About Me

Hello to all who read this!

I’m Andy, the creator of this site.

I’m your average guy, doing average things, and enjoy those average things. I enjoy eating ice-cream by the half-gallon. I enjoy being with friends and family and having a good time.

Being one who is curious in nature, I’ve had a hard time in choosing one specific career path. I’ve looked into farming, the military, computer programming, ethical hacking, chess, memorization techniques, customer service, and even janitorial duties.

Since I never really liked the various jobs that I did, and never aspiring to be one who lived a 9-5 job, I decided to take my future, and my passions, and look for another way to be financially free. Like most other people, I started looking for other ways to make money.

Since I enjoyed working from home, I started looking for ways to make money online.

The many things I did…

If it was plausible, I would look into it. Anything from writing emails to clicking on ads. Many of those things turned out to be scam and a waste of time, but I was determined to find a way to make money online.

As I looked into these jobs, I just never found anything that seemed to work, nor anything to that seemed to be actually legit and a way to make money.

I wasn’t looking for a lot of money. Just enough to keep myself afloat in this faced-paced society that we lived in. Getting more and more frustrated with my life, I finally stumbled upon a site that I’ve come to love and promote as much as possible.

You can read of my review about that site, Wealthy Affiliate. Simply put, Wealthy Affiliate is a site dedicated to helping people learn the art of affiliate marketing. in more basic terms, they teach you how to make a website and make money from it.

As I learned about affiliate marketing, I grew to love the many things that come within it. Promoting products that I enjoy, learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Designing websites, and helping real people out with real life issues.

Even though I found this great site, Wealthy Affiliate, I still fell to the get-rich-quickly mentality, and continued looking for various ways to make more money. Making Udemy courses, Domain flipping, being a copy-writer, all these came out of a desire to find something that would make money quickly. And some of those things I got burned, and ripped off with.

There was one time where I took a job writing for a certain company. I devoted as much time as I could to this company, writing article after article, trying to give them as much quality words as possible. A week went by, and I had written some 18 articles. When I asked to get paid, they hemmed and hawed, and in the end, never gave me a cent for my work.

I learned a lot from that experience. I learned that I could write a lot in a short span if I needed to. I learned that sometimes you have to be careful with who you trust, even if you think you’re working for someone legit.

I also learned that no one really likes to get scammed out of their time, money, and information.

And so, I started this site

I don’t aspire to be that famous, nor do I need a lot of money. I just want to help people not get into the same situations that I’ve been put into. More specifically, I don’t want others to get scammed.

And that’s what I do with this site. I review many different programs and websites out there, to see how legit they actually are. I try to assess what their true motives are behind the thing they are promoting.

Some things I have found to look really scammy, and yet, they actually have some excellent products, and some wonderful people behind the programs. Other sites seem to be very perfect – almost a little too perfect. And with that perfection comes out a product that is full of scams and fraudulent schemes.

There are other sites that while they are legit, they aren’t ones that are very financial in the long run, not unless you pay thousands of dollars to keep yourself within their system.

Future plans and goals for this site

I currently only look at internet scams, and a few email scams. It’s my hope in the near future to be able to look into email and phone scams. But due to budget cuts and how the economy is, I can’t quite do all that yet.

Basically, I don’t quite have enough money to full integrate email and phone scams into this site yet. If you are interested in having me reach my goal of being able to check out email and phone scams, feel free to reach out and let me know.

If you do have any products or websites that you are interested in me reviewing to check out whether they’re scams or not, feel free to send them to me via the contact form. Even if it has to do with phone or email, don’t hesitate to send it my way. While I may not be able to take a look at it immediately, I make sure to shelve it for the day when I can.

Stay cool. Stay strong. And stay away from scammers who want to take all your money from you!