Month: May 2019 Review: Is Kapital Board Shop A Scam? Review: Is Kapital Board Shop A Scam?

Everyone loves free products, don’t they? That must be why these websites are so popular. claims to give away all their products for free, as long as you pay for shipping. It seems like a pretty sweet deal. But, as always, things that seem too good to be true usually turn out to be a scam.

So, the question then comes up, is Kapital Boards Shop a scam? And if it is, how can we tell, before we actually make a purchase from it?

Those are the questions that we are looking forward to answering in this review. Hopefully by the end of it, you’ll be able to look for clues that may lead to revealing whether a shop truly is a scamming website.’s 24-hour Sale

Kapital Boards Shop's main pageFor those of you who don’t know, we’ve seen a lot of new shops come out that claim to have a 24-hour sale. They have all advertised that their products are free, and they have all turned out to be a scam.

We looked into two days ago, and their shop was exactly the same – with the same 24-hour sale! It’s just an unfortunate ploy to get people to their store, and get someone to purchase something.

As we’ve said in other articles, not every site giving away products are a scam. There are some that are legit. Most of those are startup company’s that are trying to promote themselves and get their name, and product, out into the hands of as many people as they can.

Usually, when a company does this, they tack on a larger shipping fee per item – we’ll look later on and see that Kapital Boards Shop doesn’t do this.

In any case, hasn’t taken their 24-hour site, even though it’s been over 48-hours after they’ve originally put it up. Which means that they’re not really telling the truth (and if they’re lying about the 24-hour sale, then what else are they lying about…).

Lack Of Privacy Policy, Contact and About Page

If you scroll down to the bottom of’s site, you’ll notice that they only have one legal page – Terms and Conditions.
They don’t have an About Us page, a Contact page, or even a Privacy Policy page. Having these types of pages can help make a site look more authentic and legit. Besides for a Privacy Policy, the other two pages mentioned don’t exactly need to be on a site, though its helpful to add them.

The only thing they do have is a Terms and Conditions page. And those terms are pretty strange:180 days you may have to wait

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice the number 180. What they are saying on their site is that you may need to wait up to 180 days to get your product!

We’ve never seen anything like this on a legit site. On top of that, even if this is legit, you then have little hope in opening a dispute if your purchase comes incomplete or broken. Usually after a certain amount time (way before 180 days), transaction payments can’t be disputed.

But that isn’t all that’s found in the Terms and Conditions:

Email Address In The TermsThey list an email address you can use to email, in the case that you want to ask a question. So, we decided to do just that. And within a minute or two, we got a reply, though it wasn’t exactly the one we were looking for:Not A Valid Email AddressThe email service provider that we use sent us a message saying that that email address isn’t valid – there is no email for kapitalboards(@)

So, the email address that they have on their site, the only way you can contact them, appears to not even work! If something happens to your product, or if you have a question about something, how are you going to be able to contact them?

So, not only is lying about their 24-hour sale, but they are also putting down a false email address as well. Maybe everything isn’t as legit as it seems?

How Many Products Can We Order?

It says in the Terms and Conditions that they will only ship 1 free item. However, that didn’t seem like the case when we tried to add a bulk order to our cart.

1 Million Long BoardsIt seems like they have 1 million of these $300 dollar long boards in stock. And they are going to ship it to us at the price of $14.97. Isn’t Kapital Boards Shop a great place to get free stuff from?

Is Kapital Boards Shop A Scam?

Obviously, this site is a joke. They don’t have a Pirvacy Policy, they are lying about their 24-hour sale, and they have some bizarre Terms and Conditions.

We received a message about this site from someone, and they had also done some ‘investigative’ work into Kapital Boards Shop, which we’ll outline below.

When you look into the source code of Kapital Boards Shop, you’ll notice that the images are named ‘****Screen_Shot****‘. The screenshot below helps point it out:

Screenshots of the imagesWhat this means is that the images on Kapital Boards Shop aren’t the original images. The scammers behind Kapital Boards Shop took them from another store.

Searching around the internet, you can find most of the images on a site called, a legit site that sells various different products. And it appears that the majority of the text on Kapital Boards Shop was also taken from as well.

In the end, Kapital Boards Shop isn’t a site that we would recommend you shopping at. It will only lead to loss of money, credit card theft, and a whole lot of other headaches. Avoid them, and you’ll avoid several more problems in your life.

Thanks to Martin for initially asking us about this site. Also, a big shout out goes to Christopher, for letting us know about the source code and Kapital Boards Shop copying from! Review: Is American Bullion A Scam? (No, But…) Review: Is American Bullion A Scam? (No, But…)

Due to a recent rise of investment scams, we decided to find sites that had something to do with investment, but were legit. Naturally, American Bullion came to our attention, and so we decided to take a more in depth look into their site.

Interestingly enough, while we did find them to be legit, and not entirely a scam, we did find a few things that didn’t make us very happy, in terms of American Bullion’s authenticity.
Is American Bullion a scam? That’s just what we’re hoping to get to the bottom of. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to make your own informed decision on that exact question.

A Display Of American Bullion’s Legitimacy

American Bullion's Main PageAmerican Bullion is a site that has been around for over 10 years. They “specialize in converting your existing IRA, former 401(k), or other qualified retirement plan to gold or other precious metals.” And they seem to have plenty of reviews to prove what they do is of value.

On their site, they list numerous reasons why you should trust them, and why they are legit.
For example, they show several people, several well-known people we should add, who endorse American Bullion. Names include Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, and Mike Gallagher.Well-known people who endorse American Bullion

Not only that, but even American Bullion being around for 10 years shows that this site has some sort of legitimacy in the realm of IRA investments, as well as buying precious metals.
Oftentimes, scammers, especially ones that we look into, will set up a website for a few months, or at most a year or so, and then move onto another website after that time has passed.

But with American Bullion being around for over 10 years, there is going to be little doubt that this site is actually scamming you out of your money. The only way they would be is if we could find a lot of negative reviews about them (which we can’t).

On top of all this, their site also has a Risk Disclosure:

Risk DisclosureNow, many of the readers may not think that this is anything to speak about. But for us, well, we’ve seen too many scam websites that have popped up without any type of Risk Disclosure.

