What is Lead System Pro? Do you really earn with it?

One of things that is very rampant in our modern world is Online Networking Business. It is a trend that makes viable business networking partners connect through the use of the internet. This is an extremely famous way of earning money these days especially in times that we can’t meet each other face to face. 

Many of us are currently facing different problems regarding online networking business. Thus, we are continually seeking solutions to our problems, answering our  questions and ways on how to avoid different problems that will come our way as we are advancing in our business. We are also in need of techniques that we can use in our transactions and enhance the skills that you already have.

One of the most recommended sites today is MLM Lead System Pro. It is a platform that you can use in order to  expand your knowledge and skills that you need to acquire in order for you to become a pro in managing your business.

Today we will unfold the things that you need to know about this site and the things that others say about MLM Lead System Pro.

Lead System Pro Review Summary

Product Name: Lead System Pro

Product Type: Multi-level Marketing

Creator: Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer, and Brian Fanale

Summary: MLM Lead System Pro is a website that offers different training, courses, livestream, and webinars that teaches you how to grow your home-based business. It is a system that teaches you various techniques and strategies that will enable you to attract leads and help you grow your online networking business. This Software Tool is assuring people that they can help you in your struggles and gives you assistance in growing and enhancing your online networking business. It will also help you make or personalize your own Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program pages.

Price: $49.97 month

Best For: Networking

Rating: 5 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is MLM Lead System Pro?

MLM Lead System Pro is a website that offers different training, courses, livestream, and webinars that teaches you how to grow your home-based business. It is a system that teaches you various techniques and strategies that will enable you to attract leads and help you grow your online networking business. This Software Tool is assuring people that they can help you in your struggles and gives you assistance in growing and enhancing your online networking business. It will also help you make or personalize your own Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program pages.

This site was founded by Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer, and Brian Fanale in the year 2008. You can check out their website at https://www.myleadsystempro.com.

How does it work?

MLM Lead System Pro works as an avenue for you to develop new techniques and skills that will help you develop and make your online networking business more profitable and more beneficial. It provides you training and online courses that will widen your understanding about the knowledge that you need for you to become more effective in your business online. 

Before undergoing different training, you must first know that there are three monthly plans that you need to choose from. The three choices will be Basic, Professional, and Premium.

In the basic plan, you must pay $49.97 monthly or $504 if you want to save some money. The features and perks that you get in having a basic plan is very limited and minor as compared to the two monthly plans.

In the professional plan, you will be paying $149.97 per month or $1,500 per year if you want to save some money. If you will compare this plan to the basic plan, it is obvious that you will have more privileges and advantages when you are using the Professional plan.

And lastly, you need to pay $299.97 per month or $3,000 per year if you wish to save some money in purchasing a Premium plan. Apparently, this has the most advantages and benefits as you paid plenty of money in type of plan.

How do you earn with it?

You earn in this site by simply applying the things that you have learned in the training and courses that the site is offering. However, you can also earn by promoting and endorsing products to the clients that you are presenting the business to. Nevertheless, you must bear in mind that you must put an effort in whatever that you do, because even if you are signed-in at your account, but you are not doing anything, your money won’t increase and your income won’t grow. 


Trainings provided are solid and unique

This site is known for its distinctive and exceptional training courses. One of the most recommended and  advised training is the “Law if Attraction” training. This training teaches you ways and gives you tips on how to attract and draw more people to join your online network company. Nevertheless, the supplemental training and course the site provides is also receiving many good reviews.

It has become a trustworthy virtual marketing coach

Over the years, MLM Lead System Pro has become a trusted and a reputable virtual marketing coach. Many people who experienced the training, webinars, and other learning processes the site offered, eventually became successful in their own online marketing business. 

They are offering Ready-to-go Funnels

This is a wonderful feature that the MLM Lead System Pro has. This will help those people that are only starting, because it will enable them to become an instant precious in the marketplace. Thus, providing them with a great head-start in their Networking business.

There’s a Risk-Free Trial

Let’s admit it, just like other sites, this wont work for all of us. Some may find this site not suitable for them because of their own personal reasons. Hence, it is a great thing that this site provides a Risk-free trial which will allow people to decide if this site will be helpful for them.

