Category: Watching Out For Scams Review: Top 3 Reasons Why Bodnc is a scam! Review: Top 3 Reasons Why Bodnc is a scam!

You’re probably wondering why we think Bodnc is indeed a scam, right? Maybe you liked the Adidas shoes they had, or the Nike products they were showing off. Or maybe, you’re just a curious person who likes to know about scams.

Whatever the case, we’re here to enlighten you on just why we believe is indeed a scam. And we’ll do it through three simple reasons. Hopefully, by the end of this article, these reasons will stick with you, and you’ll be able to use them if you ever come across another fraudulent website!

Reason #1: Impersonation Of Nike's main pageAs you can see from the above screenshot, they seem to be selling Nike shoes, as well as a host of other things. Nothing is wrong with selling popular brands of footwear. In fact, if you can do it legally, then by all means, go ahead and sell it.

The thing here though is that they are using Nike’s copyright logo, and hosting it as their own. While Bodnc may not outright say it, they are giving the appearance as though they are Nike.

Using someone else’s logos and images, ones that they’ve copyrighted, is downright illegal and wrong. It not only hurts you personally, but also the person that you are pretending to be by taking away sales from them, and possibly tarnishing their good name.

On top of this, they don’t appear to have their site updated. They appear to be running a copyright notice of 2017 (which we’ll learn later actually appears somewhere else…).

copyright noticeReason #2: Located With Sainsbury’s Local

Contact Info For Bodnc.comAs you can see from the above screenshot, does give you some contact information, in the case you need to, well, get in contact with them. However, when we take a look at where they claim to be, we find that someone else has claimed that place also.

According to Google, Sainsbury’s Local is also located at 196 High St, Teddington, TW11 8HU, UK. And they seem to have been there longer (and with more reviews too):

Sainsbury's LocalOf course, one could argue that Sainsbury’s Local and are somehow related. Although when you take a closer look at what Sainsbury’s Local is, it’s not likely to be true (Sainsbury’s Local does sell fruit and veggies after all…).
Scammers will often put in a fake address on their website, so that they appear to be authentic. And this is just another ploy by the people behind to get you to fall for their scamming ways.

Also, when we searched for’s phone number, we came to find’s contact info through Google, and we found some more information about them:

Email address associated with bodnc.comAs you can see above, there is an email address associated with – service03(@) (they have nothing to do with the real Microsoft company).

We’ve actually seen that email address before, on other sites we’ve taken a look at. Those sites were scam websites. Which leads us to our third reason for why we know this site is a fraudulent one.

Reason #3: Connected With TCTRSP

About several weeks ago, we wrote an article detailing why we thought a site called was a scam. You can check it out here. In fact, we would recommend that you check the article out, because you’ll find some things very interesting.

For example, has the same exact location on their contact information as They also have the same copyright notice, and copyright image/logo. Fortunately, it appears that has been taken offline.

But is there a way that we can connect with Actually, there is.

We received an email from after we were able to get into our account, and needed to reset our password. When we received it, we found that at the end, they signed it as Tctrsp:

tctrsp in the email we receivedNow, the above screenshot doesn’t mean much. For all we know, Tctrsp could stand for a common acronym that we just were familiar with – like Totally Caring Terrificly Respectable Scam-able Person!

We highly doubted it was an acronym. But what do we know, right? So, we dug a little deeper and found that actually mentions them in their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages:

Tctrsp found in the Terms of ServiceSo, is clearly related to in some way. Our best guess is that after everyone realized that was a scam, the owners moved everything to a new domain – Is A Scam!

There’s no denying it – is indeed a scam. They’re trying to impersonate Nike, try to be in the same location as Sainsbury’s Local, and connected with another fraudulent company.

All in all, it’s best to avoid and any other look-a-like sites that are out there. You’ll only lose money and have headache after heartache if you do choose to try to purchase something from

This site came to us through our contact form. Our thanks goes out to Kayleigh for letting us know about it. If you have a site you’re unsure about, feel free to let us know by using our contact form! Review: Is a scam, or legit? Our Honest Opinion! Review: Is a scam, or legit? Our Honest Opinion!

Like most people searching around the web, you’re probably wondering whether is a scam. Either that, or you visited our website, saw our great content, and decided to read more.

With there being no sense in beating around the bush and keeping you in the dark, we’ll just admit it right up front. We believe Allcamarket is a scam and a fraudulent company. And below we’re hoping to help show you why we think that (and how you can avoid sites like it in the future).

When looking at, we noticed four things that didn’t seem completely right.

  1. All the products were the same price (and the same discount).
  2. Privacy Policy wasn’t even completed.
  3. There are two shipping addresses.
  4. They claim to allow PayPal payments (even when they really don’t).’s Prices and Products's main claims to be a site that is “an independent online Technology Gadgets and accessories retailer and offer our highest quality and best offers specifically to you.

While that may all sound great on paper, that really doesn’t leave us much of an answer on who they really are. But what we do know is that they sell a lot of different products.

The weird thing is, they seem to sell all of their products for the low price of $14.95. Not only that, but all the products were originally $35.00. Discounts and ProductsAnd if you take an even more detailed look into the products, you’ll find that some of them are way too cheap.

