Dropified Review: How does it actually work?

Online Selling is the trend today! More and more people rely on Online selling and Online shopping day by day. A lot of people are constantly making a lot of money by selling various products ranging from clothing to hardware and household tools. This allows them to generate an income in the comfort of their own homes. And likewise, the buyers, it gives them the chance to still shop and buy necessities without going out. Online shopping is a great help indeed to the people!

Numerous shopping sites are opening and are creating an avenue for sellers to introduce various products and generate an income. Therefore, allowing people to be entrepreneurs and earn more money. Nonetheless, we should be aware that there are sites that lure business owners to put up their stores in their own sites for them to procure the people’s money and to fool them. Therefore, we must be wise in choosing the sites that we log-in to. 

Today, Dropified is a widely known drop shipping platform wherein people can put up their stores in. This is a growing community that is continually helping entrepreneurs make money. Let us see if Dropified is a lucrative,  gainful, beneficial and a helpful site for the entrepreneur’s use.

Dropified Review Summary

Product Name: Dropified

Product Type: Dropshipping

Creator: Chase Bowers

Summary: Dropified is a site and a drop shipping platform that allows you to make your own store and sell products there. You can sell products from a simple store that has stored products or packages that’s ready to be shipped.  This site links sellers and suppliers automatically.

Best For: Dropshipping

Rating: 5 out of 10


What is Dropified?

Dropified is a site and a drop shipping platform that allows you to make your own store and sell products there. You can sell products from a simple store that has stored products or packages that’s ready to be shipped.  This site links sellers and suppliers automatically.

This allows you to communicate and be connected with your fellow merchants on this site. It is known to be the world’s leading dropship programmed tool. The program offers a 14-day trial that allows you access the features that the site offers before making you decide between the monthly pricing.

This site was founded by Chase Bowers in the year 2015. You can visit their site at www.dropified.com .

How does it work?

Dropified helps you have an income by doing online selling on their site. You will put up an online store wherein you can add products and sell merchandise. You can open up a virtual clothing or fashion store, an online bookstore, or anything that you intend to sell in your store.

Before anything else, you must make an account and sign-up on their site. After that, you will have a 14-day trial where you can have free access to the services that they can offer you. Then, you will need to choose what monthly payment plan that you will subscribe to. Next, you will choose a manufacturer or a supplier that will distribute the products that you need in the store.

You must keep in mind that there are a lot who charge big amounts of money or perhaps have a minimum number of products that you need to buy. Hence you must be wise in picking or choosing a manufacturer. Then, you can now build your virtual store.

You will need to come up with a name and design a website that will be the face of your store. Finally, you can now post and sell your products there.

How do you earn with it?

In a roundabout way, you earn in Dropified by making and setting up your own store and selling the products that you’re continually ordering from your manufacturers. By simply doing these things, you can earn and make your money multiply a hundredfold. The more customers you attract, the more money you’re going to make. Hence, it’s very vital for you to master different skills, namely making a virtual store, choosing a manufacturer, attracting customers, and many techniques that you can apply in making your site a source of large amounts of money.


It is connected with Zappier

Zapier is an online application that links you to a wide range of software, gizmos, and other devices that will surely help you in your business and private tasks. This acts like a task operator or manager that will help you finish you designated tasks for the day. As a result, you can make your day a 101% more productive. Your store will become more efficient and more profitable.

It gives you a brief Profit Statistics

Just like other e-commerce stores, Dropified offers you a very short and a very simple Profit Statistics that even amateurs can understand and grasp. This will help beginners to have a quick look at how their business is doing and how it is growing.  For this reason, it will enhance their business skills and techniques, correct their mistakes, and it will cause them to become business entrepreneurs.

They make use of ePackets

Dropified’s items are mostly transported and are shifted from China.  Therefore, shipping fees and tracking can be very expensive and extremely hard to manage. But luckily, this site is doing it swiftly and easily via packets. ePackets is a shipping method that makes international shipping costs a little inexpensive and incredibly fast. It also helps a lot by tracking the parcels and products.

It still has some loopholes and flaws, but it unquestionably makes international shipping more efficient, more organized, and more cost-effective.

Systematized Price and Updates

It’s really hard to handle an online store. This is because of the fact that you cannot constantly check and keep track of your supplier. It is hard for you to trace the changing of the inventory and the product price of your suppliers. 

This site helps you solve problems concerning the changing of prices and product availability of the suppliers.  It will notify and inform you from your supplier’s page and give you a report whenever your supplier hides products from you and from your customers.

This exposes you to a greater volume of products.

Because most people are buying and shopping online, there’s a greater chance that you will generate more income because you will sell above the average. Even though you’re selling tons of products, there’s no need to hire many employees that will help you pack the products and make an inventory.


Multipletasks, Lots of app downloads

There multiple steps, apps to download and platforms to research on. You need to make sure you have your store and your own inventory. Create your own store or page using social media platforms. This is also needed so that you can look for customers and dropshipping channels. There are already droppshipping apps that can help you to this like Shopify which has an automated product feed. You also have to do your own inventory and notetaking of sales. There are apps for this like Oberlo.

Delayed Shipment

In dropshipping, you are not able to control shipment as the supplier will do it for you. This is one of the inevitable problems in this business and which also causes bad impression you’re your store.

Supplier Management

Even though you do not have a direct control over this, it is something you have to be careful with. Supplier management, proper inventory and shipping methods are very crucial. Since this is a business, customer satisfaction is at its core.

You have to make sure that your customers are satisfied with the total product quality and services. Most of the suppliers online right now are into profit and not on customer satisfaction. All successful dropshippers work very closely with trusted and legitimate suppliers.

Copyright Issues 

One of the unique issues of dropshippers in AliExpress is the copyright infringement. There are a lot of stores in their website that sells counterfeit goods. Well, this is very common to most people that these products really put the dropshippers into legal entanglements with legitimate companies whose product were copied by some Chinese manufacturers. 

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