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Blogging Ideas For Women (Any Age Can Blog!)

Blogging Ideas For Women (Any Age Can Blog!)

Finding your way in blogging can be daunting. The very first steps are usually the ones most challenging, and the ones that many get hung up on.

It’s no different if you are a man or a woman, each one can get stuck on this particular step. And that step is choosing what to blog about.

You can blog about anything at all, but the best blogs are the ones that choose the most specific niche as possible.

What Is A Niche?

The picture is of a news stand and represents the many different types of niches (or topics) out there

A niche is, very simply put, a topic that one wants to write about. It can be as simple as car repairs, or as complex as quantum computing. A niche can be religious, philosophical, or even humorous.

You can categorize niches into two different categories – a broad niche or a specific niche. A broad niche would be something like the beauty niche. A specific niche would be something more clarified than beauty, like how to put on make up properly, or colors and clothes that go with hairstyles, or even all things lipstick.

When choosing a good niche idea, it is always better to go with something more specific than more broad. The reason behind this is because as you write articles for this website, you want to be able to have your audience (i.e. people visiting your site) to be able to relate as much as possible to you, and to stay on your site.

When you choose a specific niche, like lipstick, you have a better chance of people reading more of your articles than if you had a broad niche. If people come to your site to read about how to properly use lipstick, and then see that you have an article on the best lipsticks, they’ll most likely look at your other article as well.

But if you had a broad niche, wrote about properly using lipstick, and then in another article wrote about how face gels beautifies someone, those who came to look at your lipstick article won’t likely click on your other article about face gel.

A good niche is a specific niche. You might be wondering what happens when you write everything about your specific niche, like lipstick, and then have nothing to write about.

The easiest thing to do is to then broaden your niche a little. Have a few articles that discuss the difference between eyeliner and lipstick, how they complement each other, and what colors go good together. Then after those few articles you can expand your niche and talk about eyeliner.

The other option is to start another website with another specific niche (i.e. eyeliner), and move on from there.

How To Choose a Good Niche

An image of someone having to choose between two different things

Good niche ideas can some times be hard to figure out, even when you know it needs to be a specific niche. So, what are the better niche ideas for a website, and how do you go about picking one for your website?

Pick something you like. When choosing a good niche, make sure it’s something you like to do. For example, many people don’t like mathematics. If you are one of those people, make sure you don’t choose math as your niche, since you’ll won’t want to write about it.

Additionally, make sure you really do like it. Some people will choose a niche that they think they can make more money more quickly with, and then after a few articles, they realize that that specific niche was harder than they thought and they start to lose interest. So make sure whatever you choose is something you like.

Pick something you can write about. Often times, there is a hobby that you have, that you enjoy doing, but something that might not come easily for you to write about. For example, some people enjoy collecting stamps. While that is great and dandy, it might not be something that you will enjoy writing about.

Also, just because I’m using writing as an example doesn’t mean that you have to write about your chosen niche. If you enjoy making videos, you could also do it in that form. For example, if you enjoy showing people how to do makeup, it may be easier to make a video where you can explain the how verbally, as opposed to writing the how out.

Pick something that you can learn about. You don’t need to be an expert in a certain niche to write about it. But if you aren’t, you can’t be afraid to learn more about that certain niche so that you can accurately tell your readers more about that niche.

I come from a farming background. Because of this, I know quite a bit about farming. But there is also a ton more that I don’t know. I could start a niche website about farming, and write quite a bit. But at some point there I would not be able to continue, because I would run out of knowledge. That is where learning comes into play.

As I learn more and more about farming, I could then write more and more, and help out my readers to the best of my abilities. But if I didn’t want to learn about farming, I would be limited in my writing, as I would only be able to write about what I knew about, and not new ideas that I was not aware of.

Blogging Ideas For Women Of All Ages

a picture of a lightbulb with many different ideas coming off of it.

So, with those two main things in mind, let’s take a look at the different ideas out there for women to blog about.

The 60+ JOY (Just Older Youth) Crowd

Blogging is for everyone, even women who are older than most others. But what can they blog about that people would be interested in? While it depends on your circumstances and surroundings, some of these things you may be able to blog about:

The Change of Technology. Over the last few decades, we have made some vast advances in technology. Many younger people (like me) don’t know a time when there weren’t a lot of cars, no computers, and other things we take for granted.

Blogging about the differences from when you grew up and how children grow up now-a-days with technology is something many people would be interested in reading about. You could write about what things you like, things you don’t like, and how you grew up without many of the luxuries we have today.

Giving Out Advice. Unfortunately, many younger people in our culture don’t like to listen to their elders. Yet, while that is true, there are some who want to learn and share in the knowledge that older people have.

You could start a blog about things you have learned over your life, ones that have an important lesson that comes with it. It could either be a moral lesson, a lesson in physical restraint/limits, or something else entirely.

Helping Out With Marriages. This idea goes hand in hand with the previous one, but you could start a blog about marriage advice. That is, if you have been married for a long time, or even if you have been divorced, you could give help to those younger folks who want a successful marriage.

Those 40+ With Mid-Life Crisis

What about those are in the middle of their lives and want to start blogging? What can they blog about?

Overcoming Mid-Life Crisis’. Not everyone has a mid-life crisis. But it often comes enough that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to blog about. You could show people how you and others overcame your crisis’ and how they can too. You could even explain why these mid-life crisis’ come, and about the harmful effects of them.

Write about Homeschooling. If you are a homeschooler, you could write about homeschooling. You could help point people to different curriculum that you use, ways to structure the ‘class’ time, and even different homeschooling events that you and your kids have gotten involved in.

You could also blog about the whole legal side of homeschooling. You could write about legal defense that is available to homeschoolers, cases that have involved homeschoolers, or homeschoolers that have become successful in law (or other areas of government).

Stay-At-Home Mom. This is a popular niche for certain women to become a part of. Do you have advice on being a stay-at-home mom? Why not blog about it? You could write about the advantages and disadvantages of staying at home, explain what you do while at-home, and maybe give some parenting tips (assuming you have kids).

Parenting Tips. Speaking of parenting, that also wouldn’t be a bad blog idea to think about. You could review books that you thought gave good tips on parenting, discuss how you disciplined your kids, and maybe even weigh in on whether we need better parenting or not.

You could also blog about the whole issue of technology use with kids. Should kids have smartphones, or should they not? Should they be able to watch 6+ hours of TV a day? Should they be allowed to play violent video games, and is there an age where they should be allowed to play/watch that kind of stuff?

The 20+ Young Women

Just because you are young doesn’t mean you can’t blog. I actually find that younger women have an easier time blogging than those older, due to younger women being used to technology and the whole online world. But even still, some younger women still don’t know what to blog about. So here are some ideas for them:

Blogging about Your Career. Are you currently in college? Or have you recently just received your diploma? Then why not blog about what you are studying/have studied? Tell people why you chose that career, and everything else you know about what you have learned.

If you are still in college, you could also blog about study habits, how to remember things you learn, and even how to take notes during class. You could write about how to overcome all your study while having a significant other, or working a job, assuming one of those applies to your situation.

Write about fashion/beauty. Do you keep up with the latest fashion and beauty products? Why not blog about it? Blog about the best beauty products, or what celebrities are wearing now-a-days. You could also write about different makeup colors and how to wear matching, color-coordinating clothes with it.

Any hobbies or joys you have. Do you enjoy ballet, fitness, or some other hobby? Or do you know a musical instrument really well? Any and all of those could be blogging ideas that you use to write about. As long as you enjoy it, and are willing to write about it, then it’s definitely something you should think about.

And For Anyone Else I Missed

You know, just because I gave an idea for the 60+ women doesn’t mean that the 20+ women can’t blog about it. And just because I put fashion/beauty in the 20+ catagory doesn’t mean that women younger or older than those can’t blog about it.

If anything in this article is something that you enjoy and think you could blog well on it, then by all means, go for it and start writing.

Can You Make Money With Blogging?

An image of several hundred dollars

Making money with blogging is not an easy task. But there are places where you can go to get good help and training that will help you succeed in the world of blogging.

Blogging isn’t something that should be taken lightly, though. It requires hard work, determination, and a patience like no other. Assuming that you have those qualities (or can learn them quickly), then you will have a chance of making money.

Blogging isn’t something easy to make money from

I won’t beat around the bush and tell you everything is easy. I’m not like that. Taking the honest and up-front approach is what I typically do. If you want to make money with blogging, you truly have to have the guts to do what needs to be done.

Blogging will take a lot of work. It will usually take around 3 months before you actually make money, even though you’ve put in more time that you can recount. Some have said that it even takes 6 months before they see anything successful for their site.

I think of blogging like Navy SEAL training. For those of you who don’t know, Navy SEALs are a special operations group who go through rigorous training and mental hurdles to become some of the best trained soldiers.

It’s not easy to get through Navy SEALs. 60-70% of those who try to pass the tests fail, and don’t achieve what they wanted.

Blogging is the same way.

Many come with these high hopes, and with attainable dreams. But after a month or two of not seeing results or having too much going on, most quit and never achieve their dreams.

So, if you really do want to make money, then make sure you have the time, the inclination, and the yearning to see yourself overcome the challenges that blogging brings.

Where Can I Make Money Blogging?

If you truly are interested in making money through blogging, then I would highly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a site that helps new bloggers, like you, to learn more about making money with blogging, how to get traffic to your site, getting a good niche for your blog, and choosing good keywords to target.

It has a great group of people that use the platform, so if you’re feeling down, or need help with something, many people can come up beside you and encourage you to keep moving forward with your dreams and aspirations.

I wrote a longer review of them, which you can take a look at below. In it I show a little more of what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, what you can get with their free membership, and the success I’ve been able to have through them.

If you take a look throughout the site, you can see that it’s achievable. There are hundreds of reviews of people making money with Wealthy Affiliate. People who are making $500/mo, $1000/mo, $2000/mo, and even some who have built million dollar companies, people just like you who believed in their dreams.

How Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam (Uncover The Deception!)

How Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam (Uncover The Deception!)

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, claiming to be helping people with affiliate marketing for over 14 years. It is run by Kyle and Carson, two people who have themselves built sites and made money through affiliate programs.

Many people over the years have come to Wealthy Affiliate and for one reason or another came to the conclusion that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

But is this really true? And if so, why do so many others say that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam?

Since we do our best to find out whether sites truly are scams or not, we took it upon ourselves to see if Wealthy Affiliate really was a scam.

And while the results aren’t as ‘scammy’ as some are hoping, what we found may surprise you. So come along as we delve deep into the world of just how Wealthy Affiliate is a scam!

What Is A Scam?

A magnifying glass lying on a book. This is to represent trying to find out just exactly what A scam is.

Before looking at how Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, we need to understand what a scam is, so we have something to compare the company to.

Here are just a few ways someone can define a scam:

A swindle or fraud; esp. a confidence game.

A dishonest or illegal plan or activity, esp. one for making money.

An illegal way of making money, usually by tricking people.

A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.  

A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value.

As seen above, calling a company a scam is something that should be taken very seriously, as in a scam, one can lose money, possessions, and anything else they hold as valuable.

How Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

A keyboard that has button on it with the words 'GET ME OUT OF HERE'.

Let’s go through each definition of what a scam is, and see how that directly relates to what Wealthy Affiliate is.

A swindle or fraud; esp. a confidence game.

It is interesting that this definition uses the phrase “a confidence game.” As I have used Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve noticed more and more that Wealthy Affiliate tries to boost your confidence in the realm of marketing and writing.

Does this make it a scam?

If you mean because they teach you to be confident, then yes. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Wealthy Affiliate is a fraud or a swindle because of this though.

A dishonest or illegal plan or activity, esp. one for making money.

Wealthy Affiliate does not do anything illegal, but one could call what they do dishonest.

Wealthy Affiliate is dishonest in the way they try to promote their premium membership for the first time. When you sign up for your free membership account, you are given a 7-day premium trial.

