An (Un)Official List Of Scam Websites – Sites that Are Probably Not Worth Your Time

Due to the recent influx of traffic we have received, we’ve been taking a look at a lot of scam websites. It’s our guess that we take a look at anywhere from 20-50 sites a week.

Because of this, we come into contact with a lot of scam websites – nearly 90% of the ones we look into are fraudulent sites. Due to this, we have started this list to help others make sure they don’t get scammed from them as well.

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Below are three categories.

  1. Scam Websites
  2. Possible Fraudulent Websites
  3. Sites customers claim they have gotten scammed from

The sites listed below the first category are ones that we found out to be scams because of something on the websites. Maybe it was an email that linked them to another fraudulent website. Maybe it was other people’s reviews of the site, or that the site was impersonating another website.

The second category are sites that we couldn’t verify that were scams, but many indications appeared that they were scams. It might have been errors on the site itself, highly sketchy offers, or billing information discrepancies.

The third category are sites that people have told us that they got scammed from. We can neither verify these claims, but they shouldn’t be completely discounted. Most of the sites that had claims they were scams, though, did have something about them that made them appear to not be legitimate sites.

If you would like to add to this list, feel free to tell us through the form below, and we’ll be more than happy to update this list. Additionally, if you are the owner of one of these websites, and feel that we made an error, feel free to let us know, and we’ll help resolve the matter.

Your email
Provide the site/email/phone number you want us to look into.
Knowing where you found this helps us know what additional clues to look for.
Give as much info about the website as possible. Or if you're interested in helping us scam bust, let us know what you can do!

1. Scam Websites

Tired Of Getting Scammed?

Don’t worry – we know what it’s like. If you have a question about a site, or want to know if something is legit, fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you!

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Provide the site/email/phone number you want us to look into.
Knowing where you found this helps us know what additional clues to look for.
Give as much info about the website as possible. Or if you're interested in helping us scam bust, let us know what you can do!

2. Possible Fraudulent Websites

3. Sites customers claim they have gotten scammed from

Don’t Get Scammed Again!

Use the contact form below to send us the site or product you have a question to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Your email
Provide the site/email/phone number you want us to look into.
Knowing where you found this helps us know what additional clues to look for.
Give as much info about the website as possible. Or if you're interested in helping us scam bust, let us know what you can do!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

258 thoughts on “An (Un)Official List Of Scam Websites – Sites that Are Probably Not Worth Your Time”

    • I recently tried to purchase a Dymo LabelWriter from I received nothing, address leads to a residence in Oregon. No phone number available. Reported the fraudulent website to my bank.

    • Do you know if is a scam? I got a trail and want to cancel and have not been able to cancel

      • That doesn’t look entirely legit. I’m assuming you gave them your credit card details? If that is the case, contact your credit card issuer, explain the situation, and see what they best recommend.

    • Please add Anniecloth to your list of scam companies! Located in China, their site uses pictures from real sites of very nice quality items and then sends cheap, very poor imitations…items look NOTHING like the ads. When you want to return items you learn the company is located in China and you must go through an extensive procedure to return items, paying for the return shipping…which costs more than the items are worth!!! TOTAL RIPE OFF COMPANY

  1. are both scammers and probably any website offering binary options trading is also a scam

  2. this website (ht-4940289[dot]ml/?utm_source=109564) is not reel apple support, they are going to put malware on your computer. If this website pops up or any apple support pops up do not call the number

  3. I have another one for you – – took my bank 3 weeks to get my money back. Their site is sometimes up and running and sometimes not. Not sure if these guys are wanna-be ‘drop-shippers’ as promoted by YouTube channels or just stupid criminals.

    • Hey Lalith,

      The site looks fairly legit. They also go through a payment site called CitrusPay – that appears to be a legit way to pay, so if you use the site, I don’t think they can get your credit-card/banking information. That doesn’t necessarily make Balaj legit, but it helps their authenticity.


  4. is a scam online store!
    I recently purchased a robot vacuum from them and then never head from them again & no vacuum was ever sent. They did not respond to my emails. I should have known better. There was no phone number listed and their listed address (probably fake) is a small house inn a residential neighborhood.
    I filed a complaint with my credit card company who refunded my money & will investigate & hopefully prosecute the owner of this scam site.

    • Hey Thomas,

      Sorry to hear about that. Glad to hear you got a refund though. If I have time at some point, I’ll make sure to make a detailed article explaining why Cheap Price X is a scam.

