Blogging Ideas For Women (Any Age Can Blog!)

Finding your way in blogging can be daunting. The very first steps are usually the ones most challenging, and the ones that many get hung up on.

It’s no different if you are a man or a woman, each one can get stuck on this particular step. And that step is choosing what to blog about.

You can blog about anything at all, but the best blogs are the ones that choose the most specific niche as possible.

What Is A Niche?

The picture is of a news stand and represents the many different types of niches (or topics) out there

A niche is, very simply put, a topic that one wants to write about. It can be as simple as car repairs, or as complex as quantum computing. A niche can be religious, philosophical, or even humorous.

You can categorize niches into two different categories – a broad niche or a specific niche. A broad niche would be something like the beauty niche. A specific niche would be something more clarified than beauty, like how to put on make up properly, or colors and clothes that go with hairstyles, or even all things lipstick.

When choosing a good niche idea, it is always better to go with something more specific than more broad. The reason behind this is because as you write articles for this website, you want to be able to have your audience (i.e. people visiting your site) to be able to relate as much as possible to you, and to stay on your site.

When you choose a specific niche, like lipstick, you have a better chance of people reading more of your articles than if you had a broad niche. If people come to your site to read about how to properly use lipstick, and then see that you have an article on the best lipsticks, they’ll most likely look at your other article as well.

But if you had a broad niche, wrote about properly using lipstick, and then in another article wrote about how face gels beautifies someone, those who came to look at your lipstick article won’t likely click on your other article about face gel.

A good niche is a specific niche. You might be wondering what happens when you write everything about your specific niche, like lipstick, and then have nothing to write about.

The easiest thing to do is to then broaden your niche a little. Have a few articles that discuss the difference between eyeliner and lipstick, how they complement each other, and what colors go good together. Then after those few articles you can expand your niche and talk about eyeliner.

The other option is to start another website with another specific niche (i.e. eyeliner), and move on from there.

How To Choose a Good Niche

An image of someone having to choose between two different things

Good niche ideas can some times be hard to figure out, even when you know it needs to be a specific niche. So, what are the better niche ideas for a website, and how do you go about picking one for your website?

Pick something you like. When choosing a good niche, make sure it’s something you like to do. For example, many people don’t like mathematics. If you are one of those people, make sure you don’t choose math as your niche, since you’ll won’t want to write about it.

Additionally, make sure you really do like it. Some people will choose a niche that they think they can make more money more quickly with, and then after a few articles, they realize that that specific niche was harder than they thought and they start to lose interest. So make sure whatever you choose is something you like.

Pick something you can write about. Often times, there is a hobby that you have, that you enjoy doing, but something that might not come easily for you to write about. For example, some people enjoy collecting stamps. While that is great and dandy, it might not be something that you will enjoy writing about.

Also, just because I’m using writing as an example doesn’t mean that you have to write about your chosen niche. If you enjoy making videos, you could also do it in that form. For example, if you enjoy showing people how to do makeup, it may be easier to make a video where you can explain the how verbally, as opposed to writing the how out.

Pick something that you can learn about. You don’t need to be an expert in a certain niche to write about it. But if you aren’t, you can’t be afraid to learn more about that certain niche so that you can accurately tell your readers more about that niche.

I come from a farming background. Because of this, I know quite a bit about farming. But there is also a ton more that I don’t know. I could start a niche website about farming, and write quite a bit. But at some point there I would not be able to continue, because I would run out of knowledge. That is where learning comes into play.

As I learn more and more about farming, I could then write more and more, and help out my readers to the best of my abilities. But if I didn’t want to learn about farming, I would be limited in my writing, as I would only be able to write about what I knew about, and not new ideas that I was not aware of.

Blogging Ideas For Women Of All Ages

a picture of a lightbulb with many different ideas coming off of it.

So, with those two main things in mind, let’s take a look at the different ideas out there for women to blog about.

The 60+ JOY (Just Older Youth) Crowd

Blogging is for everyone, even women who are older than most others. But what can they blog about that people would be interested in? While it depends on your circumstances and surroundings, some of these things you may be able to blog about:

The Change of Technology. Over the last few decades, we have made some vast advances in technology. Many younger people (like me) don’t know a time when there weren’t a lot of cars, no computers, and other things we take for granted.

Blogging about the differences from when you grew up and how children grow up now-a-days with technology is something many people would be interested in reading about. You could write about what things you like, things you don’t like, and how you grew up without many of the luxuries we have today.

Giving Out Advice. Unfortunately, many younger people in our culture don’t like to listen to their elders. Yet, while that is true, there are some who want to learn and share in the knowledge that older people have.

You could start a blog about things you have learned over your life, ones that have an important lesson that comes with it. It could either be a moral lesson, a lesson in physical restraint/limits, or something else entirely.

Helping Out With Marriages. This idea goes hand in hand with the previous one, but you could start a blog about marriage advice. That is, if you have been married for a long time, or even if you have been divorced, you could give help to those younger folks who want a successful marriage.

