Review: Why Are They Connected With This Bad Moods – And Is It A Scam? Review: Why Are They Connected With This Bad Moods – And Is It A Scam?

Through comments and contact form requests, we received several inquiries about a site called They were asking whether it was legit. As we reviewed them, we found more and more and more sites that were connected with them in some way.

Is a scam? Why are they connected with And why do they use at least three emails to run their business?

All this, and more, is what we’ll look into as we take a look at just who Aindsha really is. Hopefully by the end of this article, you will have found a few things to look for in the future when you go to purchase on a new website! – What Is It The Site About?'s main claims to be a fast growing e-commerce store that has a lot of ‘high-quality products’ from numerous brands around the world.

They show, in their About Us page’s Mission Statement, just who they are:

We pride ourselves with being one of the fastest
growing ecommerce platforms for high quality products from many
individual store sellers. We strive to make you happy. Best Gear,Better

That is all interesting, but when you go to, you immediately notice that they have ‘’ listed on their site. Right where the logo usually goes.

So why is this supposedly fast-growing ecommerce store advertising another site?

We went to to take at it, to see just what they were all about. We thought maybe they were the parent company of or something. When we finally got to, we found that they had the same exact shop, store, and appearance as!'s main page Both of the sites, and, appear to the exact look-a-likes of each other. Which doesn’t bode well for

You see, there are a lot of scammers who will have several sites that look exactly the same. Why? We don’t honestly know, but it means that isn’t a site you want to shop at.

Also, they both claim to be a fast-growing ecommerce shop. That’s sadly what most sites we look at say. Oh, and those other shops turned out to be scams.’s Copyright Notice

If you scroll down to the bottom of Aindsha’s website, you’ll notice that they are copyright for And they claim to have been around for nearly 10 years!

Copyright Notice Of Aindsha.comAs you can see from the above screenshot, Aindsha claims that has the copyright from 2010 to 2019. But, the funny thing is that neither ThisBadMoods nor Aindsha are older than one year.

When you create a website and purchase a domain name, it goes in the public records of just when exactly you purchased that domain. And when you look up how long ThisBadMoods has been around, you find that it hasn’t been long at all.

ThisBadMoods' Whois Info

As you can see from the above screenshot, ThisBadMoods has only been around since February 1st of 2019. So they haven’t even been around long enough to hold the copyright for 9 years! was registered back in 2018, on December 24th. So they too aren’t old enough to have been around for that long either.
So, both sites are clearly lying about how old they are, and what they have been up to. And if they are lying about that, then what else are they lying about?

Aindsha’s Contact Information And Three Emails

Aindsha’s contact information doesn’t exactly check out. They list an email address and phone number to use in the case you need to get in contact with them. The strange thing is, there are several other shops using the same exact phone number and email address.

Aindsha's Contact InfoIf you do a search for the phone number you can find that number listed on the following websites:


Search Engine ResultsEach and every site appears to be claiming to be connected with as well, which is sort of strange, since claims to be connected with

But their email address also doesn’t give us much help either. You see, when we created an account on their site, we didn’t get an email from the one mentioned in the contact form, but from someone called MyGoodOne.Servise(@)

The Email usedSo that is two different emails that they are operating from. Both being gmail accounts,and having nothing to do with the actual site that we are looking at!

Nothing is overly wrong with using a free email address, like Gmail. But, if you are running a business, it’s always best to at least make the email have some sort of connection with the business you are using it with. Then again, being able to send email addresses from your own domain is the best thing to do.

But, in any case, two emails from Gmail wasn’t the only types of emails that we found. While rooting around in their Terms and Conditions page, we also uncovered another email address – Support(@)

Another Email AddressWe tried to go to, but it appears that it is no longer a site you can get to. So we’re not exactly sure how they are connected with, but they are!

All in all, running a website with three emails, and having your contact info listed on several other sites doesn’t make this site look legit at all. It is definitely best to steer clear from them.

Is A Scam?