They market to you that you only have 7 days to go premium with their $19/mo deal, and make it sound as though if you don’t take it up within the first 7 days you lose it, which isn’t true.

Your first payment to Wealthy Affiliate will be $19, no matter if you take the offer in the first 7 days or the first 7 months.

An illegal way of making money, usually by tricking people.

Once again, Wealthy Affiliate does not do anything illegal. But, just because someone doesn’t do anything illegal that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a scam.

One thing I will say is that you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free, and get a lot of info and help for marketing with your free account.

So Wealthy Affiliate is going to have a hard time making money on free accounts, if it truly is a scam.

A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.

We already look at how Wealthy Affiliate is deceptive. And I won’t disagree here, though I will say that other companies use the same strategies as Wealthy Affiliate, and you probably wouldn’t call them scams.

A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value.

Wealthy Affiliate does try to attempt to get money from their members by having them going premium. They’ll admit that to anyone. It’s how they run their business.

Exploring Other ‘Scam’ Avenues

Image of a man looking through binoculars, and exploring the world around him.

Of course, a site doesn’t have to be the complete definition of a scam, so let’s look at what Wealthy Affiliate is and what they offer, to see if they actually show their true colors anywhere.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate's Main Page

Wealthy Affiliate is for those who want to learn more about affiliate marketing. In today’s day and age, people can be an affiliate to most any product. And they can do that through YouTube, vlogging, blogging, writing, etc.

While Wealthy Affiliate is geared towards someone who is going to write something, they also teach others how to make money through a YouTube channel or something similar.

And it’s not like you have to be good at writing either. From what I’ve learned while checking them out is that Wealthy Affiliate will help show you how to get better in your writing style.

You don’t need to have an English major in order to achieve success through Wealthy Affiliate. Or, at least, those who have had success didn’t have any majors or degrees.

As you will learn if you join Wealthy Affiliate, all you need to do is be able to convey something to someone through written words. And it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Ever wrote a lengthy email, giving your opinion about something to someone else? Have you ever wrote something on social media, and wrote it in a way to convey an idea or thought of yours to an audience? Have you texted someone directions on how to do something?

Wealthy Affiliate claims that you just need to be able to communicate – written or verbal – and you’ll do well with the training they offer.

Speaking of their training, Wealthy Affiliate does claim to have a lot that they offer to anyone who joins their program.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

Some of the training the Wealthy Affiliate has to offer to their members

Wealthy Affiliate offers a wide variety of trainings and topics for you to pick and choose to learn from. These trainings were written either by Kyle or Carson, or members of Wealthy Affiliate who have a better understanding of a certain topic.

Wealthy Affiliate breaks all this stuff they offer into two different memberships – a starter membership and a premium membership. The starter membership is free for the taking, and gives you enough training and tools to start your business and get the proverbial ball rolling.

The Premium membership is $49/month or $359/year. With it comes with a lot more training, way more help, and a ton of other tools and features.

I personally went and tried both, to see whether or not Wealthy Affiliate was a scam. And I found that there is, unfortunately or not, nothing to joke about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer someone who joins their program.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership

When you first join for free, you join as a starter member. Wealthy Affiliate has built this membership to give you enough training to make sure you can see the potential in affiliate marketing.

With over several hours worth of videos, 30 searches on Jaaxy, and the first levels of their two main courses, a free starter membership is something that is worth having if someone is seriously thinking about making money online.

Starter Membership Includes…

Wealthy Affiliate's Zero Risk policy.

Course 1 in their Certification course. Course 1 shows you how to set up your blog (in 30 seconds or less!), explains the difference between a general niche or specific niche, how to use Jaaxy, and much, much more.

Course 1 in Affiliate Bootcamp. Course 1 pretty much shows a lot of the same things as the previous course, but this course has a specific emphasis on how you can be an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate and make money promoting them.

30 Jaaxy searches. Jaaxy is a keyword and niche research tool, used to find low competition keywords for you to use to get traffic from Google from. A keyword is simply a phrase that someone types into Google to search for.

2 domains. Wealthy Affiliate gives you two siterubix domains to use to start your own blog on, so you don’t have to use a different platform. For example, some people use,,, etc.

But with Wealthy Affiliate’s, you get your site completely integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate system, where you can add new posts, check the health, and login in, all from inside your Wealthy Affiliate account.

Any free training you come across. People inside Wealthy Affiliate will make trainings, and they can label it either for starter members, or premium members. If they label it for starter members (which many people do), then you will be able to take a look at it, and learn even more.

What can you make with a starter membership?

All members are different on how quickly they make money. For some, it takes a few months. For others, it takes 6-7 months before they get their first sale.

Affiliate marketing, and blogging, is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Understanding the above is critical to your success. It may take you several months before you make your first sale. But once you do, you will never want to stop, and your earnings will grow upwards from there.

Personally, I was a starter member for about 3 months before going premium.

During those first three months, I was able to find a relatively low competitive niche/topic that I was able to generate sales with in the first few weeks.

Starter Earnings

As you can see from the above image, I was able to become an Amazon affiliate and make over $13 USD from sending people to Amazon’s site. 10 sales, and $13, is pretty impressive for somebody’s first three months.

Joining premium was definitely an interesting experience. With premium, you really get down into the meat of what Wealthy Affiliate claims. With premium you learn just how Wealthy Affiliate is a scam – if indeed they are.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership

As you explore the starter membership, you will realize how great it is. And you see why so many people make such a hype about it.

But you will never realized how much better the premium membership is until you have tried it.

The Premium membership typically costs $49 a month (or $359 a year), but Wealthy Affiliate has a deal that you can try Premium for $19 the first month, to see if it is just as spectacular as it really is.

What are the Benefits of Going Premium?

The Complete Certification Courses. If you thought the first course was good, then you will be excited to learn about what to focus on when writing, how to use comments and feedback to your site to generate more traffic, and how to use social media to bring in referrals.

On top of that, you will also learn how to use ads on your site to generate income, what not to do with your site, and a whole bunch more.

The Complete Affiliate Bootcamp Courses. If you can’t find a topic to blog about, or want to start a second (or third or fourth) site, Wealthy Affiliate will take you step by step to help you make money promoting their site.

They teach you how to set up your site, what specifically you want to try to target and how to target that, helping you get into the right mindset to become fully financial, and how to use advertisements to generate traffic to your site.

An Unlimited Amount of Jaaxy Searches. With an unlimited amount of searches you can quickly find really low targeted keywords that will help you rank more quickly, and generate more traffic. Because you have an unlimited amount, you also can search for random ideas and not have to worry about not having enough searches (a problem for those only with 30 searches).

Also, Jaaxy doesn’t only do keyword searches. You can track different keywords you are targeting, and see where you’re ranked for those keywords. You can also check to see if you can buy a domain for a certain keyword if you want, and you can search affiliate programs with Jaaxy additionally.

25 .com sites and 25 sites. Premium comes with being able to host your own .com sites (up to 25) right from Wealthy Affiliate. That is more than enough for someone blogging full time.

You get 25 sites that you can use to try out blogging on about various niches as well before you make it a .com site. The .com sites come with SSL, email, anti-spam, and also a support team to help you with any problems that you have.

It should be also noted that the hosting is free, but you do need to pay for the domain name. But you can buy that through Wealthy Affiliate for around $14-16 for a year.

Below is a simple grid to help show the options of starter vs. premium a little better:

What Can You Make With a Premium Membership?

This is really the crux of the matter – if you can’t make a dime with Wealthy Affiliate, then it’s definitely not worth it. And while it may not be a complete scam, it’s something that no one should recommend.

The answer to the ‘making money with Wealthy Affiliate’ question is not as easy as it sounds. You can easily earn just as much as you are now with affiliate blogging.

Well, unless you are one of those billionaires.

But seriously, there are several on Wealthy Affiliate that currently own business that make 7 figures a year.

Someone at Wealthy Affiliate tracked down as many stories as they could, and posted all of them here. If you are seriously asking questions about how long it will take, and how much you can make, those success stories will give you answers and show you some people (whether they are legit or not) and their results.

Take a look at this post, as there are not only success stories, but also posts on the straight hard facts of how much you can earn, and how quick/long it will take you to achieve it.

Wealthy Affiliate never sugar-coats anything about making money online or that it will be easy.

They seem to be honest in everything they say, and clearly tell most people that making money online/blogging/affiliate marketing/themselves aren’t get-rich-quick-schemes. It will take hard work and determination to get the amount of money you want.

But in the end, if the reviews above are worth anything, it is truly worth the hard work and determination.

Now, other people’s reviews are all find and dandy, but that doesn’t mean that we can always trust them. To be fair, there are many testimonials about how many people have been successful through Wealthy Affiliate.

But back to my experience.

Did I actually learn anything, or make anything that is of note-worthiness?

Experiences Are Worth A Thousand Words

We get scammed for you, so that you don't have to!

Personally, my overall experience of Wealthy Affiliate has been a pretty good one. It really, really has been a benefit to my blogging. Not only with writing, but being able to gain a wider audience.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Community

Wealthy Affiliate is a great bunch of wealthy affiliates. That’s really what Wealthy Affiliate is. The community, those who are part of Wealthy Affiliate, is very helpful, and most will give more than they get, advice-wise.

There is a live chat going 24/7 where many people like to hang out, so if you need help or something, people are always there to give you some sort of answer. Most of the time, if they can’t give you the answer themselves, they can send you to training that explains it more fully.

Speaking of training, the community has put up ALOT of training, all free for the taking and learning. I’ve taught myself enough local SEO with the training Wealthy Affiliate has that for a while I was looking for a local SEO, since I was able to prove that I was well qualified in that area.

The CEO Can Be Easily Reached And Talked Too

Kyle From Wealthy Affiliate's main page

As I have said before, Wealthy Affiliate is run by Kyle and Carson. Kyle, the CEO, can usually be found, if you need more advice.

He’s not like most CEO’s, hiding behind their status. You’ll find Kyle many times in the live chat, offering advice to different people, and just chatting with people there.

Kyle will also usually reply quickly to any questions that you have. I remember the first week that I was a starter member, and I had questions that I asked him, and he replied within 36 hours. And it wasn’t a short reply either. He took the time, and the words, to explain and answer every question I had.

Did I Actually Make Any Money?

Obviously, what everything really boils down to money (that’s what everyone seems to tell me any way.)

I could have a great experience with something, but if I didn’t achieve what that something guarantees, then it’s not really worth it, right?

As you already know, I did make some money before going premium – a little over $13 dollars. However, I can’t really count that, since that was what I made while I was on Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Starter membership.

While it took some time to achieve, I actually did achieve making money with Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership, and am happy where I currently am.

Money I earned through Wealthy Affiliate

As you’ll see in the above screenshot, those are just some of my earning from the past month (of writing this.)

What’s amazing about the above though is that I really didn’t do anything to get that money. I was actually away for several months from my site while this was all happening.

And what’s even more amazing is that this isn’t the only stream of money I’m making. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to be able to have several streams of income at the same time:

Amazon Associates screenshot of money I've made from them over the months.

Above is another screenshot of what I’ve made with Amazon Associates, Amazon’s affiliate program.

It’s definitely not as much as the other screenshot, but the point is that Wealthy Affiliate’s training has been working (for me at least.)

Money I made from Google Adsense

And let’s not forget making money with ads, which is what the above image represents.

While I’m not a proponent of ads, Wealthy Affiliate’s teaching taught them, so I chose to try them.

The returns I made weren’t that bad though.

So, overall, there isn’t much I can say against Wealthy Affiliate and what they have to offer. It’s hard to call something a scam that worked, and still works, for me and others.

Through my own experience, I am currently able to make money through many different ways, all thanks to what I learned through Wealthy Affiliate.

How Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while now, and so I’ve seen firsthand how they do things and how they act.

