Review: Are You Going To Get Scammed? (Our Generated Report!)

You’re probably wondering why we think Tmdkk is a scam, right? Maybe you liked something on the site, or the products they were showing off. Or maybe, you’re just a curious person who likes to know about scams.

Whatever the case, we’re here to enlighten you on just why we believe isn’t legit. And we’ll do it through the reasons below. Hopefully, by the end of this article, these reasons will stick with you, and you’ll be able to use them if you ever come across another fraudulent website!

This is an automated report on, so our apologies if it doesn’t come out exactly right or sounds a little too generic (or vague). If we get enough people interested, we will write a more detailed article about Tmdkk!

Quick Review

Tmdkk's Main Page
  • Tmdkk is impersonating a legit brand name and pretending to be them.
  • Tmdkk is connected with an email address that has been linked with several other fraudulent scams.
  • Tmdkk has some shady discounts on their site, as well as not explaining why everything is so discounted.
  • There is a website or two that looks like Tmdkk.

Learn To Detect Scams

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Tmdkk Looks Like Other Sites?

We’ve looked into a number of scams over the past months. And something that we’ve found is that, for some strange reason, owners of sites will create multiple sites that look similar or exactly a like.

Most of these sites are scams. Or at least, every time we’ve seen a ‘look-a-like’ site, they’ve come out as being scams. But we guess someone could create two sites that look exactly the same, and have them be legit.

Fake Converse Shop that seems to be using the same grey theme.
Fake Converse Shop Using The Same grey -sided theme

As you can see in the above screenshot, we have a site that looks very similar to Tmdkk. And there could possibly be several of them out there as well. When we find one similar site, 2-3 usually aren’t that far behind.

Like we said, we’re not entirely sure why a website that is legitimate would do this. But it could be entirely possible.

Just means that this as itself may not conclusively prove that this site is a scam. But, on the flip side, it does discredit Tmdkk’s authenticity because of it, and ranks them lower due to having a ‘double’.

Just Who Are Claiming To Be?

Timberland's Logo Is What's On The Front Page of Tmdkk claims to sell certain brand products. As most of you know, Timberland is (most-likely) a major producer of quality products that they offer. It’s a popular brand among the circle that Timberland is in. But, when you take a closer look at Tmdkk’s site, you find that they aren’t only selling Timberland products, but they are also claiming to be Timberland as well.

It should be obvious to most that this isn’t the official store of Timberland, right? Their site doesn’t really seem up-to-date as what an official site would look like, as well as their domain name, Tmdkk, doesn’t exactly seem like it is Timberland. But, even though these things aren’t so, they are still claiming to be Timberland.

Tmdkk Is Using Timberland's Copyrighted Logo Without Permission

If you take a look at the screenshot above, you will notice that they have as a logo, or as words, Timberland’s brand. If that isn’t enough proof, then we’re not sure what is. But, there actually is even more proof.

If you look at the bottom of their website, called the footer, you should find that they copyright their site. Now, copyrighting a site isn’t anything unusual. What is unusual is who they claim is doing the copyrighting!

As noted in the above image, the name they put on their copyright notice is “Timberland”. Tmdkk is without question trying to impersonate the official Timberland website.

But what does this all really mean?

It means that the site we’re looking at is illegally pretending to be someone that they really aren’t. It means that Tmdkk is trying to make anyone on their site think that they are the real Timberland site and store. And that is just plain wrong.

Often-times, scammers will set up websites and try to impersonate a specific brand, or a particular product. People will come to their site, thinking it’s legit, purchase from it, and lose their money without ever getting anything that they ordered.

While we can’t say with certainty that Timberland’s products aren’t legit, we can say that they are definitely doing something illegal and because of that, they shouldn’t be trusted or used.

Don’t Be Deceived By Discounts!

Shady Discounts Being Run On Tmdkk

Sites that claim to have discounts should be ones that you are very skeptical of. You’ll notice on that they have many products marked down nearly 50%.

If a site doesn’t give a good reason as to why they have discounts, then it’s better to not give in to the urge to purchase whatever product you are look at.

Scammers love to use discounts and low prices to bring in traffic to their site. Many people will think, ‘It’s only $10, $20, $30 dollars that I’m going to lose if it is a scam. So what do I have to lose?’

Unfortunately, the reason why some of these scammers are still around is because of people who give up $30 dollars. Get 50 people to give up that much money in one scam, and the scammer already has $1500 just from that one website.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Just because a site has discounts on it doesn’t mean that it’s a scam. But what we are saying is that if they don’t give any good reason as to why they are selling products for such a low price, then they are best to be avoided.

Sites that have low prices are sites that you should make sure to look into and see if they are truly a scam (which is why you are here, right?)

The Email Connected With

So, you may be sitting there, and thinking all the above information just isn’t convincing enough for you to call this a scam. But what if we said that we could prove that this site is a scam?

What if we said that we had proof that has been connected with other fraudulent websites?

Tmdkk Is Connected With The Fraudulent Email Address -

If you take a look at the above screenshot, you’ll notice that it is an image of an email address. Nothing looks wrong with that email, does it?

However, that email address is connected to several other fraudulent websites.

As you see in the screenshot below, that email address, and thus, has been connected with several websites running scams:

The fraudulent email is connected with several other scam websites.

So there isn’t really anything else to say except that is indeed a scam, and one that we wouldn’t recommend you use!

We Don’t Recommend!

So, to reiterate what we said above:

  • Tmdkk is running some sketchy discounts
  • Tmdkk appears to be trying to pretend that they are Timberland
  •’s website looks like another website
  • Tmdkk uses an email that also is behind other fraudulent websites

In the end, from what we’ve found on the site, it does appear to be that Tmdkk is a scam and not legitimate.

Learn From Us!

We know what it’s like getting scammed – we’ve gotten scammed plenty of times. But because of this, we were able to find similarities between many scam websites.

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