Most of those sites were ones that claimed to have higher return guarantees. Sites that don’t have some sort of risk disclosure or disclaimer are usually fraudulent websites.

So, with American Bullion being over 10 years old, being endorsed by some well-known people, and having a disclosure of possible risk involved, they definitely come across as being a company that would be worth doing business with.

BBB’s Review of American Bullion

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a corporation that helps show consumers more information about other company’s authority and legitimacy. They do this by showing reviews of other consumers, and giving these companies an accreditation based on several criteria.

When you go to BBB’s website ( and search for American Bullion, you’ll find that American Bullion is BBB accredited, which gives American Bullion a lot more credence for their site. Additionally, they are giving an “A+” rating, the highest rating you can receive from BBB.

BBB accredited BusinessAs with most cases, there are several complaints against American Bullion that the BBB show for others to read about. But, as is typical with most legit businesses, each one is answered by the company:

four complaintsNothing is wrong with complaints, or negativity. In fact, we would encourage it – if it is constructive. Complaints help show a company’s true motives fairly well.

Many times, people will complain, and the certain company being complained against doesn’t answer the complaints and chooses to ignore them. If this happened, it shows a poor customer service on the company’s side, as well as possibly appearing to be ‘scammy’. Many-times, scammers won’t answer complaints, because they know that the complaints are indeed true.

But once again, the complaints, and the answers, all help verify that American Bullion is indeed legit. They’re not trying to scam anyone out of their money, nor intentionally trying to be fraudulent.

TrustPilot Reviews – Good And Bad

TrustPilot ReviewsTrustPilot gives Ameriacn Bullion a 5 out of 5 star rating, which seems to be termed ‘Excellent’. With over 180 reviews, and the majority of them 5 stars, TrustPilot confirms (once again) that American Bullion is a company that knows what it’s doing in terms of IRA investments and moving your money into precious metals.

Now, it does need to be said that TrustPilot can at times be not completely correct in their assessment. Recently, it came out that there were ‘bad actors’ who were creating a lot of positive reviews for themselves on TrustPilot and making themselves look more authentic than they really were.

There isn’t much plausibility that American Bullion is doing this, but one can never be certain in this day and age. From what we look at though, the reviews did appear to be authentic and true.

American Bullion’s Scammy-Looking Website

Now, let’s get some things straight first – we believe that American Bullion is legit. From what we’ve seen above, they appear to be trying their best to portray themselves as an authentic and proper business that deals with investments.

However, as we were looking a little more closely at their site, we found a few things that made us have to think twice about American Bullion.

If we had to base our review only on what we discuss below, we would actually call American Bullion a scam – which is a little strange, because of all that we’ve written about above.

American Bullion’s Copyright Notice

Copyright NoticeAs you will notice in the screenshot above, you’ll find that the copyright notice is for 2018, and not 2019 (which is the year we are currently in).

Now, nothing is overly wrong with having a copyright notice off by a year or two. But, unfortunately, many scam websites will have copyright notices that aren’t updated. This happens because the scammer will start a site at the end of a year, and run it for a year or so – but never update anything on their site.

So American Bullion can come across as scammy-looking due to this. You would think that a well-known business like American Bullion would change this, or have something that automatically updates. But, well maybe it’s just not in their budget?

Lack Of Posting On American Bullion’s Social Media Accounts

Social media buttonsOne thing that we check on websites are their social media accounts, and whether or not they are being updated regularly. Many times, scam websites will create social media accounts to appear like they are ‘social’, but then never do anything with them.

Unfortunately, taking a look at American Bullion’s social media accounts shows something similar to what was described above. They seem to have posted a long while ago, but don’t do it as frequently as we would like a company to do:American Bullion's Twitter feedFor example, if we were to take a look at the screenshot above, we would notice that the last tweet they sent via their Twitter page was nearly a year and a half ago!

We personally like social media accounts to tweet/post every week. At least once a month wouldn’t be too bad. But when a company doesn’t do anything for over a year, then there can be cause for worry.
While Facebook is similar to Twitter, in regard to their inconsistent posting, YouTube does reveal that American Bullion did post a video a few weeks ago:

YouTube videosAs of writing this, it has been three weeks since they posted their last video. However, their second to last video was posted two years ago – and their third-to-last video was three years.

So, all in all, if we were to just take a look at their social media accounts, and base what we think off of them by that information, we would have to conclude that they don’t appear to be legit as we would like them to be – which would be a determining factor in our rating of them.

But, this isn’t the only thing that appears to make American Bullion less legit-looking.

Is American Bullion Faking Their Testimonials?

We always love reading through reviews and testimonials, especially when they are right on the site. The reason we like this is because, often-times, scammers will use fake testimonials to try to make themselves more authentic and legit.
We never thought that American Bullion would be faking their testimonials, but when we searched around, we found that they were faking part of it!

Daniel And Paul TestimonialNow, let’s be clear – we don’t think that the actual testimonial is faked. What we do know is that the image for the testimonial is actually not the real person who left the review.

How do we know that?

There are sites out there that give away photos and/or sells images. Many other sites take images from these sites, and put them on their own website to help illustrate points or make their content more visual.

As we searched around the internet, we found that Daniel, who can be seen on the left in the above screenshot, was found on another site. One that had to do with DWI charges:

DWI charges for Daniel?

Not only that, but when we searched around for Paul, we found him (in a different photo) on a site that has royalty free photos!

Paul On Clip Deals?Of course, maybe Paul and Daniel like to have their images all around the internet, right? Maybe their day-job is to be models or something (which could be entirely possible, though not very plausible).

If that is the case, then why can we find the other testimonial profile images on the internet as well?Susan and Holly TestimonialsYou’ll notice in the screenshot above we have another two testimonials. One from Susan, and another from Holly. Let’s look at Susan first.

Susan appears on numerous websites, and we were able to find her on another site that sells and gives away images:

Susan On A Free Website

This specific image of Susan was uploaded by an author named “marilook_rus”. Our best guess is that the name of this woman could be Mari, and is from Russia, though we can’t really confirm that.
But, neither can we confirm that her name is actually Susan, which probably means that this person didn’t leave the testimonial on American Bullion.

