Is Biz Opp A Scam? (Read this first!)

As we stride into 2023, the landscape of business opportunities has evolved remarkably, especially given the unprecedented times we’ve weathered since 2020.

The surge in digital workplaces has unlocked doors for many, including stay-at-home parents, to delve into the realm of remote work and entrepreneurship.

This shift isn’t just a trend; it’s a transformative era in the work-from-home dynamic, offering flexibility and potential financial freedom.

Yet, amidst this flourishing digital gold rush, a shadow looms. The proliferation of online business opportunities has also seen a parallel rise in nefarious schemes preying on eager, often inexperienced, entrepreneurs.

It’s a world where the line between a genuine opportunity and a cleverly disguised trap is increasingly blurred.

If you’re contemplating diving into the vast ocean of online business, a word of caution: tread carefully.

In this ever-changing digital landscape, what’s pivotal is not just identifying the right opportunity but understanding the intricacies and potential pitfalls.

In this article, I’ll unravel the reality of Biz Opp (Business Opportunity), juxtaposing it with Business Franchising.

Plus, I’ll share some insights and strategies for those already navigating their entrepreneurial journey.

Stay tuned, as this exploration could be the compass you need in the vast sea of online business opportunities.

Biz Opp Review Summary

Product Name: Biz Opp

Product Type: Online Jobs

Summary: Biz Opp are business packages and sets that offer ranges of product and services like reselling, work-at-home and passive income. These are usually computer-based services with training courses and programs.

Price: Price varies

Best For: Online Business

Rating: 7 out of 10


What is Biz Opp?

Biz Opp is a business package and set that offers a range of products and services like reselling, work-at-home, and passive income.

These are usually computer-based services with training courses and programs.

It is also different from franchise business which people confuse it with most of the time. They differ a lot in the cost.

Biz Opp is always cheaper and you are only to follow a simple and lesser set of rules as compared to that of franchising. 

Generally, Business opportunities are looser. All you need to do is to buy the opportunity and then learn how to run the business.

After that, I think you are pretty much ready and free to market it and run it as you want it to be.

Good deals with Biz Opp

Easy Target audience

Most of the opportunities that Biz Opp offers work best for women in their 30s. But young entrepreneurs or  Biz Opp seekers aged 22 can also join.

These are the age ranges who already have money to invest.

Learning the Trends

You have to monitor trends in the vertical and then learn from them. For example, if binary options are hot right now, you think of scheduling a corresponding campaign.

This way you can always keep the working hours of your sales support or in a way continue earning passive income. 

Localized Creatives

You can personalize and make your strategy doing any Biz Opp opportunities. This is not only limited to language but also the design and layouts.

This will help you communicate and sell better because you are speaking the language of your consumers on a personal level.

Reviews and Testimonials

Too good-to-be-true promises can hurt your reputation and your brand. People will not be trusting and won’t buy your product.

So, do not promise too much but just state what you can deliver and give. 

You can put or feature testimonials and stories about your products or opportunities that will help interested consumers weigh whether to buy or not. It has been proven that The Biz Opp niche loves them.

But remember that the testimonials have to be true and real as well. Do not fake it by hiring actors or writers. 

What is Biz Opp Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing concept, Business person analyzing financial data on laptop computer with affiliate marketing icon on virtual screen, Digital Marketing content planning advertising strategy.

Biz Opp Affiliate Marketing is an intriguing and dynamic facet of the digital marketing landscape, offering a myriad of opportunities to those keen on diving into the world of entrepreneurship.

Essentially, these campaigns present end users with a business opportunity – this could manifest as a comprehensive guidebook, leasing options for essential equipment, innovative products, or services that pave the way for individuals to initiate and grow their businesses.

The spectrum of campaigns under Biz Opp Affiliate Marketing is vast and diverse, available through numerous affiliate networks.

What makes this domain particularly appealing is the range of earning potential it offers. For instance, one might earn a modest amount, say $1.80, for writing a product review on

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the possibility of earning up to $1,000 by becoming a Forex Trader. The variability in earnings reflects the diverse nature of opportunities available.

From my perspective, making a living through Business opportunities in Affiliate Marketing is certainly achievable.

However, it’s imperative to approach this field with a degree of caution and due diligence. The key lies in thoroughly vetting these jobs or opportunities to ensure their legitimacy.

