The Wall Of Proclaimed Names!

The Wall Of Proclaimed Names!

Yeah, we know, it’s a complete copy of something called a hall of fame, but hey, the wall of proclaimed names sounds pretty cool!

This page is dedicated to those who have helped support us in some way or other. Our thanks goes out to all of you!

(If you wish to get your name on the wall, feel free to support us through Patreon!)

Scam Avoiders!

No one yet… Be the first one!

Scam Exposers!

Unfortunately, no one has yet to support us under this option. But you could be the first one!

Scam Fighters!

Brandy Smith

Scam Obliteraters

We don’t expect many to be underneath this, but hey, if your interested, we’ll take your name!

Personal Shout-outs To…

Jeremy, for letting us know that our contact form wasn’t work (no wonder we weren’t receiving anything…). Thanks bro!

Tony, as the first person to use our contact form!

Susanna, for pointing out the many typos and grammatical mistakes that we don’t seem to catch, as well as letting us know about the broken Patreon link!