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Is Biz Opp a Scam? (Read this first!)

Is Biz Opp a Scam? (Read this first!)

Business Opportunities have been booming more than ever with the current situation we are having right now. It is very helpful and doable because of its remote access to work which means that even stay-at-home moms can actually work and earn.

However, there are also a lot of people who take advantage in giving business opportunities which puts the business enthusiasts into a trap.

If you are planning or just simply interested in starting your own online business it is good to do some research which one will work for you and how do you even start knowing that!

Good thing you are reading this because here is a simple review of Biz Opp or Business Opportunity a scam as compared to Business Franchising. I also included some tips when you have already started and are trying to grow your business!

Biz Opp Review Summary

Product Name: Biz Opp

Product Type: Online Jobs

Summary: Biz Opp are business packages and sets that offer ranges of product and services like reselling, work-at-home and passive income. These are usually computer-based services with training courses and programs.

Price: Price varies

Best For: Online Business

Rating: 7 out of 10


What is Biz Opp?

Biz Opp are business packages and sets that offer ranges of product and services like reselling, work-at-home and passive income. These are usually computer-based services with training courses and programs.

It is also different from franchise business which people confuse it with most of the time. They differ a lot with the costing. BizOpp is always cheaper and you are only to follow a simple and lesser set of rules as compared to that of franchising. 

Generally, Business opportunities are looser in nature. All you need to do is to buy the opportunity and then learn how to run the business. After that, then I think you are pretty much ready and free to market it and run it as you want it to be.

Good deals with Biz Opp

Easy Target audience

Most of the opportunities that Biz Opp offers work best for women in their 30’s. But young entrepreneurs or  Biz Opp seekers with age 22 can also join. These are the age ranges who already have money to invest.

Learning the Trends

You have to monitor trends in the vertical and then learn from them. For example, if binary options are hot right now, you think of scheduling a corresponding campaign. This way you can always keep the working hours of your sales support or in a way continue earning passive income. 

Localized Creatives

You can personalize and make your own strategy doing any Biz Opp opportunities. This is not only limited to language but also the design and layouts. This will help you communicate and sell better because you are speaking the language of your consumers on a personal level.

Reviews and Testimonials

Too good to be true promises can actually hurt your reputation and your brand. People will not be trusting and won’t buy your product. So, do not promise too much but just state what you can actually deliver and give. 

You can put or feature testimonials and stories about your products or opportunities that will help interested consumers weigh whether to buy or not. It has been proven that The Biz Opp niche loves them.

But remember that the testimonials have to be true and real as well. Do not fake it by hiring actors or writers. 


Biz Opp is usually mistaken as a Financial Niche or Gambling Niche just like that of Crypto and Binary Options.


A reasonable payment for you to earn in Biz Opp ranges from $200 to $500. Anything that does not pay you enough or lower might be a scheme for Pyramiding  Schemes or other kinds or Scams.

Legitimate ones will  illustrate how you’ll make the money rather than giving you a hype by drawing you in with promises of  big financial rewards.

Take note also that FTC already requires a cancellation or refund policy for Biz Opp and with any business transaction. You really have to read their disclosures document in order to know and be informed with your rights and boundaries.

Software and Tools

In order to earn money from this you have to make sure that you are using the right softwares and tools. There are a lot of softwares that are being sold separately and focus on the main features like SEO and gaining traffic.

Some are only up for the OTO or Upsells and do not really deliver what it promises and are mostly based on spams, and backlinks.

The danger of these kinds of products and software is that it can hurt your website or business badly. How? Google Will rank your domain page lower if they can trace know that you are using spam emails and posting the same link anywhere in the net.

Landing Page

One of the ways to choose a good Biz Opp is to check if the landing page is simple enough. Because that is how it is really supposed to be. THe application is simple and you are not supposed to file a lot of fields.

Name, email and contact number is usually enough for the team or the company to process your application and close the contract with you. 


Most of the Biz Opp found in the internet are not disclosing enough information about the business that the users and buyers end up being a victim of bogus and scams.

Hype statements and baits are commonly used to attract buyers or consumers but the company or product does not actually sell products or opportunities.

Also, you can contact the references that the sellers mention in their lists and you can personally ask them about their claims and experiences. 


Scams are about legalities, you have to make sure that they are accredited to trusted federation boards depending on the industry they are in. It is still better to be a part of a company or business that are regulated by the government or regulatory boards. This will protect you and your business.

In order to know this information, you can always check it in their landing pages if they mention anything about it. Another one is their transparency about their founder or about the owner.

Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Networks

When it comes to Biz Opp it is largely known for its Affiliate program. There is no doubt that Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing online businesses. A lot of people in any age range are drawn into trying it and succeed! There are a lot of promising platforms online but not everyone could afford it.

This is why it is so great to have free sign-up successful programs online that are equally legitimate and successful as the paid one. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the biggest Affiliate Marketing platforms. It currently has millions of members and thousands being added weekly! Wondering why? Take a look at these freebies!

  1. Free membership

This is very helpful if you are starting or trying to build your business. Instead of paying for a lot of software, you can use those resources in other expenses where it is needed. You will save a lot and gain the same income through the Wealthy Affiliate!

  1. Face to Face training

One of the advantages in Wealthy Affiliate is having face-to-face mentoring or training. You have access to videos and manuals that will teach and guide you in your online business. You get to ask questions real time and have a conversation with trainers.

There is also a weekly webinar where you can learn up-to-date infos about the field or the market you are working on. Another thing that is great with their training is that you will also learn how the tools and softwares work together!

Some do it separately which is kinda hard when you are already using them all but it is different with Wealthy Affiliate!

  1. Website Builder

Included in this platform is a website host and domain! It is very pricey to pay for it on a different service. In Wealthy Affiliate, you can already have it in their package. They will also help you build and personalize according to your needs and market.

  1. Keyword research tool

Since SEO is a great determinant of your success here, they are also providing a research tool that computes the competitiveness of your keyword. Can’t think of anything? It is okay. It will also give good suggestions of high rank keywords for you!

  1. 24/7 Technical and Community Support

What if something goes wrong? You do not have to wait for cue! You are welcomed by tech support 24/7. This will save you a lot of time and energy than waiting for another office hour to ask or figure out things by scrolling hours on the internet.

Another thing is the community within the program. You will not study the topics alone but you will also learn from other people who are also starting or are successful in the business. They are a very engaging, kind and active community.

  1. Pool of Merchants

Finding the right niche is very crucial and not easy. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate because it already offers legitimate and successful affiliate programs! All you need to do is choose from their categories where your interests and likes fit. You choose from thousands of good programs.

So, why but something you can have for free? Check out Wealthy Affiliate and learn more!

The Long Tail Pro Review: Is it really the best alternative?

The Long Tail Pro Review: Is it really the best alternative?

If you are starting with an online business or is trying to check out tools other the one that you are using, then this one will help you decide on that!

With all the products and claims that you see online, sometimes it is confusing which one is real and honest! Especially when it comes SEO or keyword search tool because it is a very crucial factor needed for digital marketers.

Long Tail Pro is one of the keyword search tool that people see when they try to look for a good keyword search tool. Is it really the best alternative?

Long Tail Pro Review Summary

Product Name: Long Tail Pro

Product Type: Keyword Search

Summary: Long Tail Pro is one the longest used keyword research engine for bloggers, marketers and other online jobs. Basically you use it when you are looking for a competitive keyword, backlink analysis and in tracking your ranking. It is specifically designed to search for long-tail keywords.

Price: Annual subscription of $25 and $98 or a monthly subscription from $37 and $147.

Best For: Keyword Search

Rating: 5 out of 10


What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is one the longest used keyword research engine for bloggers, marketers and other online jobs. They started 2011 and continuously grow up to present. Its users are mostly digital marketers and SEO enthusiasts.

Basically you use it when you are looking for a competitive keyword, backlink analysis and in tracking your ranking. It is specifically designed to search for long-tail keywords.

To access all its features you have to pay or subscribe to one of their plans depending on your preferences.

You pay for an annual subscription of $25 and $98 or a monthly subscription from $37 and $147. They do not offer a free trial but there is a money back guarantee. You can try it for 10 days upon purchase and you take your money back within 10 days if you are not satisfied with it.

How does it work?

Long Tail Pro is easy to set-up using your desktop or laptop. Upo registering the product and the tools, you are already able to access its features. There are options for registration using your Google or Facebook account. You do not have to manually set it up though you can still go this route if you want to.
These options only make it faster for you to jumpstart your keyword search.
Software Download
Another thing, software download is not required! You can simply log in and enter your target keyword in the search box. You also add or input your target location and language. After that, the tools will do the sorting and all the hard work for you.
If you prefer having or using software on your desktop or laptop, they also provide a downloadable tool for it. With this, you won’t be needing to access the website to do your keyword research.


User Interface

Their interface might look overwhelming for new users or to those who came from a different engine. They have a more complicated or cluttered interface most of the time. Because of this, you need to really adjust until you are able to familiarize yourself.

Their interface includes SERP analysis which has its own features under its category; there are also customizable options like changing or blending your background; and options such as choosing a specific target (country or language).

But if you are able to use it for quite some time, then things will be more convenient and efficient for you.


Long Tail Pro offers its users advanced keywords wherein they can input multiple keywords so that you wouldn’t need to check your keywords one at a time.

Once you are able to input your keywords, it will show you estimates and competition metrics. It will also show targetable phrases and keywords.

There is an option for manual sorting or keyword search, which some users prefer. However, using the manual research will mix all your history of searches before and will display all of it.

Filter and SEO Tools

Their filter options allow you to categorize your researchers for easier backtracking and this will not mix up your search history.

Also, we cannot devalue and overemphasize the importance of keywords in analyzing the competition virtually. This is why they also give competitiveness scores together with the keyword recommendations. There is an added info on rank value.

Competitor Analysis

You can also use Long Tail Pro to analyze competitors, which they claim to be one of a kind that is included in their product. This is because it is one of the features that is lacking in keyword research tools.
However, it also has its limitations like not being able to show a comprehensive competitor with all the detailed options which are available or offered by other products.

If you are only looking or aiming to understand the top ranking websites for their keywords then this might work for you. Otherwise, you might want to check other products that fit your needs.
This will simply help you see through the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and they will help you find a way to outrank them.
Here are some of the various metrics for each top website in the SERPs. The metrics shown include:

  • Domain keyword competition
  • Trust flow
  • Citation flow
  • Domain TF
  • Domain CF
  • External backlinks
  • Root referring domains
  • Page referring domains
  • Number of indexed URLs
  • Internal links
  • Site age

These metrics are carried out for every keyword that you want to rank. In addition, you can also easily check and see organic SERPS results for your keywords. But again these are not in-depth analysis and might not give you a satisfactory result.