For example, if one were to try to find an intelligent Electric Pressure Rice Cooker, you would probably have to buy a used, non-workable cooker at some pawn shop to get it for as low as $14.95 (unless you were able to inherit it from your mother). The price we were able to find it at (without doing too much searching) was a little lower than $250.

Or, if you were to take a look at the power washer Allcamarket claims to sell, you can find the exact one on another site going for $148 per item.

What this is all alluding to is that, clearly, someone is trying to give you discounts so low, prices so cheap, that you’ll just want to buy something from their shop.

And unfortunately, it’s worked on quite enough people, since this scam is still around.

And that’s the very first thing that should tip us off that this site is a scam. Many scammers will have discounts and other promo’s, trying to entice people to purchase something from their store.

Additionally, all the prices are the exact same! That means that something is going on that you probably to don’t want to be a part of.

Privacy Policy Issues

We always love to take a look at a website’s Privacy Policy. That specific page is one that usually tells people what the site will collect from you (your ip address, home address, email address, etc), and how they will keep it safe, including whether they’ll give it away/share it and/or sell it.

In the past we’ve found some pretty bizarre issues with Privacy Policies. We’ve even found one that suggested they would pretty much share everyone’s information to everyone!’s Privacy Policy is a little different. It appears that they copied it from something else, and forgot to actually update their page!

Privacy Policy ErrorsAs you can see from the above screenshot, it appears that there were parts of this page that were supposed to be edited. And it doesn’t look like they were.

This doesn’t bode well for If they don’t have a clear Privacy Policy on their site, then you probably shouldn’t be using their site, no matter how legit it is. You really have no idea on how they’re collecting the information, or what they’re doing with it (or for that matter, what exactly they are collecting!).

Two Different Shipping Addresses

As we were surfing through their Refund page, we found that they seem to list two different addresses. Which one is correct (if even one is)? We don’t know, and since we don’t live in France, it’s not exactly easy to decipher what is written.

Two Shipping addressesSo, maybe one is for if you want to exchange it, and the other is if you just want to send your product back? We honestly don’t know, but this is the type of stuff that you don’t typically see on a legit site.

We highly doubt that they are in two different locations (especially if they’re selling things at an extremely discounted price).

And, this is just the sort of things that a scammer would accidentally do – leave two addresses on their website. It also serves as a good example on what to do when a site gives you contact information.

Whenever you come to a new site, always look up that contact information, and see if it really is legit, and if it leads you back to the certain store/website that it come from.

We’ve found several sites that had given a bogus address and when searching them up, we came to find that that address went to a house, another shop, and no where in particular.

So, to reiterate, make sure to check contact information when you go to a new website. Whether it’s a phone number, address, or email, always do some background searching before you purchase through that specific site.

PayPal, Or No PayPal?

Finally, we come to the payment methods, or lack thereof. It’s always interesting when sites lie on how exactly you can pay for your purchase.

If you were to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the site, down at the footer, you would see the different payment methods that were (supposedly) allowed on the site:PayPal accepted?The third image from the right, the “P” sign, is the standard symbol of PayPal. So it appears that it’s one of the ways that you should be able to pay. Additionally, as you start the process of ordering a product, there are other signs that suggest that you should be able to pay with PayPal.

When you get to the actual ordering page, you find that they only accept a credit card.

Only Option Is Credit CardSo, it appears that they were lying about what type of payments that they offer. And if they are lying about that, then what else are they lying to us about? Is A Scam!

While we were writing this article, we actually received something that helped confirm our suspicions that this site was a scam.

We received an email address that was in some way connected with this site. This email was different from the one on the site, as that one didn’t work, even though we tried to email it several times.

Their Email AddressWhat’s interesting about this email address is that it’s not a free email address. That is, it’s not created at a site that gives out free email addresses (like Protonmail, Riseup, or Gmail).

And if we do a quick search on abprotectorplus, we find that there are several other fraudulent websites that seem to be out there by this same scammer.

Abprotectorplus fraudulent scamsSo, this site and the owners of it, seem to have been doing this for a while. So it’s a little surprise that is a scam.

Hopefully through this article, you’ve been able to pick up a few tips and tricks on how to watch out for scams that are out there. As always, just make sure to question everything that seems fishy on the site, as well as look up any information that a site gives you. Doing just this will keep you safe 90% of the time.

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Check Out Wealthy Affiliate Today! Review: Is Norkz Legit, Or Are Their Discounts A Scam? Review: Is Norkz Legit, Or Are Their Discounts A Scam?

There are so many different sites out there now-a-days. Some have cool gadgets that you can purchase. Some, like ours, review websites and try to keep the internet a more decent place. And some other sites give you discounts for name-brand clothing.

Or at least they try to make you believe that.

We could easily make our review four simple words long: it is a scam! But if we left it at that, you, the reader, wouldn’t have learned anything by it, and we wouldn’t have really proved anything.

So, how and why is a scam? Continue reading to find red flags that should tip you off that is a fraudulent website. Is The North Face?'s main pageWhen you come to’s main page, you’ll notice something immediately: They are trying to pretend that they are The North Face, a popular outdoor product company.

What’s even more interesting is that Norkz is actually using The North Face’s logo to advertise under. If you go to The North Face’s main web page, you’ll find the exact logo on their site!

