Review: Is SolfeMarket Legit? (Scam Alert!)

You’re probably here wondering about and whether they are legit. Well, we’re here to help bring clarity to this very issue. Unfortunately, this scammer has been doing this exact scam for a while.

Is SolfeMarket legit?

It definitely doesn’t appear to be so. We’ve checked it out, and from what we found, SolfeMarket isn’t a site that we would recommend you use. With privacy policy errors, sketchy discounts, and look-a-like sites, it’s best to steer clear from SolfeMarket.

Quick Review

  • Discounts are all the same, and all the products are for an extremely low price.
  • SolfeMarket’s Privacy Policy isn’t set up completely and has issues.
  • SolfeMarket lies about allowing PayPal, when in reality, they don’t allow it.
  • AllcaMarket (no longer online) was a site that almost exactly like SolfeMarket
  • Numerous other reviews suggest that other people have been scammed

Tired Of Finding Scam Websites?

We don’t blame you. They are a common problem, especially for those who keep getting scammed. If you are one of those people, we’ve created a video course that teaches you how to avoid that.’s Discounts

Most likely, you came to SolfeMarket because you saw that they seemed to have products on their site for a fairly low price. Well, as you know, looks can be deceiving.

Discounts for all products.

As you can see in the above screenshot, every single product that they have listed on their site is discounted down $20.05 dollars.

Not only that, but each product only costs $14.95!

Whether it’s a refrigerator or a tent, each one of these items are marked down to under $15 dollars. Which makes the whole site look pretty sketchy.

Sadly, many will fall for this trick that scammers use often. A scammer will make a site with high discounts, advertise it on a social media platform, and people will flock to it like ducks to water.

If a site has discounts, and each product is the same exact price as each other, then it is most definitely a scam. There shouldn’t even be a question about it being legitimate.

But that is not all that we found on this site either.

Privacy Policy Errors

When checking out whether a website is legit, it’s always best to see if the owners of the site set up their legal pages correctly.

Make sure to read their Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and even Shipping Refunds and Returns. Because most likely, you’ll find something that will lead you to who the owners really are.

Privacy Policy Errors

If you take a look at the above image, you’ll notice that we highlighted some text in the screenshot. Each highlighted text starts with ‘INSERT’.

When the owner(s) set up SolfeMarket, they forgot to actually add all the relevant information into the Privacy Policy to make it authentic.

What you have on is a default Privacy Policy that is given out to each site when it is created. And that default page needs to be updated and changed to fit the site’s rules.

If a site doesn’t have a Privacy Policy, or has one that isn’t set up properly, then it’s never a good idea to shop at or use that site.

So shopping at SolfeMarket is no different.

Because SolfeMarket doesn’t have a proper Privacy Policy, you really don’t know what exactly they’re going to keep when you use their site. You also don’t know how they’re going to keep it all safe.

SolfeMarket may decide that they want to keep all your information. Maybe they’re want to sell it to third parties. Maybe it’s something else entirely.

Whether or not SolfeMarket is doing or could do all those things isn’t the point. The point is that they have a very messed up Privacy Policy, and for that reason, it’s best to avoid using them.

No PayPal For Purchase?

They Claim They Allow PayPal

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of, you’ll find that they claim they have a secure checkout in place.

One of those ‘secure’ checkouts is through PayPal, or so they claim on their site.

This is, once again, a typical ploy used by scammers to get people to think they are legit. Because if a site is using PayPal, then they are usually authentic, right?

In all actuality, using or not using PayPal doesn’t really show anything about authenticity. But what does show a lack of authenticity is when a site claims they use something, but in reality don’t.

Scammers, for who knows why, will often put up that they allow purchases to be made through PayPal. But when you get to the actual page to purchase something, you find that this isn’t quite true.

No PayPal

As the screenshot above can show you, SolfeMarket doesn’t allow PayPal to make a purchase. We’re not going to say that this immediately makes them a scam, but it definitely adds to the weight of an argument for them being one.

If a site claims something, but then doesn’t actually allow that certain thing they claim, then it doesn’t bode well for anything else they claim.

Since SolfeMarket was wrong about PayPal, could it be possible that they are also wrong about the discounts they have? Could SolfeMarket be wrong about the very products that they advertise?

It’s entirely possible, assuming we follow the logic all the way through. If they are lying about one thing, then what else is SolfeMarket lying about?

Same Scam – Different Name's main page

We actually looked into a site very similar to SolfeMarket about two months ago. Though was called Make sure to check out our review here.

The owner seems to have been running this scam for a while now, and doesn’t appear to be giving up on it anytime soon.

Sadly, it just means what none of us want to hear – humans will fall for the same scam over and over again without learning from their lesson.

Is SolfeMarket Legit?'s main page

In the end, from what we’ve found on the site, it does appear to be that SolfeMarket is a scam and not legitimate.

They have the same exact discounts as did (and the same design), and they don’t appear to have a proper Privacy Policy. On top of that, they are clearly lying on their site about using PayPal to make purchases.

But that isn’t all. There are dozens of reviews online that all say SolfeMarket is definitely a scam.

Reported Scams

In the end, SolfeMarket is best to be avoided, and not trusted. It will only bring about loss of money and headaches.

Learn Not To Get Scammed!

All the information we presented was all free for the taking. It’s
just a matter of learn what to look for, as well as knowing resources
that will get you the answers you want.

Over the last few months, we’ve compiled our method for detecting
online scams, and have created a video course about it. It goes through
free resources, as well as the different ways that we use to check if a
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2 thoughts on “ Review: Is SolfeMarket Legit? (Scam Alert!)”

  1. They got me for $14.95. I was trying to purchase a air fryer from Walmart and don’t know how i got linked up with them.

  2. I ordered 2 items that weirdly enough could have been $14.95 each. For the external hard drive I got a shipping email within a few hours. For both my items I got a confirmation of sale email. I was charged $14.95 each and then a few days later I was charged another 45 cents each ?! When I try to get the “tracking” info now, I get a page that says forbidden. I have requested refunds and have heard NOTHING.


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