Review: Why Is Everything $10 (And Hot Tubs Going For $20..)?

Okay, so our title can be deceiving. Not everything on GreatElectronicOffers is $10 dollars, but the majority of it is! Because of this, the question arises, Why are these discounts there? Is a scam?

That is just what we’ll be looking at in this article. Whether you’re here for that discounted Jacuzzi, or for something else, this site is one that we personally wouldn’t recommend you use. They don’t seem to be completely honest in everything they say.

Quick Review

  • They running sketchy discounts, and have the majority of their products listed at $10.
  • They are using two different email addresses to run their business.
  • They have several look-a-like sites that seem to be running the same exact scam.

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What Is

Main Page

So, here’s the weird thing. GreatElectronicOffers doesn’t really seem to be selling many, if any, electronics. If you count watches and headphones as electronics, then they are. But the majority of the products they are selling are Sunglasses, Belts, Money Purses, etc.
If the domain name,, doesn’t match up with the product they are selling, then there is a high chance that it’s a scam. So, already, it’s not looking good for

The thing that draws most people’s attention to the site are the discounts. And what discounts they are. Some things are priced over 90% off.

Discounts are great, because they can help sell all those products that you can’t keep on your shelf anymore, or any surplus you might have. But what’s not great is when someone claims to have a discount, but never says why!

On the main page, they say that it is a launch promotion, and that for today, they are having a discount, with free shipping. It’s not exactly a detailed reason as to why they have the discounts. But even still, are those discounts really so?

You see, we looked at this site a few days ago, and they had that same exact banner on their site – ‘Just Today’. So the promotion has been going on for more than a day. Which means, they probably aren’t telling the truth about this promotion.

$10 Dollar Sale

$10 Dollar Sale

As you can see from the above image, every type of sunglasses that they sell are discounted for $10 dollars. Now, this is not normal.

When most people discount prices, they discount everything to a certain % of cost. So for example, everything is discounted 20%, or 50%.
But on this site, most of the products, no matter how much they cost, are all discounted to $10 dollars!
How legit are these discounts?

Most likely, not legit at all. You see, scammers will setup sites like this and put really low prices on all their products (and typically have them all the same price). Then they promote their site on social media, get people to buy from their site, and in the end, scam people out of their hard-earned money.

Great Offers Discounts

So this is something that doesn’t come across as being legit. Now, there are three products that we found to have a different price other than $10 dollars. Why these three products (in the above screenshot) aren’t discounted to $10 dollars, we don’t honestly know. But what we do know that they seem highly suspicious, since they don’t exactly explain why they are doing this (in any detail, at least).
So, all the above to say, the products and discounts appear to us as a normal scam-run ploy to get people to purchase from

Who Are The Owners Of Great Electronic Offers?

Now, here is where things get a little stranger.

If you go to their Privacy Policy, they have an email address that they say to email, if you want more information (or something like that):

Privacy Policy Email

Now, there isn’t anything wrong with using a free email address as your contact email. It’s always nice to have it as the same as your store, but if you can’t pay for that, well, you’ve got to settle for the second best thing.

But, the strange thing is that this isn’t the only email address we can find on the store. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Terms and Service page, you’ll find an entirely different email address:

Terms Of Service Email Address

Using two different emails for operating a business really isn’t good practice. But then again, neither is having several exact look-a-like sites.

If you take a look at, you’ll notice that they seem to claim to be part of HarperCollections. We weren’t sure what, or who, they were, so we decided to look them up. In doing that, we uncovered several other sites that looked exactly like


All three of the above sites are using the same exact email that is found in GreatElectronicOffer’s Terms Of Service page. So they are definitely connected. And because they are, that makes less authentic, and really scammy-looking.

Is Great Electronic Offers A Scam?

From all that we have seen, we would say that is indeed a scam. They are claim to have a sale only for one day when in reality they have been doing this for a while. Also, we’ve found several sites that are very similar to Great Electronic Offers.

Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend anyone take the discounts, or the products, very seriously. It’s just another scammer trying to rip off innocent people. Best to steer clear, stay away, and stay safe!

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Thanks to Sarah for letting us know about this site!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

16 thoughts on “ Review: Why Is Everything $10 (And Hot Tubs Going For $20..)?”

  1. I seen this harper collection being sponsored on Instagram so I thought it was legit. I ordered the to good to be true hottub over 1 month ago and have sent 29 emails and have gotten no response. I was scammed. Should of known better.

    • Excellent article. The exact post/add popped up on my Instagram. I clicked on it out of curiosity and got to the checkout and stopped. I thought they would charge $180 for shipping to make it up. When I decided to look them up I didn’t expect to find much so it was nice to read an actual piece of investigative journalism. The first step is information, then protection and finally recompense. Or revenge. There really the same thing.

  2. Guilty of stupidity!! I didn’t order 1 I ordered 5! (thinking Christmas) I just did this today and then I started thinking and researching. On my CC the name of the company is MARTIN MOONCOLLECT. I have contacted my CC Company and explained this was a scam and they immediately cancelled my card and when it goes from “Pending” to “Charge” a dispute will be involved. Thank you for this site and the information. I appreciate you!

  3. Well they got me to for 2 if the jacuzzis. I should have known better. Thank you for this article. Wish I had found it sooner.

  4. Will it show on my bank statement that I paid them so that I can report it to my bank? And will it show up under Harper Collection on my statement? Bc I also ordered the hot tub and obvi got scammed

    • That’s a good question, and one that we don’t honestly know. It should show up either on your credit card statement or your bank, depending on which one you paid with.

    • Are you trying to find where your order has went, or where you can go (another website) to purchase this hot tub? Because if it is the first question, then there really is no answer. This site is a scam, so it’s best to try to open a dispute through which ever way you paid (bank, Credit Card, etc).

  5. Yup got me too. However, I ordered using my CC so I could dispute the charges and get my money back. Which I did. I thought ya this might be to good to be true, sure was.

  6. I learned from this lesson – I ordered several items as gifts and once things never showed up I tried emailing several times with no response and eventually their sites went away. Take away from this experience is that I refuse to order anything from any company that advertises on IG. If IG is not going to do a full vetting of their advertisers then I think as consumers we can go on strike and not buy anything you see on IG. It should be that simple. If IG had some skin in the game, I think they would do a better job to make sure the companies advertising through them are legit. Live and learn I guess.


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