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Wealthy Affiliate Review Of 2019 (Read This Before You Join!)

Wealthy Affiliate Review Of 2019 (Read This Before You Join!)

In this article we’ll take an in depth look at a website that we’ve been a part of for some time now, and wholeheartedly recommend. Not only will we look at Wealthy Affiliate as a whole, but we’ll even give you our honest Wealthy Affiliate review of 2019.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate Make Money

Company: Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

Creators: Kyle and Carson

Description: A site that helps beginners make money online, specifically with affiliate marketing. You learn to make a website and monetize it.

Starter Membership: Free ($0.00)

Premium Membership: $49.00 per month ($19.00 for the first month!)

Legit? Yes

Recommended? Yes!

Rating: 10 out of 10

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a company that has taught thousands of people the art of affiliate marketing, and they’ve been doing that for over 13 years now (as of writing this). So Wealthy Affiliate is definitely no scam. And when it comes to learning how to make money online, they’ve got you covered.

Wealthy Affiliate brings you a vibrant community, as well as training that is spot on in making you money. On top of that, when joining, you’ll get to interact with the owners of WA themselves, Kyle and Carson.

Learn How To Be An Affiliate Marketer

Wealthy Affiliate has 14 years of experience and has helped over 1.5 people!

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Not only successful, but wealthy as well.

Did you know that people will actually pay you to promote their products? Companies will give you a commission, a percentage of what the customer pays, if you’ll help get the word out about the certain products that those companies are selling.

That is essentially what an affiliate marketer is. You learn to promote products, and companies that you enjoy and like.

How hard is that?

If you can tell a friend about something that you enjoy, or tell family about a product that you use, then you’ll have no trouble being an affiliate marketer.

WA also teaches you how to build websites, how to find good topics to write about, and how to get traffic to your site, even if you don’t have a fan base.

And all of this is free for the taking. No up sells, no hidden expenses. You can learn all this, and more by becoming a free starter member on WA.

Learn To EASILY Build A Website

The average time it takes to build  website is 34 seconds at Wealthy Affiliate!

Have you ever been interested in trying to build a website, but were unsure on how to start? Wealthy Affiliate boasts of helping you set up a website in less than 60 seconds. Building a website has never been easier.

Wealthy Affiliate has made the process so simple, that it only takes three little steps to set up your website:

  1. Choose your domain name (what you want your site to be called).
  2. Choose the title that you want to be displayed on your website (like “We Get Scammed For You”
  3. Choose the WordPress Theme you want to use.

After you choose those three things, you’ll be made a website immediately. You’ll learn how to quickly navigate your WordPress dashboard, which your website will be based off of. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to build a website that can be easily monetized.

Choosing A Niche

A niche is just a fancy word for a topic that you write about. You’ll learn why there is a difference between good niches and bad niches, and why choosing a specific niche is better than choosing a broad niche.

As you choose your niche, you’ll learn about what affiliate programs to choose based on what you’re passionate about. Niches are always fun to look into, as they contain many hidden ideas that await to be explored.

They Even Teach You How To Get Loads Of Traffic!

Going from 500 to nearly 1500 pageviews in a week!

Traffic is always key to having a blog make money. And Wealthy Affiliate teaches you just how to do that. They teach you how to find low-competitive keywords, that you can rank quickly on Google for.

The higher you rank on Google, the higher chance you have for more traffic to get to your site. More traffic means more money in the long run.

WA teaches you how to use keywords by using their own keyword research tool, called Jaaxy. All Jaaxy does is help you search keywords, and see how competitive thedy are.

Jaaxy and how it works!

Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review of 2018-2019

I (the owner of We Get Scammed For You) actually started learning about WA back in November 2017. As I continued researching about the site, and how much people were making, I was hooked.

Around that time, I decided to take the plunge, and signed up, for free, to learn as much as I could about this thing called affiliate marketing.

On the free membership, they give you 2 free website domains, along with the first part of their training. Not being one who likes training, I immediately jumped into making a website, and seeing if I could making a quick buck or two (my first mistake).

As the training reveals, to get people to your site, you need to find keywords that will help bring traffic from Google. Like the foolish guy I was, I ignored that, thinking I knew best.

Let’s just say that my first website was a disaster, and I closed it down within the first week or so of making it.

I learned the hard way two things:

  1. Follow the training to the letter! If you want success, follow the training. Don’t skip ahead, or skip around, doing only what you want to do. That in the end will leave you with a site that doesn’t produce to it’s full potential.

    Ask any of those who are making a full-time income from affiliate marketing, and they’ll all tell you the same thing – if you want the same success that they they have, then follow the training, the whole training, and nothing but the training.

  2. This is not a get-rich-quickly scheme! I thought that I could throw up a few articles, get some traffic rolling in, and have a full-time business within a few weeks. It doesn’t work like that. If it did, everyone and their grandmother would be online by now. Be prepared to to spend 3 months pouring your heart into your website, and not see any results.

    Also, expect a year or two before you’re business is making a full-time income.It takes time, and consistency, for your business to grow and flourish. You might even need a year to learn how to correctly follow the training (as some people who don’t follow the training need, *cough* like me *cough*)

Starting A New Site From Scratch

So there I was, just got rid of my first website, and ready to start over. I decided to follow the training this time, and see what I could make out of it.

The training first picks up with helping you find your niche.

Basically a niche is a very specific topic. You choose a specific topic because you don’t want to lose your audience or your traffic.

If you blog to broadly, like for example blogging about health, and write about heart disease one day, and colon cancer the next, you’ll be losing a lot of quality traffic because of it.

You want people who come to your site, to stay on your site. But if they came to your site because of heart disease, they probably won’t want to stick around and read about colon cancer.

That’s why keeping it specific is better.

In keeping with the spirit of the training (as I was supposed to do), I choose something that I dealing with at that time, and turned that into a blog.

Specifically, my blog was devoted to bad breath.

Now before you start laughing at me for choosing something as weird as that, the site does help show what a good niche is. Bad breath is very specific, and on top of that, it’s a niche that not very many people want to get into, so there is less competition.

And so I started my online adventures writing about bad breath.

I, once again, decided to follow the training, and try to make money. The next part of the training that WA takes you through is learning how to find good keywords that you can use.

A keyword is a term meaning a phrase that someone looks up in a search engine, usually on Google. For example, ‘how to make money online’ is a keyword.

How To Make Money Online Google Search

If you used Google in the last week, and looked something up, you used a word or phrase when you searched for something. That is a keyword.

If there isn’t a lot of competition for a keyword, you’ll rank more quickly for that particular phrase.

This is helpful, because, if you rank on the first page of Google, you’ll have a better chance of people clicking on your site and reading your articles.

Now there are good keywords and bad keywords.

The above keyword, ‘how to make money online’ isn’t a good keyword. It has a lot of traffic coming to it, but a lot of people write about it, and so you, as a new blogger and website, will most likely not rank very well for it.

The reason you won’t rank well for it is because as a new website Google won’t quite trust you.

It’s not until you’ve been around for a while (6 months or so), and have written quite a bit of a particular subject that you’ll rank well for harder-to-rank keywords.

While this all may sound confusing right now, the training at WA explains it very well.

In short, I found some good keywords for bad breath, and started writing.

And this is were I ran into my second dilemmas:

  1. Success means to work harder! after a week or two of writing an article, I made my first sale, and in essence, my first money online. I was really happy, and saw (as most people do) the potential that is within affiliate marketing.

    Because of that, though, I slacked off on my writing, thinking that money would now start come pouring in. And, well, the opposite was true. I got some sales, but it wasn’t anything substantial.