Disadvantages of Long Tail Pro

Long Trail Pro has a lot of exclusive offers that you can benefit from. But it also has an equal amount of disadvantages and risks.

No Free Trial It doesn’t offer a free trial. If you want to test the product, you have to pay for the cost and get a money back guarantee. It is only hard if you are starting and you cannot afford to pay for it.

Manual Input It is not automatic for the tool to find SERPs for the keywords that you are looking for, you have to manually enter the target keywords when you are trying to use the rank tracker.

Restrictions It’s currently possible to only add 5 seed keywords for your keyword research. This number could be increased to help you search for multiple seed keywords at the same time. Similarly, the number of keywords that you can use in a manual keyword search is restricted to 200. This number could also do with some increase.


You might be reading this article because you are looking for a good way to level up your promotions, marketing or just simply planning to start the business

Affiliate marketing is one of the growing platforms where in people invest their time, money and effort. What you do is simply to be affiliated with a product that you like and market them on your own website! It is a good source of passive income and involves lesser risks money loss! Check how it works.


There is no need for a free trial or giving out money to because you can start with is for free! All you need to do is custom a website which will serve as you platform. Don’t have one? Wealthy Affiliate will help you do it!


Earning comes from getting a commission from a product that was bought through you website. So the more traffic in your website, the more chances of selling then the more commission you will get. You literally earn while you sleep!

You are the BOSS

You do not have to conform to the 9-5 work hours or report to a boss. You control your own time and you work in the most comfortable place that you want.

This will get more interesting as you join the community of Wealthy Affiliate. This is an online platform that commits to help you earn your money online for FREE! It has over millions of members and thousands added every week! This are additional things that you can have when you join:

Training and Tools

This is a very crucial part of any kind of business. It not enough that you know how to use a tool. You should be able to know how to use or contextualize the tools you are using.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you wouldn’t only be able to get the tools you will be needing but you will also learn how to use them together and how they complement one another.

They offer training, tools and modules that will help you start up this business. Here a rough list of what you’ll have for free:

  • Live Help – First 7 Days
  • 1 Website
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Boot camp Training – Phase 1 Only
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Program
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – First 7 Days

Technical Support

Questions do not end during workshop and training. Sometimes you develop more questions as you explore the platform yourself. That is why they provide a 24/7 Technical Support ready to serve you wherever you are in the world!

You do not need to wait for hours or days before you get the answers or assistance that you need. In seconds, the troubleshooting could be done.


You will not go through it alone! You can learn from people who have been where you are right now and learn from their experiences!

If you are looking for a one-stop platform for everything that you need then Wealthy Affiliate is also an excellent choice for you. It covers market research tools, web building tools, domain registration, website hosting, website backups, site security, and other related concerns! Instead of paying different services from different companies, choosing Wealthy Affiliate will lessen your effort and expenses! It literally provides everything so you can start earning. Try it out!

What is Snapishop? (Things you need to know)

What is Snapishop? (Things you need to know)

Those who are starting with online business actually stop so easily because of the complexity of the things the need to learn.

It requires hard work but we cannot also blame them! Thus, the rise of many done-for-you systems which promises to make life easier for the business enthusiasts.

But this also includes risks and disadvantages that are now know. So let us uncover some truths about some products.

We will be checking one of the shop-builder softwares called Snapishop. 

Snapishop Review Summary

Product Name: Snapishop

Product Type: Online shop builder

Creator: Mo Miah

Summary: Snapshot on a cloud-based eCom store builder like Shopify. It serves a platform for retailers or resellers to showcase their products virtually.

Price: Front-end: $47 plus Upsells

Best For: ecom shop builder

Rating: 5 out of 10


What is Snapishop?

Snapshot on a cloud-based eCom store builder like Shopify. It serves a platform for retailers or resellers to showcase their products virtually.

This software is created by Mo Miah. He is one of the leading suppliers in JVZoo. Some other products he made were Vibe Pro, eCom Pages and Video Waze. He is also known to be well-versed on e-commerce that is why his products are focused in this industry.

You will have to pay $47 dollars to get this product. It is a one time payment with additional payment if you want to upgrade or add tools. Here are the Upsell prices:

  • OTO 1 Snapishop Pro – $47
  • OTO 2 Snapishop Traffic Academy – $67
  • OTO 3 Snapishop Agency License – $97-$147

How does it work?

You can create your own virtual space within 2-3 minutes. There are customizable themes that you can use and adjust according to your needs and preferences.

You can also add images, prices and videos with a single tool and in a single click. It also allows you to link Facebook images or Youtube videos to your account. 

Same basic settings you must fix in setting up your store are: Title, Description, Logo, Banner and Footer setting. Make sure that you already have these requirements at hand.

It also has Advanced Settings where you can choose a font style, logo positioning, CTA positioning and campaigns. This will help you be more specific in your target market.

It also sets up your payment system with your affiliate links through Paypal. You can also directly introduce products and affiliate links from Amazon and eBay stores.

It gives you a report of the generated traffic of your website.  This will strategize your content and tactic in selling your products. 

Here is an overview of the four steps in setting up the product:

Step 1: Choose A Theme

There are more than 10 templates that you can select that are fit for any niche that you are targeting. These are developed by professionals and are promoted to be high converting templates that attract customers.

Step 2: Connect Social Media Profiles

You add directly from your social accounts and networks like Pixabay. No hassle!

Step 3:Tailor

This is where you can actually add your own accent and branding. Place Your logo and banners to where you think it is strategic, and the placements of your products in the interface. It also has editable colors or schemes that you can adjust. 

Step 4: Build

You will simply click the button for the system to finalize your full set-up until it is ready for viewing!


Social Media

One of the most convenient ways that this product offers is that users can create affiliate stores through their Facebook account. When choosing this option, you can also directly share them on Facebook (and others like Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter) to generate your targeted traffic. 

Feature Tools

SnapiShop offers its users with various inclusions of tools that are needed and important in setting up your platform. The following are just a list of the things that new users find easy to use at first!

  • Product Price Set-ups with dropdown options for currencies. 
  • Direct upload of images and videos from social accounts and networks. No need to download then re upload.
  • Customizable and personalized setup up.
  • You can monetize with multiple options like PayPal. 
  • You can add products from your affiliate links and suggest others that you might be interested in.
  • There are also automatic notifications to let you know every time a customer views your products. Has a pop ups option to let people know if other customers are viewing the product.
  • Detailed Analytics

Commercial License

You can use the product for your own stores and at the same time sell it to other people as well! There is no limit as to how many people can buy it. 

However you have to buy it with their rate per store which is around $297 to $497.



Despite the done-for-you systems and set-ups, it is still challenging to set-up and manage your own ecommerce. What will really make it easier is if you have your own coding and layout, with advertising and marketing experience. These are crucial in order to develop a correct set up like order and paying methods, for developing a shop that is set up the correct method order to profit.

Expensive Front-end Prices and Upsells

Unlike shopify, this really gives you a one time payment for subscription. However, they have something in common — you are still to buy OTO or upsells to unlock their good features. 

The features are actually unlocked and you have to buy the front-end price first before going to the upsells. So it is like buying the whole product with hundreds of dollars. This is really a downside because you have to spend a lot even before you start earning money. 

Skills and Training

They always say that it is a good idea to start a business but you do not know where and how to start. This is why training is good but should not only be limited in how to use the tools but also on how they work together.

This product only provides an overview on how to earn money through their tools and not exactly how it works holistically. 

No Tech Support

Technical Support is also equally important as the Community of Users. Specially for built-in systems or done-for-you systems, it is very vulnerable to technical errors so there must be technical support for users to contact.

For Funnelogics, they say they will call you after the set-up for any questions or problems but that is not enough.

Most of the problems actually happen when in the actual usage and only on the set-up stage.

Start for FREE and EARN more!

The problem with buying products with upsells is that it eats up your commission before you can even enjoy it. It is part of the business but what if you can have a better offer with the same profit that you want?

If you really want to start a retailer or resell business, there is. Better option that will not just help you earn money but to become better in your craft.

Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting products with your affiliate links but with a different kind of platform. There is no need to always check and update your online store.

You only need to create your website and content, and earn you passive income! Also, there are equally or even more promising affiliate systems and networks that offer free services and quality features for starters! This is good news for those who are planning to start business online but do not have the experience.

You can do it all risk-free and for free with Wealthy Affiliate! It is a free, user-friendly affiliate marketing network that sets up entrepreneurs for success! It has millions of members worldwide and thousands are being added to this community every week.

There are helpful features for beginners to help them build their business and grow it in the long run. Here are some free features that you can check:

Free Sign-Up and No Upsells

Affiliate Marketing is a good source of income, but some cannot enjoy their income because they kept on paying their initial investments to the software they bought. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can enjoy your first set of income because they offer their programs for free!

When you sign-up you wouldn’t have to spend a dime or cent to enjoy their privilege. If you are already stable in your income, there are also affordable membership upgrades upon your choice. It is not a spend first before you can access it.

Tools and Training Included

There is nothing better than having a balanced self-study and one on one mentoring. Wealthy Affiliate offers both! There are training and mentoring with the creators and other successful businessmen.

They have weekly webinars and they also hold conferences and workshops for their users and interested customers. 

There is also a website generator included and it is customizable in the way that you choose without limits. It has thousands of partnerships with online shops and stores. With the variation that they provide you do not have to push yourself to promote a product you do not like. You can also freely choose your niche.

Website Builder

Included in this platform is a website host and domain! It is very pricey to pay it on a different service. It is also time consuming to fix a lot of set-ups.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you can already have it in their package. They will also help you build and personalize according to your needs and market.

Keyword research tool

Since SEO is a great determinant of your success here, they are also providing a research tool that computes the competitiveness of your keyword. This is also included in the training. You will learn how to use it with the other tools they included.

Can’t think of anything? It is okay. It will also give good suggestions of high rank keywords for you!

Worldwide partnerships

Finding the right niche is very crucial and not easy. It is sometimes confusing to choose which merchant to trust and who actually pays. Also, the quality and originality of the product is important and to be checked.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate because it already offers legitimate and successful affiliate programs! All you need to do is choose from their categories where your interests and likes fit. You choose from thousands of good programs.

24/7 Technical and Community Support

The good thing about this kind of network is that you’ve got all you need to start in one place — whether technical or skill-wise. You do not have to figure things out on your own.

