Is A Scam? (A Cautionary Note For Crypto Traders)

The digital currency world is expanding at an incredible pace, drawing in countless individuals hoping to profit from its potential.

Among the myriad platforms available, presents itself as a front-runner. Is a scam?

From the comprehensive evidence I’ve delved into, the answer is unequivocally yes.

Touting its services, promotes itself as more than just another cryptocurrency exchange.

It claims to be a sophisticated platform dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, portfolio management, and data analysis.

Designed to navigate the intricate twists and turns of the crypto market, it purports to support not just the heavyweights like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but a diverse range of digital assets.

For many, the allure of such a comprehensive platform can be hard to resist, especially when the crypto market feels like the new gold rush.

However, as the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold.” It’s crucial to ensure that the platforms you entrust with your investments are legitimate and not just another facade.

Clear-Cut Evidence Why Might Be a Scam

Navigating the online world calls for both excitement and caution. Excitement for the endless possibilities and caution for the traps laid out by unscrupulous entities. seems to belong to the latter. Let’s delve deeper:

A Mirror Website,

immediatepeak website page

Discovering a website that’s eerily similar to another isn’t just a mere coincidence; it’s often a well-thought-out strategy. website’s uncanny resemblance to goes beyond just the name.

Their designs, user interface, and even the products showcased, are almost indistinguishable.

This tactic is not new; many scam websites replicate the appearance of another site to lure and confuse potential victims.

Why spend time creating when they can just clone?

A Newly Minted Domain

Legitimacy often comes with time. Established websites have built their reputation over years, if not decades.

So, when, a site that claims to offer an extensive range of discounted products, shows a registration date of only August 31, 2023, it’s concerning.

It’s like a pop-up shop in the digital realm, here today and possibly gone tomorrow, with your money.

Email Woes, email

Trustworthy businesses prioritize their customers. Communication channels are maintained to ensure queries and concerns are addressed promptly.

I tested’s commitment by reaching out to their support. Waiting for them to respond to my inquiry. emailchecker

A further dig on revealed that their email,, was flagged “Bad.”

The absence of a dedicated email server is not just a technical glitch; it’s a glaring loophole.

Impersonation Game, A Fake Crypto Exchange’s deception doesn’t end with fashion. They’ve ventured into the intricate world of crypto, or so they claim. has flagged them as a fraudulent entity impersonating a genuine crypto exchange.

It’s not just about using a similar name; they’ve duplicated themes, images, and other elements.

Such audacity not only questions their legitimacy but also highlights their expertise in the art of deception.

In the vast world of the internet, it’s essential to discern reality from illusion., though shiny on the surface, has numerous underlying issues that can’t be ignored.

Had Enough of Online Scams? I’ve Been There

Online shopping requires a blend of enthusiasm and scrutiny., with its suspicious activities and deceptive tactics, stands as a stark reminder of the need for the latter.

While lucrative deals can be enticing, it’s our responsibility to protect our interests.

Based on my findings, I’d firmly advise against any transactions on

Navigating the digital marketplace can be a minefield, and just like you, I’ve stumbled upon countless deceitful websites. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

But here’s the good news: I’ve crafted a free course to arm you against these digital predators. Dive in to master the art of:

  • Spotting malware.
  • Verifying a site’s registration.
  • Retrieving past website snapshots.
  • Identifying website errors and issues.
  • Scrutinizing social media authenticity.
  • Confirming a website’s email legitimacy.

Don’t let another scam tarnish your online experience. Equip yourself with the skills to spot them before they spot you. Enroll now and fortify your digital journey.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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