  2. For success to happen, consistency is key! Writing regularly, week by week , is essential to having a flourishing business. It’s okay to slack off every once and a while, if there is need of that (like to help with a sick family member, or to attend a service for a loved one).

    But it is not okay to slack off for months on end, hoping that your 13 articles are enough to make a full-time income from. Continue through the hard work, and you’ll be rewarded with success, provided you follow the training and be consistent with your writing habits.

So there I was, again. Three months into affiliate marketing, a few articles written, and some money made. Below is a screenshot of my earnings for that time period:

Free Member Earnings

I knew I needed help, and more training to get my site really going.

So around this time, I decided to take the plunge and become a WA premium member.

The Benefits Of Being A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

Before all this, I had been blogging on a free membership. So I saw the potential of affiliate marketing, but I also knew that if I was going to really make money, I would need more training, as well as the many other things WA had to offer.

And there is a lot that they offer, as you can see below.

The upgrade did help in many different ways, and I’m actually thankful that I upgraded. But I thought that by upgrading I would make more money.
And that’s was the problem.

Upgrading doesn’t make more money.

YOU make the money.

Yes, it’s great to have more training, more 1-on-1 coaching, more encouragement. But if you’re not using all that you have available to you already, an upgrade in pretty worthless in the long run.

And so, with the upgrade, I went into the training quickly.

Well, part of the training.

Some of the training (again) I didn’t fully do, and thus, never fully utilized all that was given to me.

I blogged on and off the next few months. I didn’t really like the niche that I was a part of any more, and so I couldn’t really motivate myself to do much with my site.

But, I told myself that I had spent so much money on all this, that I had to at least keep on trying.

Fast forward to September. In that month I made my largest monthly sales. Just under 15 dollars!

I was ecstatic, seeing that maybe, just maybe, my blogging ventures would turn out great, and I would be that happy millionaire that I secretly dreamed of being.

September Monthly Commisions

A month or so before this, I had talked with my grandfather, and he told me, that, to make things really work out, I should write out a business plan, and then stick with it. And if it worked out, then good.

And if not, then move on and try something else.

Taking the advice from my very wise grandfather, I wrote out a six month business plan. I was hoping to be able to put up so many articles to my site, as well as branch out to several social media platforms, and in the end, make more money.

I told myself that the month of October would be my test month. See what I could do, and if I could raise my traffic, as well as see if I could earn more than $15 in one months.

The first week of my business plan, I was able to put up 10 articles! The next week, I was able to put up 7 articles.

Everything was looking good. My traffic was rising ever so slowly, and articles were ranking very quickly.

Due to something that happened within my life during that time, I stopped writing as much in the following two weeks, though I did a lot of reviewing previous articles, fixing typos, and adding images (which I never liked doing).

I was thinking that October would be my best month yet, with record traffic, and nearly double the articles I had on my site previously.

That’s when Google decided to update it’s algorithms.

Every so often, Google will update how they rank websites, and because of this, some websites will decrease in traffic, while others will increase. My site was just one of those that lost a lot of traffic.

Instead of finishing the month of October on a high note, I ended on a low note. Nothing was bought, and I was barely getting 10 people to my site daily. It definitely was a gut-punch to my stomach. Because of these things I learned a few more things about affiliate blogging:

  1. Never rely solely on one thing for all your traffic. I was relying heavily on Google for my traffic. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that if Google changes in some way, I may just lose traffic, thus losing income because of it.

    This is why it is so important for you to follow the training that WA has to offer. They help show you this in the training, and explain how branching out to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) isn’t a bad idea.
  2. Blog about something that you are truly passionate about. Bad breath just wasn’t something I was that passionate about any more. If it was, I wouldn’t have cared too much about the drop in traffic, and just kept on blogging.

    But it wasn’t something that I enjoyed writing about. Oh, I enjoyed learning, and making money, but that didn’t motivate me enough to keep myself within the bad breath niche.

Blog failing, life not working out like I wanted it to. The world seemed grim, and nothing seemed to be what it should be.

Thinking back through what I learned about myself, and what I had learned from the year, I decided that the next year, this year of 2019, would be different. I would learn from my mistakes and make a website that made money.

And so here I am. This site is just that.

Wealthy Affiliate Does Work!

$199 waiting for us to get paid out, as well as 278 referral credits waiting to be turned into $$$
Screenshot of one place waiting for us to get paid out!

This site has evolved over the time that it’s been operating. While the team that work on We Get Scammed For You is still relatively small, we have some dedicated workers who put their heart into their work.

Below is just what you can do with 6 months of Wealthy Affiliate.

We’ve learned from our mistakes and are steadily growing our money from what we learn through affiliate marketing:

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!

Join today, and learn from us. When you join through our link, we’ll be notified that you’ve joined, and can help you as you learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.

You’ll learn from our mistakes, be able to run any ‘niche’ ideas past us, and ask for help on anything relating to wealthy affiliate or affiliate marketing.

And on top of this, you don’t have to pay a dime to see if Wealthy Affiliate really works.

Stay on a starter member until you make money (and see that it works), and then upgrade. Where else can you do that?

So join today. Meet up with us and others. And start learning immediately just how you can make money online! Review: Is American Bullion A Scam? (No, But…) Review: Is American Bullion A Scam? (No, But…)

Due to a recent rise of investment scams, we decided to find sites that had something to do with investment, but were legit. Naturally, American Bullion came to our attention, and so we decided to take a more in depth look into their site.

Interestingly enough, while we did find them to be legit, and not entirely a scam, we did find a few things that didn’t make us very happy, in terms of American Bullion’s authenticity.
Is American Bullion a scam? That’s just what we’re hoping to get to the bottom of. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to make your own informed decision on that exact question.

A Display Of American Bullion’s Legitimacy

American Bullion's Main Page

American Bullion is a site that has been around for over 10 years. They “specialize in converting your existing IRA, former 401(k), or other qualified retirement plan to gold or other precious metals.” And they seem to have plenty of reviews to prove what they do is of value.

Well-known people who endorse American Bullion

On their site, they list numerous reasons why you should trust them, and why they are legit.
For example, they show several people, several well-known people we should add, who endorse American Bullion. Names include Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, and Mike Gallagher.

Not only that, but even American Bullion being around for 10 years shows that this site has some sort of legitimacy in the realm of IRA investments, as well as buying precious metals.
Oftentimes, scammers, especially ones that we look into, will set up a website for a few months, or at most a year or so, and then move onto another website after that time has passed.

But with American Bullion being around for over 10 years, there is going to be little doubt that this site is actually scamming you out of your money. The only way they would be is if we could find a lot of negative reviews about them (which we can’t).

On top of all this, their site also has a Risk Disclosure:

Risk Disclosure

Now, many of the readers may not think that this is anything to speak about. But for us, well, we’ve seen too many scam websites that have popped up without any type of Risk Disclosure.

Most of those sites were ones that claimed to have higher return guarantees. Sites that don’t have some sort of risk disclosure or disclaimer are usually fraudulent websites.

So, with American Bullion being over 10 years old, being endorsed by some well-known people, and having a disclosure of possible risk involved, they definitely come across as being a company that would be worth doing business with.

BBB’s Review of American Bullion

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a corporation that helps show consumers more information about other company’s authority and legitimacy. They do this by showing reviews of other consumers, and giving these companies an accreditation based on several criteria.

When you go to BBB’s website ( and search for American Bullion, you’ll find that American Bullion is BBB accredited, which gives American Bullion a lot more credence for their site. Additionally, they are giving an “A+” rating, the highest rating you can receive from BBB.

BBB accredited Business

As with most cases, there are several complaints against American Bullion that the BBB show for others to read about. But, as is typical with most legit businesses, each one is answered by the company:

four complaints

Nothing is wrong with complaints, or negativity. In fact, we would encourage it – if it is constructive. Complaints help show a company’s true motives fairly well.

