Options Pop Scam: Quick Review

The ultimate goal when we try to look at the financial market is to be able to get good profits in a relatively shortest period of time possible.

In the area of trades and stocks, people would always look for the stocks with the strongest and most stable movement and participate in it. However this is not an easty task to do.

There are a lot of softwares that promises such things but in reality give false predictions and data which lead to waste of your time and money. This will get you into a bigger trouble of losing instead of earning money.

Options Pop is one of the platforms that promises to its users a risk-free experience with these things.

Fortunately, there are platforms like Options Pop that will help us solve all these problems and allow us to use them to find the best opportunities to buy or sell using the full potential of the options leverage.

Now we are going to check exactly how it works and if it is worth your time and money

Options Pop Review Summary

Product Name: Options Pop

Product Type: Option Trading


Summary: Option Pop basically focuses on option trading operations that are web-based. It will send an alert generally on Wednesdays. They simply tell you the following important details:

  • company to trade
  • the option contract
  • the suggested maximum for option premium 

Best For: Options Trading

Rating: 4 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is Options Pop?

Option Pop basically focuses on option trading operations that are web-based. It will send an alert generally on Wednesdays. They simply tell you the following important details:

  • company to trade
  • the option contract
  • the suggested maximum for option premium 

These are just some of the basic information that they will give you before you enter the trade and before the expected potential movement occurs. Also, Options Pop also lets you know the possible fluctuations of the option you are planning to deal or dealing with. For example, it may increase in price immediately or even take a week.

Since it is also a Binary Options Signal provider, it also provides you alerts along with the proven trading guide and training. It also gives notifications about the most potential options so that traders can buy the highest odds of moving within 2-9 days. 

Additionally, you don’t need to be an expert to use this signal. On the other hand, traders need not download the program. Everything is “web-based”, so you can log into the member area from your desktop or other devices. The signal provider will send 3 trade alerts every Wednesday.

You can buy an option and heavily depend on the alerts. Options alerts are designed to get in and out in 1 to 5 days or sometimes longer. However, in some cases, it may end up being a day trade. 

Options Pop is not contract-based so you can cancel anytime you want. 

How does it work?

Options Pop is known by its options alerts for highly potential gains. For this, it uses technical analysis to find stocks that have a high probability of moving up or down in the next 2-9 days. As soon as the software finds a stock, it selects the call or put options at the exact strike prices that can go up in price.

Based on the analysis, they will send you an email or text alert. The alert includes the stock symbol, which options and strike prices to buy and at what price.

After that, they post the alert at once on the website’s private member’s area. The goal is to make 100%-500% in 2 to 9 days. 

It was mentioned earlier that every Wednesday, traders will get three trade alerts. There is plenty of time to buy the options before it starts to move. So, stay calm and make the best decision.

Note that Options pop doesn’t provide any sell alerts, so you have to choose the time to sell your weekly options. But they will indeed guide you to sort out this issue.

The question that many of us ask ourselves when using an option trading tool like Options Pop is how do they choose options, in what is based on, and what tactics are used.


Well, Options Pop will help us choose those options that have a lower option premium. During the next nine days at most, that option will revaluate to provide us with a return between 50% – 400% of the premium we paid when we bought the option contract.

And the good news is they offer a 30-day money-back period, so we can, technically, use it for free for a month. However, we must first enter our billing information, as is the case with many other programs. So, if you want to try it without spending a single penny, it’s a very good opportunity to do so, so you can see for yourself if it really works.

Among other features, Options Pop offers the possibility to learn how options work with the lessons and guides that they have prepared for training. Starting with basics, such as how the option premium is composed or how factors such as implied volatility affect them.

They also include a guide to get the most out of their alert program, as well as help in setting profit points or stop-losses, along with several real-life examples.

There are a lot of programs on the Internet that offer us services like Options Pop, but the truth is, this program is one of the few that can produce real benefits in a fast and direct way.

Many other programs offer us very high returns, but the truth is that the Options Pop team is committed to what they tell us.
More importantly, they let us use their program for a 30-day trial, in case we are not satisfied with the program and of course.

The most important thing they consider is the ability to make money online, quickly and directly from anywhere in the world by merely buying and selling options so people can literally use the first month for free to pay for the entire subscription and make our account grow and grow faster.

Aside from that, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, it is a direct and straightforward program that simplifies the work of searching for operations.

Options Pop offers a direct and efficient service. Through an alert by text message or by mail, it will indicate three of the best options trades with a very high probability of providing us with quite high returns in a period of, at most, nine days.

They also provide a complete guide in which we will learn both basic and advanced concepts needed to trade options. There’s only two free bonuses for program members only

It shows us the option trade alerts in an easy way, with all the necessary information ahead so we can operate efficiently. Option Pop also includes modules and training guides to learn options and get the most out of the program. We can start with very little money thanks to the options leverage. Options Pop suggests that $2500 is an adequate amount.

Without a doubt, when people pay for a service, they expect it to live up to the expectations, and especially if it is a tool that picks option trades.


Aside from the pros of the option pop, there are only cons such as it only offers us alert and training services. To trade, we must find ourselves a broker that allows us to deal with stock options trading on our own.

We are only sent an alert to buy options, but we are not told when to sell. Although they will teach us how to do so in their guide. As always, in any market operation, we are exposed to risks and must be aware of this.


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