Review: Is ToySloy Trustworthy? (Read This Before You Buy!) came to us recently through one way or another. When we looked at it initially, we found several errors in the site the concluded to us that they were indeed a scam website.

Is ToySloy Legit? Not from we saw on the site. In this article we’ll do our best to help show you just why we believe isn’t an authentic shop, nor why they should be trusted. Hopefully this review will help you think twice before purchasing through stores like these.

This is an automated report on, so our apologies if it doesn’t come out exactly right or sounds a little too generic (or vague). If we get enough people interested, we will write a more detailed article about ToySloy!

Quick Review

  • ToySloy is connected with an email address that has been linked with several other fraudulent scams.
  • ToySloy is impersonating a legit brand name and pretending to be them.
  • There is a website or two that looks like ToySloy.
  • ToySloy’s site is around or less than one month old.
  • ToySloy has some shady discounts on their site, as well as not explaining why everything is so discounted.

Find A Legit Store To Buy From!

Just because this is an unrealistic store doesn’t mean you need to walk away empty-handed. Check what Amazon has to offer, and order what you want immediately.

Discounted Prices Usually Mean Scam Products

Sites that claim to have discounts should be ones that you are very skeptical of. You’ll notice on that they have many products marked down nearly 50%.

If a site doesn’t give a good reason as to why they have discounts, then it’s better to not give in to the urge to purchase whatever product you are look at.

Scammers love to use discounts and low prices to bring in traffic to their site. Many people will think, ‘It’s only $10, $20, $30 dollars that I’m going to lose if it is a scam. So what do I have to lose?’

Unfortunately, the reason why some of these scammers are still around is because of people who give up $30 dollars. Get 50 people to give up that much money in one scam, and the scammer already has $1500 just from that one website.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Just because a site has discounts on it doesn’t mean that it’s a scam. But what we are saying is that if they don’t give any good reason as to why they are selling products for such a low price, then they are best to be avoided.

Sites that have low prices are sites that you should make sure to look into and see if they are truly a scam (which is why you are here, right?)

Similarities With Other Websites

We’ve looked at a large number of scam websites, and the more we look at, the more we see similarities between scam websites.

When we had originally looked at, we immediately thought that it looked like a scam website, because we had reviewed another website or two that had the same exact type of display that had.

Same exact scam, just called ToyVoy.Com

Depending on how you viewed the site, you may (or may not) be able to see that ToySloy looks very similar to the site above (in the screenshot). They appeared to us nearly identical, in size and color, to that other site.

Because of this, we suspected that it was the same scammer behind these sites. Many times, scammers will open several sites, that resemble each other. Some go so far as to use the same contact info on each site!

What Do Public Records Reveal?

Whenever someone registers a domain name, they do it through a company. Now, that company saves the date when that domain was registered. Not only that, but they put that date in public places for people to look up.

What this all means is that you, the reader could go, and check when was first registered. And if you were to do that, you would find that the site was registered fairly recently, as shown below:

If ToySloy was created that soon, it’s entirely possible that it’s a scam. Many times, scammers will create a website, run it for several months, and then shut it down.

Now, as always, we’re not saying that this in and of itself proves that is a scam. But what it does mean is that you should be hesitant as use this site, since it hasn’t been around long enough to know whether it is legit.

Impersonation Of Lego

When you go to the site, it becomes clearer that is claiming to be some store called Lego. Now, for those who don’t know, Lego is a well-known store that sells some sort of brand-name product.

What’s even more interesting is that Lego has their own store and website. So, why exactly is claiming to be Lego?

Claiming to be a store when you really aren’t isn’t something that is legal. You can’t open up a store and pretend to be a popular brand of clothing.

If you see something like that on the internet, then it’s best not to work with them, and to report them immediately. They’re doing something that only hurts them and the company they are trying to impersonate.

Now, if a store is impersonating a company, that doesn’t make them completely a scam. Yes, if they are copying some other company that does mean that they are doing something illegal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t receive anything from them.

Many times, these types of sites will spring up, offer discounts, and actually send you a product. The only problem will be that the product you receive is actually just a knock-off brand product that was made from China (or some other cheap place), which is why they can sell it so inexpensive.

Either way, if you are looking for authentic, Lego brand products, then isn’t the place to look for it.

Can We Prove Is A Scam?

So, you may be sitting there, and thinking all the above information just isn’t convincing enough for you to call this a scam. But what if we said that we could prove that this site is a scam?

What if we said that we had proof that has been connected with other fraudulent websites?

If you take a look at the above screenshot, you’ll notice that it is an image of an email address. Nothing looks wrong with that email, does it?

However, that email address is connected to several other fraudulent websites.

As you see in the screenshot below, that email address, and thus, has been connected with several websites running scams:

So there isn’t really anything else to say except that is indeed a scam, and one that we wouldn’t recommend you use! Is Indeed A Scam!

So, to reiterate what we said above:

  • ToySloy is running some sketchy discounts
  • ToySloy appears to be trying to pretend that they are Lego
  •’s website looks like another website
  • is still a very young site
  • ToySloy uses an email that also is behind other fraudulent websites

In the end, you will only lose money if you buy through, since they don’t seem like the type who will actually send anything to you. They are a fraudulent company that shouldn’t be around and shouldn’t be promoted.

Don’t Lose More Money!

We know what it’s like getting scammed – we’ve gotten scammed plenty of times. But because of this, we were able to find similarities between many scam websites.

We created a video course, How To Detect Online Scams, in which we explain these similarities and methods we use to check a website. And we’re happily able to offer it to you for a discounted price.

Unfortunately, we can’t really give you the money that you lost by being scammed (if you did get scammed). But we can give you our course for a cheaper and more affordable price.

Follow the link below and get our course for 50% off of its original price. It’s our way of trying to help out those who have been scammed before, and/or those who don’t have a lot of money to spend!

4 thoughts on “ Review: Is ToySloy Trustworthy? (Read This Before You Buy!)”

  1. Sadly, I can confirm it is a scam site. I bought LEGO worth a significant amount and got sent a ‘Gucci’ scarf. It took a bit of digging to even work out where the parcel came from (seemingly out of the blue) and make the connection to the purchase I had made.
    Don’t go there.

  2. yes I can also confirm that this is a scam… I got sent a $3 mini brick building toy that was only worth 20c…. not happy as I lost $90 AU….

  3. Total Scam! Unfortunately I thought I was getting a great deal on some LEGO kits and I also only received a “Gucci” scarf (it was post marked from Feb 2019 which made me think it was sent by a friend for my birthday!) Their website does not exist and they have vanished into thin air 🙁


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