Many times, people will complain, and the certain company being complained against doesn’t answer the complaints and chooses to ignore them. If this happened, it shows a poor customer service on the company’s side, as well as possibly appearing to be ‘scammy’. Many-times, scammers won’t answer complaints, because they know that the complaints are indeed true.

But once again, the complaints, and the answers, all help verify that American Bullion is indeed legit. They’re not trying to scam anyone out of their money, nor intentionally trying to be fraudulent.

TrustPilot Reviews – Good And Bad

TrustPilot Reviews

TrustPilot gives Ameriacn Bullion a 5 out of 5 star rating, which seems to be termed ‘Excellent’. With over 180 reviews, and the majority of them 5 stars, TrustPilot confirms (once again) that American Bullion is a company that knows what it’s doing in terms of IRA investments and moving your money into precious metals.

Now, it does need to be said that TrustPilot can at times be not completely correct in their assessment. Recently, it came out that there were ‘bad actors’ who were creating a lot of positive reviews for themselves on TrustPilot and making themselves look more authentic than they really were.

There isn’t much plausibility that American Bullion is doing this, but one can never be certain in this day and age. From what we look at though, the reviews did appear to be authentic and true.

American Bullion’s Scammy-Looking Website

Now, let’s get some things straight first – we believe that American Bullion is legit. From what we’ve seen above, they appear to be trying their best to portray themselves as an authentic and proper business that deals with investments.

However, as we were looking a little more closely at their site, we found a few things that made us have to think twice about American Bullion.

If we had to base our review only on what we discuss below, we would actually call American Bullion a scam – which is a little strange, because of all that we’ve written about above.

American Bullion’s Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice

As you will notice in the screenshot above, you’ll find that the copyright notice is for 2018, and not 2019 (which is the year we are currently in).

Now, nothing is overly wrong with having a copyright notice off by a year or two. But, unfortunately, many scam websites will have copyright notices that aren’t updated. This happens because the scammer will start a site at the end of a year, and run it for a year or so – but never update anything on their site.

So American Bullion can come across as scammy-looking due to this. You would think that a well-known business like American Bullion would change this, or have something that automatically updates. But, well maybe it’s just not in their budget?

Lack Of Posting On American Bullion’s Social Media Accounts

Social media buttons

One thing that we check on websites are their social media accounts, and whether or not they are being updated regularly. Many times, scam websites will create social media accounts to appear like they are ‘social’, but then never do anything with them.

American Bullion's Twitter feed

Unfortunately, taking a look at American Bullion’s social media accounts shows something similar to what was described above. They seem to have posted a long while ago, but don’t do it as frequently as we would like a company to do:For example, if we were to take a look at the screenshot above, we would notice that the last tweet they sent via their Twitter page was nearly a year and a half ago!

We personally like social media accounts to tweet/post every week. At least once a month wouldn’t be too bad. But when a company doesn’t do anything for over a year, then there can be cause for worry.
While Facebook is similar to Twitter, in regard to their inconsistent posting, YouTube does reveal that American Bullion did post a video a few weeks ago:

YouTube videos

As of writing this, it has been three weeks since they posted their last video. However, their second to last video was posted two years ago – and their third-to-last video was three years.

So, all in all, if we were to just take a look at their social media accounts, and base what we think off of them by that information, we would have to conclude that they don’t appear to be legit as we would like them to be – which would be a determining factor in our rating of them.

But, this isn’t the only thing that appears to make American Bullion less legit-looking.

Is American Bullion Faking Their Testimonials?

We always love reading through reviews and testimonials, especially when they are right on the site. The reason we like this is because, often-times, scammers will use fake testimonials to try to make themselves more authentic and legit.
We never thought that American Bullion would be faking their testimonials, but when we searched around, we found that they were faking part of it!

Daniel And Paul Testimonial

Now, let’s be clear – we don’t think that the actual testimonial is faked. What we do know is that the image for the testimonial is actually not the real person who left the review.

How do we know that?

There are sites out there that give away photos and/or sells images. Many other sites take images from these sites, and put them on their own website to help illustrate points or make their content more visual.

As we searched around the internet, we found that Daniel, who can be seen on the left in the above screenshot, was found on another site. One that had to do with DWI charges:

DWI charges for Daniel?

Not only that, but when we searched around for Paul, we found him (in a different photo) on a site that has royalty free photos!

Paul On Clip Deals?

Of course, maybe Paul and Daniel like to have their images all around the internet, right? Maybe their day-job is to be models or something (which could be entirely possible, though not very plausible).

Susan and Holly Testimonials

If that is the case, then why can we find the other testimonial profile images on the internet as well?You’ll notice in the screenshot above we have another two testimonials. One from Susan, and another from Holly. Let’s look at Susan first.

Susan appears on numerous websites, and we were able to find her on another site that sells and gives away images:

Susan On A Free Website

This specific image of Susan was uploaded by an author named “marilook_rus”. Our best guess is that the name of this woman could be Mari, and is from Russia, though we can’t really confirm that.
But, neither can we confirm that her name is actually Susan, which probably means that this person didn’t leave the testimonial on American Bullion.

Now, moving on to Holly.

New York Times Sheryl Sandberg

Holly’s story is a little different. You see, after we searched for Holly’s image, we came to find who exactly Holly’s real name was (who the person in the image was). And her name is actually Sheryl Sandberg – the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. As you can see from the above screenshot, Holly’s image can be found on the New York Times, a popular and well-known news organization. In the article, you come to find out that this supposed Holly is actually called Sherly Sandberg, and part of Facebook’s company.

If we found this on any other website, we would immediately discredit them because of what we uncovered. You don’t take someone else’s image, stick it on your own site, and proclaim that it’s someone completely different! That just doesn’t make your business look legit at all.

Is American Bullion A Scam?

If we had to say whether this site was a scam or not, we would say that it is definitely not a scam. Our initial findings in this article helped show that. Doing some other searching found that most of the testimonials can be found on the site from all the way back to 2011. Which means the testimonials themselves aren’t faked.

Our guess is that back in 2017-2018, American Bullion hired some company to come through and redesign their site – and that company added the images, which is getting more and more typical now-a-days.

So, over all, we would recommend American Bullion. We don’t exactly like that they are using fake testimonial images (even if it’s for the sake of protecting the reviewer’s anonymity), and neither do we like their social accounts not being updated. But, putting those issues to the wayside, American Bullion does show itself to be an authentic and legit company. Review: Is GeekBuying A Scam? Or Do They Have Authentic Discounts? Review: Is GeekBuying A Scam? Or Do They Have Authentic Discounts?

We’ve been looking into a lot of scam websites lately, so we decided, why not find something legit to look into. And so GeekBuying came as something for us to review, and check out.

Is GeekBuying a scam? Or are their discounts legit? That is just what we’re going to be looking at, as we sort through who GeekBuying is exactly, what they have to offer, and how you take action on the many low prices they have to offer!

What Is GeekBuying?

GeekBuying's Main Page

We’ll start off with what GeekBuying isn’t. It isn’t a place where only geeky people shop, and it’s definitely not a place that only has geeky technology.

GeekBuying is a site that tries to bring all the latest gadgets and gizmos to an unbeatable price by offering discounts and low prices. At least, that’s what their About Us page says.
But gadgets aren’t the only thing they sell. They have a large collection of brands of clothing, different types of car accessories, and even Home and Garden products!

GeekBuying’s Brands And Deals

GeekBuying's many brands

GeekBuying has a large collection of brands that they sell, some well-known, and others less known. Popular brands include Philips, Asus, Vivo, and Emax.
But their large collection of brands aren’t the only thing that GeekBuying has to offer.

