Want To Work From Home? Check Out Our Work From Home Websites List

Want To Work From Home? Check Out Our Work From Home Websites List

We always love taking a look at websites. And we get an even bigger kick looking into work at home websites. Websites that claim you can make money, if you follow their program, or use their site.

Below is the small start of a list of websites that would be great to make money from. Unfortunately, our list of work from home scam websites is way larger, but that is because we come across more scam websites than legit ones.

Note: You’ll notice our list is really small. If you have a work from home site that you’re not sure about, and want us to take a look at it, feel free to let us know about it through our contact form, or by leaving a comment below. We’re always excited to take a look at websites for our audience!

Legit Work From Home Websites Or Programs!

Wealthy AffiliateA site that helps you make money with Affiliate marketing. Check out some success stories!
SwagbucksA site that gives you surveys to do, games to play, and movies to watch, all for you to make money from doing!
UserTestingA site that pays you to make a video and/or audio of you reviewing other websites!
GuruA site that allows you to freelance your abilities, and bid on other people’s projects!
FreelancerA site that allows you to freelance your abilities, and bid on other people’s projects!
UpworkA site that allows you to freelance your abilities, and bid on other people’s projects!
Human Proof Designsa site that you can purchase pre-made niche sites, that will make you money, provided you put in some work!
Amazon AssociatesAn affiliate program that can make you money while you promote the things that you love!
VIPKidsA site that pays you to teach English to Chinese kids!
Freebitco.inNot a work-at-home site per se, but definitely a site that can make you money by bitcoins. Free to sign up!

59 Replies to “Want To Work From Home? Check Out Our Work From Home Websites List”

  1. Can you please check prodeskco.com they called me asking if I wanted to work from home as a quality inspector. Saying I’d make 600 a week checking packages.

    1. Hey Juliet,

      Is there a reason that they called you? If they just called you out of the blue, and had no reason for doing so, then I personally wouldn’t trust them, nor recommend them. On top of that, they say their address is 350 Washington St. Boston MA. It just so happens that is the same place as a bank is located. Because of this, I also don’t really think that I would recommend this company


      1. Hi, Andy I seen your comment you left for Juliet. I myself was wondering if Prodesk is a scam company. They called me when I applied for a job and I am a quality inspector. I have been working with them for like 2 weeks and I haven’t received any pay. In the contract they say they will pay you after a 30 day proration period. I don’t know if I should continue working because I’m not sure if it’s a scam or not.

        1. Hey Serina,

          Having a probation period isn’t uncommon, I don’t think. When I looked into them last, I personally found them to be a scam. So I wouldn’t work for them, personally. However, I can’t really tell you what to do/not do. Once again, when I looked at them last, they were claiming to be at the same location as a bank, which is clearly not true. Also, if you take a look at their Facebook page, some, just 5 hours ago, left a negative review, basically stating that they are a scam.


          1. Yes, that’s a scam – we’ve written about it before, several times, as that scam has shown up on many different sites.

    1. Hey Richard,

      Yeah, that site is a scam. Though, in the literal sense of the word, one could argue that it’s not a scam. They are clear in their terms of service that they won’t pay, but just give you ‘virtual’ money:

      None of credits, balances or other rewards on the Website grant you rights to real monetary value Withdrawals and should be viewed as a virtual way to track your progress. User balances do not place the Website under an obligation and can be changed or nullified by the Website at any time and without prior notice.

      So, I wouldn’t recommend using this site.


    1. Hey Maria,

      yes, that site does appear to not be legit. Definitely wouldn’t recommend purchasing from it. Thanks for letting us know about it!

    1. We wouldn’t recommend using that site. They don’t have a Risk-Disclosure on their site, which makes them potentially a scam. Plus, they claim to be around since 2014, but that doesn’t appear to be accurate to what we were able to find out about them.

    2. Yes it is scam, I lost $300. Never follow anyone who claims to be agent or broker is this website.

    1. Hey Segun,

      We wouldn’t recommend purchasing from this site. While the company behind does appear to be legit, and they may send you something, from what we read, it doesn’t appear they send good quality products. There have been several complaints again this company and how they don’t have good customer service or good products. So it’s probably not a good idea to order from them.

    1. Hey Viviana,

      Yeah, that is a scam website. The owners are actually running a dozen or so sites with that exact scam on it, so it’s not a very legit site.


  2. Hi Andy,
    There’s a site idmoney.xyz wich pays 10 cents per ad viewing… When it comes to paying, It asks to bring at least 40 referrals, or to buy them with bitcoin from other users. I already have heard lost 13.9 USD trying to transfer bitcoins to one of them
    I bought 9 $ in BTC, but since I don’t understand well the system, it charged another 4.9 on fee and the value of bitcoin purchased dropped immediately to 5 $. it’s not a big amount. However I don’t know if I should trust this site…

    1. Some of the do, Grace. The first one, Wealthy Affiliate, doesn’t allow free members, but if immediately upgrade/pay, you should be able to use the site. I don’t personally know about the rest.


    1. What we could find about this site doesn’t seem like it would be a good place to recommend working from. It does seem to be legit, but it doesn’t appear to be paying very well, or keep it’s promises on what it says. So we wouldn’t recommend using this site.


  3. Hello Andy, I appreciate your reply to them. I just want to ask if digitalstartuptoolkit.net/ is a legit?

    1. It’s legit in the sense that it’s not a scam. But whether it will work for you and your situation, we honestly can’t say. If you feel like this program is something that would help you, then best of luck to you!

    1. Yeah, it looks like a scam. They don’t have a risk disclosure, nor do their social media buttons lead anywhere. We wouldn’t recommend them!

    1. Hey Opuku,

      We wouldn’t recommend using this site. There are a lot of red flags that come up when we look at it, and it doesn’t have a very good trust score according to other websites.

    1. Hey Simon,

      We wouldn’t recommend that site, as it doesn’t look too legit in our eyes. Best to find an alternative store to shop from.

  4. I noticed you have VIPKid as a legit site. Sure. There are a whole slew of educational websites and I’m wondering why you don’t list more of them. Outschool and Varsity Tutors are two I have worked for, but there are many more.

    1. Hey Lydia,

      It was back a year or so I made this list – and made it pretty quickly – which is why it’s short, and I didn’t hit on many other sites that are great for making money online. Thanks for letting me know about those two – I’m hoping to update this list when I have more time, and I’ll definitely make sure to add those two sites to the list!


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