Is ScamAdviser A Scam? Or Is It A Site That Will Advise You Wisely?

ScamAdviser has been around for a number of years – it’s actually a site that I’ll go to at times to check out whether they think a certain site is a scam or not. But in this article we’ll take an in depth look at just what ScamAdviser Is.

Is ScamAdviser a scam? It’s actually sort of funny that we’ll check to see if something that points out scams would be a scam, but stranger things have happened. So follow us as we review the website, ScamAdviser.


Product: ScamAdviser (SA)

Creator(s): Marc, (Owned By Ecommerce Foundation)

Description: A site that will try to show the legitimacy of another site by running figures and checking data from the other site.

Price: Free

Recommended? Yes

Rating: 8 out of 10

ScamAdviser's Homepage

SA (ScamAdviser) is a site that was started all the way back in 2012. Back then, Marc had just gotten scammed from trying to get some golf equipment. Of course, when things went south with trying to buy the certain product, Marc decided to do something about.

So he started SA, a site that tries to help others from being scammed. In the 6 years that it has been around, it has grown, and been established as one of the go-to sites for people interested in looking up a scam.

Now, obviously, We Get Scammed For You doesn’t think that this site is a scam, but we thought it would be interesting to put a legit site, especially one that looks at scams, under our microscopic view, and see what exactly turned up!

How Does SA Work?

When you go to SA’s website, you’ll be able to search and have them check the authenticity of a website. They do this by pulling as much data as they can about the certain site your interested in, and then give the site a ranking based on all that data.

There are several things that they take into account. What type of domain the site is, what they’re promoting, how long their site has been active, the country that the website seems to come from, etc.

We took the liberty of checking our own website, and found that we don’t even have a 50% rating!

Our site's ranking

As you’ll notice from the screenshot above, our site has a trustscore of 45% – and for good reasons too. They give us such a low rating because our site is still relatively new.

Many scammers will setup an online scam, and then leave their site and redo the whole process again, all in a matter of a few months. So its little wonder that we’ve received a low score. It’s almost to be expected.

Additionally, since no one has commented on our site, nor since we have yet to claim the website, it continues to have such a low score.

So that is primarily how SA works. But let’s take a look at the site itself, and see if anything scamm-ish appears.

SA’s copyright notice

We enjoy pointing this out, but it really doesn’t really prove anything. If you scroll down to the bottom of the website, you’ll notice that SA’s copyright notice is 2018, when we are currently in 2019:

Copyright Notice

Like said before, it doesn’t prove anything, just that SA needs to update their website’s footer.

Speaking of copyright notices, SA does have a Copyright Notice page, as well as a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer page.

The Disclaimer page shows what you would expect to find in most disclaimer’s pages. Basically it states that this information on the website should be taken as a suggestion and not as something with complete accuracy or up-to-date. They do this just to keep themselves from being sued over a bad review (typical for most companies).

Their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages did leave an interesting clue as to who actually owns the site – the Ecommerce Foundation.

Who Owns SA ?

As you’ll notice from the screenshot above, the privacy policy page says that it’s ‘an initiative of the Ecommerce Foundation’.

Doing a quick look around the web, you’ll learn that SA was bought out by the Ecommerce Foundation back in the fall of 2018, a little less than 6 months of writing this article.

Both pages are your typical standard pages, telling you how they’ll keep your data safe, who they share it with, and how you can use the site. It’s pretty straight forward.

Is The Site Up-To-Date?

With a copyright notice that is sort of out-of-date, there could be potential speculation that their site is out-of-date. But taking a look at their social media accounts, as well as their reviews, shows us that nothing could be further from the truth.

Social Media

SA appears to be on three platforms, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. While they haven’t had much success on YouTube, and don’t appear to post regularly on it, Twitter and Facebook do seem to have recent activity.

As you can see from the screenshot above, SA seems to be very active on twitter, with over 3000 tweets, and 10K followers. You’ll also notice that the last tweet sent out is just a few days ago.

This helps show that SA is still active, and gives them more legitimacy in our minds. When you take a look at Facebook though, you can find something slightly different.

SA's Facebook page

As you notice in the screenshot above, SA has a 3.5 out of 5 rating. Why in the world is that? And does that mean that SA could be a scam?

The short answer is that it doesn’t really prove anything. The long answer is that we don’t know, but we can only speculate.

As we’ve said before, SA uses an algorithm to figure out how to give a certain site a trust score. Now, let’s take our site, for example. You’ll remember that they gave us a 45 out of 100.

If we didn’t understand that SA is just trying to predict sites by a bunch of data, and isn’t completely right every time, we may go on to Facebook, and give them a low rating. And that’s our best guess as to what has happened time and time again.

Many people have gone to SA, or one of their social media accounts, and given them low ratings, because they didn’t quite understand what SA is. They thought that SA gave complete and 100% accurate results.

Oh, SA tries to do that, but when you’re looking at a lot of scam websites, sometimes, legit websites fall into the mix as well. It sometimes happens, unfortunately.

So, the low rating doesn’t really give us any indication to believe that this is a scam site. Additionally, If you scroll down on their Facebook page, you’ll find that they have over 80K following them, as well as an updated wall with relevant information.

The Reviews Left At SA

SA has a rather cool feature of allowing people to comment on sites, and leave reviews of them. They allow this, so that people can give a positive or negative review of sites that they’ve dealt with.

For example, if you came to our site, and got scammed (which we hope will never happen), you could go to SA and leave a review about how you got scammed and how bad of a site we are. That would then help others who were curious about our site, and wondered whether it was a scam.

(Note: On the flip side, if you do find this site helpful, and don’t think it’s a scam, feel free to leave a review on SA’s site about us. We always love hearing from our audience!)

And if you take a look at SA’s reviews, you’ll notice that they have a lot of reviews, and ones that are quite recent as well.

As you can see above, the latest review that we could find was just three days ago. Now, one could argue that their reviews are faked, and they just add some every few days to make it appear that the site is legit.

While it is entirely possible that they may be doing that, it’s not entirely plausible. How would they know which sites to leave a review for? How would they know what to say?

A few answers come to mind when you try to answer that question, but most aren’t very constructive. SA would have no reason to be faking reviews on their site for no purpose what-so-ever.

Has SA Been In The Press?

We will admit, there’s not much you can find about SA that seems to show they are a scam. Everything seems to stand up to what they say.

SA does claim to have been in the press. In fact, they have a whole page dedicated to it. Unfortunately, it only lists two websites.

SA In The Press

As you notice from above, out of the two sites, only one of them is in English, and that one is actually from the company that owns SA!

Of course, that is two sites more than how many We Get Scammed For You has been on. But it just seems a little ironic that you would list your own parent company as one talking about you being ‘in the press’.

Is ScamAdviser a scam?

So what are our thoughts? Is ScamAdviser legit, or is it just a scam website, leading everyone astray with inaccurate data?

SA is definitely legit, and, of course, they have a website to prove it. They try to be as accurate and authentic as possible, even though that may not always come out as they wish.

Many people give SA a bad rap because they find one site entry wrong, or another site with a bad rating. But you can’t blame a site solely on one wrong review, or certain data.

Overall, SA is a great place to go to check out a website, and see if it is a scam or not. They can give you some initial leads as to whether you’ll want to do business with the certain site you’re checking out.

If SA doesn’t give you enough information, then feel free to let us know through our contact form, and we’ll take a look at it for you.

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