      Thanks for letting others know about what happened to you,


  5. Snapchat girl asks to “buy t shirts” sounds weird, scam or not?? [site: – Andy]

    • Hey James,

      Grindshirts could be either legit or a scam. They don’t have a privacy policy nor terms of service page. They also only have one thing you can buy on the whole site, making it less credible. They accept money via credit card or through Amazon Pay.

      Overall, I personally wouldn’t trust it nor recommend it, but that’s just because I don’t think I need a $30 dollar shirt with the word ‘grind’ on it. Just my two cents though.


  6. I’m 95% sure they’re a scam they claimed that my partner had a “sum lump we need to sort out”, she eventually asked for sort code I never gave her anything, because we don’t even have anything to do with that bank anymore. she said something about Barclays too. So I rang Barclays and they said they don’t know of the company. It’s called “black pearl claims”. I googled it and some sites redirect me to reviews of it being a scam. But could you please check?

    • Hey Rami,

      Yeah, I would agree with you – it does look like a scam. And if it’s not a scam, they have terrible ways of reaching people. There are numerous accounts of people getting phone calls from these guys, with them claiming they had called before. Very unprofessional. So over all, I personally wouldn’t trust them.


    • Hey Peter,

      If there is a site that has in the URL, then I wouldn’t recommend it. There seems to be several of these sites, all started by the same scammer. This particular site has the same scammer’s email listed – an email address that has been associated with other fraudulent websites. So I personally wouldn’t trust this website.


    • Hey Laurie,

      There are many comments here saying that they’ve been scammed. It’s definitely not a website that I, or others, would recommend using.


  7. We are another scammed family…we ordered two Versa fitbits from this place..
    no fitbits but charges on our credit card. Credit Card company is working on it –
    wonder if anyone else succeeded in obtaining credit for there purchases.
    Don’t buy anything from these people…they are out to get you and any other
    foolish people like us. Pay a little more at a trusted seller.

  8. Yeah – cheapricex is a total scam. I just got scammed for a Furbo. They said it will be delivered within 6-8 days. Never came – checked website – gone. Poof. Disapeared. Replied back to customer service e-mail: e-mail got kicked back – domain no longer exists. Complete scam. Do not buy anything from them – ever.

    • Hey Kale,

      Sorry to hear about that. Glad to know at least that their site is down. Sucks for you unfortunately, but hopefully it won’t pop back online any time soon, and continue scamming others.


  9. can be moved from fraudulent to scam. To withdraw your earnings, you need to pay and when the withdrawal has been successful, they sent you a mail but the earnings never arrive at your wallet. Got all the proof that you want to support my saying

  10. is definitely a scam. Thought I was ordering a baby swing for 70% off on March 21. When the swing didn’t arrive I started attempting to contact the company but the website had completely disappeared and the email wouldn’t work.
    Luckily my bank was able to reverse the charges.

    • Hey M,

      Glad to hear that you were able to get your money back. Thanks or leaving a comment and letting others know about Cheap Price X.


  11. is a scam website. The advertise heavily on Instagram and facebook. Charge for product then provide a bogus tracking no.

  12. Trying to find out if TVbest/theviralbest is a scam or not. I ordered a straightener through them over a month ago, and still haven’t recieved a tracking number. The customer service link they provided gives an error code and says page does not exist. This is bad because their website pops up on all my gaming ads. Thanks

    • Hey Krys,

      Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend them. They are connected with Storm Media Limited, and everything I’ve read about them suggest that they aren’t good business owners. Things are as they are requested, there is poor customer service, as well as not even beeing BBB accredited. So I really wouldn’t recommend using them/trying to get your money back from them.


  13. I have recently invested around $1500 at with cryptocurrency. I really hope this company isn’t fraudulent. Any supporting evidence that it is fraudulent that I can reference?

    • Hey Alexander,

      The site isn’t runnning HTTPS, and they have a copyright notice of 2018. Also, they claim to be at a certain address, but yet, when I go there via Google Maps, I can’t seem to find them anywhere. But that’s not really what I’m really concerned about.

      The main reason I find them to be a scam is that they are using fake testimonials to try to prove that they are legit. On of those testimonial they have on the bottom is faked (look up the images and you’ll see). The other two I can’t really find anywhere else on the web.

