Is A Scam? (Shoppers, Determine The Facts!)

Is a scam? Without a shadow of a doubt, is a scam. 

Posing as a vibrant one-stop shop for women’s wear, homewares, and bags, this site’s true colors are anything but genuine. 

But what’s the real story behind their flashy deals?

Undeniable Facts That PRove is a scam

As you navigate the seemingly endless aisles of online stores, might catch your eye with its bright deals and wide selection. 

But hold on to your wallets, folks – is not what they appear to be. Let’s peel back the layers of this too-good-to-be-true website.

A Direct Copy Of A Questionable Site

A screenshot of the home page of

Upon inspection,’s website content raises immediate concerns. 

A screenshot of the home page of

The site’s layout, product images, and overall design are strikingly similar to those of, a site that has been questioned for its legitimacy. 

This mimicry strategy is a common scam tactic, as it exploits the established trust and aesthetic of an existing retailer to deceive consumers. 

The lack of original content on is a significant warning sign that the site may not be a genuine retailer.

A few Weeks Old Domain 

A screenshot of the domain information of in

A website’s domain age can be a telltale sign of its legitimacy.’s domain was registered on October 19, 2023, which is a red flag for a retail site. 

This recent registration date is concerning because it doesn’t allow for the buildup of a reliable reputation, which takes time and customer interaction. 

Scam sites often have a short life span; they pop up quickly, scam unsuspecting shoppers, and disappear. 

The lack of an established online presence for suggests that it may be set up for a quick scam rather than a long-term business. was Flagged As A Scam

A screenshot that shows flagged as a scam, a site dedicated to identifying fraudulent online activities, has flagged as a scam

This independent assessment provides external confirmation of the site’s dubious nature. 

When a third-party entity with no vested interest in the site’s success issues such a warning, it’s a clear indication that consumers should exercise extreme caution.

Fraudulent Email Address

A screenshot of the official email address of

The email address for,, immediately raises suspicion. 

It’s unusual for a legitimate business’s official email to be hosted on a different domain, which is often a tactic to hide origins and avoid traceability. 

A screenshot that shows is valid

Although this email passes verification on, this does not guarantee the site’s credibility. 

What’s even more concerning is the welcome email I received after subscribing to their site. 

A screenshot of the email that I received from

Instead of receiving an email from their official email address, the welcome email that I received was from

A screenshot of the list of sites that use the same email address as

In case you didn’t know, this particular email is linked to a web of other scam sites and social media scams, indicating a network of fraudulent activities. 

The list of associated scam sites, as per, includes:


This pattern of association with known scam operations severely undermines the credibility and reliability of

Misleading Social Media Links

A screenshot of the social media links of

Navigating the social media landscape is crucial for any reputable online store. It’s where brands build communities and connect with customers. 

Yet, when it comes to, their social media links are a facade. 

Clicking on Facebook, X, Pinterest, and Instagram icons should ideally take you to their business profiles, where you’d expect to see customer interactions and brand updates, right? Well, not in this case.

Instead, these icons perform a digital sleight of hand. They just redirect me to my own social media account. 

This misdirection is a common tactic among scam sites to give the illusion of a legitimate social presence without the accountability or engagement that genuine profiles provide. 

It’s a red flag that suggests is more interested in appearing legitimate than being legitimate.

Malicious Discounts

A screenshot that shows products are all on 90% discount advertises a 90% discount on all products, which is highly unusual and economically unfeasible for any legitimate business. 

Such drastic price reductions are a common lure used by scam operations to attract customers. 

The promise of high discounts with no reasonable explanation is a tactic to create a sense of urgency and compel consumers to make impulsive purchases without proper scrutiny.

The conclusion

So, is a scam? Yes, it is a scam, and the evidence is overwhelming. 

With a trail of deceit from copied content to bogus social media links, this site is a shopping hazard. 

Remember, when the discounts are sky-high and the domain is fresh, it’s time to say goodbye. Shop smart, stay alert, and keep your digital wallet safe from these online scams.

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