, and even if you try to do everything they tell you to do, they still don’t pay you.

Don’t believe me?

Below is a screenshot of me making over 600 dollars for them. And I haven’t gotten paid yet.600 dollars lost

Trust me. I’ve tried to make money with the site, and they don’t pay out. I’ve even tried to email them, and their support email isn’t working.

When you need help, contact support?

They have a support page, where you can find an email address to use in order to contact them, if you need to.

support email

So I emailed them, and asked if they were a scam. I mean, what else was I supposed to do? Ask if there were going to pay me?

I was hoping they would reply, and tell me why people weren’t getting paid, or how they weren’t a scam (so that I could confront them with proof, and see what they said).

Once again, my hopes didn’t turn out as I had wanted them to.

Email from service provider

The screenshot is showing an email that I got from my email service provider, ProtonMail. Basically, they are informing me that the email ‘support(AT)payhourlyjobs(DOT)com’ isn’t a valid email address, and so they couldn’t send the email.

Without despairing too quickly, I emailed PHJ twice more, with different users (ones that are typically common), and both came back saying that they weren’t valid email addresses.

I guess I’m not getting paid…

Is Pay Hourly Jobs A Scam?

I don’t think there is anyone who has gotten paid with PHJ, and if you can’t get paid, then you can’t really call PHJ a legit site. It’s definitely not worth your time or energy.

Think about it. They claim to give you links to their advertisers, but you only get one link, to their own site! They’re just trying to get you to share their site, so that more people will promote this scam, which eventually will lead to possible problems for you and your friends down the road.

The people behind PHJ are getting paid for any of this, right? It’s all free, which means that PHJ needs to make money some other way. My guess is that they sell any (or all) of the info that you input into the site when you register.

how to register

When you register, they ask for your email address, real name, and your home address. On top of that, if you use a username and password for PHJ that you use regularly, then the people behind PHJ could use that for their own malicious ideas!

In any case, whether PHJ is selling your info, or not, it’s definitely a site that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. They don’t pay out, and there is no way to contact them in the case that you need help.

Making money with referral links!

You can make money with referral links, but PHJ isn’t the way to go. If you are interested in learning how to make money online, I would recommend you take a look at Affiliate Marketing.

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is where you promote products, and things that you like, and you get paid if people buy something through your link. It’s super easy to understand, and the process isn’t hard to master.

If you’re interested in something like that, I would recommend that you check out my article on Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you how to make a website, get people to your site, and click through your steps – and they have a free membership showing you all that!

Check out Wealthy Affiliate today!

Same Website, Different URL

Same Website, Different URL

Below are a list of websites that have the same exact website, but each have different and unique URLS.

(Note: The ones in bold, are URLS that no longer seem to be working, but was hosting the same website at one point.)

I wouldn’t recommend using any of these sites, as you don’t get paid out, even if you make money. A much better alternative is Wealthy Affiliate. They will help you make money with referral/affiliate links, as well as give guidance if you need it.

You can check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here, where I go into my own personal dealings with them, and what I learned in the time that I was a part of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you know of any other sites that are just like the one above, and aren’t on the list, feel free to share them in the comments below, and I’ll add them to my list!

Is The Fat Decimator System A Scam? Can You Really Lose That Much Weight That Fast?

Is The Fat Decimator System A Scam? Can You Really Lose That Much Weight That Fast?

The Fat Decimator System

Is the Fat Decimator System a scam? That’s what we’re hoping to uncover within this article. Many are wondering the same questions as you are.

With today’s obesity rates, and those who need to shed those pounds, many are looking for the easiest solutions to no longer be overweight. But is the Fat Decimator System really the one that will work for you?


Product: The Fat Decimator System (FDS)

Creator(s): Kyle Cooper (?)

Description: A program that claims to be able to remove fat from your body, without you having to change much, if any, of your previous lifestyles.

Price: $37

Recommended? No

Rating: 1 out of 10

FDS (The Fat Decimator System) is by far one of the most interesting programs I have yet to take a look at. It’s also one of the very few that I’ve actually watched their promotional video to the very end.

But at the end of the day, the facts continue to come out and the program seems to be a sham of the potential of what it claims to allow you to become.

Just What Does The Video Reveal?

measuring waist size

Did you know that many of those images shown within the promotional video of FDS are actually images that you can buy online, and use for you own purpose?

Would you believe me if I told you that Kyle Cooper, the guy who claims to make the video, is actually balding, and doesn’t have any hair on the top of his head?

Take a look at Kyle’s supposed face on his personal website. You’ll notice on the right of the page, there is guy holding something, with a full head of hair.

But images can be deceiving.

As you’ll see on Dreamstime (a site where you can buy images), there is the same exact man, just with a rather bald head. It’s actually rather funny that you can find this guy on a random stock photo.

