Is A Scam? (Online Shoppers, Tread Cautiously!)

Every so often, in the dynamic e-commerce landscape, there emerges a site that sets the rumor mills churning. Right now, it’s

The question, “Is a scam?” isn’t just a fleeting thought but a pressing concern for many.

At first glance, the website boasts a beautiful collection of activewear, resort dresses, and bohemian selections.

Yet, when you scratch beneath the surface, a series of troubling signs begin to manifest, casting significant doubts on its legitimacy.

Pronounced Evidence Why Is a Scam

The World Wide Web, while being a treasure trove of information, can also harbor spaces that skirt the line between genuine and dubious.

And, unfortunately, seems to be leaning towards the latter.

Duplicate Websites Abound full website page

Venturing into was akin to experiencing a recurring dream.

It was impossible to shake off the eerie familiarity, thanks to its doppelgangers – and (photo shown below) website page

Every section, every design element, and every piece of content mirrors these sites. website page

Genuine businesses pride themselves on uniqueness; what we see here is the opposite, setting off a plethora of alarm bells.

Brand New Yet Suspect

A background check on revealed that is a fledgling, having sprouted on July 16, 2023.

While every platform has a starting point, the youth of this site, combined with other inconsistencies, makes it hard to grant it the benefit of the doubt.

A Valid Yet Questionable Email contact us

Their proclaimed communication lifeline,, although validated by, is enveloped in a cloud of skepticism. (shown below) emailchecker

In this age of digital credibility, how much can one rely on an email, especially when other facets of the site beckon scrutiny?

Too Good To Be True Sales sales

A random sale is a delight. But when every nook and cranny of the site screams discounts up to 65%, it’s more alarming than alluring.

Continuous, unexplained markdowns smell less like generosity and more like a potential trap.

Unbelievable Price Discrepancies product

The Loose Casual Denim Plain Denim Shorts stands out. Priced at a meager $19.90 (shown above) on, it’s hard to reconcile this with its $43.99 tag on Amazon. (shown below)

Such glaring price anomalies are less about competitive pricing and more about baiting the unsuspecting.

Copy-Paste ‘About Us’ Section about us

The bewilderment grows when one sees’s ‘About Us’ section cloned from Imagery, content, the ethos – are all replicated. cresseed

With red-flagging, the implications for are not too rosy.

Misleading Social Media Links social media link

Embarking on their social media journey was a roller coaster. Their Facebook link was misdirected to ‘Orquimio shop’, a mirror image of (shown below) social media

Their ventures on other platforms, like Instagram and YouTube, led to a digital abyss – no content, no credibility.

Navigating the bylanes of, the mood oscillates between skepticism and dismay.

A maze of mirrored content, dubious discounts, and ghostly social media presence craft a narrative that’s far from trustworthy.

Unmask the Deceivers, Dive into My Free Scam Detection Course!

Online shopping, for all its convenience, comes with pitfalls. stands as a testament to that cautionary side of e-commerce.

Deciphering its tale requires more than just a casual browse. It’s a narrative woven with dubious threads. So, would I venture to fill my cart here?

Given the maze of mistrust it presents, I’d safely recommend looking elsewhere.

Navigating the e-commerce waters, have you ever felt that tug of doubt, questioning a site’s legitimacy?

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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