Is A Scam? (Shopper Alert!)

When that little voice in your head whispers, “Is a scam?” it’s time to listen closely.

Based on the evidence I’ve scrupulously collected, it’s not just a whisper; it’s a shout— is unequivocally a scam.

Masquerading as an online marketplace, lures customers with a wide array of products at prices that scream ‘bargain’.

But as we peel back the layers, the bargain begins to reek of deceit.

Unmistakable Signs That Is a Scam

Let’s dissect the evidence that points to the scam that is perpetrating.

Each piece of evidence is a puzzle piece that, when put together, reveals the bigger picture of deception.

A Suspicious Start

The domain for was registered on July 10, 2023, as per

In the digital world, this site is just a toddler, and its shaky steps are already on the wrong path.

New websites aren’t inherently untrustworthy, but a fresh domain in the online shopping sphere often signals a temporary shop set up to commit fraud.

Scammers frequently create new websites to scam consumers, then vanish without a trace before anyone catches on.

Price Discrepancies product

Let’s talk numbers. lists an Electric Kitchen Oil Spray can for a mere $21.95, (shown above) while the same item is tagged at $37.14 on Amazon. (shown below)

This significant price difference is a classic scam indicator.

Legitimate businesses often have sales or discounts, but such a large price discrepancy is unusual and suggests that the site may be using low prices to attract unsuspecting customers into a scam.

Payment Processing Problems payment method

A legitimate online store’s lifeblood is its ability to process transactions., however, bluntly states, “This store can’t accept payments right now.”

This is a colossal red flag. It’s akin to a grocery store without a cash register. If a store cannot process payments, it’s not really a store—it’s a facade.

This kind of issue is a clear sign that the website is not set up for real business transactions.

Ghost Customer Service

lennony tracking order email

In an attempt to contact, I sent an inquiry to their support email The result? Silence.

An investigation via revealed the reason: the email address doesn’t exist.

A legitimate business prides itself on customer service and communication.

The absence of a working contact method is a glaring indication that is not in the business of customer satisfaction—or business at all.’s Warning

The suspicions around are not just my own., a trusted authority on online scams, has labeled as fraudulent.

The site’s pattern is clear: offer a variety of products at low prices, collect orders, and then fail to deliver. It’s a scam as old as time, now in the digital age.

About Us Page Plagiarism about us

An ‘About Us’ page should be the heart of a business’s online identity.

pretty palace about us

However,’s page is a carbon copy of another site’s content, specifically mentioning “Pretty Palace,” which has no affiliation with

This level of plagiarism is not just unethical; it’s a sign of a scam operation that can’t be bothered to create a legitimate facade.

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In wrapping up, the evidence against is overwhelming. From its suspiciously new domain to its plagiarized content, every indicator suggests that is a scam.

The price points are fantastical, the payment gateway is non-functional, and the customer service is a ghost operation.

With all these red flags, I strongly advise against purchasing or engaging with

It’s better to be safe than sorry, and in this case, steering clear of is the safest bet.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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