And all I can say is that they try to help out whomever and wherever they can. They do it because they love affiliate marketing, and because they want you to love it too.

I personally can’t find any way that I can call Wealthy Affiliate a scam – and trust me, I’ve searched it and tried it to see!

Aside from the few things I’ve said in the beginning of this article, there isn’t really anything that I can use to say just how Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

Which means they must be legitimate.

I realize that that will probably burst many people’s bubble by reading that. But if it’s true then that’s what I’ve got to show, whether it’s what people want to hear or not.

But Is The Premium Membership Really Worth it?

Wealthy Affiliate's Premium membership does seem to help you make more money in the long run.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership is something that I have found to be more than useful and beneficial to my blogging, and has carried me farther than I thought possible.

Premium has given me knowledge and the right mindset to be able to carve a niche out for myself and be comfortable blogging online.

I’ve learned more through it, and honestly made more then I ever thought I could through the online world (and I’m still making money!).

So Premium is something I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about blogging and affiliate marketing.

Don’t Spend Money Immediately!

In all honesty, if you really are interested in Wealthy Affiliate, and want to try them out, then check out their free starter membership.

I personally didn’t upgrade to the premium membership for several months, and would recommend you do the same.

Give them a try, and see if the training and tools they provide will work for you.

If so, great. If not, then no worries, because you didn’t lose anything.

What Will Your Experience Be?

So now I turn it over to you, the reader. What will your experience be of Wealthy Affiliate?

Do you have any experience with them? Or are the experiences you’ve found only from articles and blogs posts you’ve found online?

I would highly encourage you to just try Wealthy Affiliate and check for yourself. Use them for at least a week, and see what you learn and what you can do.

You know that the worst that happens is you just lose some time learning something new.

On the flip side, the best that could happen is that you find it does work, and make money online, right?

So, what are you waiting for?

(Fool-Proof Method!) How To Make Money Online For Dummies

(Fool-Proof Method!) How To Make Money Online For Dummies

Many people now-a-days are looking for ways to make money. And many are wondering specifically about blogging. Can you make money with blogging? How quickly can you make money, and how much can you make? How do you make money with blogging?

All these questions and more we’ll take a look at with this article. Making money online isn’t that hard, and it’s even easier when you do it through blogging.

In the end we’ll see that in the long run, making money online isn’t something that is hard to do, nor is it something that people should be afraid to get into and try out. So here we go into seeing how to make money online for dummies!

What Exactly Is Blogging?

Typing On A Computer

When you ‘blog’, you write about a certain topic that you like and continue to write things about that topic that interest you and your readers.

Blogging is something that has become more popular in this day and age, with many sites allowing to host your content for free. It’s become an easy way to keep up in touch with friends and family, and share how and what you are doing in life.

Blogging for money is a little different from normal blogging. The reason is that for most ‘normal’ bloggers, you blog about your life. With blogging for money, you want to choose a topic that you are very passionate about, and one that you can write and write about, because that is what you’ll be doing.

So maybe it’s a hobby like coin or stamp collection. Maybe it’s a passion, like religion or philosophy. Or it’s one of the arts or sciences that you enjoy. Whatever it is, make sure it is something you enjoy.

I keep on saying something that you enjoy because some people will try to pick something that may seem like you can make a lot of money writing about, but when they don’t see results quickly (in a month or two) they start to lose interest in that specific topic, and in the end don’t make any money with blogging.

So choose something you enjoy!

So How Do You Make Money?

Piggy Bank

So you’ve found something you want to write about and that you enjoy. For example, let’s just pretend that you choose religion, and are specifically going to write about men and women of that particular faith.

There are two main ways that you can make money with blogging. One is running relevant ads on your website so that those who come to your blog will see those ads, click on them, and you will make some money. The other way is through being an affiliate.

Being an affiliate is the main way most bloggers do it.

What it means to be an affiliate is basically you tell people about a certain product or service, and if they buy it through you, then you usually make a commission anywhere from 4% to 40% of what they spent on that certain product.

So if you are blogging about religion, and are talking about a particular person from that faith, at the end of the article, you can link to a book about that person, and if someone buys it, you’ll make some money.

How Much Money Can You Make?
Hundred-Dollar Bills

Many people want to know the answer to that question, but the real question is, how much do you want to make? If you want to make 10K a month, and you put in the work and effort, then you’ll make 10K a month. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these articles:

These people worked for what they wanted, and they got it in the end. And 10K isn’t a magical number. If you want to make only 2K a month, or 100K a month, as long as you keep on working at it, and don’t quit, you can make that much.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

Many Clocks

Once again, another question must be asked to learn that question. How much time are you willing to put in to it? If you’re working on it part-time, you’ll usually start seeing results in around 6 months. If you’re working on it full-time, you should see results in 3 months or less.
The results may not be great, but with each month, your earnings will get larger and larger, and you’ll soon be on your way to be making that certain amount you want to make.

Typically, a site will take no longer than 2 years to reach it’s full potential.

Now I know, some of you are thinking that two years is a long time. But let’s put that into perspective: most people go to college or university for about 4 years to earn their degrees.

What’s the difference?

Well, if you worked on your own blog for 4 years, you would end up having your own business, where you can work anywhere you want to, at any time. You also wouldn’t have any debt and probably would have quite a bit saved up, assuming you weren’t living too extravagantly.

On the flip side, if you went to university, you would have a degree, no business or job, and probably have quite a bit of debt that you had acquired.

The point I’m trying to show you is that two years isn’t that long of a time period that most people think it is. It is long in the sense that you will be working full-time and sometimes not see any potential to what your doing, but if you stick to it, you’ll come out with a greater outcome in the end.

No Longer A Dummy

We started this blog by saying this was going to show how to make money online for dummies. But as you read this, hopefully you’ve learned some stuff and want to continue to learn more about what I’ve discussed above.

If you do, then take a look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate, a free place where you will learn in more detail what I tried to show you in this article.

You’ll learn how to get people to your blog, how to become an affiliate with businesses, and get some great tools that you can use to be a more effective blogger.

Also, joining will allow you to come into contact with me, where I can personally help guide you into this new realm of making money with blogging.

Hope to hear from you soon!

The How To Make Money With Blogging For Beginners

The How To Make Money With Blogging For Beginners

Many beginners want to make money online, and most want to do it through blogging. I’m here to help show you how easy it is to learn to make money blogging.

Before we do that though, the road to making money may not be as easy and quick as you might think it is. If you are willing to learn and put in the time and effort, then you will definitely succeed in making money online through blogging.

So, without further ado, here is the ‘how to make money with blogging’ for beginners.

How To Make Money With Blogging

Someone sitting at their computer getting ready to blog!

So here you are, ready to start off in a new adventure of blogging, and trying to make money with it too. Not a bad starting point. Before you get to writing stuff for your blog, you need to first set up a place where you can get put all the stuff you have written.

Making A Site

The first step of making money online is by making a website where you can put all your blog posts!

Of course, if you’ve done this already, then feel free to skip this whole issue, and move on to the more fun stuff (making money!).

At this point, I would recommend starting a blog on a free blogging site, that way you don’t need to worry about domain names, hosting, and all that other stuff just quite yet.

Site Rubix's main page - a place I would recommend creating a website and blogging from.

You can host your blog on the usual sites, like,, or But I recommend for you if you truly are serious about making money. It uses wordpress, and helps you easily set up and install your site (It boasts of being able to set up a site in 30 seconds or less).

Writing Quality Content

Writing is easy - either on a computer or on a type-writer!

There are many different wordpress themes for you to use (assuming you are using wordpress), and many different ways to set up a site specific to what you want to blog about. So I’m not going to tell you how to set up your site. I’ll leave that to the experts.

What I will say is that you want to make sure that you are blogging in a way that will help you make money better. So here are 6 things you want to remember as you write:

  1. Small Paragraphs. Many people now-a-days are searching on mobile phones and screens that aren’t as large as regular desktops. So for people to enjoy your reading, make sure that you have short paragraphs, as that will help keep people on your site.
  2. Use Headings. If you look above, and see “Writing Quality Content”, you will notice that it is larger than the other content. It’s called a heading. Using those helps break up your article into readable chunks for those reading your content, and also helps give a brief summary of what you are going to be talking about in this chunk of words.
  3. Use Standard Colors. It has been proven time and time again, people like a white background and black letters. That is the standard. It’s really easy to read for most people, and works. I know you will have a wide range of colors and may want to change backgrounds and colors, but resist the urge, as it will be better in the long run.
  4. Be Conversational. The best way to write is to write like your are in a conversation. Pretend you are writing to your best friend, or a relative, and then try to keep it that way.
  5. Good Title. Use titles in your articles that are relevant, and something that you would want to click on to look at. Instead of naming something “I fixed the squeaky brakes on my car”, change it to something like “Fixing brakes so that they don’t break – 9 quick steps to having your brakes squeak less”.
  6. Relevant Images. People are visual people. So don’t be afraid to add pictures and images to help convey what you are trying to say.

Bursting The Money Bubble Before It Gets Too Big

A person hiding behind a lot of money

This is something that most people don’t want to do, talk about the hard work side of things about money. Most people want that easy way to make millions and have enough to be able to have all the comforts of life.

Well, what I’m going to say may just burst your bubble. Making money with blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I’ve read of guys who blogged for 5-6 months straight, and didn’t make a dime.

Some people are ‘lucky’ and make money rather quickly. I was one of those people. I made money blogging within the first several weeks, something that isn’t heard of too often. Now that doesn’t mean that I became rich overnight. I only made about $2 or so.

What am I trying to say?

Blogging takes time. It can take a long time to make enough money that you see the benefits of blogging for money.

Typically, it will take 1-2 years for someone to be blogging consistently to make some serious money. That number is for beginners. If you aren’t new to blogging for money, you may do better more quickly because of your experience.

But there is hope. I told you about those people who blogged 5-6 months consistently, and didn’t make anything? Well, that next month, they started seeing sales, and as they kept at it, they continued to make money, so much so, that they were able to become fully financial from their blogging.

They did that because they weren’t afraid of hard work, and never gave up. They were consistent with their writing, and weren’t quitters.

If you want to make money online through blogging, then adopt this same mindset. Don’t quit, no matter what life throws at you, and you will succeed in making money. This is been proven time and time again.

How To Make Money

Coins stacked up, getting larger and larger. This is in reference to the longer you blog, the more money you'll make.

So you have your site, and you want to make money. How do you do that? There are several ways that you can do it, but the main one I’ll be focusing on is by being an affiliate.

Become An Affiliate

An affiliate basically means that you like a certain product, or company, that you don’t own, but that you promote on your website. If you can get people to click to that site by going through your site (typically through a link), and they buy something, then you will earn a percentage of what they paid.

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there. There is a saying out there that goes like ‘if you can write about it, then you can affiliate to it’. And that saying is true. If you write about anything at all, you can find an affiliate program to make money.

Here are quite a few affiliate programs that you may want to look into:

  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo
  • CJ
  • Offer Vault
  • Click2Sell
  • CommissionSoup –
  • ShareASale
  • Avangate
  • AdCombo
  • AffinBank
  • AvantLink
  • MaxBounty
  • Tradedoubler
  • AWIN
  • Rakuten
  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay

Using Affiliate Links

So you have your site, and your affiliate programs. But how do you get the affiliate across to the people who are reading your content? By using an affiliate link.

Before you put an affiliate link in your blog, you need to make sure that you follow those 6 tips for good writing. That will help people click on the link when they read your blog.

So, for example, I am an affiliate of Amazon Associates. And let’s say that I have a blog about the best toilet seats. I’m going to write something like this at the end of one of my articles:

With the nightlight, the grip-tight, quiet-close lid, the KOHLER 75796-0 wins hands down. Not only does it have the features previously mentioned, but it also doesn’t wiggle around like other cheap seats, is easy to install, and clean.