The cool thing with GeekBuying is that they are always offering things with discounts, flash deals, and leaving things on their Clearance page. So there is always something you can find for a low price.

Flash Deals

Flash-Deals On GeekBuying

Another cool feature with GeekBuying is that they have flash sales, similar to what is shown above. So for several days they have a list of different gadgets and other tech related products on sale.
But what is even more cool is that they have a list of products that will be part of their next flash deal. So there is no need to have to guess on what will be in the next latest deal. If there is anything you want, just leave yourself a note, and check GeekBuying in the next couple of days.

Clearance By Price

Sorting By Price

On their clearance page, GeekBuying has that great function of being able to sort prices and see what’s for sale with a specific price range. We don’t know about you, but this is a great feature that we specifically like about this site.

Usually, when we’re looking for something, we have a specific budget, and a specific amount that we can spend. Using this function can help us weed out those products that we can’t really purchase, due to how much they would cost.

Another nice thing about this is that you can find different products of similar value. That way, if you have an idea of what you want to purchase, but are looking for alternative prices, then you can use this function to do just that.

Discounts Galore!

The Many Discounts

If you’re looking for a place where you can find discounts, then GeekBuying is the place to go. Not everything is going to heavily discounted, but many things are. The majority of products that we looked at were over 30%.
There were things discounted up towards 60%-70%, with only a few things discounted as low as 20%. Our guess is that the average discount is between 30% to 40%.

And the discounts aren’t for a specific brand or product. They are for nearly every category on their shop. Whether you were looking for a discount in their Home and Garden section, or looking for those low prices in their fashion section, you will definitely be able to find a discount.

Social Media And Reviews

Social Media Buttons

When looking at a site to make sure it’s not a scam, you must always check anything and everything. And one of the many things we check is a company’s social media accounts, and any reviews that we can find about them.

Many times, scammers will pretend to have social media buttons on their site, but not actually link to anything. Thankfully, GeekBuying is not like that.

GeekBuying's Instagram Account

As you can see from the above screenshot, we can clearly see that GeekBuying is on Instagram. Not only that, but they have quite a large following as well. This helps show their authenticity and their legitimacy.

And what adds even more authority to them being legit is that on all their social media accounts, they are actively posting things, showing that they are still around, and still there to help people.

GeekBuying's Twitter Account

Now, while they are actively promoting on social media, keeping things up-to-date, and showing their authenticity, what do other people have to say about them? Are there reviews out there by other people, on how good or bad GeekBuying really is?

Actually there are. The place we’ll be looking at specifically is a place called ResellerRatings.

GeekBuying Reviews

ResellerRatings gives GeekBuying a 9.31 rating out of 10. With over 12K of reviews, and the majority of them 5 stars, there really isn’t much that people don’t like about GeekBuying.

Not only that, but with these types of review places, there is a feature that allows the business to reply back to people or reviews that put them in a negative light. And GeekBuying utilizes this feature to the best of its ability.

Replying back 39% of the time

Looking over the past few months, you can see that they try their best to answer anyone’s complaints or issues. And most of those lower reviews are people who do say that everything did turn out okay for them in the end.
So overall, GeekBuying is definitely not trying to intentionally scam people out of products or money. And they are definitely not doing a bad job at what they’re doing, since there are thousands of reviews noting that they were satisfied with what they ordered.

Where is GeekBuying Located?

GeekBuying is a store that resells other brand’s products, so they aren’t exactly located in one location. They have warehouses all over the world, in Spain, America, Italy, Germany, and Poland. Their main warehouses are in Hong Kong and China, where they can ship internationally, if need be.

GeekBuying is owned and operated by HONGKONG GEEKBUY INTERNATIONAL E-COMMERCE LIMITED. Now, nothing is wrong with this company. There is just one thing that we do want to point out, so as not to leave people in the dark.

If you haven’t noticed yet, GeekBuying is mainly located in Hong Kong and China, and their products are mainly manufactured in China.

Again, nothing is wrong with this. But because of this, there might be brands that were manufactured cheaply, or products that take a while to get to you.
Most of the reviews didn’t suggest this, but with products from China, there is always a possibility of getting something this isn’t completely up to the standards of quality that most people like.

Is GeekBuying A Scam?

GeekBuying is definitely no scam. We would wholeheartedly purchase from them in a heartbeat. They are who they claim to be. No more, no less.

They have a ton of positive reviews for their site. They’ve been around for a long while, and they definitely aren’t going anywhere any time soon.
They have discounts for every category they put on their website, as well as the ability to sell products at a wholesale price. They even have student discounts for those still in school!

So, all in all, GeekBuying is a great place to go and find a product that you’ve been wanting for a cheaper price. We would recommend them  to anyone and everyone!

Check out GeekBuying today!

Is TextNow A Scam? A Review of TextNow And What They Offer!

Is TextNow A Scam? A Review of TextNow And What They Offer!

TextNow has been around for a while now, and offers a vast display of plans prices and phone services. They come highly recommended from the communities that I hang out from, and so, because of that, I decided to see what exactly they had to offer.

Is TextNow a scam? That’s the very question that we’ll get into as I dive into their product, website, and social media accounts. So come along for the ride, and learn with me as we check out TextNow together!

What Is TextNow?

Text Now Main Page

TextNow is as its name implies. Simply put, it’s a place where you can text and call people, all for free (if you so want to).

When you create an account with TextNow, they give you a phone number that you can text and call from. And the initial account is all free. No credit card, no upsells. Just give them an email address, and you should be good to go.

TextNow operates with numbers that run over VOIP. Basically, what that means is that instead of going through a typical phone service provider, like AT&T or Verizon, the phone request is actually going over your internet connection, and making the call/text. So you don’t need to purchase a plan for the phone to work.

Of course, there are downsides to this method, but when you’re looking for something for free, the downsides seem trivial enough.

Additionally, TextNow does have alternative paid plans, in the case that you want to have certain features, and more abilities with your calling.

TextNow Phone Plans

What About Their Social Media Accounts?

Anyone who is a frequent at We Get Scammed For You knows that we like to take a look at companies social media, and get a better glimpse of who they are, and how authentic they really look.

TextNow has a fairly large following on social media, as well as regular postings and updates, which is a good sign that they aren’t a scam.

Twitter and TextNow

As you can see from the screenshot above, TextNow seems to be fairly active on Twitter, with currently over 40K followers, as well as posting rather frequently (the last tweet was a day ago).

Their Facebook page also shows some similar results:

Textnow and Facebook

Going to Facebook though, does reveal something rather interesting. TextNow has a rating of 3.9 out of 5.0 stars. Why is this exactly?

The Reviews For TextNow

SiteJabber is a popular place for people leave reviews of companies and products. It’s a place for people to, well, jabber on about sites that they like or dislike. According to the reviews left within the site, it seems many people didn’t like it:

SiteJabber's Reviews

As you can see from the above screenshot, SiteJabber has TextNow with a 1.5 star rating. Why were they given such a low review?

Many of the reviews talked about how they used the free account, but when they purchased a paid plan, what they received wasn’t quite what they expected. Some complained about terrible customer service, others said ads were still around, and still others said other things didn’t work right.

According to the reviews, TextNow doesn’t seem like a useful program to use. But, just because reviews can be negative, doesn’t mean that the product is exactly as negative as it seems.

Because of this, I decided to sign up and see just how TextNow worked, and whether there were issues, or if people were just give a good program a bad review.

Personally Reviewing TextNow

Being one who is always interested in free things, and being able to use them, I had signed up for TextNow a while back, and used it on and off.

I was looking for something that I could use to link random things online with a phone, as well as pass any user verification that came my way.