      If they are lying about who actually used their product, then what else are they lying about. Additionally, I have someone who also told me via our contact form that they also invested, and now see that it’s a scam, and are trying to get their money back. So this site clearly has some issues going on with it.


    • Hey Steven,

      Yeah, I would call this a scam website – they don’t seem to have anything updated, no return address, or Privacy Policy. Also, they don’t seem to realize that black Friday has been long and gone.

      Oh, and they are also using copyrighted logo’s and images. So I wouldn’t trust them.


    • Hey Rica,

      Yeah, that appears to be legit. They’ve been around for a while now, and the reviews seem to be favorable.


  14. Can you let me know what made you put on the possible list? I just ordered from there and now I am nervous.

    • Sure, Heidi. Taking a look at what I sent to someone via an email, this is what we found:

      All the prices are the same. But I did find that they are somehow located with YouMobi Co, Limited. I was also able to find 3 different email addresses that were associated with this site (three separate emails I might add).

      Also, they don’t seem to be where they claim they are located: 123 Main St, London, UK. I couldn’t find them there, and honestly, that location sounds like a random address.

      Scammers will often use discounts, and lower prices to get people to purchase off their site. Also, with 3 different emails and a location that honestly sounds like it’s made up (123 Main St.?), we though it was possibly a scam website (we didn’t have any verifiable proof that it was one, but now that it is actually down and no longer around, it’s looking more like it is).

      In short, I would recommend you seeing if you can get a refund in some way, that is, of course, if you can’t get hold of the company, and see if they really are going to give you an order.


      Edit: Taking a look at the site again, we found it to be still up (I guess we had the URL wrong…). We will be investigating this site further, and publish a report on it within the next few days.

  15. I am sure cats n kittens is a scam.also can you check purrpack is legit? They took my money and didn’t ship and when they tried to bill me again I didn’t have enough for them to withdraw thank goodness but they said they don’t ship until you pay for the second box,shady

    • Haha, thanks for pointing that out Leann. We actually did a whole review on Cats N Kitties and forgot to move it. We would love to look into Purrpack for you, but could you be more specific about the URL they are at? Feel free to leave it in a comment or through our contact form!


  16. I ordered a high chair from
    limited store & never received it & when I go to the website its just gone. There’s no one to reach & no way to reach them. Its just gone & so is my money. They just disappeared into things air.

    • Sorry to hear about that Stephanie. How did you pay? Have you tried opening a dispute about it, and seeing if you could get your money back?

    • No, this site looks like a scam. The site hasn’t been around for more than 2 weeks (as of writing this), and they are claiming to be Canon, which is incorrect (and actually illegal to do so). Also, scammers will give out discounts for their fake products to get people to buy them. So we wouldn’t recommend ordering from them.

      You left another comment saying that you did purchase from them. Out of curiosity, did you receive an email about your order, and if so, what was the email address that it came from?


    • Hey Bee,

      The site looks legit – they claim that they are owned by Debodia International Ltd, and that does appear to be legit. How authentic are they, I can’t comment on. As you use the site, I would just recommend being cautious as you do, and if you feel as something isn’t right, then trust your judgement.


      • I booked from this website, card got charged, all of a sudden, no ticket came in, when checked, it says booking was cancelled. I did chat their support and they said payment was not received that’s why it was cancelled. HENCE, their payment gateway is not reliable!!! I still have to wait for the refund, I hope they will refund!!!! If not, then my 574USD will go down the toilet. DO NOT BOOK FROM IWOFLY!!!

        • I have the same experience. They WONT give you a ticket! Then all the customer service will give you the runaround. No ticket, no reservation number, no itinerary code or anything

  17. I recently ordered three pairs of sneakers from Website seemed legit but I had to open it with TOR. As soon as the order was placed, I received a confirmation email saying the order was cancelled but they proceeded with the payment. I contacted MasterCard immediately and they sent me the paperwork to dispute the claim. About three days later I received an email saying that my items had shipped. The tracking number shows that the parcel is in transit. Does anybody have any experience with this site? I see it in the list of scam sites.

    • Hey Steve,

      The reason that we have the site listed is because the email connected with this website has been linked to a lot of other fraudulent websites – which means that this site is more than likely going to be similar. I can’t comment too much about why the tracking number shows what it does. Not sure why you needed to use TOR either to see this site.


  18. I have seen that you have listed as a scam website. Please assist with further information on why it is listed so that i can make a quick decision.

