Is A Scam? (And Are Their Products From China?)

As someone who delves deep into the intricacies of online shopping, I’ve recently come across a site named Upustyle, which purports to offer a variety of fashionable dresses for ladies.

At first glance, Upustyle appears to be a treasure trove for the latest in women’s fashion.

However, I’ve learned that appearances can be deceiving. With products reportedly sourced from China, questions about the authenticity and quality of their offerings began to arise in my mind.

So, I decided to investigate further to uncover the real story behind Upustyle.

The Dubious Nature of Upustyle’s Content

When I scrutinized Upustyle, I noticed something quite alarming. Their ‘About Us’ page was strikingly similar to those found on other dubious websites like Guyown.

This lack of originality in their content is a significant red flag. Genuine businesses usually exude a sense of pride in their uniqueness, crafting content that echoes their brand’s philosophy and distinctiveness.

In stark contrast, Upustyle’s approach seemed to mirror a pattern I’ve often seen in fraudulent online stores.

These entities typically clone content from other sites to hastily fabricate a sense of legitimacy.

This tactic not only casts doubt on their credibility but also hints at a possible lack of professionalism and thoroughness – qualities that are imperative for any respected online retailer.

The Questionable Address of Upustyle address

Another concerning discovery was Upustyle’s listed address: Unit D 16/F ONE CAPITAL PLACE 18 LUARD ROAD WAN CHAI HK. address

This address is identical to those used by several known scam websites, including

This revelation is troubling on multiple fronts. For one, it suggests that Upustyle might be part of a broader network of scam websites that commonly use shared resources to deceive unsuspecting consumers.

Typically, legitimate businesses have exclusive physical locations or registered offices that are easily verifiable.

However, this shared address raises serious doubts about Upustyle’s operational authenticity and whether they have a tangible physical presence.

This link to known scam operations significantly undermines Upustyle’s trustworthiness and poses a considerable risk to potential customers.

Stolen Imagery on Upustyle’s Site product

During my investigation into Upustyle’s product offerings, I uncovered a disturbing practice.

The site had stolen images, such as the “Boho Floral Print Long Dress” photo, from other websites, notably Aliexpress.

This practice is a common hallmark of fraudulent online stores, aiming to deceive customers about the quality and origin of their products.

Authentic e-commerce platforms typically invest in original photography to depict their products accurately, a crucial aspect of honest online retailing.

Upustyle’s approach, however, indicates a lack of commitment to genuine product representation and possibly violates other businesses’ intellectual property rights.

Customer Complaints and Dissatisfaction trustpilot

A detailed examination of customer feedback across various platforms like Trustpilot, and BBB painted a consistent picture of dissatisfaction and concern.

Many customers have reported either not receiving their orders or receiving items that are substantially inferior in quality compared to the advertised products.

This recurring narrative of negative experiences is a stark warning sign of potential fraudulent activities.

Trustworthy online stores generally prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring that products are as described and addressing any issues promptly.

However, the extensive nature and consistency of complaints against Upustyle point to a fundamental failure in fulfilling these basic customer service expectations.

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In conclusion, based on the overwhelming evidence of copied content, dubious addresses, stolen imagery, and a plethora of customer complaints, it’s prudent to view Upustyle with a high degree of skepticism.

It seems more likely that Upustyle is a scam rather than a legitimate online clothing store.

The multitude of red flags suggests that it would be wise for potential customers to avoid Upustyle altogether.

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