What is Clipmagix? Can it really help you earn?

One of the hardest things that marketers face is to drive high traffic to their site. But another thing to be considered is to make your content catchy and persuasive so that your customers will buy.

It will really take you hours and days by simply writing and proofreading your outputs. So, you try to search the internet and there are a lot of promising services to do these things for you.

Before you actually go for it, why not take a little bit of research to hear from people who actually use it?

Today we are going to look at Clipmagix and how it actually works when it comes to driving traffic and in creating good content.

ClipMagix Review Summary

Product Name: ClipMagix

Product Type: Promotional Ads

Creator: Mo Latif and Brett Ingram

Summary: Clipmagix is a cloud-based software designed for content creation that aims to lead your customers to your site. It utilizes platforms like social media, email marketing and banner ads to get attention from the virtual communities out there. 

Price: $27 – $49.95

Best For: Video Ads

Rating: 3 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is Clipmagix?

Clipmagix is a cloud-based software designed for content creation that aims to lead your customers to your site. It utilizes platforms like social media, email marketing and banner ads to get attention from the virtual communities out there. 

This marketing tool was made by Mo Latif and Brett Ingram and their team. They aim to make the finest and best visual content for their users.

Examples of their products are Pixamattic, VSL Creator, Cliptasia and Engagbot.

You have to pay for it for $27 as the front-end price.

Video prom

How does it work?

They mainly focus on the visual content of the product. What it does is that it uses viral videos or videos with many views on Youtube to make sure your sales are seen by a lot of people.

First, you choose videos from three sources. Edit the videos with the features that they have and then save the video for posting.

In other words, you simply use a viral video or an eye-catching video as a background to your own advertisements. 



Most of the reviews and demo of Clipmagix simply say one thing, “great videos and visuals.” They have their own library of quality visuals and you can also access other sites like Youtube.


You can add multiple headlines, website links and call to actions to the video itself. It also has a broadcasting option that posts your videos anywhere in the net to get attention from customers.

It is also customizable and you can trim the videos where you want it to start and end

If you save your video, you can put them in your own website, blogs, banners or emails for promotion.


Once you post your video, they also have 1-click automated syndication which allows you to post instantly to different sites in one click. These sites are Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. 

There is a personalized option if you want to broadcast your post like auto-post or scheduled post. 

You no longer have to post it one by one to each platform, getting most of your time waiting for its upload.


It also provides automatic backlinks for your posts so it is also automatically registered to Google search engine.

It is through this that you drive traffic to your site through the social media sites like facebook, twitter, instagram and others. You get automated shares, likes, tweets and pins. 


Since it is cloud-based you do not need to download anything to make it work. The software also runs even to low specs laptops. There are no hosted or modern servers needed.

You only need internet access and a device to use it.

Of course, it’s NOT FREE

ClipMagix VIP Edition ($47/$49)

This is inclusive of 200 professional fonts, 90 shapes and 100 call-to-action buttons with 100 icons.

This is of unlimited posting and broadcasting

ClipMagix Elite Edition ($45/$47)

There are additional features here that you can use like adding header and footer, borders and personalized themes or colors.

This upgrade is only available if you buy the VIP Edition first.

ClipMagix Exclusive ($45.95 or $47.95)

With this package comes the Animation and CGI. It has 5 CGI effects, 15 animation options, 25 animation elements and the like.

ClipMagix Commercial and Developer ($47.95 or $49.95)

This package is for people who are into making video clips. Why? Because they want you to make videos for them for their users to use. 

You customize the ClipMagix videos of the marketers who are using it to promote their product. 

What are behind their claims?

ClipMagix tries to drive traffic to your site by simply creating a promotional ad by using videos. If you are going to think about it, it only adds to the things that you need to think about. Why is that?

Are you into editing?

If you are not really into video editing, layouting or video contents then this is a whole lot of new things you need to study instead of focusing on the main content of your site.

There are a lot better options to improve traffic and in promoting your site or product to increase your number of buyers.

You can have a targeted niche for focus on and not simply flaunting your promotions everywhere. This can actually do more harm than help because overusing the social media platforms with your promotional videos might look like spam!

Risks of Backlinks

Numerous backlinks are also never safe. Google can detect it actually rank your domain authority lower and it also lowers your credibility. There are settings to hide it but there are also a lot of instances that Google Police is able to trace it. It will really get back to you.


Using the same videos with other users does not make your promotional ad better. They promise you an edge over your competitors but in reality they are not really making your ads better.

What is captivating at first glance might not be that interesting the second one. And this is because they already saw the same video from other users. Makes sense, right?

If you are going to check other reviews, there is really nothing special about this product. They are full of descriptive words and if you try to unlock it all that they are selling are the good videos and that’s it.

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