Did it work the way I wanted it to?

Not exactly. There were many great things that I were able to use with it – like, for example, talking with a scammer who was trying to sell dogs to people. They didn’t quite realize that I would do my homework when they gave me their address:

Baiting A Scammer

It was actually a pretty fun conversation, and I was able to get to the bottom of who the scammer really was, and how he (or they) were operating.

And while TextNow did work every time I contacted someone with it, it didn’t quite work when I needed someone to contact me.

I had to verify something via a Google SMS text message, and even though I gave the right phone number, I never got the text. My guess is that it has something to do with Google, but I wasn’t able to test it too thoroughly.

I realize that TextNow may have some bugs, or some errors that doesn’t make it work properly. But, personally, for me, that doesn’t mean I should give it as low of a rating as I could.

Of course, if I were paying for TextNow, and didn’t get what I wanted, that would be an entirely different matter. But with TextNow being free (at least with what I’m using), and it doing what I wanted it to (for the most part), I would give TextNow a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

I’m not going to lie, TextNow doesn’t work all the time. But honestly, it worked most of the time, and did what I was wanting it to do. And because of that, I’ll give it 4 stars.

Is TextNow A Scam?

texting from a phone

TextNow is definitely no scam. In fact, it’s (so far) the best free texting platform I have yet to find online. If comes with your own number, which is great, since other sites make multiple people use the same number. Additionally, it comes with an app that you can download, and use directly on the particular device that you are using.

I would highly recommend anyone interested in TextNow to use it. And you definitely can’t go wrong when it’s free! Check out TextNow today, and start chatting away!

Month 4 Progress Report: Is Affiliate Marketing For 2019? Our Official Progress Report Of Successful Blogging!

Month 4 Progress Report: Is Affiliate Marketing For 2019? Our Official Progress Report Of Successful Blogging!

Upwards for success

As we have said several times before, we have only been learning how to make money blogging for a year now. This site specifically, We Get Scammed For You, hasn’t been around for more than 4 months, and already we’ve seen quite a bit of success.

Many people ask the question, Is affiliate marketing for 2019? Or is it no longer a way to make money online? We’re here to tell you the straight facts, and not beat around the bush with an answer.
Of course you can make money with Affiliate marketing, and it is still relevant for today’s day and age. We would even argue that it is more relevant than previous years!

As you continue to read this article, we’ll give you several reason why we still believe affiliate marketing is for 2019, as well as our success with our own website, We Get Scammed For You.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing, at its very core, is just that you simply promote things that you enjoy, and making money from those promotions. That’s literally what it is, and how easy it can be.

Most people do this through the form of a website or blog, while others will do video marketing (known as vlogging), or even in the form of podcasting.

Basically, there are programs out there where, if you sign up and get accepted, you can promote things in that certain program, and receive a commission (usually between 3-10%) if someone bought something through what you promoted.

For example, if you were into Legos, and wanted to share you enthusiasm with others, you could sign up to their program (called an affiliate program), and promote all things Lego.

And here’s the great thing. You don’t need a brick and mortar shop, nor do you have to buy a bunch of products, and then sell them. The program you are a part of will take care of all that!

On top of that, because you are online, you have nearly the whole world as possibly being customers, and people who will go through your links to purchase stuff! And those getting onto the internet is growing more and more each day!

So is affiliate marketing for 2019? Absolutely!

There are more people online than there have been in the history of the internet, with millions of new people getting online every year. And you could just be the next person to tap into all those new customers, and make money from them.

We’ve Been Successful, And Here’s The Proof!

We’re not going to claim that making money online is easy – in fact, with this site, we haven’t made much money. But that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been successful, nor that we won’t be in the future.

We’re quite certain that within a few months we’ll be making more money than we’ve imagined. Affiliate marketing takes time, determination, and ultimately, the energy to see it through.

So, just how successful have we been with affiliate marketing?

Ranking Within Google Search Results

What’s great about affiliate marketing is that you can do nearly everything for free, and that includes getting people to your site.
You don’t need to pay people to come to your site, or place ads all over the internet in the hopes to get people to click onto your blog. There are much cheaper ways than that.

Did you know that people search for phrases and keywords on search engines (like Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo)? And if you rank within in the first page of the search results, you’ll be able to get people to come directly to your site!

Below is a screenshot of one of the many examples of our success with ranking within Google:

Ranking On Page 1 Of Google

In a recent article that we published (just yesterday), we came to find that we were on the first page of Google for that article. Not only that, but we were in the first position as well!

You’ll notice that Google actually ranked us in position one within 4 minutes of publishing our article. Now, granted, it took some time for us to be liked by Google, and it doesn’t happen with all our articles, but it definitely is a success for most people.

Receiving Traffic From Google Search Results

About a month ago, we seemed to have an explosion of traffic to our site from people searching on Google:

Traffic To Our Site For The Year

As you can see from the graph above, our site seems to be getting over 100 people per day, just from Google search results. And this is only month 4 of our existence! Give us another 4 months and our hope is to be over 500 people daily, from search results alone.

Now, being a successful affiliate marketer, we don’t only rely on Google to get traffic to our site. There are many other ways.

Success With Other Traffic Sources

Unqiue Pageviews For The Year

As you can see above, that is all the traffic that we’ve had for this currently year of 2019! We’re currently averaging around 400+ page views per day, and can’t wait to see it go up!

Our traffic is coming from all over the place, like Twitter, YouTube, Quora, and even other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo.

Speaking of Quora, we have had quite a bit of success from getting traffic from them to your site. We were so successful, that we actually were named on of the most viewed writers for the subject of fraud!Success WIth Quora

Is Affiliate Marketing Still Successful?

Hopefully by now, you’re not thinking that affiliate marketing isn’t successful, and that you can actually do quite a bit within a relatively short amount of time.

Have we been successful with making money? Of course not, but then again, it’s only been 4 months. Ask us that in another 4, and we’re certain we’ll have a much more positive answer. Ask us in another 12 months, and our hope is that this site will be more successful than we can image.

Our success doesn’t end here. We will keep writing and achieving great things with our site, and hope that you’ll stick around with us to watch it bloom.

Not only that, but our success doesn’t end with ourselves. We’re not here to keep all of our secrets to ourselves, nor take all of the success.

Turning Our Success Into Your Success!

Go for success!

Are you interested in trying affiliate marketing, but are unsure how to go about it? Or do you just need a mentor to help you push through those tough months where it doesn’t seem like anything is working?

We would love to help you! Honestly, we would!

We’re part of a program called Wealthy Affiliate, (check out our review of them here), where we help anyone willing to put in the time and work to make things happen. If that’s you, then don’t hesitate to join them.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with free training, free websites, and free help, all so that you can gain success with affiliate marketing. We’ve been using them for over a year now, and haven’t looked back since (okay, well, there were a few days where we wondered if we were going to come out on top…)

Sign up for free immediately, and let us help you succeed with affiliate marketing today!

Want To Work From Home? Check Out Our Work From Home Websites List

Want To Work From Home? Check Out Our Work From Home Websites List

We always love taking a look at websites. And we get an even bigger kick looking into work at home websites. Websites that claim you can make money, if you follow their program, or use their site.

Below is the small start of a list of websites that would be great to make money from. Unfortunately, our list of work from home scam websites is way larger, but that is because we come across more scam websites than legit ones.

Note: You’ll notice our list is really small. If you have a work from home site that you’re not sure about, and want us to take a look at it, feel free to let us know about it through our contact form, or by leaving a comment below. We’re always excited to take a look at websites for our audience!

Legit Work From Home Websites Or Programs!

