Review: Is Thomsmall The Real Beats By Dre store? (No, it’s not…)

Recently, through our contact form, we recieved a request about, and whether they were legit or not. We have since added it to our list of scam websites. And because we added it to our list, and seem to be getting more people looking at it, we decided to write a review about

Is Thomsmall a scam? Are they The Real Beats By Dre store? If the the title doesn’t answer those questions, then we’ll have to spell it out again. Yes, Thomsmall is indeed a scam, and no, they’re not the The Real Beats By Dre store. But let us explain why below! And Beats By Dre

ThomSmall's Main PageWhen you go to, you immediately should be able to tell that something just isn’t right about this site. And that is that they seem to be claiming that they are Beats By Dre.

Beats By Dre is a popular site that sells wireless headphones, and is owned by Apple. Doing a quick search on any search engine will show you the real site. And Thomsmall has nothing to do with that real site.

There are several indications that they’re trying to impersonate Beats By Dre. You’ll notice that in the screenshot above, they have a welcome notice saying “Beats by Dr. Dre Store”. They also seem to be using the same logo as Beats By Dre.

The red circle logo with the black ‘B’ in it is in fact part of Beats By Dre, which means that they own the copyright for it, and are the only ones that (should) officially do business with that logo.

But we guess doesn’t care that their doing something illegal, dishonest, and downright wrong. goes so far as to claim their copyright is from Dr. Dre as well!

Copyright NoticeIf you were to hover over the copyright notice on their site, you would notice that the embedded link is going back to Thomsmall’s website. If it were actually copyright by who they claim it is, it should go back to the official Beats By Dre store.

So, right off the bat, we can see that is clearly lying about who they are, and just what company they are a part of.

Don’t Be Deceived By Discounts!

Discounts aren’t a bad thing. In fact, we recommend that you find products with discounts, and spend less money when you can. But just because a site is claiming to have discounts doesn’t mean that you should believe them. Especially if they are a newer site.

Scammers love putting discounts on their sites. Because everyone wants something cheaper, when you have a discount for something popular, you’ll more than likely get a following very quickly.

There is something interesting about all these discounts that has on their website. And that is that on every page, all the products seem to have the same exact discount and price!

Same Discount - Same PriceIt’s not typical for all the products to be the same price, and for them to have the exact discount either. That’s just not the norm when it comes to these type of things.

So, when looking at these lower prices, you should immediately realize that something doesn’t look as legit as it should be. Discounts come because of supply and demand, because of overstock and understock. And it’s highly doubtful that all these are going to come out exactly the same.

Now, that isn’t to say that legit sites don’t do this – it’s just that more than often, a scammer’s site(s) will often have the same exact discount for all their products (why, we don’t know.)

So always be on the lookout of bogus discounts, and don’t be easily fooled by products with low prices.

Linking Fraudulent Websites Together

Scammers will often leave a trail of fraud and scam behind them. If you put enough pieces together, you can almost follow them through the previous months, and see exactly what they’ve been up to.

We decided to do some further investigating with this site, and tried to see if they would give us any other information. What we found told us that this site definitely wasn’t a site we wanted our audience to go to (besides for the fact that we already knew this due to Thomsmall impersonating Beats By Dre).

We received an email from, and found something very interesting within that email:

Details In The EmailIt was in that general email that told us how happy they were to have us join their store, and what the different pages were for. They gave an email, and said, if anyone needed more help, email them through that email address.

Strangely enough, that email address has been listed on other sites. Those other sites have be shown to be fraudulent. Which means, the owner of is going to be no different.

Scams the owner has been a part ofAs you can see from the screenshot, the owner of is definitely not one who has been doing things legitimately. There are dozens of cases where they have been doing some sort of fraudulent scheme.

There really isn’t much more to say on the matter. can be linked to other sites that have been show to be fraudulent. And there is no way that Thomsmall is going to be different.

Is A Scam? is indeed a scam, and the owner is indeed a scam artist. They’ve been operating fraudulent websites for a while now, and they won’t be stopping any time soon, unfortunately.

If you ever find a site that is trying to pretend to be another site, or is claiming to have discounts, then you always need to investigate further, and see if they are really legit. Spending that time researching will save you money and time, in the long run.

So all in all, we definitely wouldn’t recommend that you purchase from nor trust the owners behind the website.

On a side note, we weren’t sure how to pronounce’s website name. Is It Thom’s Mall, or Thom Small?

Don’t Get Scammed Again!

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Thanks to Joe for asking us about this site through our contact form. Make sure to leave your thoughts on how to pronounce in the comments section below!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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  1. FYI: I “purchased” an item from this site and it hasn’t arrived. I’ve sent emails which are not being responded to, so now I’ve raised an enquiry with Paypal.


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