Is Project Life Mastery A Scam?

Is Project Life Mastery A Scam?

Project Life Mastery is a site I stumbled on a while ago, and was hook. With courses covering nearly every type of making money online, and with hundreds of positive reviews, Project Life Mastery comes highly recommended.

Is Project Life Master a scam? We’ll be looking into just that question as we examine the man behind the business, as well look into some of the course the site has to offer.

Company: Project Life Mastery (PLM)

Creators: Stefan James Pylarinos

Description: A site dedicated to helping you find ways to master your life, not only financially, but spiritually, and mentally as well.

Price: Ranges from $1 – $1000+

Recommended? Yes

Rating: 8 out of 10

PLM (Project Life Mastery) is a site that was brought about to help teach people the art of mastering their life. And not just mastering their financial life, but also the other sides of life as well. Spirituality, meditation, love, happiness, giving back, and kindness.

While PLM talks most about the financial side of things, they do help you understand the other aspects of life as well, bringing them all together to help give you a life you were meant to live.

What Is Project Life Mastery

PLM came about back in 2012 when a guy by the name of Stefan Pylarinos wanted to start a site that would help people in all walks of life, and in all directions of life.

Out of Stefan’s dream can PLM. Since it’s inceptions, it has help millions find answers to questions they had about their lives, whether it related to relationships, self-improvement, or passive income.

PLM brings you 10 or so courses that will help you learn to make the most of your life’s potential. From courses that explain Kindle Publishing and affiliate marketing, to courses that help with mediation, PLM has answers just for you.

Like many other sites, PLM also has a long list of resources that are used by Pylarinos himself that he recommends. Hundreds of positives reviews and testimonials, and great store apparel, PLM brings out the best of us through their website.

Who Is The Creator?

Stefan James Pylarinos is an entrepreneur, life coach, and world traveler with the mission of helping people reach their full

potential. Back in the days when Stefan was 17, he started looking into self-improvement, and mastering his life.

He wasn’t always like he is today. Growing up, he was your normal guy, doing normal things. He couldn’t seem to hold relationships for very long, didn’t do too well in school, and seem to be failing miserably in the thing called ‘life’.

That’s when he decided to change it.

It’s not until you get to the end of your rope that you finally realize that you need to pull yourself out of the pit that you are in. It’s not until you hate your life that you choose to do something about it, and change the way of your life for the better.

And that’s what Stefan choose to do.

With himself being sick of his current life situations, he choose to learn more about mastering his life, and bring out the full potential for himself.

And it worked. In less than 3 years of building his online business, he because a millionaire, being able to do what he wanted to do, when he wanted to do it, and with whom he wanted to do it.

And you know what he chose to do? He choose to help those who are in the same situation as he is. Stefan is all about giving back to the community and teaching others with the success that he’s had.

Testimonials From Some Pretty Popular People

Like most sites, PLM has a testimonial page, where you can learn from other’s about the success that they’ve had. You’ll read/watch people talk about how they were able to change their life, as well as their financial situation, by going through one of PLM’s courses.

Testimonials can be good. But they can sometimes be bad. You can get testimonials from people who you have no clue who they are, and just have to trust what their saying, which is usually the case with most sites.

But with PLM, they have reviews and testimonies from people who are known in the online world.

PLM has reviews from people like Gary Ryan Blair, founder of the 100 day challenge, and Anik Singhal, an author and entrepreneur.

You can read the testimonies of others, including Dan Lok, author of Millionare Mentor, Wade T Lighheart, 3X Canadian Bodybuilding Champion, Darren Jacklin, a professional speaker, and Trevor Turnbull, founder of the 30 Day Sales Machine.

These types of reviews, reviews from authors and entrepreneurs, aren’t easy to come by, nor are they easily faked. Which means that PLM, and the guy behind is, are legit and real. So the courses are something worth taking a look into.

