Is Writers Work A Scam? (I personally don’t trust it)

Writers Working

Writers Work is a company that has been around for several years now. They have thousands of followers on social media, and have seem to have quite a few positive reviews.

But reviews can sometimes be deceiving. Is Writers Work a scam, or are they a legit company? What is actually known about them? That is just exactly what we’re hoping to uncover in this Writers Work review!


Product: Writers Work

Creator(s): Ms. Rhonda Wilcox (?)

Description: A site that is specifically designed for freelance writers. You pay a subscription fee, and you receive possible writing jobs.

Price: $47 or $15 per month, with possible upsells

Recommended? Not exactly…

Rating: 3 out of 10

Alternative Program

Writers Work is a site that offers writers a place to, well, find work. They not only provide work, but also offer a wide selection of help to become a better writer, editor, and worker.

There are mixed reviews of Writers Work around the internet. Some say that it is legit. Others claim that they shouldn’t be trusted. Most of these reviews come from other people’s websites. There seems to be a lot of controversy around Writers Work, and hopefully we’ll be able to get to the bottom of it. – Is It The Place To Be?

The first thing to do when looking at a program, product, or site, it to actually go and take a look at it. While reviews are a great thing to take a look at, you can’t fully understand them until you take a look at the actually thing they are reviewing.

So I visited the site.

It seemed legit enough. A cute little video will grab your attention, and help make you want to buy this program. The one-page-homepage is what you’ll naturally find on most sites now-a-days.

But we’re not looking at how cute the site is, are we? Oh, no, we’re not…

As you continue to read, you find that you get access to a word processor that will allow you to work quickly and efficiently. They also offer a grammar-checker that will get rid of all your writing mistakes.

You need help in getting stuff done? Well, just use their goal setter thingy, and you’ll be achieving goals in no time!

All the claims look great, but that doesn’t really tell us much about the authenticity of the site. So let’s take a deeper look, and see what can be dug up!

TOS and Privacy Policy

As I usually do, I quickly scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see if I could find their ToS (Terms of Service) and their Privacy Policy.

Of course, everything checked out about both of them. There doesn’t seem to be any hidden agenda’s or weird language in them.

Like most TOS they note that there really is no guarantee on how much money you’ll make (blah, blah, blah). Most make sure to say this so that if the program doesn’t work out for you, and you want to sue, there really is no basis for it (typical legal stuff…).

Their Terms and Conditions page did seem to have some interesting information:

Thank you for using the Writers Work LLC website (accessible at hereinafter, the ‘Website’).

Writers Work LLC? Hmm, if they are an LLC, then has anyone said anything about this company?

BBB’s rating of Writers Work LLC

A great place to take a look at registered companies is at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Interestingly, BBB did have a page about Writers Work LLC, and it doesn’t look good.

When I first wrote this article, they had just started and already had a few complaints.

They have had four complaints against them, and none of them have been answered.

BBB's Rating

Getting an ‘F’ rating on BBB isn’t good. And when a company doesn’t respond to the complaints, that also shows a lack of caring about your customers.

What were the complaints about?

Two tell about how they weren’t able to get a refund from Writers Work. On the site, you can see that they have a 30-day money back guarantee. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Another explains how they paid the initial fee, but then was charged a little less than $30 for something called “coaching”. Additionally (and I can’t exclusively prove this), but the guy found that some of the jobs he was given were expired Craigslist ads.

I personally don’t have a problem with people making complaints against companies. What I do have a problem is with companies that don’t respond to those complaints. It hurts the business even if the complaints are true or false.

False Claims. Most people understand how false claims hurt a business. If someone is spreading lies against another company, that should be responded to by the company.

The company has the ability to tell the whole world that these claims aren’t real – yet Writers Work hasn’t done that yet? Why not? This shows (to me at least) that Writers Work doesn’t care about how their customers are treated, nor what happens with their reputations. As long as Writers Work makes money, they don’t care.

True Claims. But if these really are true claims, then it these complaints are ones that you should listen to. Because of these complaints it’s probably best not to do anything with Writers Work or their websites and business.

