Review: Is a scam, or legit? (Our Expert Opinion!)

Like most people searching around the web, you’re probably wondering whether is a scam. Either that, or you visited our website, saw our great content, and decided to read more.

With there being no sense in beating around the bush and keeping you in the dark, we’ll just admit it right up front. We believe Allcamarket is a scam and a fraudulent company. And below we’re hoping to help show you why we think that (and how you can avoid sites like it in the future).

When looking at, we noticed four things that didn’t seem completely right.

  1. All the products were the same price (and the same discount).
  2. Privacy Policy wasn’t even completed.
  3. There are two shipping addresses.
  4. They claim to allow PayPal payments (even when they really don’t).’s Prices and Products's main claims to be a site that is “an independent online Technology Gadgets and accessories retailer and offer our highest quality and best offers specifically to you.

While that may all sound great on paper, that really doesn’t leave us much of an answer on who they really are. But what we do know is that they sell a lot of different products.

The weird thing is, they seem to sell all of their products for the low price of $14.95. Not only that, but all the products were originally $35.00. Discounts and ProductsAnd if you take an even more detailed look into the products, you’ll find that some of them are way too cheap.

For example, if one were to try to find an intelligent Electric Pressure Rice Cooker, you would probably have to buy a used, non-workable cooker at some pawn shop to get it for as low as $14.95 (unless you were able to inherit it from your mother). The price we were able to find it at (without doing too much searching) was a little lower than $250.

Or, if you were to take a look at the power washer Allcamarket claims to sell, you can find the exact one on another site going for $148 per item.

What this is all alluding to is that, clearly, someone is trying to give you discounts so low, prices so cheap, that you’ll just want to buy something from their shop.

And unfortunately, it’s worked on quite enough people, since this scam is still around.

And that’s the very first thing that should tip us off that this site is a scam. Many scammers will have discounts and other promo’s, trying to entice people to purchase something from their store.

Additionally, all the prices are the exact same! That means that something is going on that you probably to don’t want to be a part of.

Privacy Policy Issues

We always love to take a look at a website’s Privacy Policy. That specific page is one that usually tells people what the site will collect from you (your ip address, home address, email address, etc), and how they will keep it safe, including whether they’ll give it away/share it and/or sell it.

In the past we’ve found some pretty bizarre issues with Privacy Policies. We’ve even found one that suggested they would pretty much share everyone’s information to everyone!’s Privacy Policy is a little different. It appears that they copied it from something else, and forgot to actually update their page!

Privacy Policy ErrorsAs you can see from the above screenshot, it appears that there were parts of this page that were supposed to be edited. And it doesn’t look like they were.

This doesn’t bode well for If they don’t have a clear Privacy Policy on their site, then you probably shouldn’t be using their site, no matter how legit it is. You really have no idea on how they’re collecting the information, or what they’re doing with it (or for that matter, what exactly they are collecting!).

Two Different Shipping Addresses

As we were surfing through their Refund page, we found that they seem to list two different addresses. Which one is correct (if even one is)? We don’t know, and since we don’t live in France, it’s not exactly easy to decipher what is written.

Two Shipping addressesSo, maybe one is for if you want to exchange it, and the other is if you just want to send your product back? We honestly don’t know, but this is the type of stuff that you don’t typically see on a legit site.

We highly doubt that they are in two different locations (especially if they’re selling things at an extremely discounted price).

And, this is just the sort of things that a scammer would accidentally do – leave two addresses on their website. It also serves as a good example on what to do when a site gives you contact information.

Whenever you come to a new site, always look up that contact information, and see if it really is legit, and if it leads you back to the certain store/website that it come from.

We’ve found several sites that had given a bogus address and when searching them up, we came to find that that address went to a house, another shop, and no where in particular.

So, to reiterate, make sure to check contact information when you go to a new website. Whether it’s a phone number, address, or email, always do some background searching before you purchase through that specific site.

PayPal, Or No PayPal?

Finally, we come to the payment methods, or lack thereof. It’s always interesting when sites lie on how exactly you can pay for your purchase.

If you were to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the site, down at the footer, you would see the different payment methods that were (supposedly) allowed on the site:PayPal accepted?The third image from the right, the “P” sign, is the standard symbol of PayPal. So it appears that it’s one of the ways that you should be able to pay. Additionally, as you start the process of ordering a product, there are other signs that suggest that you should be able to pay with PayPal.

When you get to the actual ordering page, you find that they only accept a credit card.

Only Option Is Credit CardSo, it appears that they were lying about what type of payments that they offer. And if they are lying about that, then what else are they lying to us about? Is A Scam!

While we were writing this article, we actually received something that helped confirm our suspicions that this site was a scam.

We received an email address that was in some way connected with this site. This email was different from the one on the site, as that one didn’t work, even though we tried to email it several times.

Their Email AddressWhat’s interesting about this email address is that it’s not a free email address. That is, it’s not created at a site that gives out free email addresses (like Protonmail, Riseup, or Gmail).

