Digi Traffic Generator: Does it really increase website traffic?

For those who are making money online through blogging or affiliate marketing know that website traffic is a crucial factor in generating their income. Anyone who would like to start the same online business must also familiarize themselves about it.

When you start researching about it, there are tons of website traffic generators and it will take you forever to evaluate them one by one. Some of them are legit softwares but some only use your link and generate traffic by sending spam to people. 

There are effective but harmful ways that could destroy your branding. So we have to check how those generators do it.

So it is good to filter the top website traffic generators that are usually used by online workers. This review will guide you to how Digi Traffic Generator does the work of driving websites to your traffic.

Digi Traffic Generator Review Summary

Product Name: Digi Traffic Generator

Product Type: Website Traffic Generator

Creator: Andy Fletcher


This website traffic generator is updated by Andy Fletcher. It aims to increase traffic in your website by creating backlinks and maximizing social platforms to where they can paste or promote your link. 

There is not much information mentioned in any of their websites about the creator or founder, or of the product  itself. However there are some few features and reviews that we can actually check to validate their claims. 

Best For: Increasing Website

Rating: 3 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is Digi Traffic Generator?

This website traffic generator is updated by Andy Fletcher. He is a taekwondo athlete and also known as an internet marketer. Viral Link Network, Digi List Builder and WordPress syncidator are just some of the products that he made and own. 

It aims to increase traffic in your website by creating backlinks and maximizing social platforms to where they can paste or promote your link. 

There is not much information mentioned in any of their websites about the creator or founder, or of the product  itself. However there are some few features and reviews that we can actually check to validate their claims. 

Key Features and How it works

Since this is an updated version, there are questions on the specific upgrades or additional features that are helpful to its users or to those who are interested to buy. How significant are the changes that they made and how safe are these?

Basic Desktop Application

This feature is tech friendly to the low spec machines. It is not heavy on memory and does not require a heavy processor for it to run smoothly.

Social Media Sites

What is the best platform to boost your posts other than the social media sites? They also have access to high visibility sites and 600 high-traffic sites where they can boost your post. It is where the pool of people from different niches reside. Marketers are expected to make their output appealing to the audience for it to be read and acknowledged.

Not only does it share in the social media but content sharing is also enabled. Furthermore, it contains additional features such as plug-in captcha solving, manual captcha breaking option, unlimited backlinking potential, and spinning articles.

Optional Upgrade

For those who are already well-versed into the area of online marketing, such as SEO experts and gurus then you can avail an optional upgrade. They named their upgrade as “Digi Traffic Generator NicheX”. This feature keeps you from being tracked by Google Police.

Three main ways of how they drive traffic to your website

  1. Your website will own hundreds of Backlinks that will increase your ranking in a more organic way of gaining traffic.
  2. You gain access to promote your site into hundreds of high traffic sources. This increases clicks rate to your site.
  3. This is a viral boost.

This is TOO RISKY!

The features are actually easy to use and very convenient to people who would like to have a passive income. However, fast money and fast income always has its risks. It is for you to decide whether these risks are worthy for you to take.

Niche X and Google Police

It may sound exciting and appealing to hear about their high traffic sites connections where they can post your link to all of it. However, Google has a policy about this. One of features of Digi Traffic Generator looks like a link scheming which Google is against.

Using one account and posting the same link in different sites, platforms or niches are detected by google. Consequential to this, Google will assign lower page and domain authority to your sites and lesser promotion as well.

Also, this feature is only available in their upgraded version. If you have no plan for upgrading or is currently using a standard version, then you are not protected from this violation. 


They give you a lot of backlinks to make sure that google won’t trace you back but if you do the math, it is not enough to get rid or hide by Google Police. Even if you have a lot of backlink in your site, you can even get penalized by Google because of it. These are ways of increasing traffic to sites that actually hurts your site ranking! 

This is just a good way of phrasing spamming and link scheming.


They can assure you the increase of traffic but not the success of getting an income or an actual buy from their boosts.

So now, what?

Website traffic is not the only thing you should consider to gain income from your website. You should also consider ranking, domain authority and page authority to build credibility to your platform.

The good features could blind you to the actual operation of the software. Buying traffic is not always a good idea. If you want to build your business then you should build the foundation right. Do not settle or compromise in doing something illegal and hoping to get off the hook after gaining money. 

It pays to work on having good content, legit merchants, good SEO and Keywords and other technical stuff that you should have a hands-on attitude on.

What is the best way to gain traffic?

In Affiliate Marketing, there are a handful of affiliate sites or networks that can help you build your business sites in a legitimate manner. You can have passive income and a peace of mind not thinking if Google might find out about the neglect done. 

One of the best recommendations for Affiliate Networks is Wealthy affiliate. It is steadily growing every week with thousands of members being added to it currently million users. Aside from it being legitimate, there are also holistic training and tools that they offer to their users. 

Sign-up for Free

Not all free sign ups are bad. This is one of the worthy tries that people had with Wealthy Affiliates. Comes with the free sign up is an access to their tools, training and forums. 


Instead of having a software send your links as a spam to your customer, it is still best to learn and be trained in the right way of marketing. 

They have one on one mentoring with their leaders and their creators to know the basics and foundation of the business. There are also workshops during conferences which are helpful for beginners who do not have experience or background about it.

There are also weekly webinars where you can get fresh updates and insights from your mentors and from the community members. 


All internet-based works include technicalities which could be overwhelming to some. I mentioned about keyword and SEO a while back and these words might be unfamiliar to you.

Wealthy Affiliate also provide you access with the tools needed for these things. Part of the training is learning the concepts and how it works using the tools. They also contextualize it in the kind of niche that you want to focus on. 

They are also website hosts to your wordpress account. Building your website is a tedious job yet crucial for the business. Wealthy Affiliate helps you with it by having pre-designed templates customizable to your liking. 


If you are wondering or hesitant in finding the right merchant, Wealthy Affiliate also provides you a pool of legit merchants that you can choose from. There are no restrictions. Choose according to your own liking and preference.

These lists are preselected and filtered for you so you wouldn’t have to worry of getting scammed by the merchants. 

Technical Support

Questions do not end during workshop and training. Sometimes you develop more questions as you explore the platform yourself. That is why they provide a 24/7 Technical Support ready to serve you wherever you are in the world! 

You do not need to wait for hours or days before you get the answers or assistance that you need. In seconds, the troubleshooting could be done.

The best way to gain traffic to your site heavily relies on your content and how well-versed you are with the business. So keep learning and striving! There are more great deals that you can check with Wealthy Affiliate. DOn’t waste time and visit their site!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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