From all that we’ve seen, and taken a look at, if we had to guess, we would say that is indeed a scam. We can’t exactly confirm it though, since it could be just a poorly setup shop, run by someone who doesn’t exactly know how to set up websites (even though they have 4+ sites they are running…).

In the end, because of the three emails they are using, because of the weird ways they are connected with other sites, and because they just don’t really look legit at all, we would conclude they are indeed a scam.

What about you? Have you ordered from them? Were you scammed? We would love to know your experiences with Aindsha and ThisBadMoods. Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

9 Replies to “ Review: Why Are They Connected With This Bad Moods – And Is It A Scam?”

  1. Thank you for doing the research on this site, I thought it seemed a little weird. They are selling an awesome ultimate sewing station, Price was marked down from almost 1,000 to 195 and comes with clear plastic bins. I thought it was TOO GOOD to be true. Not only that, but the return policy was weird, it stated that if the product was not how it was described you could return it but pay for the shipping OR keep it and discuss refund with the seller. (?) what? Also, they claim to offer other products, when I went to look around, there were no other products. They also claim their sewing cabinet is made in the USA custom order and they accept us currency and Euro’s and others and in one place it states if you dont get your order within 7 days you get a refund but in another place it states the company usually ships in 0-3 weeks which left me scratching my head and brought me to you. Thank you, I will Not be using this site and will stir clear of the others associated with them.

  2. I agree – the sewing box looked too good to be real. The product looks great but I was concerned about the return policy that said if it was not how it was described you could return (pay shipping) or keep it and discuss refund – WTH? Also, although they offered different ‘versions’ which appears to be the different types of ‘wood’ (particle board) it is constructed with, you were not able to view the different options. When looking at the site for other products, there were no other products, including the sewing box, and it kept saying there was nothing in my cart when I clicked on another area of the site? Guess it IS to good to be true…..

  3. I’m usually pretty good about looking into companies before ordering, so I’m a little ashamed to say that I actually fell for this one. The red flags were there, but I got excited about the great price. I feel like a big dummy. I tried stopping the order, but they will not respond to me. I have disputed the charges on my credit card, but it has not been refunded yet. Just hoping I can get my money back and never fall for this again. I will learn from this moment of weakness.

  4. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the scam comments before I ordered. I hope I am not the victim here. I read it all and had my doubts. Not how do I get out of it?

    1. How did you pay? You may be able to cancel/open a dispute with your bank/credit card issuer/etc. They would be the best place to go, in terms of figuring out the next steps.

  5. Yes! Fell in love with the sewing box! And paid for it! Now waiting for delivery…which will probably never show. I did hesitate but I was too tempted by the product.
    I checked the website name and found your website! Thanks. I have notified my credit card company and stopped payment on any purchases from I will also file a claim if no product arrives in the next 2 weeks. So I won’t hold my breath in that. Will check your website for future purchases on deals too good to be true!!

  6. First time buyer on Internet, I think it will be the last time . It makes two weeks and no delivery yet . So I called the number which was on the tracking bill with the phone number . It was answering machine leave me your name I will call back. I have notified my my credit but passed the bill 225.00 us .Will see you next week 🤞🏻. I’ve learned a big lesson .

  7. Ordered the sewing cabinet on May 4th, do not have it, haven’t received a tracking notice, etc. I was worried when I did it but used my American Express card just in case. Tried calling and got a Google Voice machine. Disputed charge with Amex – will see how it goes.

  8. I too fell for the ultiamte sewing box, there were red flags and I ignored them because I really really wanted it to be true. The order was processed and payment taken, I waited patiently and then contacted them after 10 days both by phone leaving a message and by several emails, finally telling them to contact me ASAP or I would report them as a scam. The payment was magically refunded to my account, however, I have still never received communication from the company and my account with them has been deleted. I wish I had done better research prior to ordering and I will be monitoring my account for any fraudulent activity, but at this point I am happy to receive the refund without any hassle. I would never recommend taking a chance on the company.

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