Is A Scam? (Lady Shoppers, Beware!)

The allure of online shopping is virtually inescapable. The thrill of finding that perfect piece of clothing at a steal is something we’ve all experienced.

However, the underbelly of this convenience is rife with traps. One name that’s caught my ear recently is

The million-dollar question: Is a scam? After poring over evidence and cross-checking facts, the answer gravitates heavily towards yes.

The site cleverly masquerades as a shopper’s paradise, showcasing a range of women’s apparel at prices that seem too good to be true.

And as we navigate further, the facade begins to crumble.

Conclusive Evidence Why is a Scam

In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, discerning genuine offerings from scams requires a keen eye and analytical prowess.

Newly Minted Domain

While researching on, an interesting revelation stood out. The domain was birthed on October 7, 2023. That’s barely a month old!

Historically, scam artists have been known to leverage fresh domains, using them as fleeting vessels for their dubious activities before quickly moving onto another.

Unbelievable Price Gaps product

Let’s talk about the White Button Front Pocket Sweater Cardigan.

It’s astonishingly priced at $9.99 on (shown above), whereas the same product on Amazon commands a price tag of $270.22. (shown below)

Sure, everyone loves a good deal, but when the difference is this staggering, it casts serious doubts on the legitimacy of such an offering.

Mysterious Branding judy blue

Delving deeper, the presence of a Judy Blue logo on their payment gateway was a bewildering find. Did an overworked developer overlook this?

Or, more concerning, is this a calculated move to mimic and capitalize on Judy Blue’s established reputation?

Limited Payment Options payment method

The store’s strict adherence to credit card payments, with a conspicuous absence of PayPal, is unsettling.

It’s standard industry practice to offer a variety of payment gateways, catering to a global clientele’s diverse preferences.

Questionable Email Practices Contact us

The email saga associated with is full of inconsistencies. second email

The difference between and the oddly distinct is perplexing. (shown above)

Subsequent checks on further amplified the alarm, revealing questionable trust scores for both addresses. (shown above)

Incomplete Website Details Privacy policy

Their privacy policy page is a testament to unprofessionalism. Riddled with ‘INSERT DESCRIPTION‘ gaps, it’s evident that attention to detail was sorely lacking.

Such blatant negligence screams of a rush job typical in scam setups.

Familiar Scam Patterns

A cross-referencing session on laid bare an unsettling truth.

The ‘About Us’ narrative on bears an uncanny resemblance to known scam templates, a clear sign that not all is as it seems.

Deceptive Business Address Company address

The proclaimed address, while sounding authentic, hides a nefarious secret.

According to, Umall Technology S.A.R.L, located at 15 Rue Des Halles, Paris, France, is an elaborate ruse.

Behind the facade lies a web of deceit, masterminded by Chinese scammers and deployed across multiple scam e-commerce sites as shown below:

The preponderance of these revelations casts a long, dark shadow over

Don’t Fall Prey to Online Deceivers! Learn How

The intricacies of the digital realm mean that scams are becoming more sophisticated.

With the evidence on hand,’s legitimacy is seriously under question. Always err on the side of caution.

Based on the red flags and alarming details unearthed, I strongly advise our readers to keep a safe distance from

Your peace of mind and wallet will thank you.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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