Accelerating Profit Scam or Risk-Free?

One of the dangers of done-for-you softwares are the too-good-to-be-true claims that people actually fall prey to. This is true if you are new to the trading industry or just simply starting out with it. 

It is a good thing that you are reading this review before making any purchase! With Accelerating Profits, is it legit or just another hype?

Accelerating Profit Review Summary

Product Name: Accelerating Profit

Product Type: Trade/Stocks/Investment

Creator: Tradeology

Summary: Accelerating Profits is a digital product that aims to help people who are interested or simply looking into Forex trading. It helps them understand its basics and they will also learn how to use the trading software. Basically, they provide a daily market analysis for Forex traders.

Best For: Trading

Rating: 3 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is Accelerating Profits?

Accelerating Profits is a digital product that aims to help people who are interested or simply looking into Forex trading. It helps them understand its basics and they will also learn how to use the trading software.

This product is introduced by Tradeology, a highly reputed and respected company and is the leading company in Forex Trading Education. Basically, they provide a daily market analysis for Forex traders.

It accelerates your profits by using a new method of trading. They said that this method is scientifically proven. This product is designed by experienced Forex traders. 

They designed it to reduce the risks of trading and give insights to people on how they can maximize their profits. 


Here are some of the features that they usually promote about their product. You can have access to these tools and inclusions upon purchase which will cost you $499 for the basic software and there is an upgrade available for an additional payment of $250.

Trading Education

This is a part of their training program on how to use and operate in their system. This is very crucial so that you can maximize the usage and maximize your profits as well.

The following are just part of the basic principles on forex trading,:

  • lot sizes
  • pips
  • brokerages
  • and much more.

Software & System

It has indicators and an actual trading system. These two will guide you in making accurate forex trades. They say that it is 90% accurate when it comes to its calculations.

What it does is that analyzes currency pairs for you and then it will give you entry and exit signals. It can analyze multiple currency pairs and markets which humans can only do one at a time. 

Easy Use

There is no experience or knowledge required in order to use the product. It is very easy to use and there are also training provided.

The tools and the interface are user friendly and understandable even to the new ones.

Live Member’s Area

The product allows you to gain access to trade experts or team of traders through a weekly webinar. It is through these meetings that they will teach you and give you suggestions on how to actually increase the money that you invested.

You can also reach their teams via Skype, Email, Live Chat and phone. 


A good thing about their notification system is that it gives you a ring when the perfect time for trading comes. This will lessen your efforts in continuously checking your accounts and wasting time watching the stocks all the time.

You can do some valuable activities while the software does the monitoring for you and notifies you if it’s time to trade.


Aside from the real time support they provided, they also conduct video training series which you can access when you become a member.

Internet Connection

Since it is not a cloud based software, you need to have a fast internet connection for a more reliable live update. You have to refresh and make sure that the current interface you are looking at is updated. 

Pros or Red Flags?

When comparing the said features with other investment softwares or guides, here are some of the advantages that you can get from it. However, these are also shady ones because of the element of a 100 percent guarantee of profits, and the like which is not always the case when it comes to investments.

Secure Trading

Since what they use as methodologies are based on research and scientific findings, it is safer than those who are simply basing things on experience and technical knowledge.

While it can be agreed that tradings are secure and safe, it cannot be fully guaranteed that there will not be a moment of loss of any amount in your investment. Even the most experienced trader or investor would say the same comment.

However, it is somewhat contradicting to claim a risk-free investment and at the same time also mention the high risks of investments. There are really risks in any kind of business, so it is a heavy claim to say that it is fully risk-free. 

Fast Profits

Another thing that they claim to give their users is getting rich overnight! These are simply hypes to attract people to buy and use the product. But if you are going to check stories, testimonies and reviews they will all say that it is not as easy as promised in the promotions.

Fast Profits are not always safe especially in investments, stocks and trade. It is still good to really learn it and its technicalities. Be familiar with the basics and foundational processes and principles so that you would know better when accessing certain done-for-you products. 

Expert Training

The training will be conducted by experienced Forex Traders and even by the Founders themselves. However, there are little reviews and proofs on this.

Another thing is that they also claim that you will become an expert after taking their training. Again, these kinds of claims are very dangerous. You do not become an expert by simply attending a training. We all know that in any kind of field that you enter. 

Do not fall for this kind of hype claim. Check reviews and comments of people who actually used it and what are their experiences in using it. This is a better way to weigh and see if it really works. But definitely it won’t happen overnight. 


It is highly recommended that when you use the software, you have to simply follow the instructions and guide of when and where to trade. You cannot mix your own strategy or preferences. 

It sounds easy for some but it is kinda restricting when you really want to learn and be an expert on this. 

It can also be too expensive, especially for starting traders.

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