The North Face LogoFor those of you who don’t know, using someone else’s logo is illegal. It is completely wrong. On top of that, you can be sued, and have a large fine dropped on you, as well as probable jail time.
So using someone else’s logo isn’t something you want to be doing. Nor do you want to be shopping on a website that is using copyrighted material.

Speaking of copyrighting, also tries to pretend to be The North Face by saying that they are copyrighted by them.'s copyright noticeAs you can see from the screenshot provided above, if you were to scroll all the way down to the bottom of, you would find that it says that they are copyright The North Face, and not themselves (which is what most sites usually have).
So, just from the start, we should immediately not trust this site, and choose another to shop at. But there are other scam warnings, if someone were to choose to continue to use the site.

Discounted Prices Usually Mean Scam Products

The Supposed Discounted PricesMost people are going to because of their discounted prices. They want to find something that is cheaper than the ‘normal’ price.

And let’s be real here. That isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t wrong to try to find something for less. It’s not a bad thing when people try to save money on purchases they are making. But, when discounts are extremely low, over 60+%, then you should really question the legitimacy of it all. tells you that you can get up to 80% discounts on these products. But they don’t give any detailed reason as to why they have a high discount.
Oh, they say that they are ‘rare discounts’, but don’t explain what that really means. And that is where the next red flag should rise up within your mind.

If a site is claiming to have low prices, and are giving clothing away at a discounted price, then something is happening. And if they don’t tell you what’s happening (but just claim that it’s a discount), you should immediately jump at the opportunity to get out of that site!

Many scammers, especially ones who like to scam people with clothes, will often put discounts on their prices, so as to entice people to purchase from their website and store.

There are places out there that are legit and have up to 80% discounts. But, sadly (if you are a North Face fan), isn’t one of them.

But, there is one more warning that would come if you choose to ignore both scam signs. If you did decide to make an order with this site, the next warning would come in the form of an email.

Legit Emails With Scam Warnings?

No, we’re not talking about that scam email that you received about some Nigerian prince who wants all your money. It’s the email you would receive if you made an account on

Most sites, when you create an account on their website, will send you an email, notifying you that you created an account. Some will do it to make sure you used a legit email address. Others will offer bonuses and discounts if you make an account. Still others just want to be friendly, and send you emails. sends you an email, just letting you know that you created an account, and that if you have any questions, you should feel free to email them.

What’s amazing is that they then list the email to use in the case you need help:

The Email That Reveals The EmailNow, you may not know who this email belongs to, nor what it’s connected to, but we do. This is an email that is used very often by a frequent scammer. We’ve actually written about other of their scam websites – and
Doing a quick search for this email reveals that they’ve been doing this for a while now, and with a lot of sites.
Scam WebsitesThe above list is just a few of the dozens that you can find online. You’ll also notice that the last one, the one highlighted in blue, is the same exact site that we are reviewing!

Why does this scammer show who they really are by using the same email over and over? We really don’t know. Maybe they are lazy. Maybe it works best for them. Maybe they aren’t that smart(?).
We honestly have no clue, but are glad that they did, since it sure helps us pinpoint immediately that this site is a scam, and not one to be trusted. Is A Scam!

Any of the three warnings should be good enough on their own to at the very least make one hesitant in using this site. And with all three, one should be running away as soon as they can! is a scam, and one that is unfortunately deceiving many. Hopefully, through this article, you will be better informed with making a better shopping choice next time.

Just follow those three warnings you learned, and you should be much closer at detecting the next scam!

What are you thoughts on Do you think it’s a scam? Why or why not? We would love to know your opinion, thoughts, and experiences! Don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you! Review: Is Poloxt A Scam Or Is It Legit? Review: Is Poloxt A Scam Or Is It Legit? has been around for a month, and is quite successful at doing what it is doing, or so it seems. We received a question about this site a week or so ago, and decided to help shed light into what and who really is a part of.

The question is often asked whether a certain site is legit. And about Poloxt, it is no different. Is a scam? Or are they actually providing legit discounts to you? That’s just what we’ll just be helping to answer. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you’ll be better informed on how to spot scams quickly, as well as steering clear from fraudulent websites.

What Exactly Is Promoting?

Poloxt's main is a site that has a lot of sales for clothing on it. In fact, the site goes so far as to say that they are the clothing brand Ralph Lauren. This should immediately send some warning bells off in your mind.

If you ever come across a website that claims they are a certain brand, or even uses their logos, trying to impersonate them, then it is most likely a scam. You can see this better if we take a look at the footer of’s site.'s copyright noticeAs you can see with their copyright notice, they don’t beat around the bush to say who they are (or who they want people to think they are). Now, let’s just ignore this blatantly obvious sign that it’s a scam, and move on to what exactly they are promoting.

When you take a look at their site, they have listed a large variety of clothes, all from Ralph Lauren (or that’s our guess, anyways). But that isn’t the strangest part. They have everything at a discounted price. And when it’s discounted, it’s heavily discounted!

Low prices on poloxt.comJust how low of a discount? Well, it’s usually over 80%. It depends on what price it is, and how they round on their site. But the point is that it’s a really low price.