PLM’s Courses

According to PLM’s website, the courses and training they have to offer is offered in step-by-step instructions. Being updated regularly, and given a 30-month money back guarantee, you’ll be able to check out these courses, and see it works for you.

Below are just a few of the courses:

K MONEY MASTERY 2.0. K Money Mastery is a course that takes you on a path all about Kindling publishing, and how to make money with that.

You’ll learn how to write your own books quickly and cheaply, as well as how to publish and make some money. Stefan was able to use Kindle publishing to generate himself 6 figures in revenue from his venture.

The course currently costs $97 as a one time payment. But they are offering a $7 deal, where you can get access for 7 days, and if you think it’s worth it, then you can pay the $90 after the 7 days are up.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery. With Affiliate Marketing, Stefan as made over $5 million, promoting products that he doesn’t even own, and enjoying every bit of it.

Affiliate marketing is where you simply write about a certain product, and if you get people to purchase that product by having them click through your link, then you’ll make a percentage of what the customer paid.

This course is a free masterclass that you’ll be able to watch and learn from Stefan himself.

Life Mastery Accelerator. Starting only at $29 per month, you can get access to a course that will help you navigate all areas of your life. You’ll be given access to monthly coaching, that includes the chance for questions to be answered.

You’ll also be given the Life Mastery training series. These series cover a large number of issues, including, How To Master Your Emotions & Create Unstoppable Confidence, How To Start Investing For Financial Freedom, and Mastering Meaning: How To Find The Good In Everything.

You can also purchase this course for only $297 per year!

Is Project Life Mastery A Scam?

Stefan James is a man of his word, and a man who brings meaning to your life. He is no scam artist, trying to get your money, but one who is interested in helping you get to where you want to be in life.

PLM is great for those who are interested in starting out in the realm of making money online or wanting to improve their life in some way.

Explore Project Life Mastery today, and learn to live the life that you can master!

9 Replies to “Is Project Life Mastery A Scam?”

  1. No scam artist!? Obviously you haven’t researched your facts! He published a website called chicken pox cure fast and offered consulting as a fake doctor with profile – posing as a fake doctor even worse offering consultations is scamming people what’s even worse is he has now setup a product teaching people how to make these kinds of sites. He is a bad man! He sold that website but that was scamming and that’s why he has a bad bad reputation avoid him at all costs!

    1. Thanks for your opinion. Unfortunately, when we went to validate your claims, we couldn’t find anything that linked Stefan with a Chicken Pox scam. So unless you’re willing to give us something more accurate, or point us to a website that explains the connection so that we can investigate further, we’ll stick with our original opinion.

    1. Hey Pierre,

      While it may be true, there really is no evidence that points to that. I’m not entirely sure why people think he was running that site. I have yet to find any connection, any concrete evidence that he was the one behind that chicken pox site.

  2. Project Life Mastery is a scam. I went through 1 course based on raves and reviews. It actually doesn’t teach anything about setting up and what you need to do for success. I started speaking with others in the groups for the courses… hardly anyone has completed the courses and most get 0 value out of what he offers. If you look past the sugar coat, you’ll find that everything else is literally coped from Tony Robbins and other self-development gurus where he is trying to steal their ideas and use it as his own. Not only is his business a scam, but as a person, he is also a hypocrite.

  3. Just wondering how much he paid you for this fake review. You could get in big trouble you know. Everyone knows he’s a scammer. That means you were paid. You will be reported as part of the scam.

    1. Every knows that he’s a scammer? That’s news to us. Everyone is a lot of people. Did you read our review where we mention several high profiled people who recommended him?

      While I won’t deny that there are things in his past that we’re currently looking into, that doesn’t negate what he’s doing right now.

      Additionally, we actually didn’t get paid to write this review, as you seem to claim.

      If we were really going to get paid to write a review of him, don’t you think it would be better than what you see above? No links to anything in the post, no images of the different courses? Not even his picture in the article! And you’re going to suggest that we got paid by him to write this review?

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