Once again, if the claims are true, is the reason Writers Work hasn’t responded because they have no answer? If Writers Work is truly built on lies and deceit, then why wouldn’t they respond to these claims with lies and deceit? It honestly doesn’t make sense to me.

UPDATE: They seem to now have 34 complaints:

According to the new reviews, there does seem to be responses from the owner (to at least some of them…). However it looks like only a few people are actually get refunded when they ask for it, and many have to wait half a month and be really pushy to get that refund.

Are the complaints founded?

Do the complaints have any basis for what they say?

Writers Work has two main ways to buy their program. Either a monthly fee of $15, or a one time payment of $47.

As you’ll noticed from the screenshot above, it says that you’ll “never have to pay another cent – forever”.

The Terms and Conditions seem to say something a little different:

If you upgrade to a higher tier plan during the billing cycle, a prorated fee between the rates specified in the subscription you previously selected and the fees specified in the subscription to which you have upgraded will be applied.

So, there are higher tier plans within Writers Work? I don’t know, but something doesn’t seem to add up here. The complaints on BBB’s website can’t be proven conclusively. But neither can they not be proven. I think it’s best for Writers Work to answer them, and help show the world what really is the truth.

I do want to point out one other thing about the one-time payment plan. If you take a look at the screenshot above, you’ll notice it says that this is the Early-bird pricing.

Early-bird is usually a term for something that is just starting out, or something that has just opened up. For example, if registration for a conference has just opened up, you can usually get a discounted price if you register as soon as possible.

The thing is, Writers Work has been open for business for over 1 year now. So why claim that people can still get an ‘early-bird’ discount?

[Update: Our review has been up for several years, and Writers Work is still claiming to run this early-bird discount, even though they’ve been running it for than a year… Just a typical marketing sales gimmick to get people to buy…]

Does writers work actually pay?

I personally haven’t heard of anyone who actually made money from Writers work. It doesn’t seem like people make money from this site.

How do I get a refund from writers work?

Email, email, email. You’re going to need to be pushy, and continually ask them for a FULL refund of what you purchased from them within the first 30 days. Expect it to be long and complicated, and them giving you the run-around (people have gotten a refund, it just took a while and was really annoying).

Can you make a living on writers work?

Short answer: probably not. You’re best bet is to check out other programs that have a lot more authority and legitimacy in their field (a good example is below).

Is Writers Work a scam?

Writers Work doesn’t appear to be a scam. They seem to be a legit company. However, just because they are legit, doesn’t mean that I would recommend them to anyone.

From all the reviews online, they don’t really offer what they are saying.

There are several places that you can go and get just as great service, all for free. (,, etc) But with a BBB rating of ‘F’, Writers Work isn’t a company you probably want to do business with. I don’t think it will be worth it in the long run.

Take Control Of What You Write!

Writing for other people isn’t the only way to make money from writing. You can use a personal blog to make money with your own writing (and get to keep all the rights to your writing too!)

If you enjoy writing, but want to own all that you’ve written, and make money doing that, then maybe you would want to consider being a blogger. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you all about that – and they have a free membership to get you started.

Within their free membership, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to set up a website, show you how to get traffic to your site, and show you how to make money with the website you’ve made.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

64 thoughts on “Is Writers Work A Scam? (I personally don’t trust it)”

  1. your name is “we get scammed for you” so why haven’t you done that? pay the fee and you say you don’t recommend because of reports to bbb that you can’t verify. so be what you CLAIM to be . or are you JUST A SCAM TOO . you may not be paid directly by them or their competition but you have plenty of clickbait ads including some from their competition

    • Kydio,

      Thanks for taking the time to write out the comment. We appreciate it. While our name is ‘We Get Scammed For You’, we don’t necessarily do what most would consider ‘getting scammed’. You don’t need to pay up money to get scammed. In fact, if we spend money on every site we’ve looked into, we would have paid thousands of dollars into the whole issue of scamming (and helping feed the problem as well).

      Because of this, we have been able to find similarities between scam websites, and based on those, we can usually tell whether a site is a scam without having to purchase anything.

      Also, while we can’t verify the BBB comments, they are usually more trustworthy than other sites (like Trust Pilot). And if the BBB gives a company an ‘F’ rating, it’s nothing to scoff at.