And that also should be the second warning sign that this site is clearly a scam. Whenever you find something that is knocked off 80+%, you really need to ask yourself is this is legit.

Designer clothing, and brands like Ralph Lauren don’t go for this cheap. It’s just not like that. And if someone claims otherwise, then they’re either selling a knock-off brand, or they’re trying to scam you out of your money.

But, the more we looked into the site, the more was revealed about it not being a good site to take part of.

Trying To Purchase Something

We decided to test everything out, and see just how easy/hard it was for us to purchase something. Interestingly enough, we had some rather strange errors pop up for us.

It all started when we decided to add 14 shirts to our cart. When we did, we received a notice that we exceeded the limit of how much one order could be!

Exceed payment limit?So, is there a limit as to how much we can spend on this website? We’ve never personally seen that, and wonder why exactly we got that.

But, we reduced our limit to 10 shirts, and made the purchase with a fake credit card. We immediately received another message saying that something went wrong:

Payment FailedHmm, maybe it was the fake address we gave…

There are two reason this message is strange. The first is that after we clicked the Complete Your Payment button, it didn’t redirect to another site (like PayPal or some other transaction site to process the card). It just immediately came up with this message.

The second reason is that this message isn’t a standard message you would get if your transaction didn’t go through. Payment is failure? high Risk Refuse? The words and punctuation just are quite as smooth as your typical message. Which should tip us off that there is probably something wrong with their payment methods.

Our guess is that they collect all the credit cards that pass through their site, but we can’t be quite certain. What do know is that this site is a scam website, because of who the owners are.

Receiving An Confirmation Email

Checking everything is essential for making sure that a site isn’t legit. And sometimes, checking your email can go a long way in discovering whether a site is a scam.

When you sign up to most websites, you’ll receive a confirmation email, just to make sure that you signed up. When we check our inbox, the email was there. But, as we read it, we came to find some interesting details on just who the owners were.

Email ConfirmationAs you can see in the above screenshot, they give an email address to email, in the case that you need help. And if you look that email address up, you can find it connected with a host of fraudulent programs and websites:

Fraudulent Email Address

As you can see from the image above, this scammer has been doing this type of thing for a while now, and has several websites to prove it. And the image above is just part of page 2 in the results that we able to find!

The owner of the website can be easily traced to other scam websites, which means that is more than likely a scam as well.

Is A Scam?, in our eyes, is without a doubt a scam. We would highly recommend that you don’t use them, or put your info on the site. They are clearly trying to pretend to be another site. They also have really low prices that seem too good to be true, as well as having errors within their payment process.

Additionally, they are connected to an email address that is associated with dozens of other scam websites. There is really nothing that suggests that they are a legit website. On the contrary, everything seems to scream ‘SCAM’.

To summarize what we’ve learned from this site, it’s always good practice to follow these three tips:

  1. If a site is pretending to be another site, then it probably shouldn’t be trusted.
  2. If a site is connected with other scam websites (in some way small or large), then it also shouldn’t be trusted.
  3. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

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Check Out Wealthy Affiliate Today! review: Is Porbc A Scam, Or Are They Legit? review: Is Porbc A Scam, Or Are They Legit?

Everyone wants to find things for a cheaper price, and when it comes to name-brand, designer clothing, everyone looks for the cheapest place. Which is probably how people found

Recently we had a question come through our contact form, asking if Porbc was a scam. Seeing as many are looking at this, we decided to review it so that we could help people see why this is a scam (Yes, this site is a scam…).’s Main Page

PorBC's Main page

When you go to Porbc, you should immediately realize that it is a scam. As you read their site, they seem like they’re trying to pretend that they are the RalphLauren brand.

Not knowing the latest fashion and clothes brands out there, it took a while to initially realize this, but after we did, we realized just how devious Porbc was.

If you scroll to the bottom of their site, you see this even clearer:

Porbc's footerAs you can see from the above screenshot, they are claiming that their site is copyright by RalphLauren! They even go so far as to add social media buttons.

When you click on those social media accounts, they all revert to RalphLauren’s accounts, with those accounts linking back to the real RalphLauren site.

If you ever come across a site that looks and tries to act like another one, then it is more than likely a scam, and you’re only going to get ripped off when you use it.

Now, one could argue that this site really is RalphLauren, but it’s just for a different country (or something like that). Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. We took the liberty of seeing just who is behind the site, and found that they’ve been scamming people out of their money for a long time.

Checking Out The Owners

When you create an account on most sites, you usually receive an email from the site, saying that you created an account, and will get all this great stuff if you purchase from them (blah blah, yada yada, etc, etc).

So we set up our account, and waited for our email of, well, great deals and stuff. What we received though wasn’t something that bode well for the site, and the respective owners.the email we received

(Just for clarity’s sake, our fake internet name is Cyrus, which is why the email is addressed to him).

As you can see from the above screen capture, Porbc is still trying to pretend that they are associated with the big clothing brand. But their email shows something profoundly revealing.

You’ll notice that they give an email address, in the case that you need any help. It just so happens that that specific email has been seen other places online.

