Is A Scam? (Online Shoppers, Brace Yourselves For This Deep Dive!)

Navigating the sprawling maze of the internet’s e-commerce sector can be likened to a modern-day treasure hunt.

For every genuine treasure, there’s a plethora of decoys waiting to trap the unsuspecting. Enter, a newcomer with tantalizing offers.

So, is authentic or a clever ruse? From the multifaceted research I’ve conducted, the site radiates suspicious vibes.

Outwardly, it stands as an epitome of variety, offering everything from chic home furniture to daily-use general merchandise, all pegged at eyebrow-raising discounts.

But let’s not get swayed by appearances.

Undeniable Evidence, The Many Facets of’s Dubious Nature

With each investigation, I approach with an open mind, hoping to unearth the truth. Here’s what my detective endeavors on revealed:

A Clone in Disguise? website’s audacity knows no bounds, as evidenced by its blatant appropriation of

macys website

Macy’s, a revered name in the fashion realm, has cultivated its brand identity over decades.

This not only pertains to the products they offer but extends to their branding, which is immediately recognizable by their iconic logo.

A cursory glance at reveals an unsettling mimicry of this very logo.

Copying such a distinctive brand symbol isn’t just an oversight; it’s a deliberate attempt to mislead the uninformed shopper.

This move is a classic hallmark of deceitful sites; by donning the façade of a reputable brand, they aim to gain instantaneous credibility.

But to the discerning eye, such mimicry only serves to cement their nefarious intent.

Leveraging another brand’s legacy to peddle dubious goods is not just unethical; it’s a glaring red flag that every online shopper should be wary of.

Recently Registered Domain

One of the first things I check when determining the legitimacy of a website is its domain age. A domain’s inception can often provide a glimpse into its intentions.

Per the records on, was birthed on October 16, 2023. To the untrained eye, this might seem irrelevant.

However, in the vast world of e-commerce, longevity often equates to credibility.

Most scams don’t have the lifespan of genuine businesses, primarily because they’re either exposed quickly or they shut down once their deceitful objectives are achieved.

New websites aren’t inherently suspicious, but when combined with other red flags, they compound the skepticism.

Would you trust a shop that was built overnight in your neighborhood, especially if they claimed to offer luxury items at garage-sale prices? Probably not.

The Mirage of Discounts sales product

Ever walked past a store flaunting an “Everything Must Go! 85% Off!” sign just days after its grand opening?

Alarm bells, right? appears to adopt this strategy, splashing discounts left, right, and center.

In the retail world, discounts are typically offset by bulk sales or surplus stock.

However, for a brand-new site to dive straight into such deep price cuts without a tangible business history is perplexing.

It’s essential to differentiate between strategic marketing and desperate lures.

While everyone loves a discount, these should be approached with caution, especially when they seem too generous.

Startling Price Discrepancies product

As a diligent online shopper, price comparisons are second nature to most of us.

Imagine my astonishment when I saw the Lilola Home Linen Reversible Sleeper Sectional Sofa.

A product, which has a market value of $521.08 on reliable giants like Walmart, is being dangled for a paltry $39.98. (photo shown above)

Such discrepancies are not mere oversights or festive discounts. They’re often deliberate, designed to lure in the unsuspecting shopper.

If it sounds too good to be true, it often is.

Communicative Red Flags contact us

Trustworthy businesses thrive on customer relations. My attempt to communicate with was met with a concerning silence.

In this digital age, prompt email responses are a norm, not a luxury. second mail

What further fueled my skepticism was an unsolicited email from a vague

When subjected to verification on, the revelations were disconcerting.

The primary email was non-existent, and the secondary email, while valid, raised questions about its origin and purpose. (shown above)

A Web of Deceit

Every reputable business has a verifiable backend—details of ownership, company history, and more.’s ties with FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED might seem superficially legit.

But a more in-depth probe using tools like paints a murky picture.

Beneath the surface lies a complex nexus, potentially a syndicate of scam websites, all orchestrated with a singular, ominous objective.

A Familiar Tale About us

Originality is a hallmark of genuineness.’s ‘About Us’ section, instead of narrating its unique journey, mirrors the content of several dubious platforms like the following:

  • google about us google about us

Such blatant duplication, far from being a mere oversight, is a tactic frequently employed by scam networks to rapidly deploy multiple websites.

Discover How to Shield Yourself From Online Pitfalls!

In wrapping up this investigation, it’s imperative to underscore a fundamental tenet of online shopping: Due diligence is non-negotiable., with its myriad inconsistencies, stands as a testament to online pitfalls. My unequivocal stance? Give a wide berth.

In this age of digital commerce, always prioritize safety and vigilance.

Having dived deep into the murky waters of online scams together, I understand the apprehension that lurks in every click.

With the digital realm teeming with deceits, how do you guard yourself? Well, I’ve crafted a free course just for you. Dive in, and you’ll master:

  • Malware Detection: Unmask lurking threats.
  • Site Registration Checks: Decode a site’s history.
  • Past Website Snapshots: See through the veils of web makeovers.
  • Spotting Website Glitches: Because genuine sites care about your experience.
  • Social Media Analysis: Separate the real from the replicas.
  • Email Verification: Ensure you’re speaking to who you think you are.

Don’t let online dupes cloud your web journey. Enroll now, and become your own digital detective!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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