What does all this mean? It means, that there really is no Kyle Cooper. You can find his exact picture on an image that you can buy off the internet. This means that someone bought it, and is using it to pretend to be someone, so that you’ll believe them.

But that is not all.

If you watch the video, you’ll also remember that there was a woman named Sharon Monroe. She also isn’t real, as you can find her images on the internet, allowing you to buy them as well. Take a look at FotoSearch to see where you can buy the image.

Sending National Guards To Take Out A Military Leader?

In the video, if you made it that far, you might remember that there was a story about Kyle (or at least the supposed Kyle) and how he had to lead a group of men to go kill Osama Bin Laden.

military troops running

What supposedly happened was that Kyle brought in the National Guard to help take out Bin Laden. But due to an ambush, one of those Guardsmen wasn’t able to make it out fast enough, because he was overweight, and hence, he died.

Because of this, Kyle claims that he decided to help people become fit.

But you have to ask yourself the question, who in their right mind would send unfit troops to take out a military leader like Osama Bin Laden?

I realize not all military troops are fit and can take the ‘rigors of war’, but we have certain battalions and special ops, who prepare, both mind and body, for this very type of physically demanding warfare. So why was an overweight National Guardsman there?

There is no clear answer. But it doesn’t help to add any credibility to Kyle, or his program.

You Never Learn Of His Methods To Losing Weight…

If you watch the entire video, you’ll find that Kyle doesn’t make any claims to what exactly you need to do to actually lose weight. All he says is something about some herbs and minerals.

He also claims that you’ll be able to keep your current lifestyle – eating as many carbs as you want, and doing a minimum of exercise. But that is highly unlikely.

By just going on that information, you’ll be soon disappointed if you buy his program. I doubt there really is much within the program that is worth your money. There are simple ways to lose weight, but FDS isn’t one of them.

Who Is Wesley Virgin?

Something even more strange?

If you go to FDS’ affiliate page, you’ll notice that it has some guy named Wesley Virgin there – and he claims that he is the one that created FDS!

So who is it? Was it created by Kyle Cooper, a supposed Ex-Marine, or by some new person named Wesley Virgin?

Well, the short story is that it’s created by Wesley Virgin. The long answer is that Virgin made a program called the Fat Diminsher (essentially the same thing as FDS), and it didn’t go well (depending on who you read/listen to).

So Virgin changed his program’s name, and the promotional video, and started over. And that’s how we have FDS now.

Basically, the promotional video is lying, and wants you to believe that a fake ex-Marine figured out about this method, when in reality, it’s just an older program boxed up differently.

Is The Fat Decimator System A Scam?

I’m really indebted to Contra Health Scam (CHS), and their in depth article on FDS. I would highly recommend them for those who want to learn more about FDS, and the untruth of it all.

In their article, CHS will help point you to programs that have a much better chance of helping you lose those pounds that you want to lose. They also go a little deeper into why they believe FDS is a scam.

Whether it’s a scam or not, I don’t know, since I haven’t done the program, nor do I need to lose weight. But from what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t recommend it. There are much better programs out there that you can find, and one that will give you a much better return for your money.

What Is Human Proof Designs About? Find Quality Pre-built Websites Today!

What Is Human Proof Designs About? Find Quality Pre-built Websites Today!

Human Proof Designs is a site that has been around for 5 or so years now, and has proved the test of time to be trustworthy and legit.

For over the last few years, Human Proof Designs has helped hundreds of new affiliate marketers to make money online, and helped people find financial freedom. What exactly is Human Proof Designs about? Continue reading to find out!


Product: Human Proof Designs (HPD)

Creators: Dom Wells

Description: A site primarily making pre-made sites for beginners, but also offers a broad variety of services for affiliate marketers

Price: $100-$2000+ (Depending on what you buy)

Recommended? Yes

Rating: 10 out of 10

HPD (Human Proof Designs) was started by a guy named Dom Wells. Dom started as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, the same program that I’m a part of.

Trying several various website ideas, Dom never really seemed to get anywhere with his initial steps into affiliate marketing.

But then one day he had an idea.

He would regularly go to online marketplaces where sites were sold, like, and see a lot of junk sites being sold. Sites that he realized you couldn’t make money with, even if you tried. Some sites he found were ones that were literally the same, just the URL was different!

The problem was that new beginners were buying all these sites up quickly. Many of these people saw the words ‘instant success’, ‘millionaire website’, ‘passive income’, and they bought into those lies rather quickly.

So, because of this Dom started HPD. He realized that he could make better websites than those he found on those marketplaces.

Slowly, but surely, he started making them, and had some initial success. And as he continued making the sites, and growing in followers, he added more services to his site, bringing even more money and traffic.

