Is Affiliate Titan 2 A Scam?

Is Affiliate Titan a scam? Or is it a product that will help you in your affiliate marketing endevors? Chris and Ken, the creators of Affiliate Titan have been around the internet for a while now selling one product or another. While this is in no way a scam, what you buy probably won’t have much to offer you.

Company: Affiliate Titan (AT)

Creators: Chris & Ken

Description: A set of tools to help you find programs and affiliates that are making money, as well as video courses, PDF manuals, and video editing software.

Price: $7 ($9.95?)

Recommended? No

Rating: 3 out of 10

Affiliate Titan brings you tools that help you find affiliate programs that are making money. That way, you can quickly find products to promote that people like. Unfortunately, while this may seem like a great idea, in reality, you can find all this stuff for free.

Affiliate Titan will help you cut down on all of your searching, and the time you’ll use to look through the various affiliate programs to find one that work. But there really is nothing special in the software they are trying to sell you. On top of that, Chris and Ken have been making these things for a while now, just under different names.

Day Job Killer

Day Job Killer is a program that Chris started at least over 10 years ago, if not longer. And from all that can be seen of it, if you take a logical approach, you don’t find anything that has much appeal in it.

When you finally find their site, you’ll notice that you come to a subscription page to get early bird access to their way to ‘kill your job in the next 24 hours’. But how ‘early bird’ access is this?

Early Bird Access… Still 10 years later?

Early bird access means that you’re getting access to something early. But it’s been 10 years since they made this business. And their still offering early bird access?

No matter what their selling/giving away, if they’re still giving away as early bird access, then something isn’t quite right with the program.

Many who reviewed this product gave it a pretty low rating. Whether this older product is legit or not, I don’t know. But what I do know is that with negative reviews about previous business attempts doesn’t bode well for future programs that the creators start.

Affiliate Titan

Affiliate Titan 2.0 has several courses and programs that they offer. According to their sales page, it only costs $27, though they might increase the price soon (which just a typical sales ploy to make you buys something sooner).

Things that you’ll get include:

  • King of the Zon Pro
  • King of the Zoo Pro
  • T-Shirt Titan 2
  • 1-Click Affiliate Pro

And more.

Unfortunately, when buying this program, you might want to read the payment plan very carefully.

Taking Multiple Payments From You

When going to purchase the course, you’ll find that $27 only covers one month of service. Not only that, but they’ll take another 22 payments (totaling 23 payments) from you until they finally stop!

I mean, that’s only $621 that they’ll be taking from you. It’s not that much money, right?

Whenever you are interested in buy products online, always make sure to check the payment plans. Otherwise, you can be duped into paying large amounts of sums, sometimes without you even realizing it!

For over 600 dollars, this program isn’t worth your time or money. You can can easily find the stuff that they’re going to give you for a cheaper price.


They offer programs to help automatize finding the best affiliate programs out there. But all of this that they’re selling you, you can do manually! It means you’ll need to do a little work to figure out things, but in the long run, you’ll be able to save a lot of money by doing all this yourself.

What About Affiliate Titan 3.0?

In the past few years, Affiliate Titan came out with a newer version of what they were selling – version 3.0. But, even still, it’s not entirely worth your while.

Affiliate Titan 3.0 offers you a lot more programs and courses for you to take with you, and all at a cheaper price, a payment of only $7!

King of the Zon. King of the Zon software brings you the 200 most profitable affiliate programs on Amazon. They claim that they update it daily, so that you’ll have instant access to all the best programs at all times.

1 Click Affiliate. In this course, you’ll be provided with landing pages and other affiliate scripts, that will help maximize your potential for making money. According to the site, these landing pages have generated the creators over $2.6 million.

CB 250 database. Clickbank is an affiliate program that brings great products to promote for your business. With CB 250 database, you’ll be given 250 affiliate programs that are making other money. This list is updated daily, or so they say on their website.

Launch Pulse. Launch Pulse software finds the 100 best 6-figure launches, and gives them all to your for you to look into, and see how well their doing.

King of the Zoo. King of the Zoo brings you the top products from JVZoo, an affiliate program site. These products, like much of the rest, will help you find products that are currently hot on the market.

Rapid Video Ranker. According to the website, you can make videos in 60 seconds or less, and they’ll be all ready to get ranked quickly in YouTube and Google.

Other Courses, Manuals, and Bonuses. On top of all this other software, the creators also want to give you other bonuses that will help you along your way to make money online.

Is it really worth it?

For an easy payment of 7 bucks, it does seem like it would be worth the risk of trying it out, and seeing if it would actually work. Unfortunately, there are several things that I just don’t like when it comes to reviewing this product, and how it adds up.

It launched 2 years ago. This version of Affiliate Titan, as of writing this, as launched nearly 2 years ago. And their sales page still renders all this!

As you read about all these great things they’re selling you, you’ll find words like “succeeding with affiliate marketing in 2017”. But as to date, it’s nearly 2019!

Affiliate Marketing can move in many different ways in 2 years, and a lot can change. While I won’t disagree that things that worked in 2017 should work for 2019, why doesn’t the sales page reflect this? The creators boast of making 2.6 million, and yet they can’t update their sales page?

They claim to make many scripts, software, and programs that will help you make money, and yet they have yet to create scripts that can update their sales pages with the right year?

They claim to make so much money, and yet they can’t hire someone to manually update their sales page every year/few months? If that is so, then the product isn’t worth it, no matter how cheap it is.

There are two different prices! Once again, the sales page needs some updating. On the top of the page, you’ll read that it only cost a simple $9.95 for you to own all this software. But when you go to the bottom of the page, they say that it’s only $7.00 .

Which one is right?

When you go to check out you’ll learn that it is indeed only 7 dollars for this program. But the sales pages is still alarming.

It’s not good business to have two different prices on your sales page. It just isn’t! If you can’t keep things right, then how will you be able to know that other things they say aren’t true?

On top of that, they claim that is discounted price of $7 is going to end soon, and yet, like mentioned before, it’s been discounted since 2017! So it’s been going to end ‘soon’ for over two years now!

Finding A Free Alternative

Because of the reasons above, I just can’t recommend Affiliate Titan. While I in no way want to disrespect what they’re trying to do, I don’t think Affiliate Titan has much to offer you with the sales page the way that it is.

I would have wished that the creators could have given a free product, or a 7-day free trial, to actually see the product that you’re getting. That way, you could experiment, and really see if like what you’re buying.

Affiliate Titan might be a great resource for some, but there are other free alternatives to learning about affiliate marketing. And that’s why I would recommend one of them, Wealthy Affiliate, to you.

Unlike Affiliate Titan, Wealthy Affiliate brings you a free membership that you’ll be able to try your hand at affiliate marketing, all without paying a single dime. Additionally, they offer you free tools to help you get started as well. It’s where I first started to learn about affiliate marketing, and where I started making monthly income online!

You can take a look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate. They are the best site (so far) that I’ve found to be true upon what they claim their program can do!

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