This is crucial because, in the vast and often murky waters of online business opportunities, the line between a genuine chance and a cleverly disguised scheme can be perilously thin.

It’s about striking the right balance between seizing opportunities and staying vigilant against potential pitfalls.

With the right approach, Biz Opp Affiliate Marketing can indeed be a lucrative and fulfilling path.


Biz Opp is usually mistaken as a Financial Niche or Gambling Niche just like that of Crypto and Binary Options.


A reasonable payment for you to earn in Biz Opp ranges from $200 to $500. Anything that does not pay you enough or lower might be a scheme for pyramid schemes or other kinds of Scams.

Legitimate ones will illustrate how you’ll make the money rather than giving you hype by drawing you in with promises of big financial rewards.

Take note also that FTC already requires a cancellation or refund policy for Biz Opp and any business transaction. You have to read their disclosure documents to know and be informed of your rights and boundaries.

Software and Tools

To earn money from this you have to make sure that you are using the right software and tools.

There are a lot of software that are being sold separately and focus on the main features like SEO and gaining traffic.

Some are only up for the OTO or Upsells do not deliver what it promise and are mostly based on spam, and backlinks.

The danger of these kinds of products and software is that they can hurt your website or business badly.

How? Google Will rank your domain page lower if they can trace and know that you are using spam emails and posting the same link anywhere on the net.

Landing Page

One of the ways to choose a good Biz Opp is to check if the landing page is simple enough.

Because that is how it is supposed to be. The application is simple and you are not supposed to file a lot of fields.

The name, email, and contact number are usually enough for the team or the company to process your application and close the contract with you. 


Most of the Biz Opp found on the internet are not disclosing enough information about the business that the users and buyers end up being a victim of bogus scams.

Hype statements and baits are commonly used to attract buyers or consumers but the company or product does not sell products or opportunities.

Also, you can contact the references that the sellers mention in their lists and you can personally ask them about their claims and experiences. 


Scams are about legalities, you have to make sure that they are accredited by trusted federation boards depending on the industry they are in. ‘

It is still better to be a part of a company or business that is regulated by the government or regulatory boards. This will protect you and your business.

To know this information, you can always check it on their landing pages if they mention anything about it.

Another one is their transparency about their founder or about the owner.

Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Networks

When it comes to Biz Opp it is largely known for its Affiliate program. There is no doubt that Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest-growing online businesses.

A lot of people in any age range are drawn into trying it and succeeding! There are a lot of promising platforms online but not everyone can afford it.

This is why it is so great to have free sign-up programs online that are equally legitimate and successful as the paid ones.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the biggest Affiliate Marketing platforms. It currently has millions of members and thousands being added weekly! Wondering why? Take a look at these freebies!

1. Free Membership

This is very helpful if you are starting or trying to build your business. Instead of paying for a lot of software, you can use those resources for other expenses where it is needed. You will save a lot and gain the same income through the Wealthy Affiliate!

2. Face to Face training

One of the advantages of Wealthy Affiliate is having face-to-face mentoring or training.

You have access to videos and manuals that will teach and guide you in your online business. You get to ask questions in real-time and have a conversation with trainers.

There is also a weekly webinar where you can learn up-to-date info about the field or the market you are working on.

Another thing that is great about their training is that you will also learn how the tools and software work together!

Some do it separately which is kinda hard when you are already using them all but it is different with Wealthy Affiliate!

3. Website Builder

Included in this platform is a website host and domain! It is very pricey to pay for it on a different service.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you can already have it in their package. They will also help you build and personalize according to your needs and market.

4. Keyword research tool

Since SEO is a great determinant of your success here, they are also providing a research tool that computes the competitiveness of your keyword.

Can’t think of anything? It is okay. It will also give good suggestions of high-rank keywords for you!

5. 24/7 Technical and Community Support

What if something goes wrong? You do not have to wait for a cue! You are welcomed by tech support 24/7.

This will save you a lot of time and energy than waiting for another office hour to ask or figure out things by scrolling hours on the internet.

Another thing is the community within the program. You will not study the topics alone but you will also learn from other people who are also starting or are successful in the business. They are a very engaging, kind, and active community.

6. Pool of Merchants

Finding the right niche is very crucial and not easy. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate because it already offers legitimate and successful affiliate programs!

All you need to do is choose from their categories where your interests and likes fit. You choose from thousands of good programs.

So, why buy something you can have for free? Check out Wealthy Affiliate and learn more!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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