Is A Scam? (Caution, Online Shoppers Beware!)

E-commerce is no longer a novelty; it’s a lifestyle. Yet, with vast virtual expanses come concealed culprits. Rising in the spotlight of suspicion is

But, is it genuinely duplicitous? As I combed through its pages and promises, the findings grew increasingly disconcerting.

Offering a curated collection of upscale attire and accessories, its discounts seem too sweet, almost saccharine.

Clear-Cut Red Flags, Unraveling’s Web

A website’s facade can be deceiving. Behind the sleek designs of, some shadows whisper tales of caution.

Youthful Domain, Mature Scam?

Every domain has a story, and’s narrative starts on September 8, 2023.

Such juvenility in the world of e-commerce is notable, especially when the site appears to be overflowing with products and promises.

Typically, genuine businesses take time to set their foundation, establish networks, and then launch with limited products.

This aggressive outset is a deviation from the norm and certainly raises eyebrows.

An Email Not to Trust Contact us

A business’s legitimacy can often be gauged by its communication channels.

Viffecneh’s primary channel,, however, stumbles out of the gate. emailchecker

Garnering a “Bad” rating on isn’t just a slap on its face; it’s a glaring neon sign screaming caution. (photo shown above)

Reliable businesses invest in transparent and credible communication avenues, ensuring customer trust.

This email debacle is a stark divergence from what one might expect from a reputable online store.

Discounts or Decoys? product

Everyone loves a good bargain, but the Ramie cotton plaid shirt dress‘s pricing on reads like a fantasy. (photo shown above) Amazon

Priced at $29.48, especially when its identical twin on Amazon is a heftier $36.99? (photo shown above)

Such aggressive undercutting isn’t just a business strategy; it feels more like a lure, a bait for the unsuspecting shopper.

The Payment Puzzle payment method

Digital payments have evolved, championing security and reliability.

However,’s decision to only entertain credit card payments, neglecting giants like PayPal, is perplexing.

In today’s age, where online fraud is rampant, consumers seek varied and secure payment options.

Their reluctance to offer such versatility is not only outdated but suspicious.

A Familiar Scam Script scamwatcher

Originality is the hallmark of genuine businesses. Viffecneh, however, seems to borrow heavily.

According to, their modus operandi isn’t unique.

It’s a script, one that’s been played out by countless scam sites in the past, each trying to swindle unsuspecting victims.

Address Overlaps address

A company’s address is its anchor in the real world. But viffecneh’s company Topfeeling Trading Pte Ltd proclaimed residence at 10 Anson Road seems overly populated. (photo shown above) company address copied

Other entities like Tassure Asia Outsourcez Pte. Ltd and Xin Fu Development Pte Ltd. share this same space. (photo shown above)

Is it a colossal co-working space, or is something more sinister at play?

“About Us” Mirrors About us

Authenticity shines through original content. Viffecneh’s “About Us” section, however, echoes tales told by sites like and (photo shown below) company address copied

This copy-paste methodology isn’t just lazy; it’s a hallmark of businesses with no real backstory or substance.

Fed Up with Online Traps? Arm Yourself Today!

Peeling back’s layers reveals a landscape marred with warning signs and inconsistencies.

The digital bazaar, while offering convenience, also presents corridors of deception.

Sites like, brimming with red flags, epitomize these hidden hazards. My advice? Shop, but with vigilance.

And maybe, just maybe, give a wide berth.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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