We’ve run into this scammer numerous times, looking into various websites that they have been behind of and running. They’ve been behind quite a bit of scams lately, as the screenshot below can attest to:

Email associated with scamsIt’s sort of funny, in a strange way. Scammers are so lazy that they seem to like using the same email address over and over again. We’ve proven many sites to be scams by email addresses associated with them, since emails can leave a trail behind of what the user has been doing.

So through the connection of this certain email address, we can see that it is indeed a scam. While they claim that they are somehow associated with RalphLauren, they are also clearly associated with someone who has been scamming people for a long while. Is A Scam!

Let’s not be hesitant to call things for what they are – Porbc is a scam. Nothing less, nothing more. And from this scam, there are lessons to be learned that all of us should take note of:

  1. Never Trust What A New Site Says! If a site, especially a new site, claims something, then make sure to verify it, especially before ordering something from them. If anyone simply went to RalphLauren’s website, and asked their online chat, they would know within a few minutes if Porbc was really connected with them.
  2. Double-Check Their Contact Information! We’ve found quite a few websites claiming to be at a certain location, or associated with a certain email/phone. Looking into those things reveals whether the site is legit. So make sure to check and double-check any type of contact information they give out.
  3. Search Until You Find The Truth. Most sites are either a scam, or their not – there are very few that are both. So make sure to search until you’ve found the answer that is the truth (not the one that you necessarily want to believe).

Doing these three things will help you get out of scam websites a lot more quickly, as well as saving you heartache and trouble down the road.

On a side note, even though we knew this site was a scam, we investigated further, and found that they claim to have a Terms and Conditions page (most sites do). But when we went to the page, there was nothing there!

Nothing on the terms pageThis leads to another great way to check out if a site is legit – if they have legit pages, then they have a higher chance of being legit!

(Note: The above suggestion doesn’t really prove that they are a scam, but it does add to the weight of it being fraudulent, and may be one of those things that helps tip the scales towards it not being legit.)

So, all in all, our review of is that it’s a fraudulent site, and is one that we would highly recommend you stay away from. There are no discounts there, just a bunch of headaches and problems with payment issues.

Your thoughts? Have you been scammed by Porbc, or by another company claiming to be RalphLauren? If so, we would love to hear from you! Leave your story in the comments section below, and share it with the world!

Is Cats N Kitties A Scam? A Review Of

Is Cats N Kitties A Scam? A Review Of

You are probably here wondering whether CatsNKitties are a scam or not. Well, no need to look any further. We’ll answer that right away: yes, it is clearly a scam, and we’ll help prove it to you below.

In this review, we’ll help show you signs to look for, so that you won’t get scammed for future reference. So let’s go take a look at CatsNKitties, and see just why they are a scam!

CatsNKitties’ Site

Main Page

When going to the site, you are greeted with a banner proclaiming that they are having their 24 hour sale, where everything is free, you just need to pay for the shipping.

It should also be added that they claim this will end at 3 PM (when that is, no one is quite sure). Scrolling down further upon the website reveals that they really are selling everything for free – or are they?

Products that are really free?

While these deals may great and all, they are actually just a deceptive trick to get you to enter you credential details so that these scammers can get your credit card info.

The Banner That Is Supposed To Be Around For Only 24 Hours

24-hour banner

As you can see from the screenshot above, they have a banner that says they have a 24-hour sale. Strangely enough, that 24 hour sale has been going on for nearly several days.

We received this website in our contact form a while ago, requesting us to take a look at it. Lo and behold, when we took at it back then, it had this same exact banner!

Now of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this site is a scam, but it starts making you wonder what is really going on. Questioning things is the very first thing to spotting a scam. If something says one thing, but it is clearly be delivered differently, then you should question anything else that the site says.

How Old Is The Site

When-ever a site is created, the site has to go through a registration process. This process records when a site is registered, and all this information is able to be seen by the general public. Which means, we can find out exactly when this site was created:

When CatsNKitties Was Created

The site is only 5 days old! Which makes this site even less legit. We would understand that if you have a website, and company, that has been around for a long time, and want to do a 24 hour give-away, then that is one thing. But to start a website, and immediately start giving things away, then something is clearly wrong.

But these aren’t the only issues that can be found within the site.

Does Their Email Address Really Work?

Remember how we told you to question everything you see? Well, they claim that if you have any questions, you should email them to this certain email address:
their (supposed) email address

We decided to question whether they really had an email address, and so wrote an email to them. Just so happens that they didn’t even register that email address (even though it’s a free email address!)

Not A Valid Email Address

So, if they aren’t telling the truth about their email address, what else are they not telling the truth? Also, if we just pretend that they are legit, how will we get in contact with them, if something does happen and we need their help?

But these things are trivial in comparison of the reviews that can be found for

What Do The Reviews Say?

Trust Pilot Reviews

TrustPilot, a popular place to leave reviews for websites, has five different reviews from five different people who gave a 1 star review.

Each one talked about how they were a scam in someway or other. Some didn’t get what they ordered. Others got their credit card billed to something that they never ordered, and had to pick up the bill!

So there are definitely people who have been scammed from this website, and they have (sadly) had to pay for their mistake. Is A Scam!

We would highly recommend that you don’t try to get any of the ‘free’ products from CatsNKitties, as everyone we’ve come into contact with seem to suggest they’ve actually had to pay for it (quite literally).