Now, moving on to Holly.

Holly’s story is a little different. You see, after we searched for Holly’s image, we came to find who exactly Holly’s real name was (who the person in the image was). And her name is actually Sheryl Sandberg – the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook.New York Times Sheryl Sandberg As you can see from the above screenshot, Holly’s image can be found on the New York Times, a popular and well-known news organization. In the article, you come to find out that this supposed Holly is actually called Sherly Sandberg, and part of Facebook’s company.

If we found this on any other website, we would immediately discredit them because of what we uncovered. You don’t take someone else’s image, stick it on your own site, and proclaim that it’s someone completely different! That just doesn’t make your business look legit at all.

Is American Bullion A Scam?

If we had to say whether this site was a scam or not, we would say that it is definitely not a scam. Our initial findings in this article helped show that. Doing some other searching found that most of the testimonials can be found on the site from all the way back to 2011. Which means the testimonials themselves aren’t faked.

Our guess is that back in 2017-2018, American Bullion hired some company to come through and redesign their site – and that company added the images, which is getting more and more typical now-a-days.

So, over all, we would recommend American Bullion. We don’t exactly like that they are using fake testimonial images (even if it’s for the sake of protecting the reviewer’s anonymity), and neither do we like their social accounts not being updated. But, putting those issues to the wayside, American Bullion does show itself to be an authentic and legit company.

Check out American Bullion today! Review: Strikeout Store Has Too Many Scam Warnings! Review: Strikeout Store Has Too Many Scam Warnings!

Facebook ads seem to be laughable now-a-days. Over the last few months we have received a lot of requests from sites that people saw through some sort of social media ad. And the majority of them appeared to be fraudulent.

Is StrikeOut Store a scam? That’s just what we’re hoping to help clarify in this article. With all the scam warnings that we found on the site, it does appear to be not as legit as it seems. It’s our hope that at the end of this article, you’ll have picked up some ideas on just how to spot an online fraudulent website.

What Is's reviewStrikeout Store is a site that sells baseball shirts from a bunch of different teams. White Socks, Red Socks, Yankees. You name it, they probably appear to have it.

However, the strange thing is that they aren’t exactly selling anything on their site. They appear to be giving away all of their products – free of charge!

Okay, so nothing is really free, right? There is a shipping charge that they tack on. But beyond that, the site makes it appear that everything is indeed free to purchase.

But is this really true?
Well, sadly, for all you baseball fans, it isn’t legit at all.

Flash Sales Could Mean Scam Sales…

Flash-Sale Here’s the thing with the above screenshot. They claim that it ends at 12AM Eastern time, and that it is a 24-hour flash sale for these free items.

But, you see, we’ve seen this type of scam before being actively promoted through Facebook ads. Check out our review of CatsNKitties, and OnNobleSportsStore, to see just what we mean. It appears that these scammers are doing their same scam over and over again, just by changing up what they’re ‘giving away for free’.

Also, you’ll probably be reading this after 24-hours, and the sale will still have been going on. Our guess is that this 24-hour sale has been going on since earlier last week.

When we looked up just when the domain was registered (, we found that they were created just over a week ago:

Whois Information For StrikeoutStore.comSo, more than likely, they’ve been doing this for a while now. And sadly, there isn’t much we can do to stop them. People have tried letting Facebook know about the previous sites, but they don’t appear to be doing anything. The only thing we can really do is, well, write reviews of sites that are scams, and let others know about these fraudulent websites.

Privacy Policy Errors That Constantly Show up…

Privacy Policy Errors As you can see from the above screenshot, we’ve highlighted a few places where the Privacy Policy just wasn’t set up correctly. We believe that the site used a default template that is supposed to be filled in, but Strikeout Store never actually did any of that ‘filling in’.

This doesn’t exactly mean that it’s a scam, but it does make it look like a pretty unrealistic website. The Privacy Policy is an important aspect of a site, and if a store can’t get that right, then it probably doesn’t deserve to be shopped at.

If we had to choose whether to shop at a site that had these errors, we would immediately choose not to. There just isn’t enough trustworthiness from this Privacy Policy to make us want to actually believe that they are a legit site.
In the end, if you ever find a site that doesn’t have their Privacy Policy set up correctly, or on that is keeping/selling too much of your data, then it is highly recommended to not use the site, nor purchase from their online stores.

The Shipping Charge Never Changes…

Shipping Charge For One Item Sometimes, in a way to promote a newly established business, sites will give away things for free, but then they tack on a larger shipping charge per item, and not per order. So, just because something claims to be free on the internet doesn’t immediately mean that it’s a scam.

In the screenshot above, you will notice that we added one shirt to our cart. They gave us a $14.49 shipping cost for that one item.
We decided to check and see whether that shipping charge would change per item, or per order. Since the shirts were ‘free’, we added 1000 shirts to our cart, to see how much our shipping cost would be. The answer? $14.49.

1000 shirts for only $14.49If this was a legit company, this would definitely not be what would happen. They would never give away 1000 shirts for only $14.49. We’re not even sure if you could ship that many shirts with that small of an amount for shipping!

Is Strikeout Store A Scam?

It does appear that Strikeout Store is indeed a scam. It appears like it is the same scammers that have been doing this for a while now, and are unfortunately getting people to fall for it each time.

The Privacy Policy isn’t set up correctly, and they are giving away too many products for too small a shipping charge to be legit. Overall, it’s definitely a site that we would recommend everyone to steer clear from and avoid.

Also, in the case that you came to this article after you ordered from, we would highly recommend that you cancel your credit card, since comments that we received from the other sites claimed that their credit card info was copied and used by someone else.

(Note: We can’t be certain this site is also copying credit card info, but with the nature of how they are set up, and how similar it is to the other sites we’ve reviewed, it’s always better to be safe than sorry).

Thanks to Norrisa for asking us about this, and letting us know about this site! If you have any thoughts or experiences with Strikeout Store, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below! Review: Everything Is Free Or Is It A Scam? Review: Everything Is Free Or Is It A Scam? is a site that came to us recently through our contact from. Recently we’ve written about sites that claim to have everything for free, you just need to pay for shipping, similar to what is doing.

