Quick Review: What is Smart Blogger?

Quick Review: What is Smart Blogger?

Starting a blog is not easy. It’s very hard for you to constantly think and conceptualize different contents that you need to put up to your blog. It requires very broad and effective techniques for you to continually earn. Thus, making you feel incompetent and incapable of continuing your blog. 

There are many tips and techniques that we can find on the internet—some are free and some aren’t. But this doesn’t mean that it is all applicable and relevant in this fast-changing world. Hence, amateur bloggers will have a hard time to catch up and to make their blogs relatable and proficient. And this will again be the reason for beginners to give up and stop writing blogs.

But there’s one site named Smart Blogger that provides their clients different courses that will help not just the amateur bloggers to be an expert in making and creating blogs. They give training and courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced bloggers. Let us see if their promise of making your income higher legit or not.

Smart Blogger Review Summary

Product Name: Smart Blogger

Product Type: Blogging

Creator: Jon Morrow

Summary: Smart Blogger is a site that enhances the writing skills of aspiring and amateur bloggers. It offers a variety of training courses to continually help those bloggers that’s only starting and those who want to make their articles more proficient. This site is known for their innovative and revolutionary blogging advice that make the bloggers plummet from $0 to $1,000 a month. “Freedom Machine” and “Content Marketing Certification” are two of the numerous training courses this site offers.

Best For: Blogging Courses

Rating: 6 out of 10


What is Smart Blogger?

Smart Blogger is a site that enhances the writing skills of aspiring and amateur bloggers. It offers a variety of training courses to continually help those bloggers that’s only starting and those who want to make their articles more proficient. This site is known for their innovative and revolutionary blogging advice that make the bloggers plummet from $0 to $1,000 a month. “Freedom Machine” and “Content Marketing Certification” are two of the numerous training courses this site offers.

This was founded by Jon Morrow. He established and introduced this in the year 2011 after deciding that he will branch off from Copy blogger and launch his own online brand. You can go to their websites by typing smartblogger.com in your browsers.

How does it work?

Smart Blogger works by helping people make their blogs broader and more thorough. They offer diverse options of training courses that are appropriate for the skills and expertise that you have right now. The primary goal is to make your article or your blog reach Page 1 on Google.

First thing you do is to make your account by signing up on their page. After you signed up, you can now look for courses that suit your expertise. But you need to pay an amount first before proceeding to a course. Then, you can now start attending courses and learning from it. From the point on, you will start to see that your writing will get much better and it will eventually reach more people.

Courses Offered

Listed here are some of the courses Smart Blogging is offering to amateur bloggers.

  • Freelance Writing Jobs
  • Affiliate Marketing Guide
  • How to Star a Blog
  • Make Money Blogging
  • 801+ Power Words
  • Best Blogging Platforms
  • How to Write a Blog Post
  • Make Money Writing
  • Content Marketing Certification
  • Freedom Machine 
  • Guest Blogging Certification Program
  • Serious Bloggers Only 
  • Blog Traffic Blueprint 

How do you earn with it?

Even before undergoing the courses, you are already making money. But as you go through these training sessions, reading different articles, and applying it to your blogs, you will see and notice that your income will gradually increase. 

As the site states, your income will depend on the number of email subscribers you will have per month. One email subscriber will equate to $1. So, if you have 10,000 email subscribers for a specific month, you will have an income of $10,000.

The site also suggests for you to try affiliate marketing. They encourage you to recommend services, different products, and much more in exchange for a commission.


The Training Courses are Packed with Content

Smart Blogger’s training courses are very informative and very beneficial for those who want to make their articles and blogs competent and stand out among others. Courses regarding the basics of writing a blog are cheaper than the courses that is for intermediate and enhanced bloggers. 

They Provide Accurate Training

This site provides training that fits your writing skills at the moment. They provide training that’s fit for beginners, can enhance the skills of an average blogger, and continually make an advanced writer’s articles better. 

The Knowledge You Acquire can be Applied for Years

According to some testimonials, the training they underwent was very relevant and very effective. Because the techniques and knowledge they learned was and is very effective until this day. Hence, making the cost of the courses worth it.

Good Reviews

While reading a lot of reviews and testimonies about Smart Blogger, you can notice that a lot of it contains positive feedback and good comments about the site. You can also see Smart Blogger in articles regarding Top Ten Content Blogging Courses. A lot of people also endorse this site because of the very applicable and very effective techniques this site gave them.

By merely looking at these responses and opinions we can say that Smart Blogger’s courses and training are worth paying for.

You Don’t Need to Be Good at Writing to Learn.

Training courses on this site doesn’t require any experience in order for you to enter a certain course. Perhaps you’re just starting to make blogs or you’re a seasoned writer, a very compatible course is offered to you. You just need an eager heart, an active process, and learn various things and techniques that are present in the training and courses.


Some of the Courses aren’t Cheap

The major disadvantage of this site is the cost of some training. Some of those courses cost a little bit higher than the other courses. But this shouldn’t be a problem if you really want to invest in making your articles and blogs better.

There’s No Trial Period

Before jumping into conclusions, you must first try and weigh your options. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t easily rely on things like this, then you must think twice before signing up. This site doesn’t have a trial period wherein you can try their service for free for a certain interval of time.

How I earned through Blogging

Blogging can really get profitable and Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to get your income coming!

Affiliate Marketing is not simply about blogging and earning money, but it is also starting your own business and setting up your platform for passive income. This platform is really promising that is why a lot of scammers are also taking advantage of this opportunity especially to those who do not know any better. 

If you want to grow and grab this opportunity in Affiliate Marketing Business then it is also important that you are able to find a trust Affiliate Network who will help and guide you in growing your business. 

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the TRUSTED and LEGITIMATE Affiliate Networks who helped millions of Affiliates succeed in their field. 

Sometimes self reading is not enough especially if there technical terms or jargons that you need to learn. And where else can you find a professional help that is for free and has a lot of inclusion with it? This is also  why it is so great to have free sign-up successful programs online that are equally legitimate and successful as the paid one. It currently has millions of members and thousands being added weekly! Wondering why? Take a look at these freebies!

Free Sign-up

This is very helpful if you are starting or trying to build your business. Instead of paying for a lot of software, you can use those resources in other expenses where it is needed. You will save a lot and gain the same income through a Wealthy Affiliate!


One of the advantages in Wealthy Affiliate is having face-to-face mentoring or training. You have access to videos and manuals that will teach and guide you in your online business. You get to ask questions real time and have a conversation with trainers.

There is also a weekly webinar where you can learn up-to-date infos about the field or the market you are working on. Awesome!

Website Builder

Included in this platform is a website host and domain! It is very pricey to pay it on a different service. In Wealthy Affiliate, you can already have it in their package. They will also help you build and personalize according to your needs and market.

Keyword research tool

Since SEO is a great determinant of your success here, they are also providing a research tool that computes the competitiveness of your keyword. Can’t think of anything? It is okay. It will also give good suggestions of high rank keywords for you!

24/7 Technical and Community Support

What if something goes wrong? You do not have to wait for cue! You are welcomed by tech support 24/7. This will save you a lot of time and energy than waiting for another office hour to ask or figure out things by scrolling hours on the internet.

Another thing is the community within the program. You will not study the topics alone but you will also learn from other people who are also starting or are successful in the business. They are a very engaging, kind and active community.

Wide Range of Merchants

Finding the right niche is very crucial and not easy. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate because it already offers legitimate and successful affiliate programs! All you need to do is choose from their categories where your interests and likes fit. You choose from thousands of good programs.

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