There really is no free product, and all that will end up is you with a canceled credit card and a host of bills that you now have to pay.

If you wish to know more about how to check a website and see if it’s a scam, feel free to take a look at our article on how to spot a scam using our top 5 methods.

Is Lego.3jiu a scam? Our Review Of!

Is Lego.3jiu a scam? Our Review Of!

There seems to be an influx of scam websites coming through our system, but that might just be due to the fact that we’re expanding. One such website is called lego(.)3jiu(.)com (which we’re going to call L3 from now on). It is our hope to uncover why exactly this site is a scam.

Is L3 a scam? That’s what we’ll be looking into in this article. So kick back your seat, relax, and enjoy reading our review of whether or not L3 is a scam!

What Is Lego.3jiu?

Main page of L3

L3 is a site that claims you can get discounts for Lego sets. For those who are unaware, Legos are little bricks that you can snap together in order to make something, well, cool-looking (for lack of a better term). Kids, adults, and pretty much anyone human enjoys playing with Legos.
As you can see you can see from the above screenshot, they have some ridiculous low discounts. Some over 75% off, and some less than 50% off.

So it no wonder that many people come to L3 hoping to get their money’s worth of Legos, all for a cheap price.

Unfortunately, when you immediately get on L3’s main page, something appears that should tell you off the bat that it’s a scam. And that is that they’re using Lego’s trademarked logo:Lego's LogoAs far as we are aware, it’s still illegal to use someone else logo for your own gain.
Basically, what this all means is that L3 is trying to pretend to be and impersonate Lego, which means that they are much more than your average scam.

Now, of course, we always give our scammers the benefit of the doubt, and maybe they just don’t realize that using copyright material is wrong. Maybe that their are ignorant of the issue, and didn’t realize their mistake. Sadly, there is still things on their site that points to them being a scam.

Where Exactly L3 Is Located?

According to L3’s website, they claim to be located in New York’s capital, Albany. (That’s in the USA, for those who didn’t know). There exact address that they claim is: 1 Crossgates Mall Rd C-107, Albany, NY, United State.

L3's Contact InfoNow what’s interesting is that if you go to this exact address (or even look up the phone number, it points to a Lego store in that exact place. Google Maps, though makes it a little more clear:

Google Maps InfoAs you note the URL highlighted in green, the store actually goes to the real owner of Lego, and their respective company. So, once again, L3 is clearly not telling the whole truth on who they are.
We understand if there is one wrong thing that a website owner does, like uses a copyright logo. But when they give false information, as well many other things? Clearly, these owners are doing this with the intention of trying to deceive people who come to this site.

We took the liberty of searching around to see if we could find where exactly they are located, and while we can’t be certain, it is entirely possible that they are located in India.

When we subscribed to their newsletter, we were redirected to another URL, and with the following message:

Newsletter Signup InfoAnd, if you are observant, you’ll notice that we’re being subscribed to something completely different from what we wanted. We’re being subscribed to some Elegant Design Hub, when all we wanted was their Lego newsletter!

Have They Been Doing This Before?

The people behind L3 have actually been doing this for a while, and who knows how long they’ll be doing this onward.
As you recall from their contact info, they gave an email address called CS(@)visoutlook(dot)com. If you look into that email address, you’ll be able to find a host of other websites that have that email address on their website (Okay, so maybe not a host of domains, but several…).

One article, found here, reports how a certain website they are a part of has been clearly shown that they are a scam, andLego Pieces goes into detail explaining it.
Another site we found has the same email address, but this time, they’re trying to impersonate Nike, though they’re a little more deceptive in it.

All in all, the owners of L3 have been clearly doing this for a while now, and aren’t ignorant of the fact that they are clearly doing something illegal. Is A Scam!

We could of course go on, and discuss their payment process, their Privacy Policy, Terms Of Service, etc, to give you more info on why they’re a scam.

We could even go into depth on their social media accounts (or at least the ones that they refer to). But we’ve shown enough that this site is clearly a scam, and isn’t worth using.
And while we won’t recommend L3 for you to go shopping with Legos, we do have other recommendations for you to use.

While it is by no means as cheap as what L3 claims you can get on their site, a great alternative to look for the product is on Amazon. With over hundreds of products to choose from, you’ll be in the right hands if you buy from them.

Another great place would be to go to Lego’s own website, and purchase directly from them.
Whether you choose to go with an alternative, or maybe just choose not to purchase anything, as long as you don’t use L3, we honestly don’t care.

What about you? What are your thoughts? Do you think that this site is a scam? Feel free to let us know about your opinion in the comments below! Also, if you have a website that you are interested in us looking at, then don’t hesitate to let us know about it by contacting us through our contact form!

List Of Work At Home Scams – Sites We Wouldn’t Recommend You Use!

List Of Work At Home Scams – Sites We Wouldn’t Recommend You Use!

When searching the web of internet fraudsters, and scam hustlers, we run into quite a few sites that make the claims that you can make money, while working from home.

Many of these sites have been found to be illegitimate sites that sadly pull many people in. We’ve published a list of other sites that are legit, but due to finding so many scam sites, the legit site list is rather short.