Unfortunately, those sites that we took a look at were found to be fraudulent websites. And so, because of that, could also appear to be under the same scam. Our hope is that from the evidence we present in this article, you as the reader can decide for yourself whether they are just that – a scam.

Is Anything Wrong With Free Products?

Free Products

It does need to be said that nothing is wrong with free products. They are in fact part of advertising a site. For example, sometimes a site will give things away for ‘free’ but tack on a larger shipping fee, to help cover their costs. They do this so that they can get their business name out there much quicker.

Most people won’t realize that they’re probably getting the product at the same price with the higher shipping fee, since they thought that the product was ‘free’ (it works similarly to why companies will sell things for $29.99 instead of $30.)

So, we can’t immediately discount Girlish Avenue’s free products because of them being, well, free. This could be a potential advertising scheme in which Girlish Avenue is just trying to get their name out there.

Now, what exactly did we find wrong with Girlish Avenue?

Privacy Policy Errors

Privacy Policy ErrorsAs you can see from the screenshot above, it doesn’t appear that Girlish Avenue’s Privacy Policy was completely set up. It still has places where the owner is supposed to ‘insert’ more information.

A Privacy Policy page on a website is all about what exactly they take from you (i.e. data), and how they keep it safe, and/or whether they use it/sell it.

Now, we’ve found some sites that have said they were going to sell and use the data that is on the site, though that isn’t typical. What is more typical is a site that says they won’t sell your data, and won’t keep the majority of it.

But with Girlish Avenue, you don’t even know what they are going to be keeping or sharing, since they haven’t specified in their Privacy Policy!

This means, for all we know, they could be keep your credit card and billing info, and use it for whatever they want. Hypothetically, under their Privacy Policy, they could be selling your info, and you would be ‘technically’ agreeing to it, if you chose to shop here!

(Okay, so it is illegal to sell credit-card info – if they are doing that, then they’re doing something wrong. Our point is that since they don’t exactly spell out what is in their Privacy Policy, and if you did agree to it, they have a lot of ‘play’ as to what the Privacy Policy says).

If we went to shop at a site like Girlish Avenue, and found the Privacy Policy the way that it is, we wouldn’t shop at it. Why? Because we just don’t know what they are doing with our data.

It’s not that we would immediately think that Girlish Avenue is a scam. But without a proper Privacy Policy, there isn’t a lot of trust on their end as to what they are doing with anyone’s data, which is never good.

Faulty Email And Customer Service

Girlish Avenue's Email AddressOn their ‘important’ pages, Girlish Avenue lists an email to use in the case you need to contact them.
Nothing is overly wrong with using a free email, like Gmail. And it’s good that they had the beginning of the email sound similar to their site (some sites don’t do that.)
But what’s not nice is when you email them, and they don’t respond. That doesn’t look good for your business or for missing products (if you had any.)

We emailed them three days ago (as of writing this), asking whether or not everything was free. We thought it was a legitimate question and one that would be answered quickly.

So far, we haven’t actually received anything from them. No answer and no response.
Email That We SentSo, what happens if we order something, and then don’t get a tracking number? Or if our product is damaged and we want a refund? Are they going to reply in that situation?

Customer service should be quick and efficient. If they don’t respond within 24-hours (unless they say explicitly that they may take a few days), then they’re not running a very good business.

Yes, there will be times when things come up, and you can’t get a response as immediately as you want. But we have to wait three days (and counting)? That’s just a turn off for us, if we had to choose to shop at Girlish Avenue.

BBB Accredited Or Not?

BBB Accredited?As you can see from the above screenshot, Girlish Avenue claims to be an Accredited Business with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
However, this is completely false. We can’t find them anywhere on the BBB’s website, must less on the web! If they were BBB Accredited, you would think that other business would have spoken about them somewhere.

Additionally, Girlish Avenue claims to be PayPal verified. While this may be true, why don’t they then allow purchases to be made through PayPal?

Many times, scammers will have been banned from PayPal, and no longer allow it on their site (like, for example, Girlish Avenue). So to say that Girlish Avenue is PayPal verified, but not using PayPal is sort of strange.

And on top of all this, the total shipping charge doesn’t seem to change.

If this were a legit company, and if they were just trying to advertise their business through ‘free’ products, the shipping charge would be per item, and not per purchase.
We ‘ordered’ one item, and found that the shipping cost was $13.98. As you can see from the above screenshot, after we added a second thing to our cart, the shipping still stayed at $13.98.

So there is very little doubt within our mind that this site is clearly not telling the whole truth about themselves.

Is Girlish Avenue A Scam?

Girlish Avenue's Main Page

In our humble opinion, this site does appear to be a scam. Privacy Policy errors, Customer Service issues, and false accreditation claims all lead to us concluding that Girlish Avenue doesn’t appear to be as legit as they seem.

Additionally, if you do enough searching around online, it does appear that there are some negative reviews about Girlish Avenue. Some people claim that they were scammed out of their money by them.

We can’t verify this, but it does add in some way to the weight of our conclusion.
Hopefully, through this article, you, the reader, have been able to decide just what your thoughts are on Girlish Avenue. And hopefully the decision doesn’t leave you scammed.

What are your thoughts on Girlish Avenue? Did you purchase something from them? We would love to know what your opinion is of Girlish Avenue! Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below! Review: Top 3 Reasons Why Bodnc is a scam! Review: Top 3 Reasons Why Bodnc is a scam!

You’re probably wondering why we think Bodnc is indeed a scam, right? Maybe you liked the Adidas shoes they had, or the Nike products they were showing off. Or maybe, you’re just a curious person who likes to know about scams.

Whatever the case, we’re here to enlighten you on just why we believe is indeed a scam. And we’ll do it through three simple reasons. Hopefully, by the end of this article, these reasons will stick with you, and you’ll be able to use them if you ever come across another fraudulent website!

Reason #1: Impersonation Of Nike's main pageAs you can see from the above screenshot, they seem to be selling Nike shoes, as well as a host of other things. Nothing is wrong with selling popular brands of footwear. In fact, if you can do it legally, then by all means, go ahead and sell it.

