Review: Top 3 Reasons Why Bodnc is a scam!

You’re probably wondering why we think Bodnc is indeed a scam, right? Maybe you liked the Adidas shoes they had, or the Nike products they were showing off. Or maybe, you’re just a curious person who likes to know about scams.

Whatever the case, we’re here to enlighten you on just why we believe is indeed a scam. And we’ll do it through three simple reasons. Hopefully, by the end of this article, these reasons will stick with you, and you’ll be able to use them if you ever come across another fraudulent website!

Quick Review

  • They are impersonating Nike.
  • They are located at the same location as Sainsbury’s Local.
  • They are connected with TCTRSP (A Scam Website).

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Reason #1: Impersonation Of Nike's main page

As you can see from the above screenshot, they seem to be selling Nike shoes, as well as a host of other things. Nothing is wrong with selling popular brands of footwear. In fact, if you can do it legally, then by all means, go ahead and sell it.

The thing here though is that they are using Nike’s copyright logo, and hosting it as their own. While Bodnc may not outright say it, they are giving the appearance as though they are Nike.

Using someone else’s logos and images, ones that they’ve copyrighted, is downright illegal and wrong. It not only hurts you personally, but also the person that you are pretending to be by taking away sales from them, and possibly tarnishing their good name.

On top of this, they don’t appear to have their site updated. They appear to be running a copyright notice of 2017 (which we’ll learn later actually appears somewhere else…).

copyright notice
Reason #2: Located With Sainsbury’s Local

Contact Info For

As you can see from the above screenshot, does give you some contact information, in the case you need to, well, get in contact with them. However, when we take a look at where they claim to be, we find that someone else has claimed that place also.

According to Google, Sainsbury’s Local is also located at 196 High St, Teddington, TW11 8HU, UK. And they seem to have been there longer (and with more reviews too):

Sainsbury's Local

Of course, one could argue that Sainsbury’s Local and are somehow related. Although when you take a closer look at what Sainsbury’s Local is, it’s not likely to be true (Sainsbury’s Local does sell fruit and veggies after all…).
Scammers will often put in a fake address on their website, so that they appear to be authentic. And this is just another ploy by the people behind to get you to fall for their scamming ways.

Also, when we searched for’s phone number, we came to find’s contact info through Google, and we found some more information about them:

Email address associated with

As you can see above, there is an email address associated with – service03(@) (they have nothing to do with the real Microsoft company).

We’ve actually seen that email address before, on other sites we’ve taken a look at. Those sites were scam websites. Which leads us to our third reason for why we know this site is a fraudulent one.

Reason #3: Connected With TCTRSP

About several weeks ago, we wrote an article detailing why we thought a site called was a scam. You can check it out here. In fact, we would recommend that you check the article out, because you’ll find some things very interesting.

For example, has the same exact location on their contact information as They also have the same copyright notice, and copyright image/logo. Fortunately, it appears that has been taken offline.

But is there a way that we can connect with Actually, there is.

We received an email from after we were able to get into our account, and needed to reset our password. When we received it, we found that at the end, they signed it as Tctrsp:

tctrsp in the email we received

Now, the above screenshot doesn’t mean much. For all we know, Tctrsp could stand for a common acronym that we just were familiar with – like Totally Caring Terrifically Respectable Scam-able Person!

We highly doubted it was an acronym. But what do we know, right? So, we dug a little deeper and found that actually mentions them in their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages:

Tctrsp found in the Terms of Service

So, is clearly related to in some way. Our best guess is that after everyone realized that was a scam, the owners moved everything to a new domain – Is A Scam!

There’s no denying it – is indeed a scam. They’re trying to impersonate Nike, try to be in the same location as Sainsbury’s Local, and connected with another fraudulent company.

All in all, it’s best to avoid and any other look-a-like sites that are out there. You’ll only lose money and have headache after heartache if you do choose to try to purchase something from

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This site came to us through our contact form. Our thanks goes out to Kayleigh for letting us know about it. If you have a site you’re unsure about, feel free to let us know by using our contact form!

15 thoughts on “ Review: Top 3 Reasons Why Bodnc is a scam!”

  1. They’re also now trading as and have a website called
    So yet another name with that same postal address and phone number but with a different email contact address of support(@)

  2. Hi,
    Did you order a product from the site and if so what was the outcome, did you receive the product, was there a problem.
    This is a basic test of whether the site is a scam which you failed to mention.
    Not having details about failed orders or missing items should have been the touchstone of your investigative report.

    • Hey Roman,

      There are several ways to check if a website is a scam or not – by taking a look at the website as a whole, or by just ignorantly purchasing (and feeding the whole scam problem).

      We can usually figure out if a site is a scam without even having to purchase anything from the actual site. Also, most scams are up one day and down the next. So how are we supposed to write a review about failed orders, when the site may very well be down by the time we find whether it’s a scam using your preferred method (and thus we can’t really help anyone wondering about the legitimacy of the site)?

      This site was connected with TCTRSP, impersonating Nike, and using a fake address. Because of those three things, it’s definitely a scam.

  3. Believe I’ve been scammed by these bastards today, under the address, contacted my bank after I researched the site when I got no email confirmation, I have to dispute it with Visa through by bank in 15 days time apparently, but not hopeful of getting anything back, phone number non existant and leads to a Sainsburys, scumbags. Just wish I’d have looked into it before I paid

    • Thanks for letting us know about this site! We’ll take a look at it and double check, but it sounds like it’s the same They seem to have been doing this quite frequently – just change the domain name, and continue with the scam.

      Best of luck disputing your purchase!

    • Hey Daniel,

      You’re going to have to go to the company that you purchased that you purchased through (bank, credit card issuer, etc), and see if they can dispute the purchase and give you back your money.

  4. They are now, and Using email address Fortunately MasterCard declined purchase as it detected irregularities. Had to cancel cards! Normally careful but son passed me this site for his birthday Nike trainers & didn’t realise they normally sell for twice the price……

  5. fallen for same scam- stepsons Nike trainers. Was with and supposed seller vanoutle. 6 weeks later no trainers and bullcrap excuse that tracking of parcel once in UK inmposible to find. Oh and wont give full refund…
    now to try and dispute with bank to get money back


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