If you clicked on the link up there, you would be taken to Amazon. And if you bought the seat, I would have made a small percentage of what you paid, probably around $4 for this particular sale.

That’s simply it. all you need to do is just put in your affiliate link into your blog articles, and you’re all set. All you need now is people to come to your site.

How To Make Sales

An image of different electronics that you could sell

You’ve got a site and affiliate links. Now you need to understand where the money comes from. As the saying goes, money doesn’t grow on trees. So where does it come from? Other people.

These people are just like you and me. They’re normal people who are curious and many times interested in buying things from the internet. Wouldn’t it be cool to have these people come to a site that you are selling stuff and blogging about products for them to buy?

The special term for people going to a certain site is called traffic. You’ve probably heard about it before. There is a lot of it untapped out on the internet. How do you get that traffic to your site?

The answer is by targeting keywords.

What Is a Keyword?

A keyword is simply a word phrase that someone is going to type into a search engine, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo. Someone will type a keyword to help them find out more about a particular topic or issue they are facing.

For example, I don’t know how you made it to this article, but it may have been that you were looking for information about how to learn about blogging for beginners. Believe or not, but the title of this article is a keyword that I’m using to get traffic to my site. See how it works?

That’s all great and dandy, and you may want to quickly jump on the bandwagon and start-a blogging. But hold your horses! There is still more you should learn before you start.

Let’s understand something about Keywords a little better. There are good keywords and there are bad keywords. The differences between the two are what will make you successful, and hopefully wealthier too.

A good keyword depends on two things. How many people search for that keyword, and how many people write about that keyword.
Once again, let’s take a look at my title. My title is one that is called a good keyword. Not only do a lot of people search for that particular keyword, but there aren’t a lot of people who have written about this specific keyword. So my title is a good keyword.

The way you determine how many people have written about a certain keyword is by look on Google (because it is the most popular search engine), and see how many pages come up for that certain keyword. The lower the number of pages, the better chance your article you’re going to write about will be put up on page one or two (where most people get traffic).
So with my keyword that I’m using, I’ve chosen one that doesn’t have a lot of pages with it.

Now let’s take a look at an example of a bad keyword. How about the keyword “make money blogging”. When you look to see how many people are searching for this term (which I’ll show you later), it doesn’t look like a bad keyword. With over 7000 searches a month, you would be getting a lot of traffic to your site if you got on the first page of google.

The problem with this keyword though is that there are over 280 pages on google. It will take me a long time, if it’s not impossible, to get to page one for this keyword.

So how can we find good keywords that we can use in our articles? Introducing Jaaxy!

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy, an online keyword and research tool, gives you 30 free search.

Jaaxy is an online program that does searches on google to bring you relevant keywords to write about. It’s also can track where you rank on certain keywords, it can search for different products in certain affiliate programs, and also help you figure out what you want to blog about.

If you sign up here, you can get 30 free keyword searches and a whole bunch of other things.

How To Make Money For Beginners

100 dollars bills

If you are a beginner, new to affiliate marketing, or just need more help with blogging, then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. They’re the creators of Jaaxy, and Siterubix. They also have both Jaaxy and Siterubix integrated into their Wealthy Affiliate site, so you can do everything just from one place!

There is a bunch of free training on the site too, so you don’t have to worry about trying to figure things out. There is a huge supportive community there that can give you tips and ideas on how to better make money with blogging.

Not only that, but if you join, you’ll be able to contact me personally, where you can PM me, ask me questions, and get some of the best help out there for you to succeed.

I recently did a review of Wealthy Affiliate and all they had to offer. I also go into just some of my personal success with them, and how I’ve been able to make passive income (money that comes in without me having to do anything) for a while now.

Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review Of 2020 (Passive Income Achieved!)

Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review Of 2020 (Passive Income Achieved!)

Curious of whether Wealthy Affiliate works, and trying to look for an honest Wealthy Affiliate review of 2020? Well, look no further!

In this article we’ll take an in depth look at a website that we’ve been a part of for some time now, and wholeheartedly recommend. Not only will we look at Wealthy Affiliate as a whole, but we’ll even give you our honest Wealthy Affiliate review of 2020.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate Make Money

Company: Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

Creators: Kyle and Carson

Description: A site that helps beginners make money online, specifically with affiliate marketing. You learn to make a website and monetize it.

Starter Membership: Free ($0.00)

Premium Membership: $49.00 per month ($19.00 for the first month!)

Legit? Yes

Recommended? Yes!

Rating: 10 out of 10

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a company that has taught thousands of people the art of affiliate marketing, and they’ve been doing that for over 14 years now (as of writing this). So Wealthy Affiliate is definitely no scam. And when it comes to learning how to make money online, they’ve got you covered.

Wealthy Affiliate brings you a vibrant community, as well as training that is spot on in making you money. On top of that, when joining, you’ll get to interact with the owners of WA themselves, Kyle and Carson.

Learn How To Be An Affiliate Marketer

Wealthy Affiliate has 14 years of experience and has helped over 1.5 people!

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Not only successful, but wealthy as well.

Did you know that people will actually pay you to promote their products? Companies will give you a commission, a percentage of what the customer pays, if you’ll help get the word out about the certain products that those companies are selling.

That is essentially what an affiliate marketer is. You learn to promote products, and companies that you enjoy and like.

How hard is that?

If you can tell a friend about something that you enjoy, or tell family about a product that you use, then you’ll have no trouble being an affiliate marketer.

WA also teaches you how to build websites, how to find good topics to write about, and how to get traffic to your site, even if you don’t have a fan base.

And all of this is free for the taking. No up sells, no hidden expenses. You can learn all this, and more by becoming a free starter member on WA.

Learn To EASILY Build A Website

The average time it takes to build  website is 34 seconds at Wealthy Affiliate!

Have you ever been interested in trying to build a website, but were unsure on how to start? Wealthy Affiliate boasts of helping you set up a website in less than 60 seconds. Building a website has never been easier.

Wealthy Affiliate has made the process so simple, that it only takes three little steps to set up your website:

  1. Choose your domain name (what you want your site to be called).
  2. Choose the title that you want to be displayed on your website (like “We Get Scammed For You”
  3. Choose the WordPress Theme you want to use.

After you choose those three things, you’ll be made a website immediately. You’ll learn how to quickly navigate your WordPress dashboard, which your website will be based off of. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to build a website that can be easily monetized.

Choosing A Niche

A niche is just a fancy word for a topic that you write about. You’ll learn why there is a difference between good niches and bad niches, and why choosing a specific niche is better than choosing a broad niche.

As you choose your niche, you’ll learn about what affiliate programs to choose based on what you’re passionate about. Niches are always fun to look into, as they contain many hidden ideas that await to be explored.

They Even Teach You How To Get Loads Of Traffic!

Going from 500 to nearly 1500 pageviews in a week!

Traffic is always key to having a blog make money. And Wealthy Affiliate teaches you just how to do that. They teach you how to find low-competitive keywords, that you can rank quickly on Google for.

The higher you rank on Google, the higher chance you have for more traffic to get to your site. More traffic means more money in the long run.

WA teaches you how to use keywords by using their own keyword research tool, called Jaaxy. All Jaaxy does is help you search keywords, and see how competitive they are.

Jaaxy and how it works!

Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review of 2018-2020

I (the owner of We Get Scammed For You) actually started learning about WA back in November 2017. As I continued researching about the site, and how much people were making, I was hooked.

Around that time, I decided to take the plunge, and signed up, for free, to learn as much as I could about this thing called affiliate marketing.

On the free membership, they give you 2 free website domains, along with the first part of their training. Not being one who likes training, I immediately jumped into making a website, and seeing if I could making a quick buck or two (my first mistake).

As the training reveals, to get people to your site, you need to find keywords that will help bring traffic from Google. Like the foolish guy I was, I ignored that, thinking I knew best.

Let’s just say that my first website was a disaster, and I closed it down within the first week or so of making it.

I learned the hard way two things:

  1. Follow the training to the letter! If you want success, follow the training. Don’t skip ahead, or skip around, doing only what you want to do. That in the end will leave you with a site that doesn’t produce to it’s full potential.

    Ask any of those who are making a full-time income from affiliate marketing, and they’ll all tell you the same thing – if you want the same success that they they have, then follow the training, the whole training, and nothing but the training.

  2. This is not a get-rich-quickly scheme! I thought that I could throw up a few articles, get some traffic rolling in, and have a full-time business within a few weeks. It doesn’t work like that. If it did, everyone and their grandmother would be online by now. Be prepared to to spend 3 months pouring your heart into your website, and not see any results.

    Also, expect a year or two before you’re business is making a full-time income.It takes time, and consistency, for your business to grow and flourish. You might even need a year to learn how to correctly follow the training (as some people who don’t follow the training need, *cough* like me *cough*)

Starting A New Site From Scratch

So there I was, just got rid of my first website, and ready to start over. I decided to follow the training this time, and see what I could make out of it.

The training first picks up with helping you find your niche.

Basically a niche is a very specific topic. You choose a specific topic because you don’t want to lose your audience or your traffic.

If you blog to broadly, like for example blogging about health, and write about heart disease one day, and colon cancer the next, you’ll be losing a lot of quality traffic because of it.

You want people who come to your site, to stay on your site. But if they came to your site because of heart disease, they probably won’t want to stick around and read about colon cancer.

That’s why keeping it specific is better.

In keeping with the spirit of the training (as I was supposed to do), I choose something that I dealing with at that time, and turned that into a blog.

Specifically, my blog was devoted to bad breath.

Now before you start laughing at me for choosing something as weird as that, the site does help show what a good niche is. Bad breath is very specific, and on top of that, it’s a niche that not very many people want to get into, so there is less competition.

And so I started my online adventures writing about bad breath.

I, once again, decided to follow the training, and try to make money. The next part of the training that WA takes you through is learning how to find good keywords that you can use.

A keyword is a term meaning a phrase that someone looks up in a search engine, usually on Google. For example, ‘how to make money online’ is a keyword.

How To Make Money Online Google Search

If you used Google in the last week, and looked something up, you used a word or phrase when you searched for something. That is a keyword.

If there isn’t a lot of competition for a keyword, you’ll rank more quickly for that particular phrase.

This is helpful, because, if you rank on the first page of Google, you’ll have a better chance of people clicking on your site and reading your articles.

Now there are good keywords and bad keywords.

The above keyword, ‘how to make money online’ isn’t a good keyword. It has a lot of traffic coming to it, but a lot of people write about it, and so you, as a new blogger and website, will most likely not rank very well for it.

The reason you won’t rank well for it is because as a new website Google won’t quite trust you.

It’s not until you’ve been around for a while (6 months or so), and have written quite a bit of a particular subject that you’ll rank well for harder-to-rank keywords.

While this all may sound confusing right now, the training at WA explains it very well.

In short, I found some good keywords for bad breath, and started writing.

And this is were I ran into my second dilemmas:

  1. Success means to work harder! after a week or two of writing an article, I made my first sale, and in essence, my first money online. I was really happy, and saw (as most people do) the potential that is within affiliate marketing.

    Because of that, though, I slacked off on my writing, thinking that money would now start come pouring in. And, well, the opposite was true. I got some sales, but it wasn’t anything substantial.

  2. For success to happen, consistency is key! Writing regularly, week by week , is essential to having a flourishing business. It’s okay to slack off every once and a while, if there is need of that (like to help with a sick family member, or to attend a service for a loved one).

    But it is not okay to slack off for months on end, hoping that your 13 articles are enough to make a full-time income from. Continue through the hard work, and you’ll be rewarded with success, provided you follow the training and be consistent with your writing habits.

So there I was, again. Three months into affiliate marketing, a few articles written, and some money made. Below is a screenshot of my earnings for that time period:

Free Member Earnings

I knew I needed help, and more training to get my site really going.

So around this time, I decided to take the plunge and become a WA premium member.