The thing here though is that they are using Nike’s copyright logo, and hosting it as their own. While Bodnc may not outright say it, they are giving the appearance as though they are Nike.

Using someone else’s logos and images, ones that they’ve copyrighted, is downright illegal and wrong. It not only hurts you personally, but also the person that you are pretending to be by taking away sales from them, and possibly tarnishing their good name.

On top of this, they don’t appear to have their site updated. They appear to be running a copyright notice of 2017 (which we’ll learn later actually appears somewhere else…).

copyright noticeReason #2: Located With Sainsbury’s Local

Contact Info For Bodnc.comAs you can see from the above screenshot, does give you some contact information, in the case you need to, well, get in contact with them. However, when we take a look at where they claim to be, we find that someone else has claimed that place also.

According to Google, Sainsbury’s Local is also located at 196 High St, Teddington, TW11 8HU, UK. And they seem to have been there longer (and with more reviews too):

Sainsbury's LocalOf course, one could argue that Sainsbury’s Local and are somehow related. Although when you take a closer look at what Sainsbury’s Local is, it’s not likely to be true (Sainsbury’s Local does sell fruit and veggies after all…).
Scammers will often put in a fake address on their website, so that they appear to be authentic. And this is just another ploy by the people behind to get you to fall for their scamming ways.

Also, when we searched for’s phone number, we came to find’s contact info through Google, and we found some more information about them:

Email address associated with bodnc.comAs you can see above, there is an email address associated with – service03(@) (they have nothing to do with the real Microsoft company).

We’ve actually seen that email address before, on other sites we’ve taken a look at. Those sites were scam websites. Which leads us to our third reason for why we know this site is a fraudulent one.

Reason #3: Connected With TCTRSP

About several weeks ago, we wrote an article detailing why we thought a site called was a scam. You can check it out here. In fact, we would recommend that you check the article out, because you’ll find some things very interesting.

For example, has the same exact location on their contact information as They also have the same copyright notice, and copyright image/logo. Fortunately, it appears that has been taken offline.

But is there a way that we can connect with Actually, there is.

We received an email from after we were able to get into our account, and needed to reset our password. When we received it, we found that at the end, they signed it as Tctrsp:

tctrsp in the email we receivedNow, the above screenshot doesn’t mean much. For all we know, Tctrsp could stand for a common acronym that we just were familiar with – like Totally Caring Terrificly Respectable Scam-able Person!

We highly doubted it was an acronym. But what do we know, right? So, we dug a little deeper and found that actually mentions them in their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages:

Tctrsp found in the Terms of ServiceSo, is clearly related to in some way. Our best guess is that after everyone realized that was a scam, the owners moved everything to a new domain – Is A Scam!

There’s no denying it – is indeed a scam. They’re trying to impersonate Nike, try to be in the same location as Sainsbury’s Local, and connected with another fraudulent company.

All in all, it’s best to avoid and any other look-a-like sites that are out there. You’ll only lose money and have headache after heartache if you do choose to try to purchase something from

This site came to us through our contact form. Our thanks goes out to Kayleigh for letting us know about it. If you have a site you’re unsure about, feel free to let us know by using our contact form! Review: Scammer Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again? Review: Scammer Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again? is a site that has many people scratching their heads, and wondering whether it really is legit or a scam. Maybe that is why you are here – to see what our opinion is of this site.

Whatever the case, we are here to help put your scratching to ease. They are indeed a scam, and we’re here to help prove to you why we believe them to be a fraudulent shop. So, stop your scratching, kick your feet back, and continue reading!

What Is's main seems to be a shop that is selling batteries for tools, drones, and other things. And, as is typical of most sites we take a look at, Websalevip has a lot of discounts on their site – which could mean they are a scam (more about that later).

Now, here is the strange thing. When we went to their About Us page, told us that they were a laptop store:

Fashion and Laptop shop?We searched high and low on the store, and couldn’t find anything that had to do with fashion, or laptops for that matter. All we could find on Websalevip was power tool batteries, drone batteries, and well, more batteries.Power tool batteries for sale

Are The Discounts Legit?

Sadly, the discounts in the screenshot above are probably not going to be legit, nor the products for that matter. You see, a scammer will often put discounts on their site so that users will go to their site. Once they get someone on their site, the user will often purchase the product(s), because of the low prices.

This is a common ploy used by scammers all over the place. Whether it’s selling power tools, hand bags, or Paper-mâché, many scammers like to use this common tactic.

Of course, just because discounts are on a site don’t mean that they are a scam website. We have found plenty of sites that are legit sites with discounts.

It’s just that with this particular site, we found that they were linked with another site that proved they were fraudulent.

Enter, A Site For Laptops

As you can see in the screenshot above, looks exactly like another website – Both have the same similar orange heading up on top. And both claim to be at the same location: 465 NOOR AVE STE B,SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA 94080. If you search that address you find several sites claiming to be located at that address.

All of them also claim to be part of a business called Staplees Inc.

Who Is Staplees Inc?

Now, you need to realize that we’re not talking about the popular company called ‘Staples’. This company that we’re look at has two ‘e’s in it’s name, not one.

Apparently they are listed on the BBB’s website (Better Business Bureau). But, they aren’t BBB accredited yet, since they haven’t been around for more than 2 weeks.

Staplees Inc on BBBAs you can see in the screenshot above, Staplees Inc lists as their website, and 465 NOOR AVE STE B,SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA 94080 as their location.

And here is where things get even more interesting.

We took the liberty of searching for ‘Staplees Inc’, to see if we could find anything else about them. What we found was that another site had already reviewed them, and listed an email with them also:Email Listed For and

You’ll notice that and are listed in the search results. Both of them have the email ‘CS(@)’ associated with them.

Now what is wrong with that?

Email Linked To Other Sites

Nothing would be wrong with those sites using that email address. Except that this email address, CS(@) is linked to other fraudulent websites. The owners of this email address has been scamming people before:

fraudulent websites linked to cs@visoutlook.comLo and behold, it appears that the first site that we see on the list of fraudulent websites is – which was listed on the BBB’s website under Staplees Inc.
So clearly,, and all these are sites, are ones that you definitely don’t want to order from. In the end, if you do choose to use them, you will only get scammed out of your money. Is A Scam! claimed to be operating under Staplees Inc. Staplees Inc claims to be running a site called has been found to be a fraudulent website.