    • When last we checked, lantern Investments had a 2015 copyright notice, and was using fake testimonials. Could they be legit? Possibly. But if they have to fake the testimonials, then they clearly have some issues they have to work out before we would recommend them.

        • They also don’t appear to be legit. Or at least not legit enough for us. We found one negative review about them, and their LLC doesn’t appear anywhere, when we searched on BBB (Better Business Bureau). So we personally wouldn’t recommend them as of yet.

          • Andy, thanks for the guidance. Would you also please list the legitimate ones? You can share the list through my inbox though.

          • Unfortunately, as of right now, a list of all the legitimate sites aren’t possible. This is due to many different factors, mainly that sites change frequently, and something we looked at a month ago could become a scam site within that time (it happens more often than a scam site becoming a legit site).

            Specifically in the realm of cryptocurrencies and investments, we’re hoping to search for some of the better ones, and write reviews of them, but it will be some while before we get everything finalized.

  19. I just ordered from and it looks like its a scam site. Can you confirm?

    • Hey Wassim,

      It definitely looks like a scam website – assuming we’re talking about I would recommend opening a dispute and try to get your money back.

  20. Is a scam site? they are offering a sewing box (a complete sewing/craft station)for $195 plus free shipping. These normally go for upwards of $995.

    • Hey Vikki, they do appear to be a scam website – or something close to it. I definitely wouldn’t recommend ordering from them.

    • Hey Lu Lu,

      Yeah, this site is definitely a scam website. They are impersonating Furla, and trying to be them, which is technically illegal to do…

    • Hey Bitb,

      I wouldn’t recommend it. They don’t seem to be running SSL on their site, and we were able to find three negative reviews about them, each claiming that they don’t pay. They also seem to guarantee large returns in a short amount of time – which just isn’t legit or true.


    Are these deals to good to be real? Should I risk the money or is it a definite scam?

    • Hey Angelo,

      It doesn’t appear that is up any longer, which means that it probably was a scam website. Most scam websites run deals and discounts, to try to entice a user to get to order something, so that they get scammed. So, our best guess is that it was indeed a scam website.

    • Hey Amy,

      We’ll be posting an article shortly on why we think Girlish Avenue is a scam (or something we don’t recommend buying from). Stay tuned!

    • Hey Sham,

      Yeah, that is indeed a scam website. It is linked to other scam websites. We definitely wouldn’t recommend shopping there!

  22. How about,they just proposed me to invest in their company.wondering if they are legit or not?

    • That is definitely not legit Alpha. They have several sites they are running, and don’t appear to be trustworthy at all.

  23. Hi everybody!
    Please give me an advice. I would like something from Do you thing it`s a scam website? I don`t see anywhere contact info, phone numbers ecc.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Alina,

      This does appear to be like a site that a scammer would run. They don’t explain why the discounts are there, and they don’t have their site set up very well (lack of ssl, reset password link not working, etc). So we definitely wouldn’t recommend purchasing from them.


  24. Has anyone heard of ? This guy that I’m talking to seems legit and he’s very helpful with trying to help me invest but the page doesn’t add up since the address on the webpage can be found on other similar sites in regards to BTC mining

    • Hey Danny,

      yeah, this is indeed a scam. They aren’t worth doing business with. Like you noted, their information pops up on other sites, sites that we have listed as a scam. Scammers will go to great lengths to get people to fall for their scam.

    • That doesn’t exactly appear to be legit. Their copy right notice is older than when their site was created. So it’s possible that they’ve been around for a while, but they don’t appear to be as legit as we would like it.

  25. Is a scam

    Paid for a pair of shoes, was charged twice and received email from cs1(@)

  26. I already check these websites and seem, scammers:,,
    I’ve been hugely scammed by Swissfdc.

    I need to know if is scam

  27. Is this site a scam? My daughter really wants a pair of shoes on here, but it looks questionable. Thanks! []

    • Hey KT,

      Yeah, that site is a scam – it’s on our list of scam websites. The site in question appears to be linked to a PayPal scam. So it’s definitely not recommended to use the site.


