TopClothesShop.Site Review: Is TopClothesShop A Scam? (Scam Discount Warning!)

You’re probably here wondering why TopClothesShop.Site is being written about, and whether it’s a scam. Well, we’re here to help clear that whole issue up. And we’ll get right to the point: It is a scam, and a site that we recommend no one purchase from.

Of course, stopping right there wouldn’t really prove anything. With so much fake news out there, it’s always best to make sure someone proves what they claim they know. Which is what we’re hoping to do with our review of TopClothesShop.Site.
Hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how to spot a scam, as well as keep yourself safe from online fraudulent websites and scammers who want to take your money.

TopClothesShop.Site: What Do They Sell?


As their name suggests, TopClothesShop.Site sells clothing. Well, that and handbags. And, as you can see from the above screenshot, you’ll notice that it has a sale on the site and discounts!

Or does it?

Many scam websites will have some sort of discount, or have products with low prices, to get traffic to their site and purchase their ‘fake’ items. And TopClothesShop.Site is no different. Everything is marked down to some really low price, making it a lot more enticing to purchase.

Really Low DiscountsAs you can see from the above image, there are even things that are discounted over 90%! Now, just because a site is proclaiming that it has a discount doesn’t mean that it is immediately a scam. There are discounts out there that are legit, and should be taken advantage of.

But, every discount you come across, you should really question it’s authenticity, especially if it’s claiming to have over 90% knocked off its price.

But this wasn’t the only thing that we found to be strange with the site.

Who Is Versace?

When you go to the site, it becomes clearer that the site is claiming to be some store called Versace. Now, for those who don’t know, the person Versace was an Italian clothes designer, in which a company, called Versace, was started.

What’s even more interesting is that Versace has their own store – So, why exactly is TopClothesShop.Site claiming to be Versace?TopClothesShop.Site

Claiming to be a store when you really aren’t isn’t something that is legal. You can’t open up a store and pretend to be a popular brand of clothing.
If you see something like that on the internet, then it’s best not to work with them, and to report them immediately. They’re doing something that only hurts them and the company they are trying to impersonate.

Now, if a store is impersonating a company, that doesn’t make them completely a scam. Yes, if they are copying some other company that does mean that they are doing something illegal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t receive anything from them.

Many times, these types of sites will spring up, offer discounts, and actually send you a product. The only problem will be that the product you receive is actually just a knock-off brand product that was made from China (or some other cheap place), which is why they can sell it so inexpensive.

Either way, if you are looking for authentic, Versace brand clothing, then TopClothesShop.Site isn’t the place to look for it.

Similarities With Other Scam Websites

We’ve looked at a large number of scam websites, and the more we look at, the more we see similarities between scam websites.

When we had originally looked at TopClothesShop.Site, we immediately thought that it was a scam website, because we had reviewed two other websites that had the same exact type of website theme that TopClothesShop.Site had.Grey Sides On Theme Depending on how you viewed the site, you may (or may not) be able to see that this site has gray sidebars on both sides. They were exactly identical, in size and color, to the sites we reviewed recently – and

Because of this, we suspected that it was the same scammer behind all three of these sites, and after a few attempts to get to the bottom of it, we found that it was indeed the same person behind all three scams!

Details In The Email

We love emails, as you may notice from previous articles that we’ve written about. And this site is no different. Originally, this site had its email system messed up, and so we couldn’t verify that it was actually from the same scammer. But after we waited a few days, we found out that it was true.

Scammer's Email AddressFor a while now, we’ve been finding more and more sites that have been coming from someone who uses the email address CS1(@)customerservicehome(.)com. And that email address has been linked to all kinds of fraudulent websites:

fraudulent scams scammer's been a part ofAs you can see from above, there are numerous things that this scammer has been a part of. They’ve had a few social media scams, as well as scamming with PayPal. They’ve even had more than dozens of scam websites they have been behind!

Because of all this, this site, TopClothesShop.Site, isn’t going to be much different from all the rest that this scammer has been part of. TopClothesShop.Site is a fraudulent website, and one that we personally wouldn’t recommend that you use.

TopClothesShop.Site Is A Scam!

Well, that’s our proof that TopClothesShop.Site is a scam. And there is more that we could add to the weight of our argument.

If you scrolled to the bottom of their site, you would see some social media buttons. They should go to their social media accounts, but, interestingly enough, they don’t go anywhere. This is a typical tact that scammers use, making it look like they are on social media, when it reality, they aren’t.

Also, when you looked up just when exactly this site was created, you’ll come to find out that it was 11 days ago (from writing this article):

Registered On April 11th, 2019The site was registered on April 11th, 2019. That makes it less than 2 weeks old. Once again, this is a common ploy that scammers will use. They will create a new website, and make it appear like its been around for a long while, so that people will think they are a legitimate company.
Because of all these warnings, and from what we were able to find through our review of TopClothesShop.Site, we really wouldn’t trust it, nor recommend it to those who are asking about it. Nothing good will come from it, and you’ll only have heartache after headache from trying to order from this site.

Don’t Get Scammed Again!

We know what it’s like getting scammed – we’ve gotten scammed plenty of times. But because of this, we were able to find similarities between many scam websites.

We created a video course, How To Detect Online Scams, in which we explain these similarities and methods we use to check a website. And we’re happily able to offer it to you for a discounted price.

Unfortunately, we can’t really give you the money that you lost by being scammed (if you did get scammed). But we can give you our course for a cheaper and  more affordable price.

Follow the link below and get our course for 50% off of it’s original price. It’s our way of trying to help out those who have been scammed before, and/or those who don’t have a lot of money to spend!

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Thanks to Claudia for letting us know about this scam!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

7 thoughts on “TopClothesShop.Site Review: Is TopClothesShop A Scam? (Scam Discount Warning!)”

  1. I was stupid, I have bought shoes and they have sent me a ring (?). When I wanted to return it, they started to write me: “As you know the international package is so expensive and it will take very long time. If you want return it, you have to pay the shipping fee by yourself.
    Only after we received the returned package, can we give you refund, but not the full refund,because we will lose the shipping fee.
    We sincerely want to solve this problem asap, and hope it won’t bother you so long time.
    We will much appreciate you can keep it. How about 35% refund of the product’s value?”

    So be very carefull, it’s a fraude…

    • Same thing happened to me I bought a jacket n got sent a scarf they don’t have a contact reference neither have you managed to get your money back??

    • Because this is a scam website, you’re going to have to dispute the transaction. That means going to the company your purchased though (Credit Card Issuer, Bank, etc), explaining the situation that happened, and seeing if they can do anything about it.

      Best of luck!

    • Sorry to hear about that. You probably won’t be able to get what you ordered. And while it’s probably too late, you could always try to contact the company that you purchased your order through (PayPal, Credit Card, etc), and see what they say, and if they can help you.


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