Those 40+ With Mid-Life Crisis

What about those are in the middle of their lives and want to start blogging? What can they blog about?

Overcoming Mid-Life Crisis’. Not everyone has a mid-life crisis. But it often comes enough that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to blog about. You could show people how you and others overcame your crisis’ and how they can too. You could even explain why these mid-life crisis’ come, and about the harmful effects of them.

Write about Homeschooling. If you are a homeschooler, you could write about homeschooling. You could help point people to different curriculum that you use, ways to structure the ‘class’ time, and even different homeschooling events that you and your kids have gotten involved in.

You could also blog about the whole legal side of homeschooling. You could write about legal defense that is available to homeschoolers, cases that have involved homeschoolers, or homeschoolers that have become successful in law (or other areas of government).

Stay-At-Home Mom. This is a popular niche for certain women to become a part of. Do you have advice on being a stay-at-home mom? Why not blog about it? You could write about the advantages and disadvantages of staying at home, explain what you do while at-home, and maybe give some parenting tips (assuming you have kids).

Parenting Tips. Speaking of parenting, that also wouldn’t be a bad blog idea to think about. You could review books that you thought gave good tips on parenting, discuss how you disciplined your kids, and maybe even weigh in on whether we need better parenting or not.

You could also blog about the whole issue of technology use with kids. Should kids have smartphones, or should they not? Should they be able to watch 6+ hours of TV a day? Should they be allowed to play violent video games, and is there an age where they should be allowed to play/watch that kind of stuff?

The 20+ Young Women

Just because you are young doesn’t mean you can’t blog. I actually find that younger women have an easier time blogging than those older, due to younger women being used to technology and the whole online world. But even still, some younger women still don’t know what to blog about. So here are some ideas for them:

Blogging about Your Career. Are you currently in college? Or have you recently just received your diploma? Then why not blog about what you are studying/have studied? Tell people why you chose that career, and everything else you know about what you have learned.

If you are still in college, you could also blog about study habits, how to remember things you learn, and even how to take notes during class. You could write about how to overcome all your study while having a significant other, or working a job, assuming one of those applies to your situation.

Write about fashion/beauty. Do you keep up with the latest fashion and beauty products? Why not blog about it? Blog about the best beauty products, or what celebrities are wearing now-a-days. You could also write about different makeup colors and how to wear matching, color-coordinating clothes with it.

Any hobbies or joys you have. Do you enjoy ballet, fitness, or some other hobby? Or do you know a musical instrument really well? Any and all of those could be blogging ideas that you use to write about. As long as you enjoy it, and are willing to write about it, then it’s definitely something you should think about.

And For Anyone Else I Missed

You know, just because I gave an idea for the 60+ women doesn’t mean that the 20+ women can’t blog about it. And just because I put fashion/beauty in the 20+ catagory doesn’t mean that women younger or older than those can’t blog about it.

If anything in this article is something that you enjoy and think you could blog well on it, then by all means, go for it and start writing.

Can You Make Money With Blogging?

An image of several hundred dollars

Making money with blogging is not an easy task. But there are places where you can go to get good help and training that will help you succeed in the world of blogging.

Blogging isn’t something that should be taken lightly, though. It requires hard work, determination, and a patience like no other. Assuming that you have those qualities (or can learn them quickly), then you will have a chance of making money.

Blogging isn’t something easy to make money from

I won’t beat around the bush and tell you everything is easy. I’m not like that. Taking the honest and up-front approach is what I typically do. If you want to make money with blogging, you truly have to have the guts to do what needs to be done.

Blogging will take a lot of work. It will usually take around 3 months before you actually make money, even though you’ve put in more time that you can recount. Some have said that it even takes 6 months before they see anything successful for their site.

I think of blogging like Navy SEAL training. For those of you who don’t know, Navy SEALs are a special operations group who go through rigorous training and mental hurdles to become some of the best trained soldiers.

It’s not easy to get through Navy SEALs. 60-70% of those who try to pass the tests fail, and don’t achieve what they wanted.

Blogging is the same way.

Many come with these high hopes, and with attainable dreams. But after a month or two of not seeing results or having too much going on, most quit and never achieve their dreams.

So, if you really do want to make money, then make sure you have the time, the inclination, and the yearning to see yourself overcome the challenges that blogging brings.

Where Can I Make Money Blogging?

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It has a great group of people that use the platform, so if you’re feeling down, or need help with something, many people can come up beside you and encourage you to keep moving forward with your dreams and aspirations.

I wrote a longer review of them, which you can take a look at below. In it I show a little more of what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, what you can get with their free membership, and the success I’ve been able to have through them.

If you take a look throughout the site, you can see that it’s achievable. There are hundreds of reviews of people making money with Wealthy Affiliate. People who are making $500/mo, $1000/mo, $2000/mo, and even some who have built million dollar companies, people just like you who believed in their dreams.

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