  28. After almost falling into the scam from refurbished warehouse .com I feel I need to share an opinion not claiming it’s a truth it’s just an opinion , The old saying if it sounds to good to be true? Well especially in this day and age that is more relevant then ever before. So many are trying to take whatever they can from who ever they can. A very helpful process I use is when searching for deals or items online ,is every website wants to rip me off, and that reminds me to be patient and dig for the facts, especially when my hard earned money is at risk, overtime I developed a way of being able to tell legitimate sites fro harmful ones more easily. It’s our responsibility as the consumer to protect ourselves and each other and use common sense and if a person is lacking in common sense they need to keep their money and online activity separated entirely. That may sound harsh I know, Boeing victims of these sites is more than harsh it’s cruelty. Be wise be safe world I believe the honest are outnumbered greatly in the online society we now swim in.

    • Thanks for the comment Donnie, and wise words! Each and every one of us should do our own research and find the truth behind the websites. As you pointed out with the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

  29. I confirm that is a fraudulent site. We paid for an apartment in Amsterdam, but after the payment they did not give us any information on check-in. In the end we found out the apartment does not exist. They also tell you to send them a copy of your ID card before payment, that they will probably use for other frauds.

    • Shoesmonline is a scam appears to be the same site as shoesvclub, payments are taken by a company called CL top marketing out of Malaysia could not find an email address for them though, only a telephone number

  30. I confirm too that is a scam site. I pay for an apartment in Amsterdam and after the payment i don’t receive any news about ceck in. They ask ID card and send you a contract to sign and after the ask to do the payment with domestic bank account in Spain. I hope that someone can do somethink complaint and stop this crime.

  31. What about this one, Because I have paid them and the status of the order status Pending Payment.

    • Hey Li,

      That does look like it could be a possibly fraudulent website, especially if you haven’t received anything yet. We would recommend seeing if there is some way to dispute the purchase, and see if you can get your money back.

      Best of luck!

      • Hey Bob,

        This site has an email associated with it that is linked to other fraudulent websites. So we personally wouldn’t recommend using it. You’ll more than likely get scammed because of it.

  32. Hace 2 meses hice una compra en y me enviaron un producto equivocado. Desde entonces estoy mandándoles email para que me envíen lo que compré pero no hacen más que darme largas. No sé como solucionarlo, alguna idea? Muchas gracias.

    • Since we have that listed as a scam website, that probably means that they’re not going to give you want you want. It’s probably best to see if you can dispute the problem, and get your money back.

      Best of luck!

  33. can i trust because all the products on the website are ridiculously cheap and can’t find better prices anywhere not even second hand!

  34. hey you sound like a legend

    would you trust as it is very random and i feel very insecure when i’m on it

    • Hey Billy, we’re definitely no legend. But as to your question, we don’t believe they are a scam. They seem to have been around for a while, and nothing seem off on their site. So they should be fine security-wise when you are on their site.

    • is a trading website and offers program that has high profit. Afterwards they will ask 20% of your profit as payment. You need to pay it first so that you can withdraw the amount. Been deposited money and wasn’t able to withdrawn it

    • From what we saw, it doesn’t look as legit as we would like. They are only a month or so old, don’t give an address as to where they are located, and their email address may not even be legit. So in the end, we wouldn’t recommend them just quite yet to use.

      • Hello Mr. Andy,
        Thank you very much of your expertise online it helps a lot of me. Can you recommend to me a website that are selling BTC for me to buy the soonest possible time.
        Again thanks a lot.
        Eddu Villahizz

    • You are definitely right, it isn’t a site that we would recommend, nor trust. It appears that they are connected with other fraudulent websites.

      We’ll add it to the above list!

    • Hey Eddu,

      That site isn’t one that we would recommend just quite yet. They don’t come across as being legit in what they say and how they present themselves.

      Also, make sure to leave one comment only – we’ll get to it as soon as we can. Leaving four comments about the same thing isn’t going to get us to look into the site any faster.


  35. just wondering whether you think that “international protection and surveillance authority” or IPSA is a legitimate website. they seem interested in try to get money back from people who we’re scammed in the past. Their URL is, only been around about 8 months. There is an official uk website that has the URL – so obviously looks fraudulent to me- what do you think?

    • That site definitely looks fraudulent. Nothing on the web about it. And nothing from Congress about it (from where they claim they get their funding). The only thing we found connected were reviews saying that they were a scam – go figure.

      Thanks for letting us know about this!

    • While we did have that site on our list of possible scams, we have once again reviewed it, and it doesn’t appear to be a scam. We don’t see any reason to not buy from them.

