Is A Scam? (Be Smart And Cautious Online)

Based on my assessment, appears to be a website with limited credibility and could potentially be fraudulent. 

I strongly advise caution when interacting with this website, particularly regarding sharing personal information or making purchases. 

It’s always essential to prioritize one’s safety online.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the site’s credibility, please read on.

 Always remember: it’s better to be safe than sorry.


ourelitehealth about us page

As you can see in their “About Us,” this website is deeply committed to nurturing innovation, accelerating growth, and aiding individuals in transforming their ambitions into tangible results. 

Their inception was marked by a collective vision from a group of devoted professionals who understood the profound impact of mentorship, strategic direction, and unwavering backing in the business world.

However, several concerns have been raised about the website 

These include a mandatory payment for training, content that appears to be inadequately written, a structure that resembles a pyramid scheme, and the possibility of fabricated reviews.

Some Red Flag Of This Website, So Beware!

This website exhibits a structure reminiscent of a Ponzi scheme. 

It motivates users to invite additional individuals to join the platform, with the promise of earning commissions or rewards for successfully recruiting new members. 

Instead of providing authentic products or services, these setups heavily depend on continuous recruitment to maintain their operations.

1. Website Creation domain information

This website, created on January 30, 2022, with a registry expiry date of January 30, 2024, might be viewed as easily replaceable. 

This timeframe could raise concerns about the website’s reliability and trustworthiness. 

Websites registered for only a short period, such as two years, may convey that the operators lack a long-term commitment, possibly indicating a lack of serious intent.

2. Customer Support Is Unavailable

email cheeker

The email address given by the website,, seems to be non-operational. 

Consequently, all efforts to contact their customer service have not yielded any response.

3. Bad Reviews

Afshar Tahir commented about and gave it 1 star

“This website is undoubtedly a scam. To begin with, they claim that networking is only possible if you recruit new members. 

They promise payment for assignment work only when you refer new members. 

However, in my experience since joining, I haven’t received any earnings, not even a single rupee. Considering these circumstances, it is recommended that this website be shut down.” –Afshar Tahir.

In this comment, it is evident that the website in question appears to be a complete scam. 

Initially, the website claimed that without adding new members, there would be no opportunity for networking or earning. 

However, it has been reported that individuals have not received the promised payment for their assignment work even after adding members. 

One user, who has been a member since joining, expressed frustration at not earning a single rupee. 

Given these circumstances, there seems to be a strong case for shutting down this website due to its deceptive practices.

Lahgum Narmi commented about and gave it 1 star

“Fraud, scam, forbidden; who knows how they’ve accumulated such high ratings? 

Giving five stars repeatedly, they’re deceiving people. Let the team gather, we’ll express our grievances and listen to our complaints, and these individuals will keep devouring money. 

What an excellent joke. No one should invest.”- Lahgum Narmi.

The individual expresses disbelief at the high ratings and reviews that mislead people into investing, viewing the situation as a scam or fraudulent activity. 

They humorously suggest that the person behind it might gather negative feedback while making the perpetrators profit. 

The commenter advises against investing and urges others to avoid such schemes.

Amina commented about and gave it 1 star

In this feedback, the user expresses dissatisfaction with the service received, citing issues such as delayed and inadequate responses.

Also, she points out that even when replies are received, they lack proper communication, and calls are not answered.

The user concludes by emphasizing the need for improved management to address these concerns.

In addition, I suspect that the website is generating fraudulent reviews for its benefit.

Typically, negative reviews tend to outnumber positive ones.

Therefore, a substantial volume of favorable reviews raises a potential red flag.

4. Review By Scamadviser

Based on Scamadviser’s analysis, several red flags are associated with, leading to its meager trust score. 

Concerning Points:

  1. The website owner’s identity is concealed in the WHOIS database.
  2. It holds a low ranking on Tranco, indicating minimal traffic.
  3. The server of the site has several low-reviewed other websites.

Therefore, it’s recommended that users exercise caution and conduct further research before interacting or transacting with such websites.

Nonetheless, it is essential to mention that has a 2% chance of its legitimacy. 

But, I recommend stepping away from this website because it is a low-trust site, so there can be no assurance at all, so it’s better to be safe with your money than sorry.

In addition, it’s excellent to exercise caution when dealing with any website or online platform. 

Do your research and read reviews from multiple sources before making any decisions. 

On top of that, it’s crucial to never share personal or financial information with any website or platform you don’t trust. 

Equip Yourself Against Scams!

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Your security and peace of mind are worth the investment of your time.

Remember, knowledge is your best defense against scams, so take the first step towards becoming a savvy and vigilant internet user.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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