      The article is our opinion of Writer’s Work, and whether or not we would recommend it. If you have a differing opinion (or even go so far as to say that we are also a scam), that is entirely your opinion, and can hold it if you so choose (even though they might be erroneous). But to come here and suggest that we didn’t get ‘scammed’ isn’t a overly wise thing to do.


      • Bravo Andy! I love your response. It’s nice to have someone to trust to be honest. Thank-you! I appreciate your hard work and your offer of alternatives.

        • Sorry to hear that Brad. I was by no means trying to be threatening in any way. And I’m not sure how that’s relevant to the review.

          What’s your opinion of Writers Work?

      • Ok, so what are the several websites that do this for FREE because I havent found any. All of the sites I have searched to find writing gigs ask for $ and are not usually legit

  2. Thanks for saving me $47 and a degree of frustration. I’m looking into other opportunities, having already set up both a WordPress a WriteSpike site. Trying to get started on freelance writing to supplement my teaching salary and carry me into eventual “retirement.”

    • Have you taken a look at our review of Wealthy Affiliate? They would definitely get you started in the right direction on setting up a website, and making money through it. If you sign up with the link on our article, we’ll get notified, and be able to help you with anything you might need help with!

    • Thank you for this site. It will save me time in the future wading through all the bs out there, and it’s a breath of fresh air–I’ve been in network marketing for 20 years, and one of the things that always has annoyed me was the difficulty of getting an honest review of any mlm.

      For instance, if you were to do a Google search for “Is (mlm du jour) a scam?” you always get this answer in one form or another: “Is _____ a scam? Let’s see . . . .” and then they proceed to show that it isn’t whether it is or not and begin prospecting you. I find that disgusting! An honest review service online is hard to find and I appreciate yours.

      Regarding Writer’s Work, it may not be an overt scam, but if you’re a writer, you’re looking for work; you’re not looking to learn how to write, and as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Microsoft Word corrects your grammar and spelling for free. There are any number of free freelance writing sites that offer assignments, just do a Google search.

      In short, like with any job search, you have to do the work. Why pay Writer’s Work to get assignment listings that are free all over the Internet. If you wanted to be a professional hockey player, would you pay an Internet site for hockey training and then assume you’re ready for the show? Of course not!

      As a former college English/writing professor, it’s completely clear that you don’t pay an online site and suddenly become William Faulkner. Irving Stone’s, the Agony and the Ecstasy, was a biography of Michelangelo, which talked about the “agony” of developing your craft. It takes time and hard work.

      Writer’s Work reduces the whole process to a farce; I find their offer offensive and misleading.

      • May I just take a moment to stand and applaud you Sir? What you stated in your last 2 paragraphs needs to be broadcasted straight into the brains of the people in my age group(30’s) and the ones behind me and so forth.

        I was reading this review to get information for a friend who wants to attempt to work from home. She has no writing skills and seems to be looking for a shortcut to a career. She has great ideas when it comes to writing but if it hadn’t been for me she would never have made it through her college years. I recently started to do freelance work from home due to the declining health of my father and the fact that my child care provider had a stroke. My child has special needs and there is no other daycare in my area that will take us on. I started reading this article for her but ended with information that I am taking away for myself. Thank you, Adam, for that pleasant surprise.

        I have already told my friend in so many words (and probably not as nicely) that a hound doesn’t pick up a scent without smelling the ground. I agree that if people want results they must put in the work. Everybody is looking for shortcuts these days. Heaven forbid somebody has to stop and read or research a topic before diving into it.

        As far as Writers Work goes, if something sounds too good to be true… No need to finish that colloquialism right?

        I can’t speak for that first commenter here but I can say that I personally appreciate you reading through the TOS, combing through that site, and checking the BBB, so I didn’t have to. I know that this is a bit ironic after what I said in my previous paragraph. But in my defense, I was not looking for a shortcut. I came here looking for the overall sentiment on the site. And no offense to We Get Scammed For You but I plan on looking at other reviews as well. So that when I call my friend that I will have as much ammo as possible to shoot down this idiom that a site will do it all for you.