      • I disagree. The photos of their items are deceptive. They picture cotton and linen articles and deliver cheap polyester articles from China. I have provided all documentation to receive a refund only to get automated emails requesting more details to the point they drag it out past their return deadline. I am contesting the charge on my credit card and filing a complaint with the attorney generals office for fraud.

  36. is 100% a scam

    could you please take a look at for me? because I have a feeling it’s the same scammer

    • Thanks for letting us know about Centraprinthead. As for the other site, we believe that it’s not as legit as it claims to be, and so we wouldn’t recommend that you trust them, or use them.

  37. This one ( is fake. I found out about this the hard way. they ask for some money , they provide a file that has a password, then ask for more money an time to give you the pass. And ask the payment to be made in bitcoins, so by the nature of this transaction, you will not be able to cancel the payment.

    • We definitely wouldn’t recommend using it. It’s only been around for a month or so, and doesn’t really have any legitimacy. Best to find an alternative site to use.

  38. Nicholas Olav Redman uses the website to lure LOVERS in dating apps to send him money. He uses the phone +1 925-290-7766 and email : THIS WEBSITE IS A SCAM and NOT A REAL COMPANY. Check out the Locations of the business addresses yourselves, it doesn’t have a landline, all the business addresses are residences and all the photos of the people are fictitious. Nicholas Olav Redman uses the picture of producer TIM LAWSON in his photos. to check : just google his name. Thanks

  39. Beware of this site too
    A SCAM. Not only they will take your money and didn’t send anything, but they’ll impersonated a shipping company telling you your package been held by custom and you need to wire $450 by bitcoin or western union to release it.

  40. Hi Andy is is a scam websites coz I invest money with them and its been 2 an half months I didn’t get my money and they keep on asking for more money. Plz let me know.

    • Hey Huma,

      That site is on our list of scam websites, so more than likely it is a scam. Whatever you do, don’t give them more money. They aren’t going to give you any in return.

  41. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you can confirm whether or not this is a scam. The prices seem low and I cant find them on Google maps.

    • We wouldn’t recommend using them as of yet. There doesn’t seem to be much online about them. So we would recommend waiting a few weeks/months, and see if more info comes out about them.

      Hope this helps!

  42. Hi Andy.
    I have another one for you! I have been trying to get an order from Yokaful for weeks. They told me I should receive the items soon, then today said they could not find my order! Is this a fashion scam website? I am trying to get my money back from PayPal.

    • Sorry to hear about that Georgeanna. They appear to be a Chinese company, which sometimes means that they aren’t as good as other sites. From what we looked up they appear to be legit. But if you dispute your order with PayPal, you should be able to get your money back. Best of luck!

    • Also been waiting for a yokaful order for weeks. Email query prompted the following response, identical to one seen on their Facebook page.
      “As we have a large orders these day, so could you please wait more few days”.

    • Probably not, they are a scam, and run by a scammer who has been doing this for a while now. Best way to get your money back is to contact the company that you paid through (PayPal, Bank, Credit Card Issuer, Etc.), explain the situation, and see if they can help you.

      Best of luck!

    • That site is on our list of scam websites, so it’s probably not an authentic cheating website. Scammers have been running those types of websites for a while now. So it’s best to avoid them.

  43. on your POSSIBLE list above is, this IS a 100% scam site, the proof is the email, cs being the common ID of a large cyber crime gang. PLEASE REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. NEVER USE !! its a Scam
    I was searching for New Balance Shoes, i went this website payed 69 Euro + 12 Euro Delivery charges total: 81 Euro. On the website it was written i will get my Shoes within 5 working days, after two weeks i claimed that i didn’t receive my shoes, they never reply then after one month i again did it, again no reply, finally after 1 month and 23 days i got my pack of shoes, and it was another lower lower class brand even not a shoes of 5 euro and rounded in a rough shopper, and written my adress over it, i was shocked to see it, i claimed it and have sent the pictures they replied after few days its under consideration and then after few weeks they accepted my claim and said we will contact now decide what to do, then they send me a email saying we can’t payback but if you want buy another shoes and we will give you 15% discount and a small gift, but we can not do anything else, here is no option i can post the pic of shoes they send me and my email conversation with them, there are SuperScam, they will also attempt to use your credit card, please be aware and do not use this website, i have reported it in different countries. Be aware

    • Hey SB,

      I personally wouldn’t trust the site. The site itself seems broken, and doesn’t look too legit. We would wait until other reviews come out from it to make sure that it is legit.