Today, Dom is the proud owner of a 7-figure business, and has a host of people working under him. With his success, he has been able to travel to places and teach the skills he has learned to others, so that they can follow in his own steps, and make money online.

What Does HPD Provide?

HPD has a wide variety of services that they provide. While they used to primarily deal with pre-made niche websites, they have a large selection of affiliate marketing services for you to take a part of. Whether you need articles for you blog, keywords for you to use, or free content for you to learn, HPD has it.

Pre-made Niche Sites

HPD is especially known for their pre-made websites. They make the website, and then sell it. And if you choose to buy it, you’re given a high-quality site that has the potential to earn, provided you continue to grow it out.

They also sell aged sites, sites that have been around 6 months or so. The idea behind this is that sometimes Google won’t rank your website well until a few months of it being around. This is known as Google Sandboxing.

HPD holds the site until the Sandboxing is done, and then sells the site, so that those who buy it can immediately rank well on Google Search Results, and on other search engines as well.

Also, if you know what site you want exactly, but don’t want to make it yourself, then you can always contact HPD, and they would be more than willing to make it for you, provided you pay a certain fee.

High Quality Content

HPD also offers content creation for your website. Have you ever not been able to write enough, or needed a few extra

articles to publish to your website?

If so, then let HPD do it for you. They off article packs, where you’ll get a pack of articles of a few thousand words to tens of thousands of words. This gives you plenty of content to publish for your site for a while.

They also have a service that provides you with an ebook. Free ebooks, or ebook giveaways, are a great way to get more subscribers to your site, and to start you email campaigns. But, writing the ebook can be tough.

Because of this HPD is willing to write you an ebook for your site, so that you can start to immediately jump into starting your email campaigns, and getting email subscribers.

SEO and Keyword Services

Do you need help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or need help knowing which keywords are best to target? Well, look no further than HPD for their services. They’ll help you with both of those things, as well as making new reports, and backlinks.

A keyword is just a simple phrase that people search on the internet. If you find the right ones, you can get a lot of good quality traffic from search results. Since it can be a hard thing to find those good keywords, HPD does it for you, giving you a pack of phrases for you to work with on your site.

Backlinks, links from other sites that link to your own site, are another great way to get more traffic to your site, and be seen as a site with authority. But many of the backlinks now-a-days aren’t that great. That’s why HPD offers a service to help you get those quality backlinks you need, without the hassle of getting bad ones as well.

HPD’s Free Content

While HPD does have a bunch of services that they offer, they do have a lot of free content to help new affiliate marketers to learn from.

They have numerous blog entries about ways to write better, get more results, and how to optimize your content effectively.


They also have a podcast that they’ve been putting out for a while now. In it, not only do they give helpful advice, but they also interview some knowledgeable people, people who have been around for a while, and are authorities in their niches.

And best of all, you can check out the success stories of real life people who have purchased websites from HPD, and the ups and downs they’ve had with being a website owner.

Who Is HPD For?

HPD is for anyone and everyone interested in affiliate marketing, and making money online, but don’t know where to start. They are also for those who have some money to spend on quality sites that will make them money sooner than most other sites.

Check out HPD today, and start learning how to earn from and online website!

Is Do Part Time Job A Scam? (Proof You Can’t Get Paid!)

Is Do Part Time Job A Scam? (Proof You Can’t Get Paid!)

DoPartTimeJob(dot)com is a site that is an exact mirror of another site that we’ve just looked at earlier today. It was a strange coincodence that we found both sites on the same day, but it happened none-the-less!

Is Do Part Time Job a scam? And can you actually get paid to send referrals to the site? Continue reading to find out!


Product: Do Part Time Job (DPTJ)

Creator(s): Unknown

Description: A site that claims that you can make money, in a relatively short amount of time, all by just having people click through your referral link.

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Rating: 1 out of 10

Alternative Program:

You’re here wondering if dopartimejob(dot)com is a legit site that you can make money from, right? Well, I won’t spare you the wait.

Most likely, the site isn’t going to make you any money, even though it claims that you can and looks like you can. I recently reviewed a site called TheJobPayment(dot)com, that has the same exact layout as DPTJ’s (Do Part TIme Job) site.

In that site I showed why it wasn’t worth your while to do anything with that site, and why I thought it was a scam. And since both site are exactly alike (with just the URL being different), I’ll summarize below what I found out.

The Lack Of Encryption

As you noticed on this site, we have HTTPS in the front of our URL. HTTPS is the best way to browse the internet, because the S in HTTPS basically means Security.

HTTPS sites encrypt all the data that is transferred to and from the site. HTTP sites don’t. That’s why when using DPTJ you should be very careful, as it’s easier to see all the data that is being sent to the site, and back to your browser.

The Lack Of Standard Pages

Most sites have a Privacy Policy and a Terms Of Service page for you to look at to see what exactly the certain site handles your information, and how you can use the site.