        To other aspiring writers like myself and my lazy friend:
        – If the thought is crossing your mind that any site or “program” is a scam as to the point that you are looking at reviews like this, it probably is. Follow that feeling and find another source.
        – If You feel like you want/need more help than what Word supplies there are programs like Grammarly and These are both paid services that have either trial periods of free options
        – At the risk of sounding like a broken record there is a lot of help out there for free. and also offer free and paid services but they do have a basic grammar check for free. Along with other learning tools.
        These things won’t build a career, you have to do that yourself. But they can help with some basics if you feel that you need them.

        Once again Adam, thank you for this information it is much appreciated. And to Mr. Mark from the post above thank you for being a person that helps shape the minds of our future. To anybody reading this have a blessed a beautiful day.

  3. Hello: I feel the reporter did not accurately investigate “”. After paying the so-called ONE TIME $47. fee, you are immediately taken to other screens telling you you MUST pay an additional $99, another $99, and then $29. I fortunately, was alert enough but did fall for the added $29. In other words, this is nearly a $300 ripoff. Sometimes a report must invest some $$ to truly get to the bottom of these scams!

    • Thanks for your opinion Dr. Ken! Even though we don’t agree with it, we do value other people’s input and feedback.

      As you may (or may not know), we take a look at dozens of websites weekly/monthly, and would be paying several thousands of dollars if we purchased and paid for something on every site that we take a look at. On top of that, if something is indeed a scam, why feed the whole problem by paying them? That will just cause the scammer to make more site like the one that you paid into, and the cycle will never stop.

      Additionally, just because there are a bunch of ‘upsells’ after the payment doesn’t necessarily make it a scam. There could be people that are making money with Writers Work and are happy with them.

      • Dr. Mayhood’s reply is not an opinion it is a first-hand accounting of the cascade of fraud that this company perpetrates on hopeful writers. Here’s an opinion: Based on your editorial of the company I will not participate with it. You have saved me having my work hijacked and upsold to sites that subscribe to Writers-Work, but I find that your assessment of Dr. Mayhood’s experience as being an opinion to be arrogant as you read it as a challenge to your credibility. Facts are not opinions, Dr. Mahood stated facts that support your assertion that the company is not endorsement worthy.

        • Hey Chaplain,

          When we said his ‘opinion’, we were specifically talking about the last sentence: Sometimes a report must invest some $$ to truly get to the bottom of these scams!

          We weren’t saying that his first hand account was an opinion, but that a report *must* invest money to get to the bottom of scams.

          • Lots of people commenting and not commenting are having this same opinion. Consider for a second if you did get scammed for us like your website says. I am a one timer who stumbled on your site, I never usually comment on anything, and ill probably never think about you again. But I do watch shark tank religiously. Your brand is screaming at me right now WE GET SCAMMED FOR YOU imagine you actually went through with that with everything you do. I would subscribe to your blog or youtube channel, throw a video to it and you could be reaching millions of people instead of the numbers you’re reaching now. Just a thought lol

  4. In response to Dr. Mahood, I just signed up today and paid the $47 fee. The additional options that cost $29 and $99 are just that, OPTIONAL and can be declined at the bottom. I was able to decline all additional offers. I don’t have an official review yet but did want to clear up that misinformation.

    • Any chance you could provide a real review once you’ve used the service for a while? I don’t mean to use you as a canary in a mineshaft but since you’re already in the mineshaft… I hope it turns profitable for you

    • I would also greatly appreciate any further knowledge you can provide. I’m a stay at home mom, trying to put my skill set to use, but am too afraid to make that leap blindly. Here’s hoping you are successful!

  5. After all is said and done, it appears to me that Andy is wrting these articles with the sole intent being to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I’m sure there are costs to become involved in that as well. Generally as the saying goes, “There are no free lunches.”

    • As another saying goes, “appearance can be deceiving”.

      Did you even read the article? If so, why would you suggest that my sole intent is to promote Wealthy Affiliate? I mention 3 other sites to use as an alternative to Writers Work, and that’s not including Wealthy Affiliate.