And if we do a quick search on abprotectorplus, we find that there are several other fraudulent websites that seem to be out there by this same scammer.

Abprotectorplus fraudulent scamsSo, this site and the owners of it, seem to have been doing this for a while. So it’s a little surprise that is a scam.

Hopefully through this article, you’ve been able to pick up a few tips and tricks on how to watch out for scams that are out there. As always, just make sure to question everything that seems fishy on the site, as well as look up any information that a site gives you. Doing just this will keep you safe 90% of the time.

Don’t Get Scammed Again!

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23 thoughts on “ Review: Is a scam, or legit? (Our Expert Opinion!)”

  1. Thanks for the confirmation. Unfortunately I didn’t see this post prior to purchasing something and fell for the scam. At least I didn’t loose much since all the merchandise is so deeply discounted ;). I did do my do diligence and report this to the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission. My credit card company is making me wait 21 days before I can create a claim with them 🙁

  2. Thanks so much! I was just about to order something, also wondering if this was too good to be true and as soon as I got to the pay part and they didn’t have PayPal as originally thought I decided to investigate. Again Thank you!

    • Your welcome Deb! Glad to have helped. We always enjoy hearing from people who we’ve helped stop from purchasing something through a scam website.


  3. Andy, thank you so much for the heads up ! I also was about to purchase something until I read your article. Phew. Thanks, Gary

    • Thank you for reading it Gary. We’re glad that we were able to help. I’m glad you had the good enough senses to look into the site that you were going to purchase from. Unfortunately, sadly many don’t look at at site, and assume most sites are legit.


  4. EVERYONE PLEASE LIMIT YOUR LIABILITY. Either use a VERY low credit card balanced card – and let a reputable credit card company fight your battle with the vendor. Or go to Walmart and get a prepaid credit card and put $40.00 on it. They come in Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Even the most reputable of these cards – ask a Walmart employee – which one they use personally, will file a dispute immediately. I bought a Bluebird Visa Card that I use online and they are very good at resolving disputes with merchants for you.

    For reputable stores, I use a Chase Visa card. Chase IMMEDIATELY accepts a complaint over the phone and credits your money back within 24 hours – while the dispute is ongoing. (I expected to have to fill out a form, wait or submit a complaint in writing). But Chase is awesome and will even give you emails – and place a hold on your purchase – until you say that you approve the online transaction; when Chase flags the site as suspicious.

  5. Thanks, almost fell for it, glad I followed my instinct, was looking at there power pressure washer, found it odd that everything is same price regardless what it is, did a reverse phone number look up on white pages there phone number is a google voip number, I stay away from business that hide there true number using voip methods, also did a google maps search, and that business is not there. Hope they get caught, and stopped.

    • Good to hear you doing more research into this site. I didn’t realize that there phone number was a VOIP number. I’ll have to look into that at some point.


    • I got scammed . dont know my next step can anyone let me know what I need to do. There is also another one doing the same thing how do i report them. They are the trend club for over 100 dollars

      • Hey Amy,

        You can send us the link, and we can verify that it is indeed a scam, and publish it on our list of scam websites. As for the next steps in getting scammed, I would recommend going to the business that you paid through (bank, credit card issuer, etc), and see what they suggest.

  6. Unfortunately I didn’t take the necessary steps prior to ordering from this company CAMarket and I got scammed out of $55.00. I was looking on KIJIJI for pet accessories and CAMarket came up as one of the ads offering the items I was looking for. I’ve sent it on to my credit card company who will do an investigation, but chances are nothing will happen to them as they are located in Spain. If it looks to good to be true, take the time and investigate the company prior to making purchases.

    • Thanks for those great reminders, Helene! It really does need to be said again, if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is (and you should look into it if you really want to take advantage of it). Sorry to hear about your loss of money. Best of luck to you and your bank in it’s investigation.


      • Yep, they scammed me as well out of $29.90 for two sleeping bags I purchased. Very disappointed but I suppose it’s a lesson learned. It’s very unfortunate that there are people that are doing this – they should be behind bars!

  7. Ive purchased a pressure washer from these guys never got it they wont answer the phone and I texted them no o texted back. Ive called and texted them about 15 times i guess the got me. Who can u call about allcamarket to report them

    • I would recommend going to your federal authorities in your country, and reporting it to them. They would also have a good idea on how to handle it further.

  8. I bought two items from them which I haven’t gotten for a month. I keep emailing them and no one is getting back to me. I’m not calling my credit card because it was only around $40 total but it does suck because I really needed these items. Thanks for the heads up for the feature. 🙁

  9. I ordered 2 things and of course didn’t receive either clicked on the site to check the status of my order and the site was gone it just really sucked cause I’m a single mother and I ordered these things for a new job I was trying to get to better our lives and now I’m not only out the 30.00 but the things I still need for this job and no money to get them ppl just don’t understand how much they hurt ppl when they do things like this


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