That makes everything connected a scam and a fraud as well. Staplees inc and are indeed fraudulent companies that aren’t worth your time.

They’ve been linked to a fraudulent email address, and a host of other sites that aren’t legit-looking. also claims to be one thing and sells another. All in all, it’s a site to best avoid and not use. Review: Why Are They Connected With This Bad Moods – And Is It A Scam? Review: Why Are They Connected With This Bad Moods – And Is It A Scam?

Through comments and contact form requests, we received several inquiries about a site called They were asking whether it was legit. As we reviewed them, we found more and more and more sites that were connected with them in some way.

Is a scam? Why are they connected with And why do they use at least three emails to run their business?

All this, and more, is what we’ll look into as we take a look at just who Aindsha really is. Hopefully by the end of this article, you will have found a few things to look for in the future when you go to purchase on a new website! – What Is It The Site About?'s main claims to be a fast growing e-commerce store that has a lot of ‘high-quality products’ from numerous brands around the world.

They show, in their About Us page’s Mission Statement, just who they are:

We pride ourselves with being one of the fastest
growing ecommerce platforms for high quality products from many
individual store sellers. We strive to make you happy. Best Gear,Better

That is all interesting, but when you go to, you immediately notice that they have ‘’ listed on their site. Right where the logo usually goes.

So why is this supposedly fast-growing ecommerce store advertising another site?

We went to to take at it, to see just what they were all about. We thought maybe they were the parent company of or something. When we finally got to, we found that they had the same exact shop, store, and appearance as!'s main page Both of the sites, and, appear to the exact look-a-likes of each other. Which doesn’t bode well for

You see, there are a lot of scammers who will have several sites that look exactly the same. Why? We don’t honestly know, but it means that isn’t a site you want to shop at.

Also, they both claim to be a fast-growing ecommerce shop. That’s sadly what most sites we look at say. Oh, and those other shops turned out to be scams.’s Copyright Notice

If you scroll down to the bottom of Aindsha’s website, you’ll notice that they are copyright for And they claim to have been around for nearly 10 years!

Copyright Notice Of Aindsha.comAs you can see from the above screenshot, Aindsha claims that has the copyright from 2010 to 2019. But, the funny thing is that neither ThisBadMoods nor Aindsha are older than one year.

When you create a website and purchase a domain name, it goes in the public records of just when exactly you purchased that domain. And when you look up how long ThisBadMoods has been around, you find that it hasn’t been long at all.

ThisBadMoods' Whois Info

As you can see from the above screenshot, ThisBadMoods has only been around since February 1st of 2019. So they haven’t even been around long enough to hold the copyright for 9 years! was registered back in 2018, on December 24th. So they too aren’t old enough to have been around for that long either.
So, both sites are clearly lying about how old they are, and what they have been up to. And if they are lying about that, then what else are they lying about?

Aindsha’s Contact Information And Three Emails

Aindsha’s contact information doesn’t exactly check out. They list an email address and phone number to use in the case you need to get in contact with them. The strange thing is, there are several other shops using the same exact phone number and email address.

Aindsha's Contact InfoIf you do a search for the phone number you can find that number listed on the following websites:


Search Engine ResultsEach and every site appears to be claiming to be connected with as well, which is sort of strange, since claims to be connected with

But their email address also doesn’t give us much help either. You see, when we created an account on their site, we didn’t get an email from the one mentioned in the contact form, but from someone called MyGoodOne.Servise(@)

The Email usedSo that is two different emails that they are operating from. Both being gmail accounts,and having nothing to do with the actual site that we are looking at!

Nothing is overly wrong with using a free email address, like Gmail. But, if you are running a business, it’s always best to at least make the email have some sort of connection with the business you are using it with. Then again, being able to send email addresses from your own domain is the best thing to do.

But, in any case, two emails from Gmail wasn’t the only types of emails that we found. While rooting around in their Terms and Conditions page, we also uncovered another email address – Support(@)

Another Email AddressWe tried to go to, but it appears that it is no longer a site you can get to. So we’re not exactly sure how they are connected with, but they are!

All in all, running a website with three emails, and having your contact info listed on several other sites doesn’t make this site look legit at all. It is definitely best to steer clear from them.

Is A Scam?

From all that we’ve seen, and taken a look at, if we had to guess, we would say that is indeed a scam. We can’t exactly confirm it though, since it could be just a poorly setup shop, run by someone who doesn’t exactly know how to set up websites (even though they have 4+ sites they are running…).

In the end, because of the three emails they are using, because of the weird ways they are connected with other sites, and because they just don’t really look legit at all, we would conclude they are indeed a scam.

What about you? Have you ordered from them? Were you scammed? We would love to know your experiences with Aindsha and ThisBadMoods. Make sure to let us know in the comments section below! Review: Why We Believe Girastor Is A Scam! Review: Why We Believe Girastor Is A Scam!

You’re probably here wondering why on earth someone would call a scam. Maybe you’ve purchased something from them. Or maybe you were interested in all those deals they seem to have, and decided to check out some other reviews before you actually purchased something.

We’re glad you did decide to take a look at this article, whatever your motive was for looking up this site. Because, we’ve found that Girastor is a site that isn’t legit, nor is one you really want to be shopping at. What exactly did we find, and how do we know?

Continue reading to find out!’s Misspelling And Errors's Main PageImmediately, right off the bat of looking into this website, we knew something was wrong. And that was that spelled their domain name wrong!

If you take a look at the screenshot above, you’ll notice that they are calling themselves GIRASTORE. Or at least, that’s what the logo is saying. But on the domain itself, the URL, is saying Girastor (without the ‘e’ on the end).
Now, of course, these things happen, and sometimes when you register a domain, you can get things mixed up, and choose the wrong one to buy. So we can’t fault them too much for having an incorrect domain that doesn’t match their logo/brand name their operating under.

But we can fault them when we find other errors within their site.

We decided to check out their Privacy Policy page, to see just how they keep our data private and secure. When we did, we found that they hadn’t even taken the time to actually fill out the Privacy Policy page!