Specially if it is a done-for-you product, tech support is really needed for troubleshooting or problems. Sadly, this is not always available and offered. 

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can freely ask other members and users about their experiences in the field. It is a kind and friendly community that encourages one another. Their community is not only about forums and discussions. There is also a 24/7 Tech Support that you can contact for your queries or problems. This is very important especially if you are starting and still learning the process.

There is a lot more about Wealthy Affiliate! Check it out now

Is paidviewpoint legit? Can you really earn from it?

Is paidviewpoint legit? Can you really earn from it?

Extra or side jobs are not new specially to those who are trying to earn for a living or to those who are supporting family members. 

Survey sites are one of the easiest ways to sign-up for extra income. It also requires no skill or requirement for you to be able to join. 

Some take it to make their time worthwhile instead of just browsing during their free time. However, if you want to earn and save up, is this right platform for you?

Let’s take a look at one of the most suggested survey sites, PaidViewpoint. 

PaidViewpoint Review Summary

Product Name: PaidViewpoint

Product Type: Online Surveys

Creator: Mother Company> Umongous, LLC

Summary: Paidviewpoint is one of the known paid online surveys. It allows you to earn Paypal cash and gift cards in return for answering their surveys. This is mostly beneficial to those who are residing inside the US.

Price: Free sign-up

Best For: Online Surveys, Giftcards

Rating: 7 out of 10


What is Paidviewpoint?

Paidviewpoint is one of the known paid online surveys. It allows you to earn Paypal cash and gift cards in return for answering their surveys.

Their mother company is Umongous, LLC. It has received a B-rating from BBB but they are not yet accredited.

ATYM  is responsible for operating the website. They are known in the field of market research online. And since the handler is ATYM the it is expected that most of the online surveys that you will answer are market research surveys

You might think this is a big shot, huh? Let’s take a look at how you can earn and how much you earn through this website.

How does it work?

Cash Bonus

Once you decide to sign up and become one of their members, there is a cash bonus directly deposited into your account. 

The amount varies depending on your location. For example, for the USA and Canada it is $1.00.

Take note that there is no activation code required to avail the bonus.

Notif for New Surveys

PaidViewpoint does not use email to notify its members for new available surveys. Instead, you can check your dashboard for it. When you sign-in, you will see a notification in the top right corner of the screen whenever there is an available survey. 

Because of this, you need to log in frequently to check for updates and notifications.

One of the strategies that they do is to keep a tab open for this website. Once they see a red dot on the tab, it is signaling that there is a new survey.


Survey lengths range between 5-6 minutes for10 questions. All of it has limits on characters to be used both for questions and answers. There are also limited choices for some questions.

They have two kinds of surveys, Trait Surveys and Market Research Surveys. Trait Surveys offer lower income but help you increase your TraitScore while the Market Research Surveys are tools that want to learn more about your buying habits, demographics and the like. 

How do you earn with them?

Aside from waiting for the notifications for new surveys, you can take “Trait Surveys”. By taking these surveys, you can earn $0.03 – $0.10 on average. Like what I said, you still have to take this because this increases your earnings and trust scores.

Market Research Surveys pay from $0.25- $1.50.

PaidViewpoint determines how much you gain from the surveys. They categorize respondents into levels. Your level depends on your TrustScore. The higher the trustscore, the higher the pay. 

You should aim to achieve a Trait Score of 9000 or higher. This will make you climb in the top 10% of the members.

Referral Program

They also give their members a referral program and earn 20-25% from your referrals payment. This is if they take surveys other than the Trait Survey, for example, Biz Surveys.

If you have referrals from the USA, the higher the commission would be. 

There is no limit to how many referrals you can get. If you can generate big groups of referrals then you will be invited to be a part of their VIP Community Club.

One of the benefits of being a part of this Club is that your 20% commission is automatically credited to your account even if your referrals did not withdraw the money yet. 

To qualify for the Club, you must have 100 and up active referrals. With active, it means that your referrals must be a member for 30 days already and regularly answers surveys in the site.

Payment Options

All cash-out payments are made through Paypal or Virtual Incentives. Here are the conditions before you can make withdrawal.

You must have accumulated a $15.00 balance. You will receive your money within 72 hours after your request has been placed. 

Also their rewards options include Paypal payments in all countries. E-gift cards to Amazon, Walmart and the like are only limited to some countries like the USA. If you are outside the USA and are availing for the e-gift card, then you will be paid in your Paypal account or they will be issuing and e-gift card in US dollars.

Downsides of the Survey

Website based

The surveys are highly website based platforms. Unlike other survey sites that use apps for convenience, PaidViewpoint requires you to be stuck and stick to your computer the whole time you want to answer surveys.

Low Income

Just like any other website, they are very open in informing their users and those who are interested that they are not a site for fast cash or a big money site. Which means that you will not really earn that fast and that much.


N any kind of work, you will always find some complaints by the users but here are the common complaints that I saw:

  • Once you get close to the minimum $15 payout, the surveys to be taken are decreasing making it harder for you to hit the target.
  • Their claims of better pay for TraitScores 9000 and up are not also proven true by the users. There are no success stories about it or testimonials that say it is actually the case.
  • Maybe you can also see some users say that they earn $6 an hour. Take note that these are hours spread through the week or months and not on a daily basis. 

Is it a scam?

PaidViewPoint users and members have different standings thus getting different privileges from the company. Some countries are being paid higher and do not need to go through the Trait Surveys. Some had to wait and answer low paying surveys for the moment. 

PaidView point is not a scam. AYTM, the one that manages PaidViewpoint, is a legitimate and well-respected market research company which operates worldwide

Because of this you can be sure as well that the surveys that they give are safe and legit. They also pay you real money and ontime. 

Safety Promises

There are four principles that they are upholding when it comes to their surveys.

  • They make sure you get paid for every survey
  • They try to make it as engaging and less boring as possible
  • No disqualifications once you have been invited to take a survey
  • They do not sell your information to third party website to gain income

Looking for other options?

If you really want to make your time worthwhile and at the same time earn and save up money, then you should really try Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a growing business online that focuses on promoting products from merchants and earning from commission. Great thing about it is that it is not only a worthwhile pastime but also a way to earn passive income!

Where can you start doing this?

One of the effective ways that people use to succeed in Affiliate Marketing is being connected to an Affiliate Network. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most recommended because of the brilliance behind its services.

How different is it from taking surveys?

You can actually spot obvious differences from surveys and Affiliate Marketing. Here are some important differences that you need to take note of:

  1. No cash-out

Joining the team is also for free.You don’t need to pay for anything! All you need to do is choose your merchant and get an affiliate link from them for your sales.

  1. No need to constantly wait for income opportunities

You do not have to climb up a ladder to earn more. Once you are set, you can promote the products in your website and own accounts where you niche could access it. From there you can do other things. Your income will automatically be credited to your account.

  1. Passive Income

You gain even if you are sleeping or doing another extra job. Once you were able to establish your website and affiliate link then you just have to wait for your commission to enter your accounts!

  1. No Recruitment or Referrals

You do not need to recruit anyone to earn more in this area. You can honestly gain from the commission you get from the merchants you partnered with.

  1. Inclusives

With the Wealthy Affiliate you can already start your business for free. Training and tools come with their free sign-up! These are the basic and important things that you need to learn and have when starting or growing your business.

You have one on one mentoring and weekly webinar for the updates. They also have comprehensive tools for building your website and in writing a good article. Included in the training is learning how to use the tools to make your website and articles a better one.

Also they have keyword search and SEO tools that can help you build and increase traffic to the website. This will spare you from the fraud and scams on website traffic. 

They have thousands of legit merchants that you can choose from depending on your interest and likes!

There is a promising future for you and these are not empty words but verified by their millions of members who did not simply earn thousands of dollars but also grew in their skill! Visit Wealthy Affiliate and see it yourself! 

Ebates Cashback Review: Can you really earn from it?

Ebates Cashback Review: Can you really earn from it?

Who would have thought that you can still save or gain money while you buy the things that you basically need or want? Most of the online consumers are so into rewards and rebates. In fact, most studies have shown that 65% of online end-users across the globe are currently members of a rewards program.

This a way for the buyer to somehow “recover” a portion of their hard-earned money spent at various retailers. This is through trusted, legit loyalty websites like Ebates.

Ebates Review Summary

Product Name: Ebates

Creator: Former deputy D.A.s Paul Wasserman and Alessandro Isolani


Ebates is well-known in the area of cash-back rebate industry. For the past decades, it has proven a good track record of paying its members and abiding to law and rules of the business.

It is also very promising since a lot of investors continue to support and partner with them giving Ebates an overwhelming positive cash flow.

It is a good a way of earning!

Price: Free sign-up

Rating: 8 out of 10


Ebates CashBack

What is Ebates?

Ebates=cashback, cashback=ebates.

This is the common conception of people when it comes to Ebates and it is known for it. It is widely used by a lot of people because of the success it has proven in the past decade. It allows you to earn up to 40% cashback at more than 2,500 stores. To maximize you savings, there is an option to combine your cash-back rewards with the special offers, hot daily deals, promo codes, and coupons that are on their list.

Quick History

Ebates is well-known in the area of cash-back rebate industry. During the rise of technology in 1998, former deputy D.A.s Paul Wasserman and Alessandro Isolani founded Ebates in California.

Their seed funds came from Foundation Capital, a venture capital firm and their website was built by a contract coding firm and they launched it a year after.  Their initial offer of cash back is up to 25% cash back at around 40 stores.

In the succeeding year, companies started to invest in Ebates which helped the Ebates have a stable and steady way of generating positives cash flow. In 2000, Canaan Partners and August Capital co-led a $20 million investment round in the company. This also led to a compound annual growth rate of about 50%. It allowed Ebates to acquire several online businesses since 2011. This includes Cartera Commerce and ShopStyle

How does Ebates Work?

Online shoppers have cash-in from Ebates for their cashback deals! There are also testimonies to this that they paid members over billions dollars in their cashback through their online purchases.

They give simple and easy-to-follow instructions to the interested shopper. Remember, you have to do all these BEFORE you shop! In order to save and make an earning, all you need to do is simply click an Ebates link. This will lead you to start an Ebates Shopping Trip  and then you can make your online purchases.

This is great because you do not need to give out personal information or fill up a form for you to earn rewards. Also, you do not have to keep count of your points because points are not needed! Ebates offer this free cashback rewards to you.

All you need to do is click the link to earn money! You will be able to get your money and withdraw every 3 months. Here are the payment channels you can use: PayPal or a Big Fat Check.