      And while it is true that Wealthy Affiliate does have a premium membership, the point of the article was that there are other places, websites that are free to use without having to pay money, to learn about making money online.

      • Andy, you said first, “There are several places that you can go and get just as great service, all for free.” Then you stated, “I mention 3 other sites to use as an alternative to Writers Work, and that’s not including Wealthy Affiliate.”

        I’ve read and reread this article three times now, and, honestly, I only saw mention of the Wealthy Affiliate site. Where did I miss the mention of the other websites’ names? I’d really like to know as I am a cheap son-of-gun and not willing to plunk down any of my hard-earned money until I have gotten to thoroughly try out every feature for free.

        • Freelancer is one place, Guru and Upwork are two others. If you’re looking for a full time job, I would look at websites like Monster, or Indeed. All those sites should get you started somewhere.

          • Andy, it is pretty clear that Wealthy Affiliate is yours. There´s an image of you on it´s main page saying “you will receive coaching from me”. So why do you deny it?

          • Hey Carl,

            You clicked through my link, to a page that I’m able to customize – that doesn’t mean that I own the site. I use the site to help people learn how to make a full-time income through writing, but that doesn’t mean that I own the site.

            If you do more research, you’ll find that other people are able to make their own customized main pages – with their own words, their images, etc. Also, you’ll find, if you dig just a little deeper, that the site is run by Kyle and Carson, and not any of us.


  6. Thank you Andy for the information. I was a well put together article that also detailed the way you came to the conclusion of Be careful all arrows point to a possible negative outcome. I like the information you gave on how to look for a scam and where to goin some instances to check out the viability of the information. I also understand the limitation of not purchasing the $47 yourself. If you see the fire is hot no need to put yourself in it to get burned when you can see others have already been burned. Also, thank you for the options mentioned. I believe I have benefited from the information you gave and will check them out.

  7. Andy: There seems to be a unexpectedly high number of commenters who take issue with either your use of the BBB to evaluate the conduct of a business and with your refusal to spend money to follow through on investigating a business. This feels crazy for two reasons, not least of which is that in my adult life I have had cause to consult the BBB on multiple occasions and found their evaluations of businesses to be spot on and reliable. To use their review as a guide and err on the side of caution by using free sources to find work instead of Writers Work is actually quite prudent folks!

    Second, I just wanted to write and say thank you very much for taking the time to investigate Writers Work at all! I am looking to get into freelance writing to supplement grad school stipend, and had come across their website. But I was suspicious, and found your review when looking for whether it was worth the cost.

    I do not expect you to to engage in the sort of investigative journalism that the New York Times or The New Yorker Magazine are able to bankroll in order to exhaustively evaluate the Writers Work website, and no one else should either! Big news outlets have budgets for this sort of thing, and I don’t get why some people expect you to have the same budget with a website that seems more labor of love than laboring for Newscorp!

    And you state clearly that you are unable to deduce if there are in fact people making good money writing via the WW platform. And you state that the reviews you have found are inconsistent with it being a completely trustworthy business. This does not seem to be the damning denouncement that some commenters believe! And since poor reading comprehension is a pet peeve of mine, I just wanted to say: I appreciate your efforts, thank you for saving me money that I really don’t have to throw away, and sorry for these folks looking to punch holes in your efforts to help us all out!

  8. Thank you for the review Andy. I was interested in WW because it seems to be a cheap way to do the necessary training to become a copywriter – I have also looked at AWAI and that is one where you have to keep on paying and paying…. and I liked the word processor option. It would be good to hear from someone who has signed up and used their training materials to see how good they are – maybe they are really worth $47?

  9. So, after reading this article, I cancelled my subscription with writers work through their chat function. I had purchased the $47 lifetime subscription but after looking at the Better Business Bureau rating and reading this, I want no part in their services. After the person messaging me said they initiated the refund process, I mentioned to them about their D+ (at the time of writing this, they appear to have a D+ rating) on the Better Business Bureau. This was the employee’s response:

    “Regarding our grade with the BBB, the BBB is a private organization that requires paid membership to manage your own business’s ranking. So, while there are some customer complaints filed there, there is no record of our response, as all complaints are filed internally. ”

    She then told me she was expediting my refund. Hopefully my money will be refunded in a timely manner. I found it interesting that once I mentioned the Better Business Bureau, she said she would expedite my refund. Thought I’d share.