Privacy Policy ErrorsAs you can see in the above screen capture, there are several places where they didn’t ‘insert’ more information. They just copied a draft Privacy Policy, and never updated it!

It’s okay to copy something, or to find a draft of one of those important pages (like a Terms of Service, Refund Policy, etc). But when you don’t actually read over it, or edit it to fit your needs and your shop, then there is a problem.

We personally wouldn’t shop at this site, or any like it, that had these types of errors in the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is what tells you exactly what they are going to keep from you, as well as how they are going to keep it safe, what they are going to sell, etc. If they don’t spell all that out clearly, then it isn’t a site worth using.

Discounts Seem Cool, But…

Now, probably the main reason most people come to is because of their discounts. Maybe it was through some ad that you saw them, or another person posted something about them.

The strange thing with these discounts is that everything is exactly $14.95 dollars – and you save exactly $20 dollars. We don’t know about you and where you shop, but where we come from, that just isn’t the typical way to do discounts.

Products and Their DiscountsYou don’t find a large collection of products, things that naturally go for several hundred dollars, to all be discounted to under $15 dollars.
This is just a ploy used by a scammer to get you to your site, and see if you will fall for their schemes. When you’ve taken a look at the number of websites that we have, you would know that this is a scam, and fraudulent website.

As the old adage goes, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

The Real Proof Is In the Contact Info!

Contact Information for If you are always curious to know who is behind a website, it’s always best to check their website, and see who exactly they claim they are.

We looked at’s contact page, and found a few things that we didn’t quite like.

The email address is pretty much your standard email for a shopping site – didn’t seem like anything was wrong with it. That was until we emailed them.

You see, we emailed them about six days ago asking if they used PayPal for transaction purposes. We still haven’t received a reply from them yet (so much for their 24/7 customer service…).

Our Sent EmailSo, if they don’t reply on something as simple as a question about PayPal, then what will happen when we have a much bigger concern about, say, a product missing?

The next best thing would be to go down the list of contact information, and call them, right?

Well, you could call them, or you could just look up the phone number before you do. Because if you did look up the phone number, you would find that it’s been linked to several other fraudulent websites:'s Phone Number Linked To Several Other SitesHmm. So, they don’t answer their emails, and they don’t have a legit-looking phone number. What should we do then (besides for calling them a scam)?

Well, maybe they actually have a legit address, right?

How about, maybe, no! We looked into their address, 1957 Somerset Ave Dallas, TX 75023 U.S.A, and found that it actually doesn’t appear to exist. Or at least, we’re not sure if it does.

When we plugged it into Mr. Google, we found that they thought the place was 1957 Somerset Ave Plano, TX 75023 U.S.A. Notice the difference between Plano and Dallas.
Even’s address doesn’t appear to be legit. Is Indeed A Scam!

They are linked to other fraudulent websites through their phone number, they’re offering really low discounts, and they can’t even spell their domain name right!

On top of that, they don’t appear to be existing at a real location, don’t seem to check their email (or answer it for that matter), and don’t know how to set up their Privacy Policy.

Anything else to add to this list before calling it a scam?

In the end, you will only lose money if you buy through, since they don’t seem like the type who will actually send anything to you. They are a fraudulent company that shouldn’t be around and shouldn’t be promoted.

Avoid them, avoid their discounts, and through it all, you will avoid being scammed!

Thanks to Crystal for letting us know about this site, and asking if it was a scam. Review: Why We Think Is A Scam! Review: Why We Think Is A Scam!

You’re here wondering about Maybe you were ripped off, maybe you’re wondering about the discounts, or maybe you’re just a curious person. Whatever the case, you’re probably wondering whether is legit or not. And we’re here to answer just that.

Is a scam? We believe so, and we hope to answer that very question in the article below. By the end of the article, you’ll learn just who is connected with, and where they claim to be. We’ll also look into several things that they claim, which aren’t true.

So let’s go!

What Is's Main sells clothes, watches, hats, glasses, and shoes. They seem to be your typical shopping website that you can find online, selling a large array of many different things.

As you can see in the screenshot above, they have a sale going on with discounts up to 90% off. Sadly, this is what most scammers will do with their fraudulent sites. They set up a shop and ‘sell’ things at a discount, so that people will be more likely to buy.

As we have said in other articles, there is nothing wrong with discounts. But when you come to a store that has discounts, and yet never says why they have discounts, then you should start to question the legitimacy of the site.

No where on this site do they suggest why they have these discounts – only that they have them, and that you should take them.
Their About Us page also offers nothing on this subject. In fact, it leaves us wondering even more about who the owners are, and whether they set up the right shop!

The About Page And Email Address

About PageIn the About Us page, This Harmo tells us that they have been around for five years, and that they are ‘letting you find exactly what you need for your mobile phone.’
Hate to break it to you, but both of those seem entirely false.

To register a website, you have to go through a registration process. In that process, public records are made of the creation and registration of a domain (i.e. a website’s name). We looked up the site, and found that it was actually created in this year, 2019:Whois Information

As you can see in the screenshot above, the site was registered on the 7th of March, just less than 2 months ago (as of this writing.) So they are clearly not five years old, as they claim on their About Us page.

Also, when you take a look at their site, you don’t find many, if any, products that have to relate to mobile phones. Which means that whoever set up the About Us page obviously didn’t know what they were talking about.

But we can forgive that error, right?

Since they give their email address on the About Us page, we decided to email them, and ask them a question or two (this was a few days ago). We just got an email today, letting us know that our email service provider tried to send the email, but it was never able to be sent to

Undeliverable Due To Connection Timed OutIt appears that our service provider was never able to connect to and deliver the email. And that isn’t good at all for ThisHarmo’s reputation.

Think about it. What if you ordered something from them and you wanted more info? How would you send a message to them? If you emailed them, you wouldn’t get a reply because the email wouldn’t be able to be delivered. And you could never be certain if the Contact Form worked either.

So already, just from their About Us page we see that this is a site you don’t want to be doing business with. There doesn’t seem to be a way to contact them, and they are lying about how old they are and what they have on their site!