If you know of websites that are work from home, or have one that you’re interested in having us take a look at, then don’t hesitate to ask us via our contact form, or by leaving a comment below! We always love looking into Make-money-online websites!

Below are two categories that the sites are broken into:

  1. Scam Websites To Avoid
  2. Sites That Aren’t Worth Your Time

The first category are sites that very clearly are scams. They are sites that should be avoided at all cost.

The second category are sites where they aren’t necessarily scams, but we’ve found much better, and more legit programs that we would recommend instead of them.

(Note: those that have links embedded in them are sites that we personally wrote a review of them, and are linking to our site. If you wish to have us review a site that haven’t written about, feel free to contact us.)

Scam Websites And Programs To Avoid!
Cash Flipping

Sites That Aren’t Worth Your Time!

An (Un)Official List Of Scam Websites – Sites that Are Probably Not Worth Your Time

An (Un)Official List Of Scam Websites – Sites that Are Probably Not Worth Your Time

Due to the recent influx of traffic we have received, we’ve been taking a look at a lot of scam websites. It’s our guess that we take a look at anywhere from 20-50 sites a week.

Because of this, we come into contact with a lot of scam websites – nearly 90% of the ones we look into are fraudulent sites. Due to this, we have started this list to help others make sure they don’t get scammed from them as well.

Looking for legit work at home jobs? Check out our list here! Alternatively, you can check out a list of making money online scam sites!

Below are three categories.

  1. Scam Websites
  2. Possible Fraudulent Websites
  3. Sites customers claim they have gotten scammed from

The sites listed below the first category are ones that we found out to be scams because of something on the websites. Maybe it was an email that linked them to another fraudulent website. Maybe it was other people’s reviews of the site, or that the site was impersonating another website.

The second category are sites that we couldn’t verify that were scams, but many indications appeared that they were scams. It might have been errors on the site itself, highly sketchy offers, or billing information discrepancies.

The third category are sites that people have told us that they got scammed from. We can neither verify these claims, but they shouldn’t be completely discounted. Most of the sites that had claims they were scams, though, did have something about them that made them appear to not be legitimate sites.

If you would like to add to this list, feel free to leave a comment below, or tell us through our contact form, and we’ll be more than happy to update this list. Additionally, if you are the owner of one of these websites, and feel that we made an error, feel free to let us know, and we’ll help resolve the matter.

1. Scam Websites

2. Possible Fraudulent Websites

3. Sites customers claim they have gotten scammed from
Top 5 Ways On How To Tell If A Website Is A Scam

Top 5 Ways On How To Tell If A Website Is A Scam

Getting scammed is something that those at We Get Scammed For You excel at. Learning how to read through the many various types of websites and discern the clues of a scam isn’t something that is hard to do. It’s just a matter of looking at the evidence, and knowing how to decipher it all.

In this article, we’ll be using a website called Oasis Fashion London to help see how to spot warning signs before it’s too late. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to tell if a website is a scam!

#1. Is There Any Malware On The Site?

One of the easiest ways to tell if a site is a scam site is if they try to download any malicious viruses onto your computer when you go to the site.

Knowing if a website is doing this can be extremely hard to do on your own. You would also need to know a fair amount of computer programming and coding to actually make sense of how a website actually works.

Thankfully, there are websites out there that will analyze all that for you, and tell you if a website is safe to browse to. The one site that we’ll be looking at specifically right here is Virus Total.

Virus TotalVirus Total is a collection of the latest and greatest anti-virus tools that can help check for viruses. While it can be used to check websites, it can also be used to check if a certain file is corrupt or contains any malware.

For example, if you received an attachment from someone you don’t know, and uploaded it to Virus Total, they would be able to tell you if that attachment had anything bad in it.

Using their URL tab, we can upload the website of our choosing and check to see if it is okay to visit. In the screenshot below, we have checked Oasis Fashion London.

Checking A Website On Virus TotalAs you can see above, out of the 67 various engines and anti-virus used, none of them found anything wrong with this site. This means that we can go to this site, and not have to worry too much about anything bad happening while on the site.

Some sites do have malware, which is why we always do this check first. For example, if one were to check a certain site with Virus Total, they would find the following: Malicious SIteIf you were to go to the website Text Speier, you would more than likely have a malicious virus on your computer by the time you were done browsing that site. That is why it’s always best to check for viruses on sites that you are unsure about.

#2. What Do The Reviews Say?

Another site that we frequently use to check out whether a site is a scam is Scamadviser. We wrote an article about them recently.

Scamadviser is a site that uses automation and analysis on a website and gives you a trust score, depending on what they find about the site.

For example, when we last looked at our own website, we received a trust score of about 65% (out of 100), due mainly because our site was still fairly young.

Scamadviser also allows the ability to leave reviews for sites, so that people who use Scamadviser in the future will be informed on whether a site is a scam or not.

When we looked into Oasis Fashion London, we found that Scamadviser gave it a low trust score, along with two reviews of the site:

Low Trust Score On ScamadviserThe two reviews on Scamadviser are fairly new, and both are negative, basically saying that this site is a scam and shouldn’t be used.

There is a lot of power in reviews. Especially reviews on sites that aren’t associated with the particular site they are reviewing. While sites have been known to create positive fake reviews to bolster their authenticity, we have yet to find someone actually creating fake negative reviews for their own site.