Ebates Cashback Limitations

Definitely Ebates is not a scam. With its years of experience and proven record, it has helped a lot of people earn money. It is a fully legitimate company and business with its BBB accreditation with an A+ rating in the recent years. They are fully compliant with all the regulations with their national and international affair.

I think this is given because the founders rendered government services as lawyers and professionals.

But in any business, there are also downsides to consider. Here is a list from those who has been a part of Ebates for a time.

Limited Service Area

Ebates is not available to all areas. Its services are only limited to the following countries: The US, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. Ebates is currently unavailable to residents of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) which we do not now up to now if there are future plans of establishing it in these areas.

No past earning of cashback

You cannot earn cashback from your past consumptions and spending online. You have to sign-up and be a member of Ebates first. Start shopping using your Ebates so you can start earning through their cashback.


You have to check out Ebates policies and qualifications so you’ll know what to expect and what not to do! Some transactions that involve taxes, shipping, Gift cards or certificates do not qualify for cash back rewards. Ebates only gives cashback on select gift cards purchased at various stores which you need to check on their list!


Great deals with Ebates

There are several reasons why people trust and go with Ebates for earning while they shop! Aside from their good track record and reviews there are some of the things that their users and customers are fond of. Like for example, free memberships and a lot of store partnerships! Take a look at them one by one.

Free Membership

Like any other free memberships, you do not have to pay anything in order to become a starting member! In addition to that, Ebates will also give you a welcome cash-in of $10! Great! Right?

Hassle-Free Payments

Sky is the limit when you are earning with Ebates. You can earn as much money as you want or wish to. And when withdrawing your money, you can get a minimum of as low as $5 and they pay you on time. Payments come every three months. This is their regular schedule for payments. Start setting up your PayPal or Big Fat Check!

Comes with the payments are the variety of cash-in bonus offers, hot deals, great discounts, promo codes, coupons and similar offers! Ebates gets paid by their partnering stores and Ebates pay you in return with this earnings.

Great Website Interface

Different generations would find their website to be visually appealing and easy to navigate! They have an up-to-date website design that gives comprehensive information to its visiting customers. It also caters and builds strong customer support especially for those who have specific questions or needs.

Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate: Save more and spend more!

If you love shopping and buying online and at the same time are serious in finding a way to save and have more opportunities then I think you also have to try Affiliate Marketing!

You wouldn’t just have to buy the product but be a part of a bigger business of leading people into the product that you love! Not only that but you also earn from its sales. Here are some more things about it.  

Easy start

There are numerous legit affiliate programs available online where you can start your business. All you need to do is have a working website as a platform for you to use in marketing the product and sign up in their program. You can also sign up to Wealthy Affiliate to make it a lot easier!

Free Sign-Up

Affiliate marketing is also a free start-up business for everyone. Interested shoppers, customers or entrepreneurs can sign up and join the affiliate program to promote links of the merchants.

Passive Income

If cashback allows you to earn while you spend, affiliate marketing allows you to earn even while asleep! You can definitely earn a passive income with it. This is one of the strengths of affiliate marketing. As long as you there are people buying products through your affiliate link, you are earning!

If you are to check Wealthy Affiliate, they are already partners to thousands of different legitimate merchants and products. It wouldn’t be hard for you to find the right niche!

Services for everyone

Unlike Ebates cashback, Affiliate Marketing is for everyone – regardless of age and location! Its legitimacy is also not put being put into question. If you really want to make sure that you are on the right track, it is good to be a part of a community.

Wealthy Affiliate can provide you with this kind of filter in having legitimate products and merchants and also to build your own platform for it. Not to forget, you also get to learn how to keep the traffic coming in your website!

With Wealthy Affiliate, its free sign up also gives you a lot of advantages with it! You do not need multiple apps to manage you accounts or business. Wealthy Affiliate does it for you! Several services are given for the things that you will use in starting your business. Here are some that is included when you sign up for free:

  1. Access on their main website
  2. Inclusive of training, mentoring and videos!
  3. You will have a community to learn from and will you grow your business
  4. The tools you’ll be needing like website and connections to channels are also included!

and many more great deals and opportunities! Check out Wealthy Affiliate!

Robinhood App Scam? A Fake Investment Scheme?

Robinhood App Scam? A Fake Investment Scheme?

They say this is the best time to buy stocks and invest! So you head to your search engine and look for the best way to do it. And Robinhood is one of the free-trading app that is mainly used by millennial.

Learning stocks could be a bit overwhelming and trusting someone else to do it for you is another thing. How secured and safe are your investments?

Robinhood Review Summary

Robinhood is an investing platform that offers free stock, options, ETF and cryptocurrency trades, and no account minimum. Mutual funds and bonds are not covered and only taxable investment accounts are available.
However, there are now far better investing apps that offers free stocks or commission-free.

All about Robinhood

Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt, former financial company owners, founded Robinhood Company to include everyone in the financial system, so as their mission states: “provide everyone with access to the financial markets, not just the wealthy”.

With the observation that in every traditional trade, it is the American that always gets the commission and has higher opportunity to be wealthy. So, one of the main characteristic of Robinhood is being commission-less which means that nothings goes to the company like fee or charges.

They actually make money from payments for order flow, a common although controversial practice whereby a broker receives compensation and other benefits for directing orders to different parties for trade execution.

How to earn using Robinhood

Robinhood is one of the leading competitors in the very promising and fast-growing fintech industry. The traditional way of investing and banking is now being put into the digital platform where billions of dollars are being invested on it.

It supports trading of more than 5,000 stocks, including most equities and exchange traded funds (ETFs) listed on U.S. exchanges; options contracts; cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum; and American Depository Receipts (ADRs) for more than 250 globally-listed companies.

Coding problems and Loopholes!

Coding problmes and stocks

Robinhood faced series of coding problems in their system for the recent years and there is a new just this year! After an issue is resolved, another one comes up specially during hit-in or peak time. The company also suffered loss and their users as well. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Infinite Leverage

Robinhood users, mainly Gold members are manipulating the app by the use of a cheat code which is being spread through Reddit App. (News by 2019) In the comment section, a user bragged about gaining a $1M position with just a $4000 deposit.

This is caused by a loophole the app that puts the borrowed money into the user’s capital. This means that when the user will borrow money from the company they will give them a higher value and so the cycle goes on.

The glitch in Robinhood’s trading app allowed users to trade with unlimited amounts of borrowed cash, with one trader saying they turned a $3,000 deposit into a more than $1.7 million position.


After the issue on “Infinite leverage bug”, there is an outage last March 2020 which is a busy time for trading because of the Pandemic. This another code error of the company led to an error that locked users from accessing their accounts. This also caused users loss in their potential trade during that hit in and peak time.

Unsupported Mutual funds and bonds

Robinhood also lacks an automatic dividend reinvestment program, which means dividends are credited to accounts as cash rather than reinvested in the security that issued them. The company has said it hopes to offer this feature in the future. Also, investments only come through individual taxable accounts.

Customer support only comes through emails.

There is no available phone or telephone numbers which are commonly available for other brokerage customers. You can also send your queries through their online help center. Their website is easy to navigate.

How about the good points?

Free Investment Photo

There are also numerous reasons why a lot of people, specially newbies in stocks, are drawn to use Robinhood. Commission Free and Low -Cost expenses mixed with a very promising future surely catches anyone who’d like to earn big time!

Commission Free

The Company’s initial success in the industry is brought by their commitment to providing 100% commission-free in all their products. This means that you can also save and have a return from the supposed to be commission or fee.

Low costing

Most of the service charges in any trade or transaction come from the maintenance of accounts. Because Robinhood has their own subsidiaries for different services like, The Clearing (the company’s own clearning system), this reduces some of the service’s account fees.


They have varied products for investment like stock, options, ETF and cryptocurrency trades. They are members of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) except for the cryptocurrency. It is stated in their website that cryptocurrency under Robinhood Cryto:

“Cryptocurrency trading is offered through an account with Robinhood Crypto. Robinhood Crypto is not a member of FINRA or SIPC. Cryptocurrencies are not stocks and your cryptocurrency investments are not protected by either FDIC or SIPC.”

Mobile and web trading platforms

They have an easy to use web interface and design. Their process of application/signing up also only takes few minutes of verification and validation. This is made easier when you use the application using your phone!

They also offer automatic bank transmittal verification which lessens the user’s concern of to go the bank for registration or notification. The reflection on the account also depends on the amount being transferred. It normally takes 3-5 banking days to process. Users can set up automatic deposits on a weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly schedule.

No Minimum Account

There is no minimum account and it allows fractional shares which mean you can divide your investments into multiple portfolios. This enables you to buy many more companies, even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest. This is also a good way to manage investment, in case one investment goes down you still have 2 or more investments to go with.

Is it a Scam? How safe is it?

Robinhood is accountable to and is being regulated by top-tier financial and government authorities which make it safer and ensured the legitimacy of the company. The risks on coding errors which led to money loss and deceit are also present. Now, let’s ask a more relevant question: Is Robinhood for me? Does it suit the investment I want?

Robinhood is obviously for those who are well-versed in stocks, options and other investment products. That is why the safety of the investment also falls on how well you do you know the game.

Here is another form of investment that will surely suit your needs!

Safer Way to Invest and Have a Passive Income!

Make Money Online Photo

Affiliate marketing is one of the growing platforms where in people invest their time, money and effort. What you do is simply to be affiliated with a product that you like and market them on your own website! It is a good source of passive income and involves lesser risks money loss! Check how it works.

  1. Free – there is no capital needed! No capital means no loss. All you need to do is custom a website which will serve as you platform. Don’t have one? Marketing Affiliate will help you do it!
  2. Commission – earning comes from getting a commission from a product that was bought through you website. So the more traffic in your website, the more chances of selling then the more commission you will get. You literally earn while you sleep!
  3. You own your time – You do not have a boss think about or a dropping stock market to worry about. You can work in the most convenient time and place for you!

This will get more interesting as you join the community of Wealthy Affiliate. This is an online platform that commits to help you earn your money online for FREE! It has over millions of members and thousands added every week.

Training and Tools

They offer training, tools and modules that will help you start up this business. Here a rough list of what you’ll have for free:

  • Live Help
  • Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Video Walk-Through
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Training Classrooms
  • Affiliate Program
  • 1-on-1 Coaching


You will not go through it alone! You can learn from people who have been where you are right now and learn from their experiences!

If you are looking for a one-stop platform for everything that you need then Wealthy Affiliate is also an excellent choice for you. It covers market research tools, web building tools, domain registration, website hosting, website backups, site security, and other related concerns! Instead of paying different services from different companies, choosing Wealthy Affiliate will lessen your effort and expenses! It literally provides everything so you can start earning. Try it out!

How Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam (Uncover The Deception!)

How Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam (Uncover The Deception!)

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, claiming to be helping people with affiliate marketing for over 14 years. It is run by Kyle and Carson, two people who have themselves built sites and made money through affiliate programs.

Many people over the years have come to Wealthy Affiliate and for one reason or another came to the conclusion that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

But is this really true? And if so, why do so many others say that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam?

Since we do our best to find out whether sites truly are scams or not, we took it upon ourselves to see if Wealthy Affiliate really was a scam.

And while the results aren’t as ‘scammy’ as some are hoping, what we found may surprise you. So come along as we delve deep into the world of just how Wealthy Affiliate is a scam!

What Is A Scam?

A magnifying glass lying on a book. This is to represent trying to find out just exactly what A scam is.

Before looking at how Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, we need to understand what a scam is, so we have something to compare the company to.

Here are just a few ways someone can define a scam:

A swindle or fraud; esp. a confidence game.

A dishonest or illegal plan or activity, esp. one for making money.

An illegal way of making money, usually by tricking people.

A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.  

A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value.

As seen above, calling a company a scam is something that should be taken very seriously, as in a scam, one can lose money, possessions, and anything else they hold as valuable.

How Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

A keyboard that has button on it with the words 'GET ME OUT OF HERE'.

Let’s go through each definition of what a scam is, and see how that directly relates to what Wealthy Affiliate is.

A swindle or fraud; esp. a confidence game.

It is interesting that this definition uses the phrase “a confidence game.” As I have used Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve noticed more and more that Wealthy Affiliate tries to boost your confidence in the realm of marketing and writing.

Does this make it a scam?

If you mean because they teach you to be confident, then yes. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Wealthy Affiliate is a fraud or a swindle because of this though.

A dishonest or illegal plan or activity, esp. one for making money.

Wealthy Affiliate does not do anything illegal, but one could call what they do dishonest.

Wealthy Affiliate is dishonest in the way they try to promote their premium membership for the first time. When you sign up for your free membership account, you are given a 7-day premium trial.

They market to you that you only have 7 days to go premium with their $19/mo deal, and make it sound as though if you don’t take it up within the first 7 days you lose it, which isn’t true.

Your first payment to Wealthy Affiliate will be $19, no matter if you take the offer in the first 7 days or the first 7 months.

An illegal way of making money, usually by tricking people.

Once again, Wealthy Affiliate does not do anything illegal. But, just because someone doesn’t do anything illegal that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a scam.

One thing I will say is that you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free, and get a lot of info and help for marketing with your free account.

So Wealthy Affiliate is going to have a hard time making money on free accounts, if it truly is a scam.

A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.

We already look at how Wealthy Affiliate is deceptive. And I won’t disagree here, though I will say that other companies use the same strategies as Wealthy Affiliate, and you probably wouldn’t call them scams.

A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value.

Wealthy Affiliate does try to attempt to get money from their members by having them going premium. They’ll admit that to anyone. It’s how they run their business.

Exploring Other ‘Scam’ Avenues

Image of a man looking through binoculars, and exploring the world around him.

Of course, a site doesn’t have to be the complete definition of a scam, so let’s look at what Wealthy Affiliate is and what they offer, to see if they actually show their true colors anywhere.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate's Main Page

Wealthy Affiliate is for those who want to learn more about affiliate marketing. In today’s day and age, people can be an affiliate to most any product. And they can do that through YouTube, vlogging, blogging, writing, etc.

While Wealthy Affiliate is geared towards someone who is going to write something, they also teach others how to make money through a YouTube channel or something similar.

And it’s not like you have to be good at writing either. From what I’ve learned while checking them out is that Wealthy Affiliate will help show you how to get better in your writing style.

You don’t need to have an English major in order to achieve success through Wealthy Affiliate. Or, at least, those who have had success didn’t have any majors or degrees.

As you will learn if you join Wealthy Affiliate, all you need to do is be able to convey something to someone through written words. And it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Ever wrote a lengthy email, giving your opinion about something to someone else? Have you ever wrote something on social media, and wrote it in a way to convey an idea or thought of yours to an audience? Have you texted someone directions on how to do something?

Wealthy Affiliate claims that you just need to be able to communicate – written or verbal – and you’ll do well with the training they offer.

Speaking of their training, Wealthy Affiliate does claim to have a lot that they offer to anyone who joins their program.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

Some of the training the Wealthy Affiliate has to offer to their members

Wealthy Affiliate offers a wide variety of trainings and topics for you to pick and choose to learn from. These trainings were written either by Kyle or Carson, or members of Wealthy Affiliate who have a better understanding of a certain topic.

Wealthy Affiliate breaks all this stuff they offer into two different memberships – a starter membership and a premium membership. The starter membership is free for the taking, and gives you enough training and tools to start your business and get the proverbial ball rolling.

The Premium membership is $49/month or $359/year. With it comes with a lot more training, way more help, and a ton of other tools and features.

I personally went and tried both, to see whether or not Wealthy Affiliate was a scam. And I found that there is, unfortunately or not, nothing to joke about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer someone who joins their program.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership

When you first join for free, you join as a starter member. Wealthy Affiliate has built this membership to give you enough training to make sure you can see the potential in affiliate marketing.

With over several hours worth of videos, 30 searches on Jaaxy, and the first levels of their two main courses, a free starter membership is something that is worth having if someone is seriously thinking about making money online.

Starter Membership Includes…

Wealthy Affiliate's Zero Risk policy.

Course 1 in their Certification course. Course 1 shows you how to set up your blog (in 30 seconds or less!), explains the difference between a general niche or specific niche, how to use Jaaxy, and much, much more.

Course 1 in Affiliate Bootcamp. Course 1 pretty much shows a lot of the same things as the previous course, but this course has a specific emphasis on how you can be an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate and make money promoting them.

30 Jaaxy searches. Jaaxy is a keyword and niche research tool, used to find low competition keywords for you to use to get traffic from Google from. A keyword is simply a phrase that someone types into Google to search for.

2 domains. Wealthy Affiliate gives you two siterubix domains to use to start your own blog on, so you don’t have to use a different platform. For example, some people use,,, etc.

But with Wealthy Affiliate’s, you get your site completely integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate system, where you can add new posts, check the health, and login in, all from inside your Wealthy Affiliate account.

Any free training you come across. People inside Wealthy Affiliate will make trainings, and they can label it either for starter members, or premium members. If they label it for starter members (which many people do), then you will be able to take a look at it, and learn even more.

What can you make with a starter membership?

All members are different on how quickly they make money. For some, it takes a few months. For others, it takes 6-7 months before they get their first sale.

Affiliate marketing, and blogging, is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Understanding the above is critical to your success. It may take you several months before you make your first sale. But once you do, you will never want to stop, and your earnings will grow upwards from there.

Personally, I was a starter member for about 3 months before going premium.

During those first three months, I was able to find a relatively low competitive niche/topic that I was able to generate sales with in the first few weeks.

Starter Earnings

As you can see from the above image, I was able to become an Amazon affiliate and make over $13 USD from sending people to Amazon’s site. 10 sales, and $13, is pretty impressive for somebody’s first three months.

Joining premium was definitely an interesting experience. With premium, you really get down into the meat of what Wealthy Affiliate claims. With premium you learn just how Wealthy Affiliate is a scam – if indeed they are.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership

As you explore the starter membership, you will realize how great it is. And you see why so many people make such a hype about it.

But you will never realized how much better the premium membership is until you have tried it.

The Premium membership typically costs $49 a month (or $359 a year), but Wealthy Affiliate has a deal that you can try Premium for $19 the first month, to see if it is just as spectacular as it really is.

What are the Benefits of Going Premium?

The Complete Certification Courses. If you thought the first course was good, then you will be excited to learn about what to focus on when writing, how to use comments and feedback to your site to generate more traffic, and how to use social media to bring in referrals.

On top of that, you will also learn how to use ads on your site to generate income, what not to do with your site, and a whole bunch more.

The Complete Affiliate Bootcamp Courses. If you can’t find a topic to blog about, or want to start a second (or third or fourth) site, Wealthy Affiliate will take you step by step to help you make money promoting their site.

They teach you how to set up your site, what specifically you want to try to target and how to target that, helping you get into the right mindset to become fully financial, and how to use advertisements to generate traffic to your site.

An Unlimited Amount of Jaaxy Searches. With an unlimited amount of searches you can quickly find really low targeted keywords that will help you rank more quickly, and generate more traffic. Because you have an unlimited amount, you also can search for random ideas and not have to worry about not having enough searches (a problem for those only with 30 searches).

Also, Jaaxy doesn’t only do keyword searches. You can track different keywords you are targeting, and see where you’re ranked for those keywords. You can also check to see if you can buy a domain for a certain keyword if you want, and you can search affiliate programs with Jaaxy additionally.

25 .com sites and 25 sites. Premium comes with being able to host your own .com sites (up to 25) right from Wealthy Affiliate. That is more than enough for someone blogging full time.

You get 25 sites that you can use to try out blogging on about various niches as well before you make it a .com site. The .com sites come with SSL, email, anti-spam, and also a support team to help you with any problems that you have.

It should be also noted that the hosting is free, but you do need to pay for the domain name. But you can buy that through Wealthy Affiliate for around $14-16 for a year.

Below is a simple grid to help show the options of starter vs. premium a little better:

What Can You Make With a Premium Membership?

This is really the crux of the matter – if you can’t make a dime with Wealthy Affiliate, then it’s definitely not worth it. And while it may not be a complete scam, it’s something that no one should recommend.

The answer to the ‘making money with Wealthy Affiliate’ question is not as easy as it sounds. You can easily earn just as much as you are now with affiliate blogging.

Well, unless you are one of those billionaires.

But seriously, there are several on Wealthy Affiliate that currently own business that make 7 figures a year.

Someone at Wealthy Affiliate tracked down as many stories as they could, and posted all of them here. If you are seriously asking questions about how long it will take, and how much you can make, those success stories will give you answers and show you some people (whether they are legit or not) and their results.

Take a look at this post, as there are not only success stories, but also posts on the straight hard facts of how much you can earn, and how quick/long it will take you to achieve it.

Wealthy Affiliate never sugar-coats anything about making money online or that it will be easy.

They seem to be honest in everything they say, and clearly tell most people that making money online/blogging/affiliate marketing/themselves aren’t get-rich-quick-schemes. It will take hard work and determination to get the amount of money you want.

But in the end, if the reviews above are worth anything, it is truly worth the hard work and determination.