You will still earn even if you’ll be rejected

In doing an MLM business, you will have a lot of rejections and NO’s. But even in those cases, you are going to be paid and will still earn money. You will still earn money by the commissions that you earn when the people are continually buying the tools and products that you’ll be offering to them. 

Their website looks professionally made

One of the things that people consider before entering or signing up in a site like MLM Lead System Pro is the website. We base our first impressions on the things that we see in the site. Fortunately, the website of MLM Lead System Pro appears like it is made by a skillfully made. Hence, attracting many people to enter the site.

The trainings are up to date

As our knowledge is improving, the problems that we are facing are also  developing and being greater. Luckily, the solutions that the site is providing is also being modernized. The training that is needed to solve the problems that you are facing regarding your online networking business can be found at the official website of MLPS.


The Monthly Plan is very pricey.

The monthly plan of this site is ranging from $42 per month to $250 per month. The basic plan costs $42 a month yet you only get small benefits and only a small number of advantages that the site is offering. Hence, it will be hard for beginners especially those who don’t earn that much to pay the monthly plan that this site is presenting.

Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting products with your affiliate links but with a different kind of platform. There is no need to do a face to face selling or recruitment of your friends and family.

You only need to create your website and content, and earn you passive income! Also, there are equally or even more promising affiliate systems and networks that offer free services and quality features for starters! This is good news for those who are planning to start business online but do not have the experience.

When it comes to business opportunities online, Affiliates program is a resounding name. There is no doubt that Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing online businesses. A lot of people in any age range are drawn into trying it and succeed! There are a lot of promising platforms online but not everyone could afford it.

You can do it all risk-free and for free with Wealthy Affiliate! It is a free, user-friendly affiliate marketing network that sets up entrepreneurs for success! It has millions of members worldwide and thousands are being added to this community every week.

This is why it is so great to have free sign-up successful programs online that are equally legitimate and successful as the paid one. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the biggest Affiliate Marketing platforms. It currently has millions of members and thousands being added weekly! Wondering why? Take a look at these freebies!

Free membership

MLM always makes a minimum cost of its products per month regardless if you are able to sell or not. But for Affiliate Marketing it is different! This is very helpful if you are starting or trying to build your business. Instead of paying for a lot of the products and hard selling them to people, you can use those resources in other expenses where it is needed. 

You do not need to buy what you sell. And you do not also need to pay anything if you want to become an affiliate. You will save a lot and gain the same income through the Wealthy Affiliate!

Face to Face training

One of the advantages in Wealthy Affiliate is having face-to-face mentoring or training. You have access to videos and manuals that will teach and guide you in your online business. You get to ask questions real time and have a conversation with trainers.

There is also a weekly webinar where you can learn up-to-date infos about the field or the market you are working on. Another thing that is great with their training is that you will also learn how the tools and softwares work together!

Some do it separately which is kinda hard when you are already using them all but it is different with Wealthy Affiliate!

Website Builder

Included in this platform is a website host and domain! It is very pricey to pay for it on a different service. In Wealthy Affiliate, you can already have it in their package. They will also help you build and personalize according to your needs and market.

Keyword research tool

Since SEO is a great determinant of your success here, they are also providing a research tool that computes the competitiveness of your keyword. Can’t think of anything? It is okay. It will also give good suggestions of high rank keywords for you!

24/7 Technical and Community Support

What if something goes wrong? You do not have to wait for cue! You are welcomed by tech support 24/7. This will save you a lot of time and energy than waiting for another office hour to ask or figure out things by scrolling hours on the internet.

Another thing is the community within the program. You will not study the topics alone but you will also learn from other people who are also starting or are successful in the business. They are a very engaging, kind and active community.

Pool of Merchants

Finding the right niche is very crucial and not easy. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate because it already offers legitimate and successful affiliate programs! All you need to do is choose from their categories where your interests and likes fit. You choose from thousands of good programs.

So, why but something you can have for free? Check out Wealthy Affiliate and learn more!

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