Is A Scam? (A Critical Look Before You Shop)

Ever heard of the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?” This might be the case with

You might be wondering, “Is a scam?” From the in-depth research I’ve conducted, there are some glaring concerns.

Touted as an online shopping hotspot for trendy sweaters, shirts, and curated collection items for occasions, it’s essential to sift the truth from the mirage.

Startling Discoveries about

In the world of online shopping, vigilance is our greatest ally.

With the influx of new e-stores emerging daily, the task of discerning the genuine from the deceitful becomes increasingly challenging.

On the surface, many of these websites, including, present themselves with a sheen of legitimacy, boasting attractive designs, compelling product descriptions, and enticing offers.

But as we’ve often seen, beneath this polished exterior lies a myriad of inconsistencies, red flags, and questionable practices.

As I navigated through, several alarming patterns began to emerge, each pointing towards the possibility of the site being less than genuine.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into these unsettling findings.

Just Born Digital Footprints

The internet is littered with fleeting websites that spring up overnight and vanish just as quickly.

A fresh registration like, which was inked into the digital domain on July 12, 2023, is a classic marker of these transient platforms.

Their ephemeral nature often has a sinister purpose – to scam and disappear before they’re caught.

In contrast, legitimate businesses build their online presence over time, nurturing trust and forging lasting customer relationships.

It’s more than just a gamble; it’s potentially surrendering your personal and financial data to malicious entities.

Discounts that Defy Logic 95% off

Discounts are a shopper’s delight, but when they start touching the sky-high mark of 95%, it’s more bewildering than delightful.

That’s the sensation these outlandish discounts evoke. In the world of e-commerce, such audacious discounts are a baiting tactic.

While genuine sales are a staple of commerce, exorbitant markdowns are often the bait to trap the unwary.

Quality and authenticity come at a price, and alarmingly low prices are the siren songs of potential scam sites.

A Price Paradox Man zip up sweater

Price variations across platforms are common. But what we have here with’s ‘Man zip-up sweater’ is not just a variation but a stark anomaly.

Priced at a bewilderingly low $4.32, (photo shown above) while the identical item commands over thrice that price of $13.49 at a reputable store like Walmart, raises more questions than answers. (photo shown below) walmart

Are we looking at a counterfeit? Perhaps a bait-and-switch scenario?

Or even a drop-shipping scheme with hugely inflated shipping costs hidden in the fine print?

Such price disparities are not just business strategies; they’re often harbingers of deceit.

Compromising Transaction Security payment

Trust in the digital payment realm is forged through security.

The glaring omission of PayPal, lauded for its robust two-way authentication, casts a shadow over’s transactional integrity.

Reliable online outlets prioritize their patrons’ security, often integrating multiple trusted payment gateways.

A compromised or limited payment security framework is not just a tech oversight; it’s a potential risk to your financial data.

A Maze of Emails outlook email

It’s unusual for legitimate sites to juggle multiple emails for different site operations. email

With, you’ll find a web of emails: for terms, for orders, and for refunds. email

It’s not just confusing; it’s suspicious. Authentic businesses aim for clarity and consistency in communication.

Social Media Cul-de-sacs social media links

In an era where online presence matters, their social media links are a mirage. Links that lead to Facebook, Instagram, X, and YouTube end up being dead alleys.

Such deceit is a classic hallmark of sites with something to hide.

Don’t Be Duped, Master the Art of Online Scam Detection!

Concluding this in-depth exploration, the anomalies and inconsistencies surrounding are hard to dismiss as mere oversights.

They paint a picture of dubious operations. While bargains are tempting, the price of compromised security and potential fraud is too steep.

With a plethora of genuine online shopping avenues available, I’d advocate for caution and personally advise giving a wide berth.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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