All in all, checking for reviews about a certain website (sites that mainly are carrying a product or brand you can buy) is a great way to check if the site is a scam or not.

#3. Does The Whois Registration Show Anything?

When someone purchases a domain, they have to go through a registration process to make sure no one else has claimed it yet.

When they do this, they have to give a bunch of information, like their name, address, and even phone number. When the site was registered and updated will also be added to the whole registration process. While there are ways to make all your information private, you can’t (as of yet) make private when you registered the domain, nor when you last updated it.

What does this mean?

There are public records out there that can show you when exactly a site was created, and when it was last updated. This can help aid us in checking whether the site is new, and if it has ever been updated.

WhoIs RegistrationFor example, we recently looked at a different website recently, Singer Vipoen, and found that it wasn’t a legit site. One of the clues that tipped us off was that it had been created fairly recently.

As you’ll notice in the image above, the site was created about a month from writing this article. Many scam sites will appear quickly, scam people for a few months, and then disappear. So if a site is less than 3-6 months old, there can be a higher risk of it being a scam.

Looking at Oasis Fashion London, we find that they’ve been around for 8 months.

Whois for OFLWhile this evidence doesn’t give us any real clear answer on whether Oasis Fashion London is a scam, we can find out quite a bit about any site by the Whois registration information.

Using the Whois information can help lead us to add more support for whether a site is a scam or not. Overall, it’s a useful way to making sure the site you are visiting isn’t a fraudulent one.

#4. Does The Site Try To Impersonate Something?

OFL front-pageRight off the bat, when we heard of Oasis Fashion London, we immediately suspected it was a scam site. The reason we did was because it had the word Oasis within its URL.

Many scammers will find a popular brand, or fashionable product, and add that to their domain, making them seem more authentic. When they do this, they are actually making themselves more prone to being found out that they’re a scam!

If anyone were to go to Oasis Fashion London, they would find that at the footer of their website OFL tries to claim they are part of two companies.

Footer of OFLAs you can see from the above image, they try to pretend that they are part of Oasis Fashion and Ted Baker Clothing. Anyone with the ability to do some quick searching online will find out that this is completely false.

This starts to beg the question, if they are lying about this, what else are they not telling you? Will you really receive a product if you purchase from them? Will the product be an authentic brand, or just from a knock-off, which is why the prices are lower?

If a site claims to be part of a brand or store, but isn’t actually the main website, then it is highly unlikely that it’s a legit site. More than likely, it is a site started by a scammer who is ready to take as much money from you as possible, before setting up a completely different site, and doing the process all over again.

So, all the above to say, make sure that you check the authenticity of a website. If they claim one thing, but are clearly not that one thing, then it’s best to find another place to take your shopping.

#5. Does Their Privacy Policy Reveal Anything?

We’ve looked at many websites, and their Privacy Policies. You wouldn’t believe the errors that have been found within them. Some sites are rather bold in claiming all your data, some haven’t even been filled completely, and some sites don’t even have any!

A Privacy Policy is usually a simple page on a website, telling users what exactly a site keeps data-wise, and how they keep it private.

Oasis Fashion London has a rather interesting Privacy Policy.



You can browse our sites without telling us any personal information
about yourself. If you choose to provide us with personal information,
you consent to the transfer and storage of that information on our


we will collect and store information you provide through our digital
properties and in our stores. The information we collect from you
includes things like:


Mailing address

E-mail address

Phone number

Credit card number and other payment information

You’ll notice that the last part of the above Privacy Policy says that they’ll keep your credit card number. Of course, they are going to keep it safe, and not share it with anyone – or will they?

We may transfer (or otherwise make available) your personal information to our affiliates and other third parties who provide services on our behalf. For example, we may use service providers to authorize and process payments, host our Website, operate certain of its features, serve advertisements on our Website, send e-mail, conduct customer research, and manage and analyze data and our advertising effectiveness. Any access to your personal information by our affiliates or service providers will be limited to that necessary for them to perform their designated functions and we do not authorize them to use or disclose your personal information for their own marketing purposes. We and our service providers may also use your personal information for fraud detection and prevention purposes.

So, according to their Privacy Policy, they may just send your Credit Card number to any of their third party providers. That doesn’t seem like very good privacy.

Credit card information shouldn’t need to stay on a website – a payment processor should take care of it, so that the site itself won’t have any issues later on (in the event that they get hacked, information is leaked, etc).

So checking the Privacy Policy is a great way to check if a site is one that you should do business with. While it’s not going to tell you if a site is a scam, it will help show you the true ethics of what goes on in the background of a site, and will give you better guidance on whether you want to use the site or not.

Telling If A Website Is A Scam Isn’t Hard!

Hopefully, you have come away much wiser and smarter because of this article. It is our opinion that looking at a site to see if it is a scam isn’t really that hard at all, provided that you don’t take anything for granted, and challenge everything that is said.

As you go through these steps to check, you’ll learn more and more on how to tell if a website is a scam. Each time you do it, you’ll find that spotting scams are a little easier and a little quicker.

Choose to learn how to spot ways that website are scams. In the end, you’ll be glad you did. You’ll save a lot more heartbreaks, time, and money.