  10. Thanks for the advice Andy. It’s sound, other than the WealthyAffiliate opinion. It’s apparently set up for people that are already wealthy and can afford to pay apparently (of course you can initially join for free) Most writers starting out are looking for low cost alternatives up until they can prove to themselves that they can actually make money doing it. (Difficult from my own experiences) As to the BBB reviews. Having previously ran a business (and still self-employed) There are other ways to view it rather than not answering a complaint might be grounds for not engaging. And some customers use it to threaten businesses (that can’t always find time to respond) in order to take advantage of the economics of billing/pricing. I know, because I have been there and done that. (And I also have experience setting up/designing a web page hoping to maybe turn a buck in the process.)
    It’s not such a simple thing as the majority of the sites claim. And I have yet to receive even a meager dollar from any of the writing that I have done.

  11. I found the comments underneath this article just as interesting (& entertaining!) as the article itself! If people who are using the service or have received refunds could comment too I’m sure that would also be very useful. I find it strange that no one from has commented here either as it seems there are losing a lot of sales from this article. Thanks Andy

  12. Andy: I wonder why it is that I looked at the two “is it a scam review” re Writers.Work and found almost the same language and same review and bingo, both sites are Web Affiliate Sites pushing their own product. Just coincidence or are you involved in things of a seditious nature. I took a look at Web Affiliates and other than you no credit card startup (auto charge after the first month, of course), it looks like the same kind of deal. You numbers are impressive, but having a few decades of business experience, we both know that all million members are not currently functional and your 1800 coaches are simply folks who are members getting some kind of stipend for allowing you to use them. Here is the caveat for everyone looking a or Wealthy Affiliates. For the user it is garbage in and garbage out. Having been an editor, publisher and writer for a very long time, I know (1) 95 percent of the people who want to be writers are not equipped to put in the work and do not possess the skills, language, and vocabulary, or personality to be successful writers. Even with the basic or upgraded tools offered by Writers.Work they will fail. A large percentage of those will complain that it was the fault of Writers.Work. Some of those are the ones who complain to the BBB (or BBB complaints come from competitors). Reviews on line are always to be suspected of a form of scam. Reading reviews from “writers” who think they have been scammed provides some of the worst examples of why they are not writers. Is opportunistic. Yes they are. but they are no worse than your product which makes audacious claims, that may or may not be accurate. But again those who come to Wealthy Affiliates with high expectations will not in most cases succeed because they don’t have the work ethic, basic skills, and intellectual honesty to admit that they are looking for a “get rich by doing as little as they can” scheme.

  13. “We Get Scammed for you”

    Ah, I think you are the scam. You didn’t sign up, but yet you will share your thoughts?

    Makes a lot sense, mate. You’re just another blogger promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program. Why is that? It pays a nice recurring commission! Would you promote it if it didn’t? Just think. You. are. promoting. it. because. you. get. paid.

    • Hi Blogging Ethical Committee,

      WGSFY digs into what we can see, we don’t have the time or money to reach into every aspect of the websites we review. As with everything online people should take our reviews with a grain of salt or sugar. Best of luck not getting scammed out there!

  14. i also just went to this website, writers work, and can’t go past the create your on URL pop-up box. do you know if the creator, rhonda wilcox, has a telephone number. i want to call her and ask her how do you create a URL. i just paid $47, $99, $99 to that website.

  15. Cancelled my subscription within 30 min of signing up. Have tried to communicate to no avail. This is a scam a rama! Many of the jobs posted are expired!

  16. Thank You for the information. I just looked at the website and before spending any money googled them to see if they were good and saw this article with a lot of information from others. I am glad Andy didn’t spend any money. He said they weren’t reliable from his initial review. They are making thousands of dollars off of people why give them more. I won’t be using their services. Thank you!