Connections And Locations…

When you go to their Terms of Service, you’ll find that they call themselves by another name: Who they are, we’re not completely sure. But with the quick look we did, we found that that site could possibly be fraudulent. But since our review isn’t about them, we didn’t look into it too much.

Terms Of ServiceThe point we’re trying to make is that it’s not normal for you to call yourself a completely different website on your Terms of Service page. It makes you less legit looking, and doesn’t help in our review of

But, their connection to this other site wasn’t as weird as their location. Or at least, where they claimed to be located. If you went to their Contact Us page, they would claim that they are located at 1068 Chestnut Level Road, Quarryville, PA 17566, United States.

It just so happens that there is a Presbyterian church that has also claimed that they are located at that exact location:ChestNut Level Presbyterian ChurchNow, we don’t know about you, but we would personally trust the church’s word over’s. We would also trust the search results over the ThisHarmo’s word.

They are claiming to be someone else on their Terms of Service, and now they are claiming to be at a location that someone else has claimed! Can it get any worse?

Payment Methods For This Harmo…

So… unfortunately, it can get much worse. You see, they claim on their Payment page that they only accept PayPal, because it is the best, secure, blah, blah, blah.

Payment Method - PayPalThey only talk about PayPal, and don’t give any other way to pay. Because they seemed to be lying about everything else they said, we decided to see if it really was true. When we came to the page to actually pay for the product in our cart, we couldn’t even use PayPal because it wasn’t a method for payment!

The Real Payment Methods

So, you can only pay through Bitcoin or Credit/Debit card? And not through PayPal? That’s definitely not what they said on their Payment page…

Once again, without much surprise, is lying about what method of payment they have on their site. In the end, it is definitely a site that you don’t want to do business with. Is A Scam!

There isn’t a way to contact them. They claim to be someone else. They list a payment method that you can’t use. The location that they think they are at is actually claimed by someone else. And on top of that, they claim to be way older than they really are!

There really wasn’t anything at all on this site that suggested that it was a legit shop. On the contrary, everything that we looked into appeared to be faked, fudged, and fiddled with to get us to believe otherwise.
All in all, we definitely would not recommend anyone to take’s discounts or deals. They are more than likely a fraudulent website, and care nothing for the honest, hardworking people. All they care about is to scam people out of their money.

Don’t trust it, don’t use it, and don’t be scammed!

Thanks to Garret for finding us, and asking about this particular site! Review: Why Is Everything $10? Review: Why Is Everything $10?

Okay, so our title can be deceiving. Not everything on GreatElectronicOffers is $10 dollars, but the majority of it is! Because of this, the question arises, Why are these discounts there? Is a scam?

That is just what we’ll be looking at in this article. Whether you’re here for that discounted Jacuzzi, or for something else, this site is one that we personally wouldn’t recommend you use. They don’t seem to be completely honest in everything they say.

What Is

Main PageSo, here’s the weird thing. GreatElectronicOffers doesn’t really seem to be selling many, if any, electronics. If you count watches and headphones as electronics, then they are. But the majority of the products they are selling are Sunglasses, Belts, Money Purses, etc.
If the domain name,, doesn’t match up with the product they are selling, then there is a high chance that it’s a scam. So, already, it’s not looking good for

The thing that draws most people’s attention to the site are the discounts. And what discounts they are. Some things are priced over 90% off.

Discounts are great, because they can help sell all those products that you can’t keep on your shelf anymore, or any surplus you might have. But what’s not great is when someone claims to have a discount, but never says why!

On the main page, they say that it is a launch promotion, and that for today, they are having a discount, with free shipping. It’s not exactly a detailed reason as to why they have the discounts. But even still, are those discounts really so?

You see, we looked at this site a few days ago, and they had that same exact banner on their site – ‘Just Today’. So the promotion has been going on for more than a day. Which means, they probably aren’t telling the truth about this promotion.

$10 Dollar Sale

$10 Dollar SaleAs you can see from the above image, every type of sunglasses that they sell are discounted for $10 dollars. Now, this is not normal.

When most people discount prices, they discount everything to a certain % of cost. So for example, everything is discounted 20%, or 50%.
But on this site, most of the products, no matter how much they cost, are all discounted to $10 dollars!
How legit are these discounts?

Most likely, not legit at all. You see, scammers will setup sites like this and put really low prices on all their products (and typically have them all the same price). Then they promote their site on social media, get people to buy from their site, and in the end, scam people out of their hard-earned money.

So this is something that doesn’t come across as being legit. Now, there are three products that we found to have a different price other than $10 dollars.Great Offers Discounts Why these three products (in the above screenshot) aren’t discounted to $10 dollars, we don’t honestly know. But what we do know that they seem highly suspicious, since they don’t exactly explain why they are doing this (in any detail, at least).
So, all the above to say, the products and discounts appear to us as a normal scam-run ploy to get people to purchase from

Who Are The Owners Of Great Electronic Offers?

Now, here is where things get a little stranger.

If you go to their Privacy Policy, they have an email address that they say to email, if you want more information (or something like that):

Privacy Policy Email

Now, there isn’t anything wrong with using a free email address as your contact email. It’s always nice to have it as the same as your store, but if you can’t pay for that, well, you’ve got to settle for the second best thing.

But, the strange thing is that this isn’t the only email address we can find on the store. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Terms and Service page, you’ll find an entirely different email address:

Terms Of Service Email AddressUsing two different emails for operating a business really isn’t good practice. But then again, neither is having several exact look-a-like sites.

If you take a look at, you’ll notice that they seem to claim to be part of HarperCollections. We weren’t sure what, or who, they were, so we decided to look them up. In doing that, we uncovered several other sites that looked exactly like


All three of the above sites are using the same exact email that is found in GreatElectronicOffer’s Terms Of Service page. So they are definitely connected. And because they are, that makes less authentic, and really scammy-looking.

Is Great Electronic Offers A Scam?

From all that we have seen, we would say that is indeed a scam. They are claim to have a sale only for one day when in reality they have been doing this for a while. Also, we’ve found several sites that are very similar to Great Electronic Offers.

Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend anyone take the discounts, or the products, very seriously. It’s just another scammer trying to rip off innocent people. Best to steer clear, stay away, and stay safe!

Thanks to Sarah for letting us know about this site!