Now, other people’s reviews are all find and dandy, but that doesn’t mean that we can always trust them. To be fair, there are many testimonials about how many people have been successful through Wealthy Affiliate.

But back to my experience.

Did I actually learn anything, or make anything that is of note-worthiness?

Experiences Are Worth A Thousand Words

We get scammed for you, so that you don't have to!

Personally, my overall experience of Wealthy Affiliate has been a pretty good one. It really, really has been a benefit to my blogging. Not only with writing, but being able to gain a wider audience.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Community

Wealthy Affiliate is a great bunch of wealthy affiliates. That’s really what Wealthy Affiliate is. The community, those who are part of Wealthy Affiliate, is very helpful, and most will give more than they get, advice-wise.

There is a live chat going 24/7 where many people like to hang out, so if you need help or something, people are always there to give you some sort of answer. Most of the time, if they can’t give you the answer themselves, they can send you to training that explains it more fully.

Speaking of training, the community has put up ALOT of training, all free for the taking and learning. I’ve taught myself enough local SEO with the training Wealthy Affiliate has that for a while I was looking for a local SEO, since I was able to prove that I was well qualified in that area.

The CEO Can Be Easily Reached And Talked Too

Kyle From Wealthy Affiliate's main page

As I have said before, Wealthy Affiliate is run by Kyle and Carson. Kyle, the CEO, can usually be found, if you need more advice.

He’s not like most CEO’s, hiding behind their status. You’ll find Kyle many times in the live chat, offering advice to different people, and just chatting with people there.

Kyle will also usually reply quickly to any questions that you have. I remember the first week that I was a starter member, and I had questions that I asked him, and he replied within 36 hours. And it wasn’t a short reply either. He took the time, and the words, to explain and answer every question I had.

Did I Actually Make Any Money?

Obviously, what everything really boils down to money (that’s what everyone seems to tell me any way.)

I could have a great experience with something, but if I didn’t achieve what that something guarantees, then it’s not really worth it, right?

As you already know, I did make some money before going premium – a little over $13 dollars. However, I can’t really count that, since that was what I made while I was on Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Starter membership.

While it took some time to achieve, I actually did achieve making money with Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership, and am happy where I currently am.

Money I earned through Wealthy Affiliate

As you’ll see in the above screenshot, those are just some of my earning from the past month (of writing this.)

What’s amazing about the above though is that I really didn’t do anything to get that money. I was actually away for several months from my site while this was all happening.

And what’s even more amazing is that this isn’t the only stream of money I’m making. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to be able to have several streams of income at the same time:

Amazon Associates screenshot of money I've made from them over the months.

Above is another screenshot of what I’ve made with Amazon Associates, Amazon’s affiliate program.

It’s definitely not as much as the other screenshot, but the point is that Wealthy Affiliate’s training has been working (for me at least.)

Money I made from Google Adsense

And let’s not forget making money with ads, which is what the above image represents.

While I’m not a proponent of ads, Wealthy Affiliate’s teaching taught them, so I chose to try them.

The returns I made weren’t that bad though.

So, overall, there isn’t much I can say against Wealthy Affiliate and what they have to offer. It’s hard to call something a scam that worked, and still works, for me and others.

Through my own experience, I am currently able to make money through many different ways, all thanks to what I learned through Wealthy Affiliate.

How Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while now, and so I’ve seen firsthand how they do things and how they act.

And all I can say is that they try to help out whomever and wherever they can. They do it because they love affiliate marketing, and because they want you to love it too.

I personally can’t find any way that I can call Wealthy Affiliate a scam – and trust me, I’ve searched it and tried it to see!

Aside from the few things I’ve said in the beginning of this article, there isn’t really anything that I can use to say just how Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

Which means they must be legitimate.

I realize that that will probably burst many people’s bubble by reading that. But if it’s true then that’s what I’ve got to show, whether it’s what people want to hear or not.

But Is The Premium Membership Really Worth it?

Wealthy Affiliate's Premium membership does seem to help you make more money in the long run.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership is something that I have found to be more than useful and beneficial to my blogging, and has carried me farther than I thought possible.

Premium has given me knowledge and the right mindset to be able to carve a niche out for myself and be comfortable blogging online.

I’ve learned more through it, and honestly made more then I ever thought I could through the online world (and I’m still making money!).

So Premium is something I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about blogging and affiliate marketing.

Don’t Spend Money Immediately!

In all honesty, if you really are interested in Wealthy Affiliate, and want to try them out, then check out their free starter membership.

I personally didn’t upgrade to the premium membership for several months, and would recommend you do the same.

Give them a try, and see if the training and tools they provide will work for you.

If so, great. If not, then no worries, because you didn’t lose anything.

What Will Your Experience Be?

So now I turn it over to you, the reader. What will your experience be of Wealthy Affiliate?

Do you have any experience with them? Or are the experiences you’ve found only from articles and blogs posts you’ve found online?

I would highly encourage you to just try Wealthy Affiliate and check for yourself. Use them for at least a week, and see what you learn and what you can do.

You know that the worst that happens is you just lose some time learning something new.

On the flip side, the best that could happen is that you find it does work, and make money online, right?

So, what are you waiting for?

(Fool-Proof Method!) How To Make Money Online For Dummies

(Fool-Proof Method!) How To Make Money Online For Dummies

Many people now-a-days are looking for ways to make money. And many are wondering specifically about blogging. Can you make money with blogging? How quickly can you make money, and how much can you make? How do you make money with blogging?

All these questions and more we’ll take a look at with this article. Making money online isn’t that hard, and it’s even easier when you do it through blogging.

In the end we’ll see that in the long run, making money online isn’t something that is hard to do, nor is it something that people should be afraid to get into and try out. So here we go into seeing how to make money online for dummies!

What Exactly Is Blogging?

Typing On A Computer

When you ‘blog’, you write about a certain topic that you like and continue to write things about that topic that interest you and your readers.

Blogging is something that has become more popular in this day and age, with many sites allowing to host your content for free. It’s become an easy way to keep up in touch with friends and family, and share how and what you are doing in life.

Blogging for money is a little different from normal blogging. The reason is that for most ‘normal’ bloggers, you blog about your life. With blogging for money, you want to choose a topic that you are very passionate about, and one that you can write and write about, because that is what you’ll be doing.

So maybe it’s a hobby like coin or stamp collection. Maybe it’s a passion, like religion or philosophy. Or it’s one of the arts or sciences that you enjoy. Whatever it is, make sure it is something you enjoy.

I keep on saying something that you enjoy because some people will try to pick something that may seem like you can make a lot of money writing about, but when they don’t see results quickly (in a month or two) they start to lose interest in that specific topic, and in the end don’t make any money with blogging.

So choose something you enjoy!

So How Do You Make Money?

Piggy Bank

So you’ve found something you want to write about and that you enjoy. For example, let’s just pretend that you choose religion, and are specifically going to write about men and women of that particular faith.

There are two main ways that you can make money with blogging. One is running relevant ads on your website so that those who come to your blog will see those ads, click on them, and you will make some money. The other way is through being an affiliate.

Being an affiliate is the main way most bloggers do it.

What it means to be an affiliate is basically you tell people about a certain product or service, and if they buy it through you, then you usually make a commission anywhere from 4% to 40% of what they spent on that certain product.

So if you are blogging about religion, and are talking about a particular person from that faith, at the end of the article, you can link to a book about that person, and if someone buys it, you’ll make some money.

How Much Money Can You Make?
Hundred-Dollar Bills

Many people want to know the answer to that question, but the real question is, how much do you want to make? If you want to make 10K a month, and you put in the work and effort, then you’ll make 10K a month. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these articles:

These people worked for what they wanted, and they got it in the end. And 10K isn’t a magical number. If you want to make only 2K a month, or 100K a month, as long as you keep on working at it, and don’t quit, you can make that much.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

Many Clocks

Once again, another question must be asked to learn that question. How much time are you willing to put in to it? If you’re working on it part-time, you’ll usually start seeing results in around 6 months. If you’re working on it full-time, you should see results in 3 months or less.
The results may not be great, but with each month, your earnings will get larger and larger, and you’ll soon be on your way to be making that certain amount you want to make.

Typically, a site will take no longer than 2 years to reach it’s full potential.

Now I know, some of you are thinking that two years is a long time. But let’s put that into perspective: most people go to college or university for about 4 years to earn their degrees.

What’s the difference?

Well, if you worked on your own blog for 4 years, you would end up having your own business, where you can work anywhere you want to, at any time. You also wouldn’t have any debt and probably would have quite a bit saved up, assuming you weren’t living too extravagantly.

On the flip side, if you went to university, you would have a degree, no business or job, and probably have quite a bit of debt that you had acquired.

The point I’m trying to show you is that two years isn’t that long of a time period that most people think it is. It is long in the sense that you will be working full-time and sometimes not see any potential to what your doing, but if you stick to it, you’ll come out with a greater outcome in the end.

No Longer A Dummy

We started this blog by saying this was going to show how to make money online for dummies. But as you read this, hopefully you’ve learned some stuff and want to continue to learn more about what I’ve discussed above.

If you do, then take a look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate, a free place where you will learn in more detail what I tried to show you in this article.

You’ll learn how to get people to your blog, how to become an affiliate with businesses, and get some great tools that you can use to be a more effective blogger.

Also, joining will allow you to come into contact with me, where I can personally help guide you into this new realm of making money with blogging.

Hope to hear from you soon!

The How To Make Money With Blogging For Beginners

The How To Make Money With Blogging For Beginners

Many beginners want to make money online, and most want to do it through blogging. I’m here to help show you how easy it is to learn to make money blogging.

Before we do that though, the road to making money may not be as easy and quick as you might think it is. If you are willing to learn and put in the time and effort, then you will definitely succeed in making money online through blogging.

So, without further ado, here is the ‘how to make money with blogging’ for beginners.

How To Make Money With Blogging

Someone sitting at their computer getting ready to blog!

So here you are, ready to start off in a new adventure of blogging, and trying to make money with it too. Not a bad starting point. Before you get to writing stuff for your blog, you need to first set up a place where you can get put all the stuff you have written.

Making A Site

The first step of making money online is by making a website where you can put all your blog posts!

Of course, if you’ve done this already, then feel free to skip this whole issue, and move on to the more fun stuff (making money!).

At this point, I would recommend starting a blog on a free blogging site, that way you don’t need to worry about domain names, hosting, and all that other stuff just quite yet.

Site Rubix's main page - a place I would recommend creating a website and blogging from.