Wealthy AffiliateA site that helps you make money with Affiliate marketing. Check out some success stories!
SwagbucksA site that gives you surveys to do, games to play, and movies to watch, all for you to make money from doing!
UserTestingA site that pays you to make a video and/or audio of you reviewing other websites!
GuruA site that allows you to freelance your abilities, and bid on other people’s projects!
FreelancerA site that allows you to freelance your abilities, and bid on other people’s projects!
UpworkA site that allows you to freelance your abilities, and bid on other people’s projects!
Human Proof Designsa site that you can purchase pre-made niche sites, that will make you money, provided you put in some work!
Amazon AssociatesAn affiliate program that can make you money while you promote the things that you love!
VIPKidsA site that pays you to teach English to Chinese kids!
Freebitco.inNot a work-at-home site per se, but definitely a site that can make you money by bitcoins. Free to sign up!
An (Un)Official List Of Scam Websites – Sites that Are Probably Not Worth Your Time

An (Un)Official List Of Scam Websites – Sites that Are Probably Not Worth Your Time

Due to the recent influx of traffic we have received, we’ve been taking a look at a lot of scam websites. It’s our guess that we take a look at anywhere from 20-50 sites a week.

Because of this, we come into contact with a lot of scam websites – nearly 90% of the ones we look into are fraudulent sites. Due to this, we have started this list to help others make sure they don’t get scammed from them as well.

Looking for legit work at home jobs? Check out our list here! Alternatively, you can check out a list of making money online scam sites!

Below are three categories.

  1. Scam Websites
  2. Possible Fraudulent Websites
  3. Sites customers claim they have gotten scammed from

The sites listed below the first category are ones that we found out to be scams because of something on the websites. Maybe it was an email that linked them to another fraudulent website. Maybe it was other people’s reviews of the site, or that the site was impersonating another website.

The second category are sites that we couldn’t verify that were scams, but many indications appeared that they were scams. It might have been errors on the site itself, highly sketchy offers, or billing information discrepancies.

The third category are sites that people have told us that they got scammed from. We can neither verify these claims, but they shouldn’t be completely discounted. Most of the sites that had claims they were scams, though, did have something about them that made them appear to not be legitimate sites.


Our video course on how to detect an online scam is now live! Learn how you can get it for 50% off!

If you would like to add to this list, feel free to leave a comment below, or tell us through our contact form, and we’ll be more than happy to update this list. Additionally, if you are the owner of one of these websites, and feel that we made an error, feel free to let us know, and we’ll help resolve the matter.

1. Scam Websites

Tired Of Getting Scammed?

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2. Possible Fraudulent Websites

3. Sites customers claim they have gotten scammed from

Don’t Get Scammed Again!

Our video course on how to detect an online scam is now live! Learn more about how you can get it for 50% off!

Is We Get Scammed For You Legit? Or Is This Site A Scam? Our Official Review!

Is We Get Scammed For You Legit? Or Is This Site A Scam? Our Official Review!

Our site is of course not a scam, but we thought it would be fun to take an in depth look into our site, and see how much it compares to our standards.

Is We Get Scammed For You a legit site? Or are we just trying to scam people out of their money by getting scammed for other people? Guess you’ll just need to keep reading to find out!


Product: We Get Scammed For You (WGSFY)

Creator(s): Andy Calvin, and his fellow team members

Description:A site that is dedicated to helping people not get scammed – as the motto states, we get scammed for you, so that you don’t have to.

Price: Free

Recommended? Of course! (It would be pretty strange if we didn’t recommend our own site.)

Rating: 10 out of 10 (I mean, we would rate it higher, but that might show some bias….)

WGSFY Front Page

WGSFY (We Get Scammed For You) was started by a guy named Andy Calvin (that’s me!). According to the website, he started this site because he wanted “to help people not get into the same situations that [he’s] been put into. More specifically, [he doesn’t] want others to get scammed.”

That’s great in theory, but does it really prove anything? Not really. Unless, of course, you know the person personally (I’ll tell you, getting stuck with him can be a pretty arduous ordeal at times).

Let’s take a look at the man behind this website, and see what we really can uncover.

Who Is This Andy Calvin?

A Photo Of Andy Calvin

I’ll tell you, from the inside scoop I have, they actually have to take nearly a dozen photos, just to get the image they currently have on the website. Personally, it doesn’t really look that great. But, hey, I’m not the photographer, so I just (try to) smile and say it looks great.

Anyway, there doesn’t seem to be much about Andy Calvin online. Doing a quick image search with this image didn’t reveal anything substantial. But with a few targeted searches, I did find myself several other places.

Andy Calvin On Quora

As you can see from the above image, it appears that I am on Quora. Quora is a popular place where one can can ask questions, and others can answer them.

Going to Quora, I found that I’ve been on the site for a few months, helping answer people’s questions.

Andy Calvin On Quora

Same picture too (it looks like I’m tired or something). It also appears that I’m pretty active on Quora as well, since the last answer I gave seemed to be two days since writing this.

It took a little more digging (okay, not really, but bear with me), but I was also able to find myself on Twitter. And that led to some surprising questions:

WGSFY On Twitter

You’ll notice above that WGSFY has posted over 25 tweets, but doesn’t have any followers (!?). Looking at that, makes WGSFY appear to be more scam-looking (I know, I look scammy, don’t I?) Adding that to a mental note (in order to ask myself that later on), I noted that it appears that WGSFY also has a YouTube channel as well:

WGSFY On YouTube

On YouTube (as we saw also on Twitter), it appears that WGSFY does post regularly and frequently, which is a good sign that they are at least active.

Additionally, they do have a few more subscribers on YouTube than Twitter, but even still, four is pretty low.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much that I was able to dig up upon myself from these social media accounts. I mean, I could start waxing poetically on how I interesting I was, but I doubt that’s what you want to hear. (His face is handsome, regal, majestic, lovable… a cuddly face).

So I guess I’ll just need to take a look at WGSFY and see if I can dig up anything else on, well, myself!

What Does The Site Reveal?

WGSFY seems to have written extensively about getting scammed. It seems to have several articles on how to not get scammed from emails and how to make sure something is legit.

The site does seem to expose a broad number of scam sites. Sites range from ones that sell shoes to products that claim you can get viral traffic from YouTube.

The site seems to deal primarily with sites that make money, and also promotes heavily a website called Wealthy Affiliate. Taking a quick look at it, I came to find, once again, myself!

Myself on Wealthy Affiliate

Doing another quick search on Wealthy Affiliate, I came to find that I’ve been on the site for a year or so now.

Andy-Calvin On Wealthy Affiliate

Hmm, a genius who’s behind the times. That sounds like me…

Going back to the WGSFY website, I continued to search for any clue that would help lead me to the man who was behind the website. (I guess I’m looking for a way to find myself. Most people align that with something similar to a spiritual experience. I doubt looking within myself will help here.)

What I was able to find was only some contact form, where I could contact them, and ask questions. And so I did!

My Contact Experience

I sent myself a note, with a couple of questions, to see if he (or I, in this case) would answer them. I’ve found that many scammers won’t usually answer questions about themselves or their sites.

Contacting myself

(Interestingly enough, it is at this moment that I find out that my email isn’t currently working. Grr. Thankfully, it was an easy fix, and nothing was lost.)

I had to wait for a while to get a response, because, well, let’s just say that the guy behind the website had to get support to fix his email, as well as reply. But that’s pretty typical when I’m dealing with myself.

Hey Cyrus,

I don’t mind answering your questions.

Is your name really Andy Calvin?

Yes and no. It is my first and middle name. My team and I were actually collaborating on who should be the face, and what name we should go by, and so we decided to go with my face, and my name. 

