Websalevip.com Review: Scammer Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again?

Websalevip.com is a site that has many people scratching their heads, and wondering whether it really is legit or a scam. Maybe that is why you are here – to see what our opinion is of this site.

Whatever the case, we are here to help put your scratching to ease. They are indeed a scam, and we’re here to help prove to you why we believe them to be a fraudulent shop. So, stop your scratching, kick your feet back, and continue reading!

Quick Review

  • They claim to be selling one thing, and yet don’t.
  • They are running shady and sketchy discounts that don’t seem to be legit.
  • They are connected with other fraudulent companies and websites.

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What Is Websalevip.com?

Websalevip.com's main page

Websalevip.com seems to be a shop that is selling batteries for tools, drones, and other things. And, as is typical of most sites we take a look at, Websalevip has a lot of discounts on their site – which could mean they are a scam (more about that later).

Now, here is the strange thing. When we went to their About Us page, Websalevip.com told us that they were a laptop store:

Fashion and Laptop shop?
Power tool batteries for sale

We searched high and low on the store, and couldn’t find anything that had to do with fashion, or laptops for that matter. All we could find on Websalevip was power tool batteries, drone batteries, and well, more batteries.

Are The Discounts Legit?

Sadly, the discounts in the screenshot above are probably not going to be legit, nor the products for that matter. You see, a scammer will often put discounts on their site so that users will go to their site. Once they get someone on their site, the user will often purchase the product(s), because of the low prices.

This is a common ploy used by scammers all over the place. Whether it’s selling power tools, hand bags, or Paper-mâché, many scammers like to use this common tactic.

Of course, just because discounts are on a site don’t mean that they are a scam website. We have found plenty of sites that are legit sites with discounts.

It’s just that with this particular site, we found that they were linked with another site that proved they were fraudulent.

Enter Laptopgb.com, A Site For Laptops

As you can see in the screenshot above, Laptopgb.com looks exactly like another website – Websalevip.com. Both have the same similar orange heading up on top. And both claim to be at the same location: 465 NOOR AVE STE B,SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA 94080. If you search that address you find several sites claiming to be located at that address.

All of them also claim to be part of a business called Staplees Inc.

Who Is Staplees Inc?

Now, you need to realize that we’re not talking about the popular company called ‘Staples’. This company that we’re look at has two ‘e’s in it’s name, not one.

Apparently they are listed on the BBB’s website (Better Business Bureau). But, they aren’t BBB accredited yet, since they haven’t been around for more than 2 weeks.

Staplees Inc on BBB

As you can see in the screenshot above, Staplees Inc lists Laptopgb.com as their website, and 465 NOOR AVE STE B,SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA 94080 as their location.

And here is where things get even more interesting.

Email Listed For Websalevip.com and Laptopgb.com

We took the liberty of searching for ‘Staplees Inc’, to see if we could find anything else about them. What we found was that another site had already reviewed them, and listed an email with them also:

You’ll notice that Websalevip.com and Laptopfine.com are listed in the search results. Both of them have the email ‘CS(@)visoutlook.com’ associated with them.

Now what is wrong with that?

Email Linked To Other Sites

Nothing would be wrong with those sites using that email address. Except that this email address, CS(@)visoutlook.com is linked to other fraudulent websites. The owners of this email address has been scamming people before:

fraudulent websites linked to cs@visoutlook.com

Lo and behold, it appears that the first site that we see on the list of fraudulent websites is Laptopgb.com – which was listed on the BBB’s website under Staplees Inc.
So clearly, Websalevip.com, and all these are sites, are ones that you definitely don’t want to order from. In the end, if you do choose to use them, you will only get scammed out of your money.

Websalevip.com Is A Scam!

Websalevip.com claimed to be operating under Staplees Inc. Staplees Inc claims to be running a site called Laptopgb.com. Laptopgb.com has been found to be a fraudulent website.

That makes everything connected a scam and a fraud as well. Staplees inc and Websalevip.com are indeed fraudulent companies that aren’t worth your time.

They’ve been linked to a fraudulent email address, and a host of other sites that aren’t legit-looking. Websalevip.com also claims to be one thing and sells another. All in all, it’s a site to best avoid and not use.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

20 thoughts on “Websalevip.com Review: Scammer Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again?”