      Hope this helps!

  45. STAY AWAY FROM: and
    I was scammed by Instagram user: bella.beck1 on the first website
    On the 2nd website I was scammed by an instagram user called johnsmith_fx_

  46. scam alert! Stay away!
    Made a purchase from http:\ and the next few weeks over 5K charged to my credit card. Original purchase never arrived. Credit card cancelled.

  47. Highly suspect is a scam site. Offers reduced prices on what appear to be a quality range of clothing, shoes etc. Ordered a pair recently and the emails I received rang alarm bells. Requested shipping info and received no reply. Bank sorting the reversal of payment.
    While it is an Italian website, it is run out of France and the US.
    Beware !!

  48. wow, just found this site. thanks for doing this
    i went searching for an item i really like but it was listed 250$, but i found this site
    where the price was slashed in half. didn’t believed it. so out of concern i sent a mail to them to ask for additional infos, and after it i tried to register. as it was a simple registering, no vital infos were added. then i tried to discover shipping fees. on the page for the shipping, they slashed the price again, it was simply too good to be true. So i checked and found you guys. glad to having checked. about how they scam i’d like to know… what they do exactly?
    take the money and the site vanish or there’s simply no merchandising on them to ship?
    also, i suppose they already took several complaints and denounces… how they’re still online?

    thanks again

    • Scam sites like these usually will send something small and cheap (like a ring, or something else) to make it harder for you to get your money back. And then since they have your credit card info, our best guess is they sell it/use it for their nefarious schemes.

  49. is a scam website? Been talking to one of the brokers for awhile the platform they are using seems quite dodgy. They want me to upgrade my account for $3000 just to withdraw my money, which sounds so dodgy

    • Hey Rey,

      It definitely looks like a scam – there doesn’t seem to be a Risk disclosure on their site. So, as you noted, it does appear to be rather dodgy. We would recommend that you don’t upgrade your account.

  50. Good Day!

    I received a message via Whatsup/Gmail, from Google Inc Middle East

    Dear Google User, Thanks for using Google Apps on your mobile phone,

    ::: Congratulations ::::

    Your Google ID has been selected for FREE Brand New

    “Apple iPhone 11” + “Apple Macbook Pro Laptop”

    The number their using coming from Uzbekistan, and the next number after sending the details (Name, WhatsUp #, etc.) they reply coming from Poland number. I have some doubt and many of my friends saying that this is scam, the item that I should receive is coming from Ireland and it was sent through, then I give them details to send my package at doha Qatar, and after 1 day they reply with attached their Forms for DHL & Airbill, but before they release the item I should pay advance payment worth 100$ for shipping fee.

    So, is this legit?

    Please advice….

  51. Hey Andy,
    I purchased a $65 quilt from Nori back in August and received the wrong item and they still have not resolved the issue and sent a quilt. Was I suckered?

    • We wouldn’t recommend using the site, as it looks like there are several sites that appear to be the same, just with a different domain name – that usually means that it’s a scam.

  52. Hollywood Pods is a complete scam of a company. We ordered tens of thousands of dollars worth of office phone booths and office meeting pods, and not only did they come a month late, they installed a bunch of damaged garbage. Hollywood Pods refuses to fix the office pods (I doubt that’s even possible), take them back (because they are so damaged and worthless) or give us a refund, and now they are ignoring our phone calls and emails. We are filing a lawsuit against Hollywood Pods. Do not give your money to Hollywood Pods.

    • My compnay did too. Tens of Thousands and we can’t get in touch with anyone fo a ship date. Or if they even have them in production. And we already provided them with a huge deposit!

  53. I saw the following sites in a “clearance promotion summary 2019”: (Vans), (Birkenstock), (nike), (the north face). I browsed the amazing prices and then became skeptical. Are these a scam?

    • great prices, low discounts, and sketchy sales pages usually mean that they are a scam. If they are promoting some type of fashion or clothes-wear, and aren’t the actual site, then we wouldn’t recommend shopping at them.

  54. Hey, do you know anything about this one?

    • Hi Robert,
      There’s several indicators that make it sound like a scam. One of them is that the Copy Right at the bottom of the page is isn’t 2020.

      Best to avoid it.

  55. Please check and both seem same , similar items, some changes.
    Only Western Union for payment, communication also good, prices too tempting to resist.

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