For example, the Privacy Policy will usually say what they collect when you visit a site (browser heading, ip address, etc), and what they do with it. Usually they’ll keep it as private as possible. But in some cases, sites have been known to say that they’ll sell that info, or use it for their own personal gain.

The Terms of Service usually will give you the rules in which you can use the site – for example, if you have to be a certain age, how you can use their programs/services, and what they agree to allow you to do with their site.

But because DPTJ doesn’t have any of these things you have no clue what they’re doing with all the info that you’ll be giving them, assuming you sign up and use their program.

The Registration Process

As you’ll notice from the screenshot above, they want you to put in your email address, home address, and full name. Without a Privacy Policy on their site, there is no easy way to know what exactly their going to do with all that info. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a lot of junk (e)mail being sent to my inbox, and mail box.

The Lack Of Support

I contacted support (both for this site and for the other mirror site), and both don’t seem to have their emails working.

The screenshot above shows that I got an email from my email provider basically saying that the email I sent wasn’t able to get there, since the email isn’t a vaild email.

So what happens if I need help with something when I get to make money? There is no where else to get support for anything I may need help with!

The Lack Of Knowledge About The Creator(s)

There is no info on who actually owns the site, or who built it. For all we know, this could be run by some scammers, and if we knew the name, then we wouldn’t do business with them.

It just doesn’t make sense to not be able to know who owns a certain site, nor for the support to work either. It’s definitely something that makes me think twice about using this site.

Is Do Part Time Job a scam?

From all that we’ve seen, and from what I’ve looked into the site, yes, I would call this a scam. I mean, even the URL doesn’t make sense in proper English.

Do Part Time Job? Shouldn’t it be – Do part time jobs? Or, Do part-time Jobs? The URL clearly doesn’t show proper English and should be a great indication for not using this site.

But just because we’ve called it a scam, doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun right?

The payment system of DPTJ

According to the site, if you get enough unique visitors to go through the referral link that DPTJ gives you, then you can get paid.

They claim that they’ll give you 5-10 dollars per unique visitor (a rather high amount). And since it is my job to get scammed for everyone reading this, I decided to try this.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it says that if I get to $300, they’ll pay me. And you’ll also notice that I’ve made $250 already.

How did I do that?

The site only counts unique visitors, so I gave it unique visitors. All the site cares about is if the IP Address is different for each time something/someone goes to the referral link I have.

If you didn’t understand the above, that’s okay. Basically, I can make it look like the site is getting unique visitors, while in reality, it’s just me visiting a different way each time.

So, can you really get paid?

Well, after visiting my link a few more times (it does take a while), I finally achieved what I wanted – $300 dollars!

300 dollars. Not bad for half a days work. The only problem is that I won’t get paid. As you’ll notice in the screenshot, it tells you to click to open ‘captcha test’.

You have to be very careful clicking on links people tell you to click on. It could lead to something bad. Also, there are easy ways to put a captcha test right now the site, so that you should never have to go some where else to perform a captcha.

Is the captcha test legit?

The captcha test wasn’t actually a test. It was just a site that says you need to fill out a Payout form, and on to the next steps…

So I need to go to another link, so that I can complete the next steps? I don’t quite understand why I need to do all this, but I will try none-the-less…

The following screenshot shows that I need to download a file? Um, yeah, I’m not sure I want to do that.

seeing as I couldn’t exactly download the PDF, I guess I won’t be getting paid…

Is DPTJ Legit?

Do Part Time Job is a scam, and a pretty convincing one at that. Even if you try to get paid, you’ll have to jump through a bunch of hoops, and even still, you’ll end up not making any money.

I wasn’t the only one who can’t get paid. There are dozen of other people who I’ve found that can’t get paid either. They’ve tried to do various things, and even after everything they tried, they still haven’t received their money.

But the day hasn’t completely gone to waste. I made $300 in a short amount of time! Then again, since I can’t get a hold of it, I guess I didn’t really make anything…

(UPDATE: As I was continuing to look into DPTJ, I found another 30+ sites that have the same exact website as DPTJ. You can take a look at all those I’ve found here.)

A much better alternative to DPTJ

DPTJ is a scam, that is for sure. But there are programs out there that you can make money, provided you work hard, and can work hard for several months.

If you are willing to work hard, I would recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. They are a site that is dedicated to helping people make money with Affiliate Marketing. Basically, they teach you how to build a website, and promote products that you love and enjoy.

And the process is pretty simple. They’ll help you build your free website within 30 seconds, show you how to get people to your site, and even give you advice on your site as you progress forward.

Best of all, they have a free membership just so that you can check out if it’s right for you. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate below, where I look into the good and the bad, along with the struggles that I had to overcome to realize how to make money online.