The Benefits Of Being A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

Before all this, I had been blogging on a free membership. So I saw the potential of affiliate marketing, but I also knew that if I was going to really make money, I would need more training, as well as the many other things WA had to offer.

And there is a lot that they offer, as you can see below.

The upgrade did help in many different ways, and I’m actually thankful that I upgraded. But I thought that by upgrading I would make more money.
And that’s was the problem.

Upgrading doesn’t make more money.

YOU make the money.

Yes, it’s great to have more training, more 1-on-1 coaching, more encouragement. But if you’re not using all that you have available to you already, an upgrade in pretty worthless in the long run.

And so, with the upgrade, I went into the training quickly.

Well, part of the training.

Some of the training (again) I didn’t fully do, and thus, never fully utilized all that was given to me.

I blogged on and off the next few months. I didn’t really like the niche that I was a part of any more, and so I couldn’t really motivate myself to do much with my site.

But, I told myself that I had spent so much money on all this, that I had to at least keep on trying.

Fast forward to September. In that month I made my largest monthly sales. Just under 15 dollars!

I was ecstatic, seeing that maybe, just maybe, my blogging ventures would turn out great, and I would be that happy millionaire that I secretly dreamed of being.

September Monthly Commisions

A month or so before this, I had talked with my grandfather, and he told me, that, to make things really work out, I should write out a business plan, and then stick with it. And if it worked out, then good.

And if not, then move on and try something else.

Taking the advice from my very wise grandfather, I wrote out a six month business plan. I was hoping to be able to put up so many articles to my site, as well as branch out to several social media platforms, and in the end, make more money.

I told myself that the month of October would be my test month. See what I could do, and if I could raise my traffic, as well as see if I could earn more than $15 in one months.

The first week of my business plan, I was able to put up 10 articles! The next week, I was able to put up 7 articles.

Everything was looking good. My traffic was rising ever so slowly, and articles were ranking very quickly.

Due to something that happened within my life during that time, I stopped writing as much in the following two weeks, though I did a lot of reviewing previous articles, fixing typos, and adding images (which I never liked doing).

I was thinking that October would be my best month yet, with record traffic, and nearly double the articles I had on my site previously.

That’s when Google decided to update it’s algorithms.

Every so often, Google will update how they rank websites, and because of this, some websites will decrease in traffic, while others will increase. My site was just one of those that lost a lot of traffic.

Instead of finishing the month of October on a high note, I ended on a low note. Nothing was bought, and I was barely getting 10 people to my site daily. It definitely was a gut-punch to my stomach. Because of these things I learned a few more things about affiliate blogging:

  1. Never rely solely on one thing for all your traffic. I was relying heavily on Google for my traffic. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that if Google changes in some way, I may just lose traffic, thus losing income because of it.

    This is why it is so important for you to follow the training that WA has to offer. They help show you this in the training, and explain how branching out to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) isn’t a bad idea.
  2. Blog about something that you are truly passionate about. Bad breath just wasn’t something I was that passionate about any more. If it was, I wouldn’t have cared too much about the drop in traffic, and just kept on blogging.

    But it wasn’t something that I enjoyed writing about. Oh, I enjoyed learning, and making money, but that didn’t motivate me enough to keep myself within the bad breath niche.

Blog failing, life not working out like I wanted it to. The world seemed grim, and nothing seemed to be what it should be.

Thinking back through what I learned about myself, and what I had learned from the year, I decided that the next year, the year of 2019, would be different. I would learn from my mistakes and make a website that made money.

And so here I am. This site is just that.

Wealthy Affiliate Does Work!

$199 waiting for us to get paid out, as well as 278 referral credits waiting to be turned into $$$
Screenshot of one place waiting for us to get paid out!

This site has evolved over the time that it’s been operating. While the team that work on We Get Scammed For You is still relatively small, we have some dedicated workers who put their heart into their work.

Below is just what you can do with 6 months of Wealthy Affiliate.

We’ve learned from our mistakes and are steadily growing our money from what we learn through affiliate marketing.

Passive Money With Wealthy Affiliate!

$450 dollars earned passively without having to do anything!

Our site has grown to such now that, we’ve left for several months, and have made more than we normally do!

If that isn’t passive money, then we don’t know what is.

Take a look at the photo above, you’ll notice that it shows around $450 dollars waiting to be paid out to us. And we didn’t do a single thing to earn it.

We just followed the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate, and then left our site to it’s own devises.

Yeah, we did a little site maintainence here and there, but beyond that, we didn’t publish a post or review comments for several months.

And you know what?

We still made money.

If you want any honest Wealthy Affiliate Review of 2020, then there it is – Wealthy Affiliate can teach you to make passive income!

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!

Join today, and learn from us. When you join through our link, we’ll be notified that you’ve joined, and can help you as you learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.

You’ll learn from our mistakes, be able to run any ‘niche’ ideas past us, and ask for help on anything relating to wealthy affiliate or affiliate marketing.

And on top of this, you don’t have to pay a dime to see if Wealthy Affiliate really works.

Stay on a starter member until you make money (and see that it works), and then upgrade. Where else can you do that?

So join today. Meet up with us and others. And start learning immediately just how you can make money online!

Is IAPWE A Scam? (IAPWE’s Secrets Exposed!)

Is IAPWE A Scam? (IAPWE’s Secrets Exposed!)

Writing For A Living

IAPWE, also known as the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors, has been around for quite a while. Most often, you’ll find IAPWE on sites like Craigslist, being portrayed as an ad that can make you money.

But is that really true? Or Is IAPWE a scam? That’s what our hope is to uncover in this article post. So come join us as we take a review of IAPWE.


Product: International Association of Professional Writers & Editors (IAWPE)

Creator(s): Amy Wilkerson (?)

Description: A site that allows you to find writing and editing jobs for you to make money with.

Price: Free (?)

Recommended? No

Rating: 3 out of 10

Alternative Program:

Starting With A Craigslist Ad

So far, I’ve only seen IAPWE as a Craigslist ad. Most of the posts are usually pretty similar. Make money as a writer or editor by following a certain link:

Craiglist Ad

According to the screenshot above, the ad claims that you can make $10 dollars per 100 words that you write, or $3 per 100 words that you edit. So for a thousand word article (like this one you’re reading), you would make $100 if you wrote it, and $30 if you edited it.

If you’re one who writes a lot, then this would definitely draw you in, to at least check it out. For example, on a good day, I can write over 4K words. That means, that I could make around $400 a day, just by doing what I do every-day.

But claims can always be deceiving. Just because an ad claims something doesn’t mean that it’s actually true.

Checking Out The Website

Clicking through the link will lead to a sign up form. The sign up form is pretty basic. They tell you about what you’re applying for, and ask for your name and email address, and also whether you’re signing up to be a Writer, or an Editor.

After you’ve done that, you can then add a sample of your writing. This (supposedly) will help them weed out anyone who’s not good at writing or editing.

You’ll also be asked to send a random 5 digit pin to their email address. I guess this is their way to get around using a captcha, and making sure they don’t get bots posting to their site (though I don’t know if that’s true or not.)

Signup Form part 2
The Long Wait

I’m glad that I did this a long while ago, because you actually have to wait a month or so before they get back to you. And it’s not just me. I’ve read other reviews of people who had the same problem.

Long Time To Get An Email

You can see from the screenshot that it was over a month that IAPWE replied to my original email with my 5 digit pin.

When applying to some sites, I have had to wait that long to get a reply. But those had a more in depth process, and had many more hoops to jump through to apply for certain work.

But IAPWE shouldn’t have to wait that long to reply to someone about whether they’re accepted or not. I honestly forgot about IAPWE, because if you don’t get a response, that usually means that they don’t want you.

But long story short, they did reply, and I decided to make an account and see what I could get my hands on.

Oh, The Things That You… Don’t Get?

Unfortunately, even after you’re allowed to register, you don’t get to make money quite yet.

Insufficient privileges

So I can’t see the jobs, because I haven’t upgraded to a Professional or Business member yet? What kind of idiotic-ness is this?

Membership costs

They’re making me join their little membership, just so that I can see the jobs out there? Just how much money does it cost?

According to the link I followed, it looks like it’s going to be around $6 per month, just to be part of their little membership group.

But, if you take a look at the screenshot above, it says that this is an upgrade special, and that I’m saving 85% through this special deal. But does that mean that it’s valid just for this month, or for every month?

If it’s only valid for just this month, then I’ll actually have to pay around $40 per month.

Is the upgrade worth it?

$6 dollars per month for a membership isn’t that much, especially if you’re going to make more than that per day by writing and editing, right?

Yes and no.

It would be worth it if you knew that you were going to get good jobs, and if you were going to work for a company that was legit. But IAPWE doesn’t quite seem like they fit the qualifications.

Oh, I have no doubt that they are legit, and the company has been around for a while. But they seem to be slightly deceiving when somebody signs up on their website.

It seems like you’re signing up to work for them. But in reality, IAPWE is actually just a site that pulls jobs from wherever they can find them, and posts them on their Job Board (which is only accessible to those who have a Professional or Business membership).

As you can see from their ‘About‘ page:

The IAPWE is also dedicated to bringing the most updated, legitimate
and vetted writing and editing job opportunities to its members.

Currently, there are many different websites containing both
legitimate as well as illegitimate writing and editing job opportunities
and we make available, in one place, all of the opportunities that have
been determined to be legitimate across over 100 different websites.

So they’re only giving you jobs that they find (and think are legitimate), and no jobs from within their own site/company.

On top of this, they have a B- rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

BBB's Rating Of B-

From the BBB, a rather well-established, and authority on businesses, IAPWE isn’t accredited according to BBB’s standards.

I took a look at other reviews of IAPWE, and most of them agree – the membership isn’t worth it, nor are the jobs on it helpful either. Some did note that the jobs did seem relevant to them, but after sending so many resumes, they didn’t get a single lead.

Is IAPWE A Scam?

I don’t think IAPWE is a scam. They are active on their social media, and have relevant blog posts, as well as keeping their site up-to-date.

Having said that, IAPWE really doesn’t seem to be completely honest with outsiders. They claim that they’ll give you a job, but they don’t tell you that you’ll need to pay for a membership, nor that the job will be for another company.

I personally wouldn’t recommend you go with IAPWE. There are plenty of sites that allow you to look for jobs, and all for free. Take a look at,, or for free job postings.

If you are interested in making money with writing, then I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I did a review of them here. They are a site that helps you learn how to make money through affiliate marketing. Basically, they teach you how to make a website, and write article promoting things you like.

I’ve been a member of them for over a year now, and haven’t looked back yet. They do fairly well in helping you master a way to make money online, as well as being your own boss and business owner.

Frequently Asked Questions – Wealthy Affiliate (FAQ’s)

Frequently Asked Questions – Wealthy Affiliate (FAQ’s)

Ever wondered about something related to Wealthy Affiliate? Or did you have a burning question that was never answered?

Well, now’s your chance to have it answered – in our Wealthy Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions article.

If you still can’t find the answer after read this article, don’t hesitate to leave use a comment below with your question(s), and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a site that teaches you how to make money online with affiliate marketing. They provide training, website hosting space, coaching, community help, and much more.

With five courses in their Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training, you’ll slowly go from a newbie at affiliate marketing to a money-making guru who has a large knowledge base to work from.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Training

Online Entrepreneur Certification outline

Course 1 – Getting Started

Ten lessons from Course One

In this course (which is given to you for free!), you’ll learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, and how to successfully make money with and through it.

You’ll gain an understanding of what a Niche website is, and how to choose an appropriate niche for yourself. You’ll learn why it’s better to choose a more narrow niche than a broad niche.

Wealthy Affiliate will also teach you how to rank well within search engine results (like Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo). This is vitally important, since with this method you don’t need to waste any money on trying to get traffic to your site (like through guest posting or placing ads).

And when you have a good foundation of what you’re going to be doing, then Wealthy Affiliate will help you set up a website. Don’t worry about how hard it may or may not be – Wealthy Affiliate makes setting up your website super easy, with setup time usually less then one minute.