  1. On 3/12/19 I order power tools from top buzz ,from1 of its web sites hot shot in web ,I’ve only have received on e m ail back saying that they could not find my order,but they sure didn’t lose it when it. Came time to bill my bank. On top buzz site i don’t see there name anymore, there are other sellers that use exactly the the page layout but use a different nams

    • Thanks for letting us know about this. When we have the time, we’ll see if we can delve more into this. Sadly, scammers will often use the same website, but just a different URL, and keep on scamming people.

  2. why does PayPal let these people use them? I ordered a Kayak, never received. contacted PayPal and filed for refund, the so-called company said it was shipped. provided PP shipping # and tracking #. all non-existent. now they shipped me a small envelope with a tiny suction cup in it, not a Kayak! reported that to PP, now they are doing check on company. I guess they think most people will give up, not me! I have collected some more info, and also saved the Ad posted on facebook. going to keep fighting til I get results!! and I will.

  3. ordered a laptop three months ago and did not received any even with a 3 to 5 day delivery. send a few email but never a response

  4. I wish I had seen all this before. I just was scammed by them myself by their laptop Store posting on Facebook. Was burned for 119.00 for a refurbished laptop. Why have they not been stopped after scamming so many people??

    • Thanks for letting us know that this scam is still going on, Kevin. Are they still using the same website, or are they using a different one?

      • I have been watching and yes they are advertising on Facebook with several different websites. But the same graphics are used on each one as well as the same contact information. The one that got me burned was called Laptop Store, but they appear to have many sites with the same logo. I even looked up their supposed address on satellite images and it appears to be a golf store there. I am 64 yrs. old and you would think I would have known better. Live and learn as is said. I have a new understanding of the words “Let the buyer beware.”

        • Thanks Kevin. We’ll look further into this, and see if we can expose their other sites. Sorry to hear what happened to you. How did you make the purchase? You may be able to dispute the purchase and get your money back, but you’ll have to check with the payment company you paid through.

          Best of luck!

  5. these guys are still operating.. I followed a facebook ad link for refurbished laptops at too good to be true prices. the address and email address is the same as many others. Good thing these criminals are too lazy to change their website and email address or they would have gotten me too. And thank you to this website here to confirm my suspicions!
    web site for laptop store advertised on facebook:
    email address used on all the sites:
    physical address used :
    465 NOOR AVE STE B,SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA 94080
    maybe my adding this will trigger someone else’s googling and help spread the word

    • I would open a dispute on PayPal, but if it’s not showing up on PayPal, then you may want to see if they somehow got other information from you – like credit card info, or your PayPal info. If so, changing your password(s) wouldn’t be a bad idea.

      • Hi,
        I will advice anyone dealing with scammers to pay via PayPal. I just got my money refunded in full after i raised a complain and a dispute escalated to the Scammer known as Michael Duncan and his bank.
        He tried to play the game sending a fake shipment transaction and tracking ID to PayPal (not me the customer)
        I did a check of the tracking on UPS website as he claimed he used UPS, nothing was found. I googled the tracking ID and alas i found it on DHL with a totally different description and the ID was used in 2017.with and item from china to Windsor in Canada
        All this finding i sent to PayPal to investigate.
        Its will be of good if this guy is reported to the cyber fraud department so they can trace the bank account (which off course will have some identity which the bank must have verified)
        Anyways i was able deal with my situation and got my funds back

  6. They tried to get me. My debit card refunded my money though. I’m trying to get them caught by authorities by going through Paypal and Facebook. They use both in my situation.

  7. Hello all, i have been victim of scamming. i ordered a laptop on January 4th 2021 but never get back any notification of confirmation neither any reply of my numerous email. I just received a Payment confirmation from Paypal. How can people deal with such a people? This is the link of the item in their website: http://www.fewuh.com
    How can i stop them?

  8. Fkmshop.com as of 12/20 the newest refurbished laptop site to scam. Same address used as older sites. Been investigating and can’t believe they have not Been stopped. Even provided ups tracking number that ups said didn’t exist. Never got product out $89.99


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