Is A Scam? (Shoppers, Discover The Facts!)

Is a scam? Yes, is a scam. Posing as an online store, claims to offer a variety of products, from trendy hoodies to gym shorts. 

However, does everything appear as it is, or is there something amiss?

Undeniable Facts That Show is a scam

Let’s peel back the layers of and see what lies beneath. It’s crucial to scrutinize the details before diving into any online shopping spree.

Here’s what I found:

Recently Minted Domain

A screenshot of the domain information of in

In the realm of online shopping, a website’s age can be a crucial clue. Let’s delve into, which surfaced on the internet on June 29, 2023. 

This recent debut is noteworthy. Scam websites often follow a brief lifecycle: they appear quickly, engage in scams, and then vanish. 

While not every new site is deceitful, the short history of, especially when combined with other dubious signs, necessitates a closer look.

Flagged as a scam

A screenshot that shows flagged as fraudulent

In assessing the trustworthiness of an online store, external alerts can be pivotal., a platform dedicated to unmasking scams, has flagged as a scam

This external warning is significant. When a specialized site in scam detection identifies a website as problematic, it reinforces the need for caution and further investigation.

Dubious Parent Company

A screenshot that shows the company where is under

Exploring the entity operating a website can reveal much about its legitimacy. 

A screenshot that shows is under the same company operates under GUANGZHOU JIGUANGLAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD, a company associated with other questionable sites like as per

This connection is concerning. A history of managing suspicious websites by a parent company can be indicative of their ongoing operations. 

This link casts in a dubious light, suggesting it may be part of a larger network of fraudulent online activities.

Identical About Us Page

A screenshot that shows the about us page content of

The authenticity of a website is often mirrored in its content.

A screenshot of the same about us page content but from

On examining’s ‘About Us’ page, I discovered that it is identical to the content found on other suspicious sites like 


Genuine websites always create unique content that reflects their brand. 

The identical ‘About Us’ content on is a red flag, indicating a lack of authenticity and possibly a deliberate attempt to mislead.

Shared Phone Number

A screenshot that shows the phone number of

Reliable contact information is essential for legitimate online businesses. provided a phone number for questions or inquiries, 423-349-2499

A screenshot that shows other questionable sites also used the same phone number as

However, further digging revealed that this phone number is also used by other questionable sites, such as:


This unusual overlap is a significant concern. Legitimate businesses typically have unique contact details. 

The shared phone number suggests that might be intertwined with a network of scam sites.

The Final Verdict

So, is a scam? Based on the evidence, it’s safe to say that it is a scam. 

The site’s recent registration, association with a dubious parent company, and shared contact details with other scam sites are glaring indicators of its fraudulent nature. 

Remember, it’s always better to play it safe than to regret it later. I urge you to steer clear of and always do your due diligence before shopping online. 

Stay informed, stay vigilant, and keep your online shopping experiences scam-free.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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