Course 2 – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

10 Lessons From Course 2

As the title suggests, this course goes much deeper into how exactly you’ll be able to get traffic to your site (at no cost from you!).

You’ll learn how to purchase your own domain (a dot com website URL), as well as how to choose a domain name that relates to the niche you have chosen.

Because you are hosting your website with Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have the ability to set up email accounts with your website. And yes, Wealthy Affiliate goes step-by-step on instructing you how to do it.

Throughout it all, you’ll learn more about something called ‘Keyword Research”, and be given tools and information on how to properly find a keyword that will help your site rank well in search engines.

And above all, Wealthy Affiliate constantly makes sure to help you write quality articles for you website. You’ll be given access to free photos to use, templates they’ve made, and an online editor that automatically saves anything you write (so you don’t lose it if you’re computer crashes accidentally).

Course 3 – Making Money!

10 Lessons From Course 3

In this course you get the chance to dive deeper into how exactly you’ll make money with affiliate marketing.

You’ll learn how to find affiliate programs that are specific to your niche and what you’re trying to promote. On top of that, you’ll see how to apply to those programs, and certain things you may want to say (or not say) when applying.

Upon successful approval of the affiliate program that you’ve chosen, Wealthy Affiliate will then teach you how to add affiliate links within the articles that you’ve written and posted to your website.

Since this course is about making money, Wealthy Affiliate also goes in depth on running ads on your site, and the pros and cons to doing it. The training also goes on to show how to set up a Google Adsense account and use Adsense to run ads on your website.

Speaking of Google, Wealthy Affiliate will also help teach you this course how to set up a Google Analytics account. With Google Analytics, you can track how many users are on your site, how long they’re on certain pages, and which pages are doing better at converting traffic into money.

Course 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

10 Lessons from Course 4

Now-a-days, it’s hard to run any sort of website or business without some sort of social media accounts. And in this course, Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to easily use social media to your advantage.

Before you actually set up any social media accounts, Wealthy Affiliate makes sure that you have you site ready to be a social engagement – through the use of comments.

You’ll see why having comments on your site is such a good thing, which comments you’ll want to keep, and how to make sure you get people to leave comments.

After this, you’ll get training on several different social site, and how to use them to leverage traffic back to your site. You’ll learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites.

Last, but not least, you’ll also see how it’s beneficial to use the social part of Wealthy Affiliate’s website and how that can be used to make some additional money.

Course 5 – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

10 Lessons From Course 5

In this final course, you’ll learn just how to maximize your efforts to get the best return for your time.

Wealthy Affiliate will take you through setting up your site with Google Search Console, and show you how to use it to effectively speed up your rankings within the Google search engine.

Following this, you’ll then learn how to properly write an engaging and thought-provoking title. Not one that is exclusively made to be clickbait, but one that makes people want to click to read your article (and not someone else’s).

And let’s not forget about making a proper plan for your site. You’ll be given several key ingredients on what you want for your site (in the future), how to get there, and what you need to do to achieve it.

There are also several lessons on how to make sure you ranking on all the ‘smaller’ search engines (like Bing and Yahoo), and not rely exclusively on the Google search engine. You’ll additionally learn how you can get quality comments for your articles through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

More Info

If you want to learn more on what exactly Wealthy Affiliate has, and what they offer, then click the button below to check out our full-blown in-depth article.

Is Wealthy Affiliate legitimate?

I personally have been using Wealthy Affiliate for nearly three years now, and can say with certainty that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely legitimate.

Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer, and from the many reviews out there, they can seem like they make a lot of bold claims. However, most of those claims have been found to be true.

The easiest way to prove that Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate is to show you my personal results with it.

(Note: my results are on the lower side since I don’t put as much work into it as others have. There are members of Wealthy Affiliate I know personally who make 10X to 100X that I’ve made. Check out the button below to learn more.)

Below you can see a screenshot of my earnings for one month that I got paid from Wealthy Affiliate.

Money I received for the month of October from Wealthy Affiliate.

Of course, getting paid by Wealthy Affiliate (i.e. promoting Wealthy Affiliate) isn’t the only way that they teach you to make money. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to set up a website and promote nearly anything.

Below are my earnings from Amazon when I set up a site about halitosis (Yes, you can promote nearly anything and earn money…):

Money I made through Amazon

Additionally, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money by running ads on your site. And yes, I’ve made money through that as well.

Below is just some of what I made through the use of Google Adsense. It’s proof that you can make something (albeit a small amount) through ads:

So, all in all, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely legit when they say that they can teach you how to make money online through their courses. I was able to use them to effectively make money three different ways – By promoting Wealthy Affiliate, promoting oral hygiene products, and running ads on my site.

Check out the article below where I go into more detail about how Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate, not only in their claims about making money, but about website speed, hosting, and live training!

Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme?

To understand whether Wealthy Affiliate is a pyramid scheme, we must define what exactly a pyramid scheme is. To do this, I’ve listed three definitions to help better understand a pyramid scheme:

What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

noun A fraudulent moneymaking scheme in which early participants are paid out of money received from later recruits, with the final recruits putting money in and getting nothing back.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

noun An illicit money-making investment scheme whereby early investors are paid primarily or wholly by later investors. Eventually all such schemes fail to the detriment of recent (later) investors.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

noun a fraudulent scheme in which people are recruited to make payments to the person who recruited them while expecting to receive payments from the persons they recruit; when the number of new recruits fails to sustain the hierarchical payment structure the scheme collapses with most of the participants losing the money they put in[.]


As you can see from the above definitions, a pyramid scheme is where those who bought early into the scheme make all the money, and those who join later usually don’t make much, if any, money in the end.

Additionally, pyramid schemes don’t last very long – once they’re found out people stop paying into them, and in the end, the pyramid falls a part and no longer is in existence.

Wealthy Affiliate and Pyramid Schemes

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a pyramid scheme, especially if we take the definitions above into account.

  • Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 13 years (the average pyramid schemes run for at most 5 years).
  • Wealthy Affiliate is free to join (pyramid schemes aren’t).
  • Pyramid schemes have multiple layers of people paying you. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have that.
  • There have been many ‘new’ Wealthy Affiliate members who have made just as much as the ‘old’ members (with pyramid schemes this isn’t the case).
  • While Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to promote itself, this isn’t the only thing they teach (nor the first thing they teach) – pyramid schemes rely on you making other people purchase they pyramid scheme you’re in.

No Pyramid’s With Wealthy Affiliate!

I’ve read of many members who joined Wealthy Affiliate when they just started, and many of those ‘early investors’ (if you could call them such) didn’t make anything.

Additionally, I’ve met many members who within 6 months of joining made a rather sizable monthly income from their sites.

Additionally, the training that Wealthy Affiliate provides teaches you how to make money promoting nearly anything (and not just specifically Wealthy Affiliate).

All the above points to the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is no pyramid scheme. It’s rather impossible for them to be one with the way they run their business, and how things are set up.

An Honest Opinion Of Wealthy Affiliate

If you want to check out more about Wealthy Affiliate and what they have to offer you, click the button below to get taken to my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate!

Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money?

No, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t make you money – you make your own money. However, the training that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer does teach you exactly that.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a lot when you join them – website hosting, coaching, training, constructive feedback/comments. But the #1 thing they don’t offer is them doing the work for you.

Having said all that, if you follow the training that Wealthy Affiliate gives to you, then you can make money through Wealthy Affiliate.

For example, below is a screenshot of just some of the money I’ve made when I put Wealthy Affiliate’s training to work:

Wealthy Affiliate's Training At Work!

As you can see above, I made $73 and some odd sense through the Amazon Affiliate program (which Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to use it).

Additionally, I follow the training that Wealthy Affiliate gave to get people to my site, and was able to hit several record-breaking days:

Page-views reaching 1500 per day

The image above shows my traffic steadily climbing up to about 1500 people per day coming to my site. I should add that when I took that my site was just coming into it’s 5th month of existence.

So, if you follow the training that Wealthy Affiliate provides, and don’t quit, then yes, Wealthy Affiliate can (help you) make money.

Is Wealthy Affiliate outdated?

Wealthy Affiliate started back in 2005, so it’s little wonder people would ask whether it’s outdated or not.

Here’s the thing with Wealthy Affiliate and their training: it’s hasn’t really changed much.

Before we go jumping to any conclusions, let me explain what I mean by that.

Wealthy Affiliate hasn’t changed much of it training simply because it hasn’t needed to be changed. Yeah, they had to add some explanations here and there, and change something when other products were no longer around.

But the main things that Wealthy Affiliate has been preaching has remained the same.

What they’ve been saying since the beginning still works now-a-days – create a seo-friendly website, write quality articles, add the affiliate links, and you’re in business.

I know, everyone wants proof about whether Wealthy Affiliate is outdated or not. So here’s my personal proof:

Personal proof that Wealthy Affiliate still works for today

As you can see in the screenshot above, I currently have a ‘paycheck’ waiting to be released to me on the first of the next month. That is money that I earned by following what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not outdated. Their website, training, and methods are as up-to-date as ever, and still work great.

Need more proof?

Earlier this year, I used the training from Wealthy Affiliate to rank well on Google. So well in fact that 4 minutes after publishing my article, Google ranked it #1 on the search engine:

Ranking position 1 of page 1 within 4 minutes.

Additionally, using the training that Wealthy Affiliate give out, I was able to get over 4000 page-views to my site in just one day:

4K pageviews to my site in one day

I can’t speak for everyone. But I can speak for myself, and say that Wealthy Affiliate’s training still works. It might be ‘outdated’ in the sense that it’s the same thing they’ve been saying since 2005. But it definitely still works for 2020.

I’ve been able to make money, rank extremely well, and receive a high amount of traffic to my site, all through the training Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. So, over all, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t outdated at all.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

Depending on which membership plan you choose, Wealthy Affiliate can cost anywhere from (roughly) $300-$600 per year for their premium membership.

But what Wealthy Affiliate gives you in return is worth more than what you have to pay. Below are lists of just a few benefits that you get from joining Wealthy Affiliate:

Education and Features Benefits

  • 300 hours of educational videos on affiliate marketing, keyword research, understanding costumer interaction, wordpress, and much more!
  • All 50 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training, and 70 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp Training.
  • Weekly live training from an expert in Affiliate Marketing (additionally having the ability to interact with the trainer, asking questions, commenting, etc).
  • The ability to earn revenue from training that you publish on Wealthy Affiliate’s website.
  • Access to 12 different classrooms filled with many common questions and answers to common problems with affiliate marketing.

Website Features And Benefits

  • Up to 50 different websites you can use to build your businesses on.
  • Access to SiteDomains, where you can buy cost-effective domains (that include email accounts and SSL for FREE).
  • Access to SiteSpeed, which allows you to monitor your site speed and gives advice on how to make your site faster (which helps with user experience).
  • Access to SiteProtect, a hard-hitting spam protector for your site.
  • Access to SiteHealth, website analysis on how healthy your site is seen in the eyes of search engines.
  • Access to SiteComments and SiteFeedback, two features that allows you to get comments to specific articles you wrote, and feedback on content, website design and/or user experience.

Hosting Features And Benefits

  • 24/7 monitoring of your site, in the case that it goes down, Wealthy Affiliate can bring it back for you.
  • Being hosted on servers that will maximize the speed and load time of your site, more so than most other servers.
  • 24/7 backups of your site, with snapshots being taken hourly, so that Wealthy Affiliate can easily restore your website.
  • Free malware and virus protection, so that you don’t have to worry about stopping any hacking attempts (Wealthy Affiliate will do this for you!)
  • 24/7 support for you site, with about the average answering time is less than 5 minutes.

