Is A Scam? (An Urgent Warning For Christmas Shoppers)

In the labyrinth of online marketplaces, the festive allure of Christmas shopping often becomes a siren song, beckoning shoppers to unknown territories.

The burning question arises, “Is a scam?”

From my relentless digging, it’s becoming increasingly clear that may not be the trusted elf workshop it claims to be.

Staggering Indicators Decoding the Dubiousness of

Online marketplaces should be a haven for eager shoppers. Yet, every so often, one encounters a store that seems shrouded in mystery and ambiguity., with its vibrant promises, warrants a closer inspection.

The Freshness of the Domain

While youth often symbolizes energy and innovation, in the digital marketplace, it can also denote inexperience or worse—deception., which came into existence on May 30, 2023, is still in its digital infancy.

In an age where scam websites have the lifespan of mayflies, this recent entry into the online realm does nothing to allay fears.

Newness isn’t always a sin, but without a reputation or history, it certainly raises eyebrows.

Dazzling Discounts or Deceptive Lures? too good to be true price

Now, who doesn’t love a good discount, especially around the festive season?

But’s decision to slash prices by a whopping 50% on select items feels less like a festive gesture and more like bait.

Such dramatic markdowns, especially when the original prices aren’t sky-high, cast shadows on the authenticity of the items and the legitimacy of the business model.

Incongruent Email Addresses  Contact us

When I came across their two email addresses, I was admittedly taken aback. second email

The juxtaposition of the seemingly business-like alongside the bafflingly casual struck me as more than just a minor inconsistency.

It signals either a lack of professional oversight or, worse, a deliberate obfuscation.

Price Disparities with Established Giants calendar

Competitive pricing is one thing; drastically undercutting market leaders is another.

When offers their ‘Calendar of the Century’ at $19.99 (shown above)—a significant difference from Amazon’s $28.96 (shown below) —it makes one question not just the authenticity but the quality of the product.

Are they selling genuine items, or are these knock-offs?

An Unprecedented Tip Section tip

E-commerce sites don’t operate like restaurants, so why does have a tipping range from 5% to 15%?

This isn’t just unconventional; it feels almost manipulative, asking customers to pay extra for no clear reason.

The Vast, Shady Network  Company address

Every reputable online store tends to be backed by a legitimate company, a reassuring thought for customers looking to part with their hard-earned money.

But when I started to unravel the strings attached to, they led to an alarming maze. proudly mentions its association with Supic Company Limited, a company supposedly nestled in the heart of London.

This would typically serve as a sign of legitimacy. Yet, when the veil is lifted, the revelations are far from comforting.

According to the revelations from, Supic Company Limited isn’t just linked to a couple of dubious websites but an overwhelming count of 848!

The scope of this network is mind-boggling. What’s even more concerning is the overlapping content among these websites.

This isn’t merely a company with several arms; it seems more like a hydra-headed entity, with each head echoing the same deceptive tune.

The Dubious “About Us” Echo Across Sites About us’s ‘About Us’ page should offer a unique insight into its identity.  Same about us

Yet, this same narrative eerily resurfaces on,,, and  same about us

This isn’t a mere coincidence—it’s a hallmark of scam sites.

By cloning content, they aim to give a facade of legitimacy, banking on users not cross-referencing their information.

But such replication, rather than adding authenticity, raises red flags. If Chicshouse can’t share its own genuine story, how can one trust its offerings?

It’s vital for savvy shoppers to recognize and steer clear of such mirroring tactics in the online realm.

Don’t Fall Prey, Arm Yourself Against Scams!

In conclusion, the layers of, once peeled back, reveal a multitude of concerning indicators.

As a guide through the maze of online shopping, my purpose is to illuminate such shadowy corners. Armed with this knowledge, I urge caution.

I cannot, in good conscience, recommend Preserve your festive joy and your wallet by steering clear.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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