Is A Scam? (Shoppers, Exercise Caution!)

In the digital bazaar of today’s world, the query “Is a scam?” is not merely a question—it’s a stark warning.

The evidence I’ve meticulously pieced together unequivocally points to a scam.

Picture this: an online storefront,, flaunting Dewalt tool kits at prices that would make your jaw drop.

But beware, for in the realm of online commerce, where scams are as prevalent as legitimate deals, such extraordinary offers should make you pause and ponder.

Indisputable Evidence Why Is a Scam

Let’s peel back the layers of and expose the signs that suggest you should keep your wallet tightly shut.

A Domain Fresh Off the Press

The domain was registered on November 28, 2023, a mere blink ago in internet time, according to

In the online marketplace, a new domain often equates to an unproven entity, devoid of trust or a track record.

While every domain has its dawn, a nascent one peddling high-ticket items at laughably low prices is akin to a siren call from scammers.

Unbelievably Low Prices for Premium Goods product

In a glaring red flag, offers the DeWalt DCK278C2 Atomic 20v Max Drill Kit at an implausible $34.98, (shown above) starkly undercutting Amazon’s $149 price tag. (shown below)

This extreme discount isn’t just a bargain; it’s a classic scam indicator. Legitimate retailers rarely, if ever, price high-quality, new products at such a deficit.

It’s a tactic to dazzle buyers into quick, unthinking purchases. Such price anomalies scream scam, warning savvy shoppers that’s too-good-to-be-true deal is likely a trap to snare the unwary in a net of deceit.

Always remember, if the price is unbelievable, it probably isn’t believable.

Ghostly Customer Service  Contact us

The customer service facade at crumbles upon closer inspection.

The email address, while verified as legitimate by, falls into a black hole when solicited for a response. seond email

Conversely, a confirmation email from arrives promptly when you sign up on their site—a dichotomy that reeks of scammer strategy: visible for the take, invisible for the give.

Inconsistencies Galore josieth name

A puzzling discrepancy arises in’s return policy, which references “josieth store” stark contrast to the website’s actual name.

This inconsistency is a hallmark of a scam hastily assembled, banking on consumers not to notice the discrepancies that lie just beneath the surface.

A Notorious About Us Page

The ‘About Us’ page on is a verbatim duplicate of content previously identified by as part of the infamous Uniqueness scam network.

Authenticity is a cornerstone of credibility and’s blatant plagiarism is a resounding alarm bell signaling deceit.

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In conclusion, the case against is damning. With its implausibly low prices, non-existent customer service, and a web of inconsistencies, it stands as a textbook example of an online scam.

As a seasoned navigator of internet fraud, I implore you not to patronize or even peruse

Stay vigilant, question everything, and above all, safeguard your hard-earned money.

The digital world is rife with opportunity, but also with predators waiting to pounce.

Navigate it with caution, armed with knowledge, and empowered by skepticism.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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