Review: Is ClothesTrip Legit? (Our Honest Opinion)

You’re probably here wondering about and whether they are legit. Well, we’re here to help bring clarity to this very issue. Unfortunately, this scammer has been scamming people for a while.

Is ClothesTrip legit?

It definitely doesn’t appear to be so. We’ve checked it out, and from what we found, isn’t a site that we would recommend you use. With issues and errors that we’ll get into below, it’s best to steer clear from ClothesTrip.

This is an automated report on, so our apologies if it doesn’t come out exactly right or sounds a little too generic (or vague). If we get enough people interested, we will write a more detailed article about ClothesTrip!

Quick Review

  • ClothesTrip has some shady discounts on their site, as well as not explaining why everything is so discounted.
  • ClothesTrip is impersonating a legit brand name and pretending to be them.
  • ClothesTrip is connected with an email address that has been linked with several other fraudulent scams.

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Just Who Are Claiming To Be?

When you go to the site, it becomes clearer that is claiming to be some store called Fila. Now, for those who don’t know, Fila is a well-known store that sells some sort of brand-name product.

What’s even more interesting is that Fila has their own store and website. So, why exactly is claiming to be Fila?

Claiming to be a store when you really aren’t isn’t something that is legal. You can’t open up a store and pretend to be a popular brand of clothing.

If you see something like that on the internet, then it’s best not to work with them, and to report them immediately. They’re doing something that only hurts them and the company they are trying to impersonate.

Now, if a store is impersonating a company, that doesn’t make them completely a scam. Yes, if they are copying some other company that does mean that they are doing something illegal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t receive anything from them.

Many times, these types of sites will spring up, offer discounts, and actually send you a product. The only problem will be that the product you receive is actually just a knock-off brand product that was made from China (or some other cheap place), which is why they can sell it so inexpensive.

Either way, if you are looking for authentic, Fila brand products, then isn’t the place to look for it.

Don’t Be Deceived By Discounts!

Now, probably the main reason most people come to is because of their discounts. Maybe it was through some ad that you saw them, or another person posted something about them.

The strange thing with these discounts is that everything seems to be discounted – most of the products have some sort of low price. We don’t know about you and where you shop, but where we come from, that just isn’t the typical way to do discounts.

You don’t find a large collection of products, things that naturally go for several hundred dollars, to all be discounted that low.

This is just a ploy used by a scammer to get you to your site, and see if you will fall for their schemes. When you’ve taken a look at the number of websites that we have, you would know that this is a scam, and fraudulent website.

As the old adage goes, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

The Email Connected With

So, you may be sitting there, and thinking all the above information just isn’t convincing enough for you to call this a scam. But what if we said that we could prove that this site is a scam?

What if we said that we had proof that has been connected with other fraudulent websites?

If you take a look at the above screenshot, you’ll notice that it is an image of an email address. Nothing looks wrong with that email, does it?

However, that email address is connected to several other fraudulent websites.

As you see in the screenshot below, that email address, and thus, has been connected with several websites running scams:

So there isn’t really anything else to say except that is indeed a scam, and one that we wouldn’t recommend you use!

Is ClothesTrip Legit?

So, to reiterate what we said above:

  • ClothesTrip is running some sketchy discounts
  • ClothesTrip appears to be trying to pretend that they are Fila
  • ClothesTrip uses an email that also is behind other fraudulent websites

All in all, ClothesTrip is a site that we would highly recommend you don’t purchase from, nor trust the scammer behind it. You’ll only be left with headache and heartache.

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  1. Hi. This is very true, is a scam. A friend of mine ordered tracksuits from them and they delivered a ring back.


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