Is A Scam? (Consumers, Shop With Caution!)

Is a scam? Absolutely, is a scam. 

Posing as a diverse online retailer, presents a puzzling image—a child and her mother, which oddly doesn’t align with their actual product range of cleaning tools to kitchen gadgets. 

Dive in as we delve into this mismatch and discrepancies.

Concerning Facts That proves is a scam

Let’s peel back the layers of with a critical eye. 

It’s not just about a hunch; it’s about piecing together the puzzle that reveals the complete picture of deception.

Fresh on the Web

A screeenshot of the domain information of in

The digital footprint of a website is like its shadow in the online world, and a short shadow often means there’s not much substance. 

The domain for was registered on April 4, 2023, as per 

In the vast expanse of the internet, where longevity equals trustworthiness, this site is but a newborn. 

Seasoned shoppers know that scam sites often have a fly-by-night existence, popping up to make a quick buck before vanishing. 

This site’s infancy is a red flag, warning shoppers to proceed cautiously or, better yet, not at all.

Copycat Content

A screenshot of the about us page content of

Originality is the hallmark of a legitimate enterprise, but has missed the memo. 

A screenshot of the exact same content but from

The content on their ‘About Us’ page is a carbon copy of the content of other dubious sites.

A screenshot of list of sites that are using the exact same content

Here is the list of websites that are using the same content:


This lack of authenticity isn’t just lazy; it’s a deliberate attempt to deceive.

Scammers often use a template approach, recycling the exact hollow words across a network of sham sites. It’s a web of lies spun to catch unwary consumers in its threads.

Intellectual Property Theft

A screenshot of the cleaning spatula that sells

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of, all those words spell ‘fraud.’ 

A screenshot of the exact same product image but from

Take the ‘Multipurpose Kitchen Cleaning Spatula’—the image showcased on their site is a mirror image of one listed on 

A screenshot of the product description of the spatula that sells
A screenshot of the exact same product description but from

Not just the visuals but the product descriptions are also stolen, word for word. It’s a clear-cut case of intellectual property theft, and it speaks volumes about the site’s lack of legitimacy. 

Genuine businesses take pride in their products, displaying them with original photography and descriptions. 

This site, however, takes a shortcut through someone else’s hard work.

Fabricated Reviews

A screenshot of the reviews about in

A deeper dive externally, particularly on, reveals a few positive reviews for, with customers praising their sweaters and children’s attire. 

However, a concerning detail emerges when I investigate’s inventory; these products are remarkably absent. 

Reviews, dripping with false praise, are a smokescreen, likely posted by the site’s operators to fabricate a sense of trust and quality where none exists. 

This tactic is a telltale sign of a scam, where the illusion of satisfaction is crafted to ensnare unsuspecting shoppers. 

The mismatch between the reviews and the product lineup is a clear indicator of foul play, urging a cautious approach to this and similar online storefronts. 

The Final Verdict

So, is a scam? The evidence points to a resounding yes. 

With a freshly minted domain, plagiarized content, stolen images, and misleading reviews, this site is a maze of red flags. 

Remember, it’s a wild web out there—steer clear of and shop with your eyes wide open.

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