Keyword, Niche And Website Research

  • Unlimited keyword searches, with the ability to see which keywords will rank well, and which won’t.
  • The ability to track just how you site ranks over time, and which keywords get ranked higher than others.
  • Access to niche research and discovery, where you can find niches and topics for your site to revolve around.
  • Easily checking out your competition and seeing what they’re doing to rank for keywords you may be targeting.

Support/Mentorship Features And Benefits

  • Access to 24/7 answers to nearly any question you ask – need a good plugin for you site? Ask, and you’ll get a quick and timely response!
  • Integrated live chat, with the ability to chat with thousands of fellow affiliate marketers across the world.
  • Advice and interaction with the founders of Wealthy Affiliate – you’ll have the chance to chat with them, PM them, and even pick their brain on any questions you might have.

As you can see from all that was said above, you definitely get your money’s worth when you pay for Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership. I haven’t even been able to use all the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate so far because there are just too many!

See More Benefits And Features!

Still not covinced of the worth that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer? Make sure to check out what Wealthy Affiliate has to say for themselves, and what they’re willing to offer you!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Free?

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership to their site, so that anyone can see what they have to offer before paying for Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership.

Upon joining the free membership, you’re account will automatically get some of the premium membership perks (live chat, communicating, etc) for 7 days.

You’ll be given two free websites to start building on and experimenting with as you learn more about affiliate marketing.

You’ll additionally be given the first phases in Wealthy Affiliate’s prized training courses. In those lessons, you’ll learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and just how you can make money online.

You’ll have the chance to earn from Wealthy Affiliate, and anything you promote on your site, without even having to pay for the premium membership (so you can see if it really is for you).

Want some 1-on-1 coaching? For the first 7 days, you’ll have the ability to get it – even coaching from the founders of Wealthy Affiliate themselves!

Wealthy Affiliate Membership options and benefits

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

While Wealthy Affiliate is free to join (see answer below), their premium membership costs $49.00 per month.

However, Wealthy Affiliate does takes steps to join at a cheaper rate, if you have the ability to pay more upfront at the beginning.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Monthly Membership Plan

The monthly plan for Wealthy Affiliate's premium membership.

The most popular way to pay for Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership is their $49 per month choice.

As you notice in the image above, Wealthy Affiliate does give you a discount for your first month of premium at a discount – only $19.00 – to give you a chance to see if the premium membership is something you’ll want.

While this monthly method is the most popular, it’s not the most cost effective.

Wealthy Affiliate’s 6-month Membership

6 month premium membership for Wealthy Affiliate

If you’re able to pay for 6 months of Wealthy Affiliate, then you’ll be able to take a 20% discount. Instead of paying $49 per month, a 6 month plan will come out to be about $39 per month.

This is a great method to choose, especially if you have $234 upfront that you can use. 6 months is generally how long it takes for a site to get out of it’s infancy and where you’ll start to see all your work come to fruition.

Just pay for 6 months, and see what you can do within that time-frame.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Yearly Membership Plan

Wealthy Affiliate's best option - paying for a yearly premium membership!

Are you ready to go all in, and get the best bang for your buck(s)? Then choose Wealthy Affiliate’s yearly premium membership.

Only having to pay $359 for the year, this is by far the best option if you are a penny-pinching type of person (like me). You’ll be able to cut off around 39% off the normal price.

This option is really for those who know that they’re going to be with Wealthy Affiliate for the long haul, and are willing to put the ‘extra’ money upfront so that it will be cheaper in the long run.

Free Membership vs Premium membership, and what each have to offer at Wealthy Affiliate.

How do I cancel my wealthy affiliate membership?

  1. Go to your account setting
  2. Scroll down, and click on the membership page
  3. click the button “Stop Billing & Cancel Membership

1. Go To Your Account Settings

Finding the Account Settings button

If you click on your profile image in the left hand corner, you’ll be given a choice of pages to choose from. The button you looking to press is the one that says ‘Account Settings’.

If you are having trouble finding it, feel free to click the following link, and you’ll be taken there immediately:

2. Finding The Membership Page

Subscription Settings heading, underneath there is a button with 'Membership' written on it

As you can see in the above image, you’re looking for the button that says ‘Membership’ on it. It is right below the header that reads ‘Subscription Settings’.

Scroll about half way down the page, and locate the Membership button. After you click it, you’re almost there to closing your account!

3. Closing Your Account

Click the "Stop Billing & Cancel Membership"

Locate the “Stop Billing & Cancel Membership” Button, and click it. You’ll be taken to a page (or several pages) of details, and upon following those instructions, you’ll be able to stop the billing process of your membership!

Is Writers Work A Scam? (Don’t Buy Until You Read This!)

Is Writers Work A Scam? (Don’t Buy Until You Read This!)

Writers Working

Writers Work is a company that has been around for a year or so. They have thousands of followers on social media, and have seem to have quite a few positive reviews.

But reviews can sometimes be deceiving. Is Writers Work a scam, or are they a legit company? What is actually known about them? That is just exactly what we’re hoping to uncover in this Writers Work review!


Product: Writers Work

Creator(s): Ms. Rhonda Wilcox (?)

Description: A site that is specifically designed for freelance writers. You pay a subscription fee, and you receive possible writing jobs.

Price: $15 per month, with possible upsells

Recommended? Not exactly…

Rating: 5 out of 10

Alternative Program Check Them Out For Your Self:

Writers Work is a site that offers writers a place to, well, find work. They not only provide work, but also offer a wide selection of help to become a better writer, editor, and worker.

There are mixed reviews of Writers Work around the internet. Some say that it is legit. Others claim that they shouldn’t be trusted. Most of these reviews come from other people’s websites. There seems to be a lot of controversy around Writers Work, and hopefully we’ll be able to get to the bottom of it. – Is It The Place To Be?

The first thing to do when looking at a program, product, or site, it to actually go and take a look at it. While reviews are a great thing to take a look at, you can’t fully understand them until you take a look at the actually thing they are reviewing.

So I visited the site.

It seemed legit enough. A cute little video will grab your attention, and help make you want to buy this program. The one-page-homepage is what you’ll naturally find on most sites now-a-days.

But we’re not looking at how cute the site is, are we? Oh, no, we’re not…

As you continue to read, you find that you get access to a word processor that will allow you to work quickly and efficiently. They also offer a grammar-checker that will get rid of all your writing mistakes.

You need help in getting stuff done? Well, just use their goal setter thingy, and you’ll be achieving goals in no time!

All the claims look great, but that doesn’t really tell us much about the authenticity of the site. So let’s take a deeper look, and see what can be dug up!

TOS and Privacy Policy

As I usually do, I quickly scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see if I could find their ToS (Terms of Service) and their Privacy Policy.

Of course, everything checked out about both of them. There doesn’t seem to be any hidden agenda’s or weird language in them.

Like most TOS they note that there really is no guarantee on how much money you’ll make (blah, blah, blah). Most make sure to say this so that if the program doesn’t work out for you, and you want to sue, there really is no basis for it (typical legal stuff…).

Their Terms and Conditions page did seem to have some interesting information:

Thank you for using the Writers Work LLC website (accessible at hereinafter, the ‘Website’).

Writers Work LLC? Hmm, if they are an LLC, then has anyone said anything about this company?

BBB’s rating of Writers Work LLC

A great place to take a look at registered companies is at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Interestingly, BBB did have a page about Writers Work LLC, and it doesn’t look good.

They have had four complaints against them, and none of them have been answered.

BBB's Rating

Getting an ‘F’ rating on BBB isn’t good. And when a company doesn’t respond to the complaints, that also shows a lack of caring about your customers.

What were the complaints about?

Two tell about how they weren’t able to get a refund from Writers Work. On the site, you can see that they have a 30-day money back guarantee. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Another explains how they paid the initial fee, but then was charged a little less than $30 for something called “coaching”. Additionally (and I can’t exclusively prove this), but the guy found that some of the jobs he was given were expired Craigslist ads.

I personally don’t have a problem with people making complaints against companies. What I do have a problem is with companies that don’t respond to those complaints. It hurts the business even if the complaints are true or false.

False Claims. Most people understand how false claims hurt a business. If someone is spreading lies against another company, that should be responded to by the company.

The company has the ability to tell the whole world that these claims aren’t real – yet Writers Work hasn’t done that yet? Why not? This shows (to me at least) that Writers Work doesn’t care about how their customers are treated, nor what happens with their reputations. As long as Writers Work makes money, they don’t care.

True Claims. But if these really are true claims, then it these complaints are ones that you should listen to. Because of these complaints it’s probably best not to do anything with Writers Work or their websites and business.

Once again, if the claims are true, is the reason Writers Work hasn’t responded because they have no answer? If Writers Work is truly built on lies and deceit, then why wouldn’t they respond to these claims with lies and deceit? It honestly doesn’t make sense to me.

Are the complaints founded?

Do the complaints have any basis for what they say?

Writers Work has two main ways to buy their program. Either a monthly fee of $15, or a one time payment of $47.

As you’ll noticed from the screenshot above, it says that you’ll “never have to pay another cent – forever”.

The Terms and Conditions seem to say something a little different:

If you upgrade to a higher tier plan during the billing cycle, a prorated fee between the rates specified in the subscription you previously selected and the fees specified in the subscription to which you have upgraded will be applied.

So, there are higher tier plans within Writers Work? I don’t know, but something doesn’t seem to add up here. The complaints on BBB’s website can’t be proven conclusively. But neither can they not be proven. I think it’s best for Writers Work to answer them, and help show the world what really is the truth.

I do want to point out one other thing about the one-time payment plan. If you take a look at the screenshot above, you’ll notice it says that this is the Early-bird pricing.

Early-bird is usually a term for something that is just starting out, or something that has just opened up. For example, if registration for a conference has just opened up, you can usually get a discounted price if you register as soon as possible.

The thing is, Writers Work has been open for business for over 1 year now. So why claim that people can still get an ‘early-bird’ discount?

[Update: Our review has been up for nearly a year, and Writers Work is still claiming to run this early-bird discount, even though they’ve been running it for than a year…]

Is Writers Work a scam?

Writers Work doesn’t appear to be a scam. They seem to be a legit company. However, just because they are legit, doesn’t mean that I would recommend them to anyone.

There are several places that you can go and get just as great service, all for free. But with a BBB rating of ‘F’, Writers Work isn’t a company you probably want to do business with. I don’t think it will be worth it in the long run.

Take Control Of What You Write!

Writing for other people isn’t the only way to make money from writing. You can use a personal blog to make money with your own writing (and get to keep all the rights to your writing too!)

If you enjoy writing, but want to own all that you’ve written, and make money doing that, then maybe you would want to consider being a blogger. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you all about that – and they have a free membership to get you started.

Within their free membership, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to set up a website, show you how to get traffic to your site, and show you how to make money with the website you’ve made. Review: Is Freelancer A Scam? (No, But…) Review: Is Freelancer A Scam? (No, But…)

Many times when people are looking for something to do, for a place to find work, they’ll turn to this thing called freelancing. And one of the popular places to freelance your skills is at a site called

In this review we’ll take a look at Freelancer and see whether it is a good place to get find work, or if it’s a place to dump. We’ll also take a look at some of our own personal experiences with the site, and how it wasn’t quite what we expected.

So come along as we check out whether or not Freelancer is a scam, and whether we would recommend them!

What Exactly Is Freelancing?
Freelancing can be a number of things

Freelancing is where you have a certain skill set, and instead of working for someone (like a typical job), you’ll contract yourself out to do jobs for individuals, companies, or enterprises.

One of the definitions of freelance is: a person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.

Why would someone choose freelancing?

Well, for one thing, freelancing does give you a little more leeway as to where you work, and how much. Many times, freelancing can also be done from home, which means you can pretty much work from where-ever you want.

Another reason is that, depending on what you’re freelancing, you have the ability to get out and see more, and have the experience of working for multiple people, instead of just one person.

Of course, freelancing does have it’s drawbacks. With a typical job, a salaried one, you know exactly how much you’re going to make, and how much work you’ll have to do.