You can host your blog on the usual sites, like,, or But I recommend for you if you truly are serious about making money. It uses wordpress, and helps you easily set up and install your site (It boasts of being able to set up a site in 30 seconds or less).

Writing Quality Content

Writing is easy - either on a computer or on a type-writer!

There are many different wordpress themes for you to use (assuming you are using wordpress), and many different ways to set up a site specific to what you want to blog about. So I’m not going to tell you how to set up your site. I’ll leave that to the experts.

What I will say is that you want to make sure that you are blogging in a way that will help you make money better. So here are 6 things you want to remember as you write:

  1. Small Paragraphs. Many people now-a-days are searching on mobile phones and screens that aren’t as large as regular desktops. So for people to enjoy your reading, make sure that you have short paragraphs, as that will help keep people on your site.
  2. Use Headings. If you look above, and see “Writing Quality Content”, you will notice that it is larger than the other content. It’s called a heading. Using those helps break up your article into readable chunks for those reading your content, and also helps give a brief summary of what you are going to be talking about in this chunk of words.
  3. Use Standard Colors. It has been proven time and time again, people like a white background and black letters. That is the standard. It’s really easy to read for most people, and works. I know you will have a wide range of colors and may want to change backgrounds and colors, but resist the urge, as it will be better in the long run.
  4. Be Conversational. The best way to write is to write like your are in a conversation. Pretend you are writing to your best friend, or a relative, and then try to keep it that way.
  5. Good Title. Use titles in your articles that are relevant, and something that you would want to click on to look at. Instead of naming something “I fixed the squeaky brakes on my car”, change it to something like “Fixing brakes so that they don’t break – 9 quick steps to having your brakes squeak less”.
  6. Relevant Images. People are visual people. So don’t be afraid to add pictures and images to help convey what you are trying to say.

Bursting The Money Bubble Before It Gets Too Big

A person hiding behind a lot of money

This is something that most people don’t want to do, talk about the hard work side of things about money. Most people want that easy way to make millions and have enough to be able to have all the comforts of life.

Well, what I’m going to say may just burst your bubble. Making money with blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I’ve read of guys who blogged for 5-6 months straight, and didn’t make a dime.

Some people are ‘lucky’ and make money rather quickly. I was one of those people. I made money blogging within the first several weeks, something that isn’t heard of too often. Now that doesn’t mean that I became rich overnight. I only made about $2 or so.

What am I trying to say?

Blogging takes time. It can take a long time to make enough money that you see the benefits of blogging for money.

Typically, it will take 1-2 years for someone to be blogging consistently to make some serious money. That number is for beginners. If you aren’t new to blogging for money, you may do better more quickly because of your experience.

But there is hope. I told you about those people who blogged 5-6 months consistently, and didn’t make anything? Well, that next month, they started seeing sales, and as they kept at it, they continued to make money, so much so, that they were able to become fully financial from their blogging.

They did that because they weren’t afraid of hard work, and never gave up. They were consistent with their writing, and weren’t quitters.

If you want to make money online through blogging, then adopt this same mindset. Don’t quit, no matter what life throws at you, and you will succeed in making money. This is been proven time and time again.

How To Make Money

Coins stacked up, getting larger and larger. This is in reference to the longer you blog, the more money you'll make.

So you have your site, and you want to make money. How do you do that? There are several ways that you can do it, but the main one I’ll be focusing on is by being an affiliate.

Become An Affiliate

An affiliate basically means that you like a certain product, or company, that you don’t own, but that you promote on your website. If you can get people to click to that site by going through your site (typically through a link), and they buy something, then you will earn a percentage of what they paid.

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there. There is a saying out there that goes like ‘if you can write about it, then you can affiliate to it’. And that saying is true. If you write about anything at all, you can find an affiliate program to make money.

Here are quite a few affiliate programs that you may want to look into:

  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo
  • CJ
  • Offer Vault
  • Click2Sell
  • CommissionSoup –
  • ShareASale
  • Avangate
  • AdCombo
  • AffinBank
  • AvantLink
  • MaxBounty
  • Tradedoubler
  • AWIN
  • Rakuten
  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay

Using Affiliate Links

So you have your site, and your affiliate programs. But how do you get the affiliate across to the people who are reading your content? By using an affiliate link.

Before you put an affiliate link in your blog, you need to make sure that you follow those 6 tips for good writing. That will help people click on the link when they read your blog.

So, for example, I am an affiliate of Amazon Associates. And let’s say that I have a blog about the best toilet seats. I’m going to write something like this at the end of one of my articles:

With the nightlight, the grip-tight, quiet-close lid, the KOHLER 75796-0 wins hands down. Not only does it have the features previously mentioned, but it also doesn’t wiggle around like other cheap seats, is easy to install, and clean.

If you clicked on the link up there, you would be taken to Amazon. And if you bought the seat, I would have made a small percentage of what you paid, probably around $4 for this particular sale.

That’s simply it. all you need to do is just put in your affiliate link into your blog articles, and you’re all set. All you need now is people to come to your site.

How To Make Sales

An image of different electronics that you could sell

You’ve got a site and affiliate links. Now you need to understand where the money comes from. As the saying goes, money doesn’t grow on trees. So where does it come from? Other people.

These people are just like you and me. They’re normal people who are curious and many times interested in buying things from the internet. Wouldn’t it be cool to have these people come to a site that you are selling stuff and blogging about products for them to buy?

The special term for people going to a certain site is called traffic. You’ve probably heard about it before. There is a lot of it untapped out on the internet. How do you get that traffic to your site?

The answer is by targeting keywords.

What Is a Keyword?

A keyword is simply a word phrase that someone is going to type into a search engine, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo. Someone will type a keyword to help them find out more about a particular topic or issue they are facing.

For example, I don’t know how you made it to this article, but it may have been that you were looking for information about how to learn about blogging for beginners. Believe or not, but the title of this article is a keyword that I’m using to get traffic to my site. See how it works?

That’s all great and dandy, and you may want to quickly jump on the bandwagon and start-a blogging. But hold your horses! There is still more you should learn before you start.

Let’s understand something about Keywords a little better. There are good keywords and there are bad keywords. The differences between the two are what will make you successful, and hopefully wealthier too.

A good keyword depends on two things. How many people search for that keyword, and how many people write about that keyword.
Once again, let’s take a look at my title. My title is one that is called a good keyword. Not only do a lot of people search for that particular keyword, but there aren’t a lot of people who have written about this specific keyword. So my title is a good keyword.

The way you determine how many people have written about a certain keyword is by look on Google (because it is the most popular search engine), and see how many pages come up for that certain keyword. The lower the number of pages, the better chance your article you’re going to write about will be put up on page one or two (where most people get traffic).
So with my keyword that I’m using, I’ve chosen one that doesn’t have a lot of pages with it.

Now let’s take a look at an example of a bad keyword. How about the keyword “make money blogging”. When you look to see how many people are searching for this term (which I’ll show you later), it doesn’t look like a bad keyword. With over 7000 searches a month, you would be getting a lot of traffic to your site if you got on the first page of google.

The problem with this keyword though is that there are over 280 pages on google. It will take me a long time, if it’s not impossible, to get to page one for this keyword.

So how can we find good keywords that we can use in our articles? Introducing Jaaxy!

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy, an online keyword and research tool, gives you 30 free search.

Jaaxy is an online program that does searches on google to bring you relevant keywords to write about. It’s also can track where you rank on certain keywords, it can search for different products in certain affiliate programs, and also help you figure out what you want to blog about.

If you sign up here, you can get 30 free keyword searches and a whole bunch of other things.

How To Make Money For Beginners

100 dollars bills

If you are a beginner, new to affiliate marketing, or just need more help with blogging, then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. They’re the creators of Jaaxy, and Siterubix. They also have both Jaaxy and Siterubix integrated into their Wealthy Affiliate site, so you can do everything just from one place!

There is a bunch of free training on the site too, so you don’t have to worry about trying to figure things out. There is a huge supportive community there that can give you tips and ideas on how to better make money with blogging.

Not only that, but if you join, you’ll be able to contact me personally, where you can PM me, ask me questions, and get some of the best help out there for you to succeed.

I recently did a review of Wealthy Affiliate and all they had to offer. I also go into just some of my personal success with them, and how I’ve been able to make passive income (money that comes in without me having to do anything) for a while now.

Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review Of 2020 (Passive Income Achieved!)

Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review Of 2020 (Passive Income Achieved!)

Curious of whether Wealthy Affiliate works, and trying to look for an honest Wealthy Affiliate review of 2020? Well, look no further!

In this article we’ll take an in depth look at a website that we’ve been a part of for some time now, and wholeheartedly recommend. Not only will we look at Wealthy Affiliate as a whole, but we’ll even give you our honest Wealthy Affiliate review of 2020.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate Make Money

Company: Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

Creators: Kyle and Carson

Description: A site that helps beginners make money online, specifically with affiliate marketing. You learn to make a website and monetize it.

Starter Membership: Free ($0.00)

Premium Membership: $49.00 per month ($19.00 for the first month!)

Legit? Yes

Recommended? Yes!

Rating: 10 out of 10

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a company that has taught thousands of people the art of affiliate marketing, and they’ve been doing that for over 14 years now (as of writing this). So Wealthy Affiliate is definitely no scam. And when it comes to learning how to make money online, they’ve got you covered.

Wealthy Affiliate brings you a vibrant community, as well as training that is spot on in making you money. On top of that, when joining, you’ll get to interact with the owners of WA themselves, Kyle and Carson.

Learn How To Be An Affiliate Marketer

Wealthy Affiliate has 14 years of experience and has helped over 1.5 people!

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Not only successful, but wealthy as well.

Did you know that people will actually pay you to promote their products? Companies will give you a commission, a percentage of what the customer pays, if you’ll help get the word out about the certain products that those companies are selling.

That is essentially what an affiliate marketer is. You learn to promote products, and companies that you enjoy and like.

How hard is that?

If you can tell a friend about something that you enjoy, or tell family about a product that you use, then you’ll have no trouble being an affiliate marketer.

WA also teaches you how to build websites, how to find good topics to write about, and how to get traffic to your site, even if you don’t have a fan base.

And all of this is free for the taking. No up sells, no hidden expenses. You can learn all this, and more by becoming a free starter member on WA.

Learn To EASILY Build A Website

The average time it takes to build  website is 34 seconds at Wealthy Affiliate!

Have you ever been interested in trying to build a website, but were unsure on how to start? Wealthy Affiliate boasts of helping you set up a website in less than 60 seconds. Building a website has never been easier.