The reason I don’t add my last name/go by Andy Calvin is because I deal with scams and scammers. There have been many instances where scammers try to get back at those exposing scams, and so I try to protect my identity as much as I can. Our team realizes that this makes us less legit looking, but, well, I guess you can’t please everyone.

Why don’t you have a lot of followers on social media (you don’t have any on Twitter…)?

Yeah, I don’t know that reason personally. I have a team-member (my brother) who deals primarily with those things. I think it’s just more a matter of getting our name out there, and having people get to know us. We’ve only been around for a few months, so I don’t expect a lot of followers yet.

Also, we just got on Twitter a week or two ago (I think). So I’m not really surprised that we don’t have any followers. Plus, we’re still trying to get the hang of social media (I know, I know, us youngsters having to get the hang of social media…)

Do you have an email subscription that I can subscribe to, so that I can get daily deals?

We don’t usually do daily deals (I’m not exactly sure why you, or then again, I wrote that…). I actually have been wanting to get subscriber’s list going, but have been extremely busy. The screenshot below is one example of my busy-ness (all those emails are from people who want me to check out certain websites for them…)

So as of right now, we don’t have one, but stay tuned, as we’ll hopefully integrate that into our website soon.

If you could prove yourself in one way only, how would you prove to everyone that you’re not a scam?

Good question. I think I would prove myself by my website. I’m not currently selling anything – in fact, I take a look at websites for free! So, I would turn the question around and ask, how would I be scamming anyone?

Hope I answered your questions good enough. Note, as you well know, there will be an article out soon about whether We Get Scammed is really a scam!

Andy, owner of We Get Scammed For You

(As you can see, I forgot to proof-read that last sentence… It should be We Get Scammed For You. Oh well. No one is perfect).

That’s definitely a lot of websites that I, er, Andy takes a look at. I can sort of see why he is busy.

The email I received does have a rather good point. WGSFY (as of writing this article) doesn’t really have anything they are selling. Yeah, they are promoting certain programs, but if they were going to promote scams, people would find out about it soon enough.

Is We Get Scammed For You A Scam?

Well, according to us, and according to what I was able to find, I would call this site a legit one. I seemed to reply to my email fairly quickly, and the site is actively on social media (though we still have yet to get more followers).

Additionally, WGSFY isn’t selling anything, so even if we were a scam, we’re doing a rather poor job at it.

Have a different opinion, or want to add your say about our site? Feel free to comment below and give us your thoughts on whether we are a scam!

Is Swagbucks A Scam? Or Is It A Site That Can Make You Money?

Is Swagbucks A Scam? Or Is It A Site That Can Make You Money?

Swagbucks is a site that most know about – and those who don’t will be informed by the end of this article. It’s a site that claims you can make money by doing surveys, filling out forms, and even watching movies.

Is this all true? Is Swagbucks a scam, or can you really make money with them? Are they just claiming a bunch of lies, or do they really have a way that you will make some extra cash? All this and more is what we’ll be answering in the article below.


Product: Swagbucks (SB)

Creator(s): Prodege LLC

Description: A site that allows you to do things online, like watching movies, buying things, or even surveys, in exchange for them giving you money.

Price: Free (with a potential $10 signing up bonus!)

Recommended? Yes

Rating: 10 out of 10

SB Frontpage

Swagbucks has been around for a number of years now, helping people with make money online through quick and easy deals.

Swagbucks works like this: You sign up to their site, and you’ll be given access to surveys you can take, movie clips you can watch, and a host of other deals. After you do one of those things, you’ll be given a number of SB coins. One SB coin is equal to 1 USD cent.

To make things a little easier to understand, if you want to make $10, you’ll need to make around 1000 SB coins. $1 dollar is, you guessed it, 100 SB coins.

To cash out, you can either get paid through PayPal, or through a number of different gift cards you can choose from. Or if you are feeling generous, you can also give away the money that you’ve made, and Swagbucks will give it away to one of the various charities you designate.

I could go on, and discuss many more things, but before I do, let’s take a more in depth look into Swagbucks, to see exactly who they are, and if they really are legit.

Who Owns SwagBucks?

Parent Company Prodege

Prodege is the parent company of Swagbucks. And they not only own Swagbucks, but also ShopAtHome and MyPoints, two other companies.

Since this review is specifically about Swagbucks, I won’t go too much into detail about Prodege, or their respective companies. What I will say is that from the quick glance that I gave them, they appear to be legit.

They have a careers and Newsroom page, which leads credence to their site, as well as social media followings on several platforms.

And while this is all good for Prodege, this doesn’t really mean much for Swagbucks. Just because a parent company looks legit doesn’t overly mean that the company itself is.

So, what exactly do we learn from Swagbucks and their followings?

Swagbucks Followers On Social Media

Swagbucks is on several social media platforms – Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All show fairly large followings, as well as recent updates and activity.

On Facebook, you’ll notice that there is a high number of likes to their page, and as nearly as many followers to boot:

SB Likes on Facebook

I don’t know about you, but it’s not easy generating 2 million likes on Facebook. Of course that doesn’t show Swagbucks’ authenticity, but it definitely starts turning the scale towards Swagbucks legitimacy.

On Twitter, they don’t have as nearly as many likes or followers, but you do see that they are regularly posting onto their social media accounts:

As you can see from the screenshot above, they recently tweeted something about an hour as of writing this. That also helps tip the scales ever closer to having Swagbucks appear not to be a scam.

And once again, while this is all helpful to some of you, I’m sure most of you are wondering about the actual site – how does Swagbucks itself stand up to being a scam, and its authenticity?

Swagbucks Site – Is It Legit?

SB's Signup Form

The very first thing that is noticed when going to Swagbucks is that they have a $10 bonus if you sign up. That looks great, but you don’t really know what this means, until you read the fine print that tells you exactly what they mean:

SB's Fine print

For those who can’t make out what the above image says, it basically tells you that you’ll receive $10 if you purchase $25 or more dollars worth of stuff through their store within 30 days of signing up.

Now, you may be thinking that this is pretty stupid. You’re going to pay something to get even less money?

You have to remember that Swagbucks is all about you making money. So, in reality, the fine print is just saying that if you can make $25+ within 30 days, and spend it through Swagbucks’ shop, then SB will give you $10 back for you to do what you want with.

That doesn’t sound too bad.

So, without further ado, I decided to sign up and see what exactly was offered to me.

The Deals That You Can Do, Oh Boy!

My SB Dashboard

As you can see from the screenshot above, I’ve made about 64 SB, or money terms. 64 cents. And I did this all in less than 10 minutes while I was fiddling around with the site (I created an account several weeks ago).

You’ll also notice above that one of the ways you can earn money is through Swagbucks’ surveys. Some are 5 minutes long, and others are an hour long.

earn money playing games

You don’t like doing surveys? Then why not play games for money? As you scroll through the various things you can play, you’ll notice that some of them will give you money if you pay money. What does that exactly mean?

As you may or may not know, many games will offer you to level up, or buy extra features for those certain games you like. Maybe you want that cool-looking battle axe, or the extra speed power. Whatever it is, if you spend money regularly, Swagbucks can help you keep some of it.

Swagbucks is actually great at helping you save money. They have a whole section on helping you shop for things, all the while you’re saving money.

Earn Cash Back

If you frequently use popular sites like Amazon, Walmart, or even Ebay or Target, you can earn cash back when you buy something. You can save up to 12% for some sites.

I did a few deals to check out whether they worked or not, and they seem legit. At least I got paid for the various things I did.

So Swagbucks is great for those who are trying to make money, as well as those who make frequent purchases to popular stores or games.

The Many Ways You Can Get Paid

After you make money, you’re able to cash out. And you have a host of options when you choose to cash out. There are dozens of gift cards that you can choose from, ranging from Amazon and PayPal, to J.C. Penny and Old Navy.

