Watch Out: PrizeRebel.Com Scam!

People who sign up for paid surveys are giving the same complaints all over the internet. Some of them get paid, some of them are scammed. This confuses a lot of interested users whether to join or not because of these incidents. 

I found the same trend with the users of PrizeRebel. Here are the facts and thoughts about the site and the experiences of its users.

PrizeRebel Review Summary

Product Name: PrizeRebel

Product Type: Paid Survey

Summary: PrizeRebel is a get-to-paid rewards website. They give their members rewards such as gift-cards, cash and merchandise in return for participating in certain tasks and activities on their website.

Price: Free sign-up

Best For: Surveys

Rating: 3 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a get-to-paid rewards website. They give their members rewards such as gift-cards, cash and merchandise in return for participating in certain tasks and activities on their website.

Its operations started last 2007 and became widely used on the web since then. Though this is open for all, members from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia have more advantages in taking part in their surveys.

They partner with market research companies for the access of the different survey forms, games and bonuses. It says they can pay you per survey ranging from $.50 to $20.

How does it work?

Signing up with PrizeRebel is easy and free. It only requires you to fill up with your Full Name, Email Address and create a password for your account. 

Once you are logged in, you will be seeing upfront in the dashboard the different activities you can participate in. Here are some of those

Fill-Out Offers

This requires you to literally fill out sign-ups for trials, joining a mailing list for marketers and the like. This will get you extra points or credits for your earnings.


The website provides survey routers when you can access your daily surveys. The following are examples of the routers you might want to check.

Your Surveys

Samplicious Surveys

Cint Daily Surveys

OxSample Router

Precision Sample Surveys

Tap Research Surveys

Once you choose your survey, it will give you the time allotted for it and the equivalent points in taking it. 


These are short videos that you can watch for adder points. You can take as many videos you want to watch. However, the points for video are low and the offers are only for minimal numbers. Watch short videos on your desktop and earn points. 

Additional  Task

You can also do simple online tasks like doing internet searches and clicking on links Seems odd but it allows you to earn points and it grows your balance.

Collect daily points

These are like booster to your earning. When you log in, there is a daily points page. It includes lists of opportunities and tasks that you can take for a maximum of 20x a day. The points you will get is on top of the earnings you get from other activities. 


Like any other survey sites, they also offer their users games to earn bonus points. You can participate in raffles like the Lucky Number lottery game. They claim to be high-stakes in winning it. Aside from this, they have the usual sweepstakes games where you can use your points as a bet in the form of raffle tickets. 

Shopping Points

When you purchase items, products or services from PrizeRebels partners, you can earn and get points. You can see this in their Offer Wall pages. It has the list of the partners and their available products or services. You can also see the corresponding points for each purchase.

This is where you will be asked for sign ups, trials and free downloads of products and apps.


Referrals never get old when it comes to earning points. This is always included in most of the online jobs I encountered. Upon your registration with PrizeRebel, you will be given your uniw URL. 

This URL will serve as your invitation and referral to your friends. Once you get them to sign-up and participate in the sites provided activities you will get a commission from it. 

You will earn around 15%-30% of what they earn. This exclude promo codes, won games, any other bonus point, and there own referral earning. The percentage will depend on the level status of your account.

You can monitor and track those who joined through your referral link through the dashboard in your account. You can also check how much you are earning through them. 

Loyalty Bonus System

PrizeRebel has tiers that give you different kinds of level up, advantages and access to more points. For example, when you reach gold level or above then you will automatically receive rewards claim codes that are available or in stock.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Bronze, Silver – 1000 points
  • Gold – 2500 points
  • Platinum – 7000 points
  • Diamond – 12,000 points

Your account level points are based on your earnings on regular tasks and activities that you take. This also includes your referrals’ earnings. 


Some people say that PrizeRebel is legit but experiences may vary. Which may mean that not all are treated equal and failry while working for them.

Okay, it happens. But let us look at the risks that people experienced and the unjust treatement that wasted their time and resources. 


They allow you to see the name and lists of the winners of the games, sweepstakes and other opportunities for bonus and the names for those who claimed their reward.

However, they do not make it clear that there are a lot more people who are actually losing and being taken advantage of. 

There are users who never received their rewards and earnings. One user tried to claim her Amazon reward but received nothing. One day she just received an Amazon email processing her gift card for consumption.

Blocking Accounts

There are also users who were suddenly blocked from their accounts and in taleing survey.

One user said that he tried to redeem his money after taking so he was able to get a quality score and finished every survey. The admin told him that he has a problem with his identification in his account so they blocked his account after that.

You might think that it might be a legit reason, but isn’t the user’s identity confirmed at the very start of sign up? How could he take a lot of surveys and earn high points when he is not eligible in the first place?

Whether it is the man’s fault or the company, this only shows that they are not checking on the identity of their users or that they have a poor system for privacy and customer service.

Another user simply got blocked without receiving notification or explanation from the company.


The company does not directly state their guidelines for qualification or disqualification in surveys. Yes, it is not only on account verification that they are unclear but also when it comes to their surveys.

One user shared in a forum that after he was able to answer surveys and took hours of earning points, it was only in the end that he was informed that he is not qualified.

There is also a pop up disclaimer that you can be disqualified even in the middle of taking a survey. You wouldn’t be informed why you are being disqualified. For them this is a waste of time and energy.


Legit surveys sites do not simply pay, but they pay well to ALL of their users. In the case of PrizeRebel, there are claims and complaints that they were not paid well and they were unfairly kicked out from the site.

It is not necessarily a scam for some because they get paid but for some they are because of their own experinces. If you are going to check all the sides, IT IS NOT SAFE.

There are better ways to gain income and make use of your time better than joining the survey site.

What about marketing with lesser risks?

Risks are always involved when it comes to online jobs but there are also legitimate jobs that will give you income and deliver what they promise to you.

Instead of making your time worthwhile through surveys, why not try something that will make you earn money even when you are doing other jobs. This is what they call passive income like when an office worker gains extra income from having a tenant. 

You can also have the same kind of income with different kinds of jobs through Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is known for the opportunities of earning passive income and there are a lot of benefits from it. No wasted moments and efforts. No recruitment needed and you earn even when you are asleep!

And there are a lot of Affiliate Network Platforms that can guide you in this, like Wealthy Affiliate. It has better deals and lesser risks and that is what I am going to talk more about next.

Free sign-up

You can sign up on their website for free and are able access most of their features! This way you would have to lose anything in your start up. All your earnings will be yours and there are no deductions for capital or expenses. 

Legit Merchants

Some survey websites where they claim to partner with big market companies yet they fail to pay you fairly. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get the pay you expect through their legitimate merchants. 

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that they already did the filtering for you. On their website, you find thousands of partnerships from different niches!

No one will be forcing you to sell something you do not personally recommend. You are also not limited to promoting only one product or brand. You can choose to partner with different merchants depending on your liking.

Training and Tools

Wealthy Affiliate also offers training of various kinds. From one on one mentoring to conferences, forums and discussion. You can also access their files on their website if you need references.

There are also available tools for Keyword search, SEO and in building your website through WordPress. Part of the training is learning how to use them and in advantage to your niche and context.

Community and Tech Support

You wouldn’t have to go through it alone because they have an active community of over 1M members and thousands added each week. You can freely ask and learn from them through the discussion posts and forums.

Things that happen in survey sites like blocking of accounts without any cause will not happen here. Their 24/7 Tech Support is also a good service if you need troubleshooting or guidance in the technical aspect of the field. 

These are just simple overviews of the promising future you can have with Wealthy Affiliate. Lesser risk and more income! Check their website to find out more.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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