  17. I wish that I had read these comments BEFORE I signed up and paid their fee, however, we old people are dumb like that sometimes. What got me was the fact the the COACH cancelled on me at the last minute and never called me back to reschedule. Then after some investigation of the site, I saw that they listed only 9 writers. Well, no wonder they say that there is “a shortage of good writers” which I know is not technically true since I have also done work with Fivver, and Freelancer, and the like. I just hope they actually REFUND my money, because I live on Social Security and cannot afford to come out of my pocket like that. I had to borrow this money and now I feel so stupid. (sigh)

  18. honestly pretty poor article and reporting. why not just pay the $47 and see what the program is and review the products? This article offers only a tiny amount of value and stops short of the point when it could have become actually an interesting report. Please reconsider how you investigate companies

  19. The review has “Promotion of WEALTHY AFFILIATE” written all over it. C’mon guys, this is a time tested way of making money via affiliate marketing….review competitor websites/products…do not sound overly negative of these competitors…sound as if you are actually interested in helping people out (WE GET SCAMMED FOR YOU).
    If you look hard enough, you will see blogs with similar reviews of Wealthy Affiliate by other affiliate marketers. Let’s face it…there are no unbiased reviews online. In fact let’s appreciate that Andy is pointing to the more credible sources like BBB.

  20. Thank you so much, seriously today i looked up writing from home and got the “writers Work” site at the top of the list. I watched the video, not going to lie it is indeed cute and gripping!!! lol … the one time fee of 47d … i stared at it and stared at it lol , opened up another browser page and searched to see if they are legit or not and boom your page came up. I have read EVERY comment and promptly closed the browser window before making that payment. Alarm bells go off anytime there is a payment to be made to access anything, They always seem to announce FREE until deeper in to a ONE TIME PAYMENT. I thank you so much, and rest assured there are other sites that question this company too. People like yourselves are fantastic. you just saved me 47d that honestly i could do with keeping in my bank account not theirs lol. I will look into the other sites you have suggested.

  21. IF anyone doesn’t get a response for a refund after paying, you can contact your credit card company and file a complaint with it to get a refund.

  22. Also look up Writers Work affiliate program, see how much of paid fees goes to them…can anyone say PYRAMID SCHEME?! Thanks Andy, glad you didn’t fund them any more (& saved many of us from doing the same).

  23. Hello! I’ve been following your wonderful website and blog for a while! I would love to contribute some useful links to your website. Please let me know if you are interested and please inform me regarding the pricing conditions for do-follow links exchange. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon. Regards, Linda

  24. The thing is that if you do what they tell you, it will cost around $500 to get started. I read everything and was about to sign up when I found the part that wants a fee to give you the “Real Tips” on earning big bucks!!! So thanks for the review and saving me a ton of money!

  25. Hi Andy! So good of you to leave a review and also a recommendation of a competitor. That shows genuine lack of bias and kickback. How are you assured I am using Wealthy Affiliate due to your recommendation?



    • Me showing that a product isn’t worth it, and recommending an alternative that does work (from my experience) is ‘genuine lack of bias and kickback’? Yeah, I use affiliate marketing to make money on this site, but that doesn’t influence my reviews.

      I’d be more than happy to answer any of your reasons as to why you think that Writers Work is worth it.


  26. In my opinion, any company that asks you to pay any amount to get a job is a scam. The job is supposed to pay you. There’s no such thing as a get rich quick as far as affiliate programs, writing blogs, or anything else to make money. Hard work and consistent effort is what brings a paycheck,

  27. Hey Andy;
    I appreciate your efforts and you have given me enough information that I find useful in determining my own decision. As an American, I don’t wonder where the power of the self-governed people disappeared to……..I know …….It’s called conveinance, comfort, lack of independance, and blame. I wouldnt expect you to go waste your money on all the possible scams. I also don’t blame you for promoting something that you work for to make commission. If I was completely set on a career in writing than all that you have done is all I would need to look further ahead and have a more cautious eye on these websites. I respect your efforts and I now can make “my own” decision what I shall do. Thanks again
    Dan N

    • Hey Dan you’re welcome. Just to be clear, I don’t ‘work’ for the people I promote. Yes, I do make a commission, but I could also make about the same commission promoting Writer’s Work (they also have an affiliate program). But I don’t, because, well, I don’t necessarily trust them, haha.


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