Wealthy Affiliate has made the process so simple, that it only takes three little steps to set up your website:

  1. Choose your domain name (what you want your site to be called).
  2. Choose the title that you want to be displayed on your website (like “We Get Scammed For You”
  3. Choose the WordPress Theme you want to use.

After you choose those three things, you’ll be made a website immediately. You’ll learn how to quickly navigate your WordPress dashboard, which your website will be based off of. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to build a website that can be easily monetized.

Choosing A Niche

A niche is just a fancy word for a topic that you write about. You’ll learn why there is a difference between good niches and bad niches, and why choosing a specific niche is better than choosing a broad niche.

As you choose your niche, you’ll learn about what affiliate programs to choose based on what you’re passionate about. Niches are always fun to look into, as they contain many hidden ideas that await to be explored.

They Even Teach You How To Get Loads Of Traffic!

Going from 500 to nearly 1500 pageviews in a week!

Traffic is always key to having a blog make money. And Wealthy Affiliate teaches you just how to do that. They teach you how to find low-competitive keywords, that you can rank quickly on Google for.

The higher you rank on Google, the higher chance you have for more traffic to get to your site. More traffic means more money in the long run.

WA teaches you how to use keywords by using their own keyword research tool, called Jaaxy. All Jaaxy does is help you search keywords, and see how competitive they are.

Jaaxy and how it works!

Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review of 2018-2020

I (the owner of We Get Scammed For You) actually started learning about WA back in November 2017. As I continued researching about the site, and how much people were making, I was hooked.

Around that time, I decided to take the plunge, and signed up, for free, to learn as much as I could about this thing called affiliate marketing.

On the free membership, they give you 2 free website domains, along with the first part of their training. Not being one who likes training, I immediately jumped into making a website, and seeing if I could making a quick buck or two (my first mistake).

As the training reveals, to get people to your site, you need to find keywords that will help bring traffic from Google. Like the foolish guy I was, I ignored that, thinking I knew best.

Let’s just say that my first website was a disaster, and I closed it down within the first week or so of making it.

I learned the hard way two things:

  1. Follow the training to the letter! If you want success, follow the training. Don’t skip ahead, or skip around, doing only what you want to do. That in the end will leave you with a site that doesn’t produce to it’s full potential.

    Ask any of those who are making a full-time income from affiliate marketing, and they’ll all tell you the same thing – if you want the same success that they they have, then follow the training, the whole training, and nothing but the training.

  2. This is not a get-rich-quickly scheme! I thought that I could throw up a few articles, get some traffic rolling in, and have a full-time business within a few weeks. It doesn’t work like that. If it did, everyone and their grandmother would be online by now. Be prepared to to spend 3 months pouring your heart into your website, and not see any results.

    Also, expect a year or two before you’re business is making a full-time income.It takes time, and consistency, for your business to grow and flourish. You might even need a year to learn how to correctly follow the training (as some people who don’t follow the training need, *cough* like me *cough*)

Starting A New Site From Scratch

So there I was, just got rid of my first website, and ready to start over. I decided to follow the training this time, and see what I could make out of it.

The training first picks up with helping you find your niche.

Basically a niche is a very specific topic. You choose a specific topic because you don’t want to lose your audience or your traffic.

If you blog to broadly, like for example blogging about health, and write about heart disease one day, and colon cancer the next, you’ll be losing a lot of quality traffic because of it.

You want people who come to your site, to stay on your site. But if they came to your site because of heart disease, they probably won’t want to stick around and read about colon cancer.

That’s why keeping it specific is better.

In keeping with the spirit of the training (as I was supposed to do), I choose something that I dealing with at that time, and turned that into a blog.

Specifically, my blog was devoted to bad breath.

Now before you start laughing at me for choosing something as weird as that, the site does help show what a good niche is. Bad breath is very specific, and on top of that, it’s a niche that not very many people want to get into, so there is less competition.

And so I started my online adventures writing about bad breath.

I, once again, decided to follow the training, and try to make money. The next part of the training that WA takes you through is learning how to find good keywords that you can use.

A keyword is a term meaning a phrase that someone looks up in a search engine, usually on Google. For example, ‘how to make money online’ is a keyword.

How To Make Money Online Google Search

If you used Google in the last week, and looked something up, you used a word or phrase when you searched for something. That is a keyword.

If there isn’t a lot of competition for a keyword, you’ll rank more quickly for that particular phrase.

This is helpful, because, if you rank on the first page of Google, you’ll have a better chance of people clicking on your site and reading your articles.

Now there are good keywords and bad keywords.

The above keyword, ‘how to make money online’ isn’t a good keyword. It has a lot of traffic coming to it, but a lot of people write about it, and so you, as a new blogger and website, will most likely not rank very well for it.

The reason you won’t rank well for it is because as a new website Google won’t quite trust you.

It’s not until you’ve been around for a while (6 months or so), and have written quite a bit of a particular subject that you’ll rank well for harder-to-rank keywords.

While this all may sound confusing right now, the training at WA explains it very well.

In short, I found some good keywords for bad breath, and started writing.

And this is were I ran into my second dilemmas:

  1. Success means to work harder! after a week or two of writing an article, I made my first sale, and in essence, my first money online. I was really happy, and saw (as most people do) the potential that is within affiliate marketing.

    Because of that, though, I slacked off on my writing, thinking that money would now start come pouring in. And, well, the opposite was true. I got some sales, but it wasn’t anything substantial.

  2. For success to happen, consistency is key! Writing regularly, week by week , is essential to having a flourishing business. It’s okay to slack off every once and a while, if there is need of that (like to help with a sick family member, or to attend a service for a loved one).

    But it is not okay to slack off for months on end, hoping that your 13 articles are enough to make a full-time income from. Continue through the hard work, and you’ll be rewarded with success, provided you follow the training and be consistent with your writing habits.

So there I was, again. Three months into affiliate marketing, a few articles written, and some money made. Below is a screenshot of my earnings for that time period:

Free Member Earnings

I knew I needed help, and more training to get my site really going.

So around this time, I decided to take the plunge and become a WA premium member.

The Benefits Of Being A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

Before all this, I had been blogging on a free membership. So I saw the potential of affiliate marketing, but I also knew that if I was going to really make money, I would need more training, as well as the many other things WA had to offer.

And there is a lot that they offer, as you can see below.

The upgrade did help in many different ways, and I’m actually thankful that I upgraded. But I thought that by upgrading I would make more money.
And that’s was the problem.

Upgrading doesn’t make more money.

YOU make the money.

Yes, it’s great to have more training, more 1-on-1 coaching, more encouragement. But if you’re not using all that you have available to you already, an upgrade in pretty worthless in the long run.

And so, with the upgrade, I went into the training quickly.

Well, part of the training.

Some of the training (again) I didn’t fully do, and thus, never fully utilized all that was given to me.

I blogged on and off the next few months. I didn’t really like the niche that I was a part of any more, and so I couldn’t really motivate myself to do much with my site.

But, I told myself that I had spent so much money on all this, that I had to at least keep on trying.

Fast forward to September. In that month I made my largest monthly sales. Just under 15 dollars!

I was ecstatic, seeing that maybe, just maybe, my blogging ventures would turn out great, and I would be that happy millionaire that I secretly dreamed of being.

September Monthly Commisions

A month or so before this, I had talked with my grandfather, and he told me, that, to make things really work out, I should write out a business plan, and then stick with it. And if it worked out, then good.

And if not, then move on and try something else.

Taking the advice from my very wise grandfather, I wrote out a six month business plan. I was hoping to be able to put up so many articles to my site, as well as branch out to several social media platforms, and in the end, make more money.

I told myself that the month of October would be my test month. See what I could do, and if I could raise my traffic, as well as see if I could earn more than $15 in one months.

The first week of my business plan, I was able to put up 10 articles! The next week, I was able to put up 7 articles.

Everything was looking good. My traffic was rising ever so slowly, and articles were ranking very quickly.

Due to something that happened within my life during that time, I stopped writing as much in the following two weeks, though I did a lot of reviewing previous articles, fixing typos, and adding images (which I never liked doing).

I was thinking that October would be my best month yet, with record traffic, and nearly double the articles I had on my site previously.

That’s when Google decided to update it’s algorithms.

Every so often, Google will update how they rank websites, and because of this, some websites will decrease in traffic, while others will increase. My site was just one of those that lost a lot of traffic.

Instead of finishing the month of October on a high note, I ended on a low note. Nothing was bought, and I was barely getting 10 people to my site daily. It definitely was a gut-punch to my stomach. Because of these things I learned a few more things about affiliate blogging:

  1. Never rely solely on one thing for all your traffic. I was relying heavily on Google for my traffic. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that if Google changes in some way, I may just lose traffic, thus losing income because of it.

    This is why it is so important for you to follow the training that WA has to offer. They help show you this in the training, and explain how branching out to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) isn’t a bad idea.
  2. Blog about something that you are truly passionate about. Bad breath just wasn’t something I was that passionate about any more. If it was, I wouldn’t have cared too much about the drop in traffic, and just kept on blogging.

    But it wasn’t something that I enjoyed writing about. Oh, I enjoyed learning, and making money, but that didn’t motivate me enough to keep myself within the bad breath niche.

Blog failing, life not working out like I wanted it to. The world seemed grim, and nothing seemed to be what it should be.

Thinking back through what I learned about myself, and what I had learned from the year, I decided that the next year, the year of 2019, would be different. I would learn from my mistakes and make a website that made money.

And so here I am. This site is just that.

Wealthy Affiliate Does Work!

$199 waiting for us to get paid out, as well as 278 referral credits waiting to be turned into $$$
Screenshot of one place waiting for us to get paid out!

This site has evolved over the time that it’s been operating. While the team that work on We Get Scammed For You is still relatively small, we have some dedicated workers who put their heart into their work.

Below is just what you can do with 6 months of Wealthy Affiliate.

We’ve learned from our mistakes and are steadily growing our money from what we learn through affiliate marketing.

Passive Money With Wealthy Affiliate!

$450 dollars earned passively without having to do anything!

Our site has grown to such now that, we’ve left for several months, and have made more than we normally do!

If that isn’t passive money, then we don’t know what is.

Take a look at the photo above, you’ll notice that it shows around $450 dollars waiting to be paid out to us. And we didn’t do a single thing to earn it.

We just followed the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate, and then left our site to it’s own devises.

Yeah, we did a little site maintainence here and there, but beyond that, we didn’t publish a post or review comments for several months.

And you know what?

We still made money.

If you want any honest Wealthy Affiliate Review of 2020, then there it is – Wealthy Affiliate can teach you to make passive income!

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!

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