Cashing out with gift cards

Not only can you get paid out through gift cards, but you can also pay out through the form of charity. Under their Do Good tab, you’ll find many charitable organizations that you’ll be able to give money to, including the Red Cross, Wounded Warrior Project, and Direct Relief.

Charities You Can Donate To

Is Swagbucks A Scam?

With over millions of followers and millions of likes, and with Swagbucks being known to nearly anyone interested in making money online, I would call Swagbucks as legit as it can be. I was able to make money, and I know plenty of others who were able to as well.

330+ million paid out

Not only that, but Swagbucks itself tells you how much it has paid to its members over the years.

Now, while Swagbucks is definitely no scam, I wouldn’t call them a place that you can find a full-time job. If you play your cards right, you should be able to pull $2-6 dollars an hour from this. But that’s if you know what you’re doing.

If you’re interested in finding how to make money online full-time, then there are alternatives that I have written about – you can check them out here and here.

But overall, Swagbucks is a great place to find deals to earn you money, whether you do those deals for free or spend a little. I would highly recommend Swagbucks to anyone interested in finding a legit place to work online.

Check out Swagbucks today!

Is Patreon A Scam? And Can You Make Money With It?

Is Patreon A Scam? And Can You Make Money With It?

Patreon is a site that was started several years ago that helps creators raise support to do the things that they love to do. For example, if you are an artist, and want to find supporters to help you make a full-time career out of artistry, then you could set up a Patreon account.

In this article, we’ll be looking the question, is Patreon a scam? We’ll also look at how specifically most people make money with it.


Product: Patreon

Creator(s): Jack Conte and Sam Yam

Description: A site you can use to raise support for those who are creating things – people give you money, and you give them something in return.

Price: Free!

Recommended? Yes, depending on who you are, and what you do!

Rating: 10 out of 10

Patreon Front Page

Back in 2013, there was this guy named Jack Conte. Doing stuff on YouTube, specifically musical stuff, he noticed that while he got a lot of views for his music, he never quite got a lot of money from it.

Because of this, he started thinking about how to raise more money to support him as he continued making music videos. Out of this, came the idea of Patreon.

Jack took his idea to his roommate and friend, Sam Yam, and together they built Patreon to what it is now.

What Exactly Is Patreon

Patreon works like this: You set up a page where you’ll give your supporters something, called benefits, if they give a certain amount of money, which they term as a tier.

For example, if you’re making videos, one of your benefits could be giving people all the uncut versions of your videos, or a weekly behind-the-scenes view of what goes on. You could put this benefit under a tier, and if they paid into that tier, they would receive the benefits of that tier.

Example Of Tiers

Patreon was specifically set up for creators – ones who could share their work for the support they need. And you don’t just have to be a video creator to use Patreon. You can be a writer, blogger, coder, podcaster, etc, to be able to effectively use Patreon.

Patreon works differently than other support programs, as most others don’t have a way that you can give something to those who support you.

For example, if you were to raise support through a PayPal donation, or through the process of a GoFundMe account, you don’t really give anything to those who support you.

Patreon, on the flip side, offers you a way to receive support from others, but offers an incentive to be a supporter as well. With the incentives, those benefits, you’ll have more people becoming your partner, especially if your incentives are something your supporters and followers want.

What’s the Cost?

Patreon is completely free to use! You don’t need to pay for anything to use their platform. All you need, as said above, is to be a creator and willing to give you stuff away in exchange for support.

Having said that, Patreon does take a certain amount of money from what you make, so that they can keep Patreon running, as well as deal with all those unfortunate problems when money is passing from one person to another.

Patreon Fees and Transactions

As you can see from the screenshot above, you’ll be able to keep 90% of what people pay to support you. They personally keep 5% for themselves, and then use the other 5% for any of those transaction fees that come up.

Keeping 90% is actually pretty good for a support campaign. Other sites, like YouTube and Twitch ( a popular streaming website) keep much more than 5% when you receive support from those respective companies’. So Patreon does allow you to keep the most money for your troubles.

Help and Support

Patreon doesn’t just give you a page for you to set up, and then leave you to it. They are just as supportive as your most loyal fans.

When you go to set up a page, Patreon will help show you what works best, and what doesn’t work. Giving you tips and tricks along the way, Patreon really does want to see you succeed within finding ways for people to support you.

They even have a page, that is strictly for helping out people using patreon, known as Patreon U.

Patreon U

Within the page, you’ll find all kinds of hints as to how to build a successful Patreon page, as well as getting to see a glimpse of pages from others who use Patreon (and are making a lot from it).

Within Patreon U, they’ll walk you through six different steps:

  1. Get To Know Patreon
  2. Start Building Your Patreon Page
  3. Launch Your Patreon Page
  4. Grow Your Patreon Membership Business
  5. Live The Life Of A Creator
  6. Get More Help

If you are serious about Patreon and finding support there, then I would highly recommend that you check out Patreon U.

Is Patreon A Scam?

Patreon can all appear good on paper, and seem like a legit company. But sometimes, looks can be deceiving. So is Patreon legit, or do they just have the appearance of looking legit?

SSL and Copyright Notices

When going to their website, you’ll find that they have their own SSL and encryption. What this means is that when you use their website, all your data that you send to them, as well as anything they send to you, will all be encrypted. This is helpful as then hackers can’t easily get their hands on that info.

SSL Encrypted

Also, if you scroll down to the bottom of their site, you’ll find that they have a copyright notice of 2019. You might not believe it, but I’ve found people with sites that have a copyright notice of 2010, while it is the year 2019!

2019 copyright noticeAre things being updated regularly?

Another way to check if something is a scam, or if it is no longer being properly supported, is to look at the companies’ blog, and social media accounts.

Basically, if they have those things, but if they don’t seem to be publishing new content regularly, or if they seem to not be answering questions, then there could be a good chance that the site is no longer a legit site.

Quite the opposite of the above, Patreon seems to be publishing new content daily, as well as keeping everything up-to-date, and well maintained.

Currently, Patreon is on three different social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All three of them show that Patreon is being updated regularly.

As you can see from the screenshot below, Patreon’s Facebook last post was roughly 2 hours since writing this:

Patreon's latest Facebook post

Patreon’s blog, on their own website, seems to be updated regularly as well.

Patreon's Blog Roll

As you can see from the image above, the latest post was less than a week ago. With this, and their social being actively updated, you can clearly tell that the people behind Patreon want to keep things well-maintained.

What about all the legality pages?

Often-times, scammers will create pages, like terms of use, or a privacy policy, and add in extra clauses where they say that they’ll take as much of your info, and use it for their owns means.

But Patreon isn’t like that. In fact, they go above and beyond to help try to not make those pages boring.

Terms Of Use page

Patreon tries to help keep these legal pages fairly simple and even entertaining. I actually enjoyed reading through their Terms Of Use page, and understood the majority of it.

Also, as you read them, you’ll find that they aren’t hiding anything, and are being as transparent as possible. They tell you clearly how you can use their site, as well as what data they collect and keep.

Is Patreon Recommended?

Patreon is recommended if you are a creator who is looking for a way to have people support you. But if you’re just a normal person, looking for a way to make money, then Patreon probably isn’t for you.

Here at We Get Scammed For You, we took the liberty of setting up a Patreon page, and would recommend it to those who are interested in raising your own support.

Patreon Page

As you can see from the photo above, our page is pretty basic, and doesn’t have any supporters yet, though we haven’t quite actively promoted it.

But overall, if you have a passion about something, and are interested in creating things for your loyal fans, then we would highly recommend that you check out Patreon!