With a freelancing job, it’s not that easy.

As the freelancer, you usually have to go and find jobs to do – putting your name out there, contacting people, placing bids on what you want to work on, etc. And oftentimes, even if you put in all that work, you may not be able to get enough jobs that you wanted.

That being said, freelancing is definitely a great choice if you are proficient in a certain skill, enjoy working from home (or on the road/traveling), and don’t mind putting yourself out there to grab any and every opportunity. – Freelancing Made Easy?'s Main Page

Now that you have (hopefully) a better understanding of what freelancing is, let’s talk about what is. is a site that tries to make freelancing easier for the freelancer, and the one looking for freelancing work. Freelancer does this by hosing what you could call a marketplace where people are able to post jobs they need done.

Upon coming to Freelancer, you’ll be given two choices – signing up to hire someone or to work. More than likely, you’ll want to sign up because you want to work.

You’ll be asked about the skills that you have, and which ones you want to freelance with.

These skills can be anywhere from programming and machine learning, to copy writing and SEO. Freelancer has a large variety of different skills you can choose, and plenty of work to find with each skill.

The reason you choose the skill you want to freelance is because once you choose it, Freelancer can then send you jobs for you to bid on.

You see, many people will come to Freelancer because they need something done. Maybe they’ve got a virus on their site they need taken off. Maybe it’s PHP error code they don’t understand. Maybe it’s just writing a simple essay.

Whatever the case, these people come to Freelancer to find people to do their work for them. When they create their job that they want done, they tag it with specific skills they (think they) need to get the job done.

If they tag it with a specific skill that you have, you then get a notice about it, and have the ability to bid on that job.

How Does The Bidding Work?

When you see a job, you’re not going to be the only one that will see it – there are thousands of others who have the same skills as you do who may also want the job.

Because of this, you get the chance to tell the person who posted the job as to why you think you’re the best qualified for the job, and how much you are willing to be paid to do the job.

If you’re the one who the person who posted the job likes, then they’ll contact you, and you’ll be able to discuss with them in more details as to what they want.

Are There Downsides To

There are actually two downsides to Freelancer that should be addressed. One will be address shortly – during our review of our experience. But the one to specifically be addressed here is the cheapness of many of the jobs.

Like we said before, there are many, many others who are working through There are many other freelancers waiting to post their bid on a certain job, and there are many who are willing to do it for a low amount.

Some, if not many, of the freelancers come from countries where they’re used to working for about $10 dollars a day – sometimes even less.

So if you’re coming from a country where that isn’t the typical daily wage (like the USA, Canada, or UK), then it may be a lot harder to get jobs on freelancer.

That isn’t to say that it’s impossible.

There are plenty of people who live in the countries where the average wage is higher than $10 bucks, and they’re making a living through it.

Freelancer job that is only 1 - 6 dollars per hour

As you’ll notice in the screenshot above, one of the jobs is doing academic writing, but the person who is posting the job is asking for people who are working for around $1-$6 dollar per hour.

If we tried to find a job around where we lived for that low of an amount, we wouldn’t be able to find it anywhere. That is because where we live, minimum wage is a lot higher than that.

And that isn’t to say that every job is that low in price. But it is pretty stiff competition that you’ll be against. Many of the jobs that you’ll be trying to get can be technical as well, so make sure you know exactly what your skill set is and how proficient you are before you start out.

Our Personal Experience Of

Part of Our Freelancer Profile

It was a little over a day ago that we decided to create a Freelancer account and see whether we could get a job or two, and grab some pocket money (aside from checking out

So we quickly jumped into all the fun stuff of signing up and verifying who we were. We set up our account and were ready to get to work!

Because we were on a ‘basic’ account, we were allowed only 8 bids that we could do within a span of 3 days. We were fine with this of course. It just meant that we had to make sure to bid on ones that we thought we could win, and not every single job that we saw.

we also tried to find jobs that would pay us $15 dollars or more an hour. While this may seem easy, it really isn’t.

You see, when you bid on a job, you bid on how much you’ll do it for. But, to cover costs, Freelancer will take a percentage of what you bid.

What this means is that what you list as the bid isn’t really going to be what you actually make.

If you bid $15 dollar an hour, you’re probably going to be making around $12.50 an hour. So, if we’re trying to actually make 15, then we usually need to bid higher than that (like 17ish) to actually make what we want to.

Did We Win Any Bids?

Sadly, as of right now, we didn’t win any bids, even though we did bid multiple times on things we could have done.

We did however have several people come and talk to us, which is where our experience gets a little interesting.

You’ll know of course, from our site, that we deal with a lot of scams and scammers. So we have a pretty good idea of how a scammer operates.

And, believe or not, we found dozens of scammers on

One of the bids that we placed was about doing WordPress updates. The person who posted the job contacted us about 8 hours after we placed the bid and said that he wanted to work with us.

However, he never really said that he accepted our bid (which is the standard thing to do). He also wanted to move our conversation to Skype (which is a big no-no from the terms of service agreements on

We politely told him that we weren’t interested, and moved on. Even though we were willing to do work, and would have done it for him if he were legit, people who use Freelancer need to follow the rules to actually get our bid.

We Were Contacted By 6+ Scammers!

multiple scammers who we were contacted by

We guess we’re just a magnet for scammers. But one of the features that allows is for people to see if freelancers want to work directly for them.

This cuts out all the bidding and searching, which is great. However, when each person who contacts you wants to move the discussion to another chatting platform, and is asking for us to do the same exact scam for them, then it can be very disturbing.

Nearly all of those people who contacted us directly were ones who wanted us to create an account on Upwork (another popular freelancing site), so that they could use it themselves.

This is a typical scam that has been around for a long time.

All the above to say, there seemed to be a lot of scammers on, something that we weren’t too happy with.

There didn’t seem to be anything done to try to stop these scammers from doing what they were doing. We actually saw one scammer post a job (or similar jobs) nearly 100 times over the course of the day (no, we aren’t exaggerating).

Our Final Experiences

While writing this article, we had another person contact us because they ‘had a job for us’. And then they wanted to chat somewhere else.

We personally don’t like scammers and sites that help scam thrive. Sadly, we saw quite a bit of that going on at Freelancer, and weren’t too happy with it.

If there was a way that they could better police how people sign up and what new members can do, then we would probably be more enthusiastic about promoting Freelancer. But it’s definitely not a site that we would really recommend to anyone looking for freelance work.

Is Freelancer A Scam?, and freelancing, are definitely not scams. They are both legit and have potential in certain circumstances.

However, does have a lot of scammers on it, and so if you are going to use it, then we would recommend that you be very careful who you do work for, and how it is done.

If you plan on working through, make sure to get acquainted with their Terms of Service. And if anyone doesn’t follow those terms, then make sure to not do any business with them.

Now, while we don’t overly recommend, we do have an alternative that you can check out.

Check Out Our Recommend Program For Making Money!

If you are looking for a way to make money, work from home, or even do something that you love, then we would recommend that you check out our review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate, simply put, teaches you how to create a site around something that you love, and make money through it. It was actually through their program that we decided to make this site and help people who were dealing with scams.

Through the program, Wealthy Affiliate will give you the tools and resources you need to get your business up and running.

And what’s even better is that the starter membership is FREE for the taking! They’ll give all that you need to succeed. All you need to do is accept what they’re giving, and apply it to your own situation. Review: Is Clipneals Fraudulent? (Our Honest Opinion) Review: Is Clipneals Fraudulent? (Our Honest Opinion)

You’re probably here trying to figure out if is a scam or not. Maybe you’re here to see whether it’s legit. In either case, you’ve come to the right place.

In this review we’ll take a look at just why we think that Clipneals is a scam. Hopefully by the end of it, you will learn some ways on how to tell if future websites are a scam.

This is an automated report on, so our apologies if it doesn’t come out exactly right or sounds a little too generic (or vague). If we get enough people interested, we will write a more detailed article about Clipneals!

Quick Review

  • Clipneals’s Privacy Policy isn’t set up completely and has issues.
  • There is a website or two that looks like Clipneals.
  • Clipneals has some shady discounts on their site, as well as not explaining why everything is so discounted.
  • Clipneals’s site is around or less than one month old.

Learn To Detect Scams

We’ve put together a video course on how to easily figure out if something is a scam or not. It shows clearly how you can tell whether a site is fraudulent!

Discounted Prices Usually Mean Scam Products

Most likely, you came to Clipneals because you saw that they seemed to have products on their site for a fairly low price. Well, as you know, looks can be deceiving.

As you can see in the above screenshot, every single product that they have listed on their site seems to be discounted down in some way.

Whether it’s a refrigerator or a tent (or something in between), each one of these items are marked down fairly significantly. Which makes the whole site look pretty sketchy.

Sadly, many will fall for this trick that scammers use often. A scammer will make a site with high discounts, advertise it on a social media platform, and people will flock to it like ducks to water.

If a site has discounts, and each product is the same exact price as each other, then it is most definitely a scam. There shouldn’t even be a question about it being legitimate.

But that is not all that we found on this site either. Privacy Policy’s Issues

We always love to take a look at a website’s Privacy Policy. That specific page is one that usually tells people what the site will collect from you (your ip address, home address, email address, etc), and how they will keep it safe, including whether they’ll give it away/share it and/or sell it.

In the past we’ve found some pretty bizarre issues with Privacy Policies. We’ve even found one that suggested they would pretty much share everyone’s information to everyone!’s Privacy Policy is a little different. It appears that they copied it from something else, and forgot to actually update their page!

As you can see from the above screenshot, it appears that there were parts of this page that were supposed to be edited. And it doesn’t look like they were.

This doesn’t bode well for If they don’t have a clear Privacy Policy on their site, then you probably shouldn’t be using their site, no matter how legit it is. You really have no idea on how they’re collecting the information, or what they’re doing with it (or for that matter, what exactly they are collecting!).

When Was Clipneals created?

When someone goes to buy a domain name, they leave behind the exact date when they registered that domain, as well as when they last updated that domain. And all that information is publicly available for anyone wants to look at it.

As you can see above, the data says that they actually registered their domain rather recently. Which doesn’t bode well in a site’s ‘trust-factor’.

All sites, legit and scams, are usually not that ‘trustworthy’ until they are 6 months to a year old. It’s been proven that scam sites are on average significantly younger than legit sites.

Scammers will run a scam until it’s found out and no one purchase from it (which usually takes several months, depending on how they run their scam). And so because of that, Clipneals just isn’t exactly trustworthy yet.

Same Scam – Different Name?

WalkTends – Look-a-like site!

We actually looked into a site very similar to Clipneals a while ago. Though that site was called something else. You’ll notice the similarities in the screenshot above.

The owner seems to have been running this scam for a while now, and doesn’t appear to be giving up on it anytime soon.

Sadly, it just means what none of us want to hear – humans will fall for the same scam over and over again without learning from their lesson.

[Check out our article about Walktrends, a exact copy of Clipneals!] Is Indeed A Scam!

So, to reiterate what we said above:

  • Clipneals is running some sketchy discounts
  •’s Privacy Policy seems to have some issues with it
  •’s website looks like another website
  • is still a very young site

All in all, we definitely would not recommend anyone to take seriously. They are more than likely a fraudulent website, and care nothing for the honest, hardworking people. All they care about is to scam people out of their money.

Don’t Lose More Money!

We know what it’s like getting scammed – we’ve gotten scammed plenty of times. But because of this, we were able to find similarities between many scam websites.

We created a video course, How To Detect Online Scams, in which we explain these similarities and methods we use to check a website. And we’re happily able to offer it to you for a discounted price.

Unfortunately, we can’t really give you the money that you lost by being scammed (if you did get scammed). But we can give you our course for a cheaper and more affordable price.

Follow the link below and get our course for 50% off of its original price. It’s our way of trying to help out those who have been scammed before, and/or those who don’t have a lot of money to spend!