Is A Scam? (A Warning Signal For Women’s Fashion Aficionados)

“Is a scam?” Without a shadow of a doubt, it is.

In the labyrinth of online women’s fashion, presents itself as an enticing alcove, offering a range of clothing with animal prints.

But beneath its glossy exterior, I’ve unearthed concerning truths.

This journey isn’t just a superficial review of their fashion catalog but an investigative foray into the murky waters of their operational integrity.

Unraveling the Deceit, Evidence Against

Let’s delve into the elements that expose the alarming reality of, ensuring you are forearmed with knowledge before navigating its pages.

The Youthful Domain

The digital birth certificate of, as recorded on, dates back only to April 22, 2022.

In the digital domain, where age often equates to trustworthiness, this site is merely in its infancy.

An alarmingly recent inception of an e-commerce platform can be a harbinger of instability.

Typically, established businesses take time to grow their digital footprint. In contrast, a domain sprouting overnight like could be suggestive of transient intentions, perhaps a precursor to a hit-and-run scheme.

A Pricing Conundrum product

During my investigation, I encountered a jarring price anomaly.’s pricing strategy defies logic – their Retro Cross Flower 5 Pairs Medium Tube Socks are tagged at $12.99, (shown above) a stark contrast to Walmart’s price of $7.97 for the identical item. (shown below)

This isn’t just a small markup; it’s a glaring gouge, hinting at a strategy aimed not at profit, but at exploitation.

Overpricing, especially when juxtaposed with more affordable and reputable alternatives, raises serious questions about’s business ethics and intentions.

The Sound of Silence contact us

The façade of’s customer service crumbled when my outreach efforts were met with deafening silence.

Despite confirming the operational status of, it felt as if my queries were cast into an abyss.

This lack of response from an ostensibly legitimate email address is a red flag, suggesting an indifference to customer engagement and a potential disregard for basic business etiquette.

Identity Crisis wrong information

In a bewildering twist, thanks its customers for shopping at “Kisscici.”

This blatant branding discrepancy is more than just a misprint; it’s a deceptive ploy.

Such inconsistencies in identity are not just confusing for customers but also indicative of a deeper malaise within the site’s operational framework, often a trait of online entities with something to hide.

The Company Behind the Curtain company address

Further digging reveals that is tethered to Letsort Limited, bearing the registration number 09402096.

However, this company’s address at 12 Orchard Street, Bristol, England, BS1 5EH, is shrouded in controversy.

According to, Letsort Limited is infamous in the digital realm, with multiple scam sites operating under its umbrella.

This association with a company known for dubious operations adds another layer of suspicion to’s credibility.

Alluring Discounts or Deceptive Traps? categorizes as an insidious trap, disguising itself as a benevolent fashion outlet offering up to 50% off.

However, this supposed generosity is a façade, a classic bait tactic employed by many fraudulent sites.

These too-good-to-be-true discounts serve one purpose: to ensnare unsuspecting fashion enthusiasts in a web of deceit.

Don’t Fall Prey to Online Scam, Your Guide to Becoming a Scam Detective!

In summation, is a classic example of an online scam, masquerading as a fashion paradise.

Its combination of a newly minted domain, baffling pricing, non-responsive customer service, contradictory branding, shady company connections, and suspicious discounts paint a clear picture of a site to be avoided at all costs.

Hence, I urge you, with all the evidence laid bare, to steer clear of

When it comes to online shopping, especially in the volatile world of fashion, being informed is your best defense